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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Wizards Masters of the Arcane and the Elements! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Wizards in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Wizard class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Wizards: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Mechanics And Game Information Compendium by Apo (NA forums) How to prioritize gear affixes! by PieHole (NA forums) Collection of legendary item proc effects and mechanics by Kanjihack (NA forums) List of all items/slots that can roll either "Increases <Skill> Damage by X%" or "<Element> skills deal X% more damage." by Eciton (NA forums) Wizard Tools. Useful spreadsheet magic to help with the calculations involved in eDPS, APoC, LoH, etc. by dolynick (NA forums) General Wizard Guide - Getting Started by Nesslow (L2D3) Wizard Guides and Community by RobertVarga (NA forums) Builds: Wizard Builds & Items Compendium by Hope (NA forums) Fast Farming Wizard Build for RoS (Elementalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Frozen Orb Guide by Nesslow (L2D3) The "Electro-Stun God" Wizard by BrvzerX (EU blog) MM Fire Wiz: End Game T6 Build by Google337 (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) Archon Stun/Lighting - [ Crafted Starter T3 Wizard] by CuckooGaming (YouTube) Wizard Fast Farming Build for T6 (Mirrormentalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Arcane Melee" Wizard by Billou (EU blog) The "Void Ray" Wizard by V3dun (EU blog) The "Pyrolysis" Wizard by prFly (EU blog)Vaneras1 02 Jun 2014
2d What skills proc weapon abilities? Will items like Scourge proc when I use skills like Magic Missile or Disintegrate? https://us.diablo3.com/en/item/scourge-Unique_Sword_2H_004_x1 *I just returned to Diablo after a long break, and leveled a wizard to 70. I only have a few items in my Kanai's Cube so far, and I'm trying to figure out what works with what. Any help is appreciated, including links to other discussions or guides that answer this question.Blueluck0 2d
21 Nov Thinking of a small re-entry Meant to post at the US forum. No idea how I ended up here instead.Sardaukar0 21 Nov
20 Nov Tal's (meteor) vs Firebird (starpact) in solo / duo Hey all, I've been playing as a "casual" wizard this season since it's my goto class and I need some help: I've had most succes with Tal's meteor build so far, reaching 101 solo and 97 in duo. Although I realise I've not found critical primals yet and my Paragon is only around 1k, I've got plenty of ancients and got most pieces augmented. Still, I'm currently starting to feel like the damage of this spec is lacking! Defensively I'm doing alright even beyond 102 on solo using just Nemesis instead of Bloodbracers! On 3's (with monk/necro) I've tried to switch from Tal's meteor build to Starpact Firebird and saw that this worked very well in upping my damage, allowing us to push to 104. However, everytime I try to do this in solo or duo (with monk), I keep dying to random damage even in low 90's. The spec does nuke as hell when it survives the rotation to do so, but without unity and too much random damage it just seems to go splat most of the time. I've tried igniting elites and dragging them along, but without succes. Even with the 20 stacks from firebird, I'm still dying to relatively little incoming hits. Without dragging elites, it seems that it's hard to run around even with 10+ stacks from trash. I'm already running an esoteric gem for extra defense, tried running ancient parthan's together with teleport (stun rune or defensive rune), Halo of Arlyse with frost armor vs Halo of Karini with storm armor. Nothing seems to allow me to take the incoming damage and do the rotation properly when I need to. Am I overlooking something obvious on firebird that prevents me to push into 100's in solo / duo? How do you herd up groups while taking damage before you nuke them and what are your movement patterns like. Do you stay for big none-elite packs or move along and just fight multiple elites together. Do you drag burning elites along with you to the next pack? Or is all this supposedly fixed by gaining more paragons over time, because as a casual player I'm not going to grind 2k paragon. Any help would be greatly appreciated! KazKazheem1 20 Nov
15 Nov Unclear why.. Profile here shows 9648 Int and 5516 Vit when game shows 11,240 Int and 5898 Vit after closing game and refreshing the profile. As things seem to operate from a central server which stats is it working on? ThanksMEDITEK0 15 Nov
13 Nov What next? Reached Torment 7 which feels about my max but where do I go from here. At this stage I feel I am being manipulated. I can find no better kit or weapon to advance. I am now bored with the game. Any suggestions to enliven interest gratefully received.MEDITEK9 13 Nov
06 Nov Wand of WOH T13, GR60 Speed Farming Achieved So I got Diablo 3 on the Switch and I got my Tal set and Wand of WOH and found all the necessary parts for the cookie cutter build.. I can run solo T13 rifts and GR60 at speed - I feel like I'm done and get distracted by other classes instead of augmenting and min/maxing items. How far can i take this build? i also have a semi-decent arcane/meteor setup now too.dancook0 06 Nov
05 Nov Star Pact WIz Guys I play with star pact wiz, but dont deal so much dmg. I once dealt 40T (tho idk how) and I cant deal as much dmg as other star pact wizards can. So what should I change to deal more dmg??cynicaal0 05 Nov
03 Nov Halo of Arlyse Hi, I've spent the last week trying to farm a ring Halo of Arlyse. The ring just doesn't drop. I don't even bother counting the number of materials used with Kadala and in the cube on trying to get it. Does this ring still exist in the game or was it removed? The only requirement for it to drop that I found is to be level 59 or above so I got that ticked but still no drops.DubbieDoo1 03 Nov
09 Oct + lightning weapon damage I'm a wizard that does fire damage with Firebird's set. I have a Ancient Deathwish sword that has + 1347 - 1644 lightning damage. Should I enchant my sword and replace this with Attack speed? Does the + lightning weapon damage count to my total damage?ScramMaster2 09 Oct
06 Oct Arcane Torrent Channeling Aim Bug Hi ! I am playing Wiz and my only active skill is Arcane Torrent with Disruption rune. So I use it, well, a lot :p Since RoS, it is bugged. At least for me. What's happening : When I click on a monster, it's okay, the spot on the ground is at the monster. But sometimes (I'd say... 25% the time), when channeling, if I move to another target (still channeling, without clicking again), the spot moves around my character toward the new target but its distance to my character is bugged. Ok, to resume, if I attack a monster say on the left of my char at 20m, and while channeling, switching to another on the right at 10m, the Arcane Torrent spot can sometimes be on the right but at 20m. By sometimes I mean enough for it to be a real pain in the !@# :D It's the only aiming problem I have with any char I have. Does it happens to anyone else ? PS : Oh, and also, but this happens since D3 launch, when your are in the caves of Act 2 (where you do the Zoltan Kulle quest), most of the times, Arcane Torrent cannot cross the holes in the ground, and there are many holes there ^^ And this is not linked to channeling : If I'm on one side and click on the ground on the other side, Arcane Torrent will stop at my side's border of the hole :x It's weird it was never patched...Semag16 06 Oct
20 Sep Best defensive L. gem During in between seasons, I like to test and play with builds to see what I like and will aim for once season begin, this way I have a firm grasp of my spec. I am thinking a duo of defensive legendary gems, but I am unsure of which, as is I can easily get them to rank 60. I am wondering , Moratorium avoids taking all damage at one time and have a chance of clearing remaining damage. What if it doesn't clear, what if I also use Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard which regenerate life er second. At rank 60 Moratorium stagger dammage for 9 seconds, which should be enough to clear the enemy and Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard regenerate 70,000 health per second. With this combo wouldn't it clear all damage? or plenty of it if pushing?Zecke0 20 Sep
12 Sep Wizzard player returning Well I took a long earned break from the hacking and slashing from D3 and I thought Ill give seasons a shot. However. After looking at some of the rift build, I just had one thought: "How on earth did these guys make it this far. Yes their gear and paragon levels are high. But the abilities and synchronization of gear and abilities does not fit. So. I like to just delete things. (See my old character that I like to use) https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/Dreamdt-2367/hero/110930445 But I need to get into rifts again with higher dificulties and does not know if the deleting stunning idea still works.Dreamdt0 12 Sep
11 Sep Second part of game How do I play the second part of my new game which I've just bought? All I get a messages about putting it in a browser and facebook,which I don't have. It never started this complicated.jonnyfrench11 11 Sep
10 Sep Disintegrate + Meteor Shower? Hi, I somehow managed for a while to use Disintegrate with Meteor Shower together, so when I was casting Disintegrate it casted Meteor Showers in the target location aswell. But now, after I equipped my new Firedbird set, it doesn't do that anymore and so I lost so much damage, I bassically deal no damage in Torment V anymore. What did I do wrong? How can I make them go together again? Thanks.CrankyPants3 10 Sep
04 Sep Tal Rasha or firebird mage? Hey, i have 1k paragon in the season and play with a friend . Would like to start with Mage and wanted to ask what is better tal rasha set with meteor or firebird? we wanna run grifts together . i would say it should go till 105 at least. who is better in double play? which set is easier to play? what set is better to avoid beeing one shot glass cannon?Freelancer1 04 Sep
03 Sep All-Lightning DMO setup I'm experimenting with it, trying to push as far as I can go with just lightning skills plus the usual DMO Arcane orb/ slowtime setup. So far I've managed to solo successfully up to GR 69, but 70 is giving me trouble (mostly shielding elites keep popping up). On 70, my progress usually winds up a minute behind the time limit. I accidently reforged my best set helm for DMO and it set me back on DPS/damage mitigation, but those were made up for with ancient versions of other items( problem with those is I lost my sockets for my jewelry). I have 3 set pieces I cant seem to find or roll an ancient version of: Helm, glove, and boots. Does DMO simply not have an ancient variant for these 3 items or am I unlucky? Anyways, While 70 is reachable with an all lightning DMO build like mine, and POSSIBLY beatable with the right gear and stats, l feel any higher than 70 with this build would be pure luck.SneepSnonk1 03 Sep
27 Aug Star Pact Build Hi Im looking for help with my Star Pact build, since I seem to struggle a whole lot with the build to do consistent damage. I go full Area % Damage in the build in all the places I can, and go with max arcane power. Im waiting for my CoE Ring for Arcane, 5 arcane dymo stacks, and Attunement stacks as high as we can go. Make the Meteor fly, quickly getting AP to channel again before the Metoer hits. inorder to get max from deathwish But the dmg is all over the place, sometimes it litterly deletes the entire screen and I feel like a god. secondly I struggly to even clear out a few mops (even tho they are in a group). I feel like I have gotten a good rutine in the rotation of the build and feels like I do it right considently, but my dmg does not reflect this. Anyone having any experience how to get better consistent dmg from this spec? Forgotten to mention I try to push 2 man with a Support Monk.EPO1 27 Aug
25 Aug Cant get 4 stacks on Tal rasha set I am using the most recommended build for this season on the wizard, but for some reason I have never gotten the 4 stacks of the set bonus. The max I get is 3 from fire/arcane/frost, I seem to be lacking lightning. Could someone please take a look at my build and gear and give me some advice. https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Borya-2275/hero/96852493 cheersBorya5 25 Aug
01 Aug Death Wish How important golden stat on the death wish is? I have a 2600 dmg one with almost perfect roll and 3080 dmg one, but with 305% roll. 4 ppl star pact.Deimos2 01 Aug
21 Jul Star Pact + Necro - Full crit? Hello fellow Wizards, I just have a simple question. Does Necro's CD Land of the dead give me full crit chance when I use star pact in a meta group (or any group for that matter)? Or is there another spell at Necro that could do it? Thank you for your humble answers :)Malito4 21 Jul
19 Jul Archon Disintegrate not working? I've been using the Manald Heal Archon build from icyveins and half the time the disintegrate doesn't even seem to do damage. Sometimes I attack and there's a flurry of numbers and the health of enemies (from whites to bosses) just melts, but other times I can't even see damage numbers popping up. Anyone else got this problem? Or am I just doing something wrong?REDZero4 19 Jul
06 Jul Single target build for 4-man Hello, Trying with friends to get higher in 4-man GR in seasonal. Been playing the starpact build, it works realy nice but the second dps is a crusader with condemn build. Crusader does not seem to have a single target build at all. So once we reach the GR boss we dont have an effective way of killing him. I understand necro is best for that but we dont always play the "meta". I tried Wizard lighting archon build with manald heal during a farm run but nothing happened. I placed double hydra (lighting) but i saw no dps at all. No idea what i did wrong or if that build is still viable. Perhaps any other build that is viable to deal single target damage? I appreciate any suggestions. We are doing seasonal gr +/- 105Blessox1 06 Jul
27 Jun Question about Magic Weapon - Ignite Rune Ignite Rune states: Attacks have a chance to burn enemies, dealing 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. I'd love to know how much chance there is per attack. I've searched the interwebs and this forum for the answer but didn't find. Maybe i just missed it. Can anybody tell me the exact chance for this rune to proc?Exxo6 27 Jun
27 Jun TX<6 with DMO? Folks, looking for a piece of advice. I'm running arcane orb DMO, done GR70 recently but stuck at TX rift <6 min achie. I tried meteor FB, but any channeling make things even slower. Is there any faster variation for DMO build or should I just opt to something else? Tal Rasha maybe?pooteen5 27 Jun
23 Jun Question about 4man build. Hello i have question about top wizzard build in 4man group. How to play this build? Maintime use desintegration? Or don't use this (use just for burn monsters) and after this spam meteor and regen arcane? Sorry - i know my english is not perfect but i have hope everyone can understand me.Trajaaa2 23 Jun
22 Jun gr 20 solo im trying to finish the dmo set but i need to finish gr 20 solo. im pretty tanky because of the first 2 set bonuses but i dont do enough damage to beat the rift in time. any advice on how to get more damage?guypersonman0 22 Jun
21 Jun Advice for wizard Good day all mates and all who play wizards.. Sorry for making this topic but i need advice i clear 70GR wasnt pure clear speed. But if i wanna go higher its a problem i feel like i dont make a dmg on elites or trash i feel like a manald dont proc me so if u can help me what should i make better will be nice . I was playing necro on HC clear 89 but now im on sc and trying something different . My aim is 90 clear not sure if i can get it but ty for any help .. i play build from D3fans.com http://www.diablofans.com/builds/91626-archon-vyr-tal-gr100 So ty for any help any advice ... maybe my profile its not actual i have geom in cube and some change spells ... https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Haligy-2875/hero/98940509Haligy4 21 Jun
21 Jun Ashnagarr's blood bracers https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/ashnagarrs-blood-bracer-P4_Unique_Bracer_004 So what abilities/items do these actually work for? Obviously the galvanized ward passive works with them, but I had been running molten wildebeest gizzard in one of my socketed jewelry pieces until last night when I looked at my shield numbers and it wasnt adding up. Apparently the shield granted by gizzard (200% of your life per second) does not benefit from the bracer bonus. I had around 50k life per second and was only getting a 100k shield from the gizzard instead of the near 200k it should have been if effected by the bracers. Trying to see what else I can do to improve my talrasha build survivability, what other shields stack here?Lynx3 21 Jun
21 Jun Wizard speedfarm Alternative Hi, i have played mainly 2 different builds this season - DMO Frozen orb for GR solo/2 man pushing, and a 4Vyrrasha Archon build with manald heal for speadfarming. And while it generally rushes through everything, i need to constantly stop to pickup gold (using Boon of the Hoarder). Sadly, i cannot swap an avarice Band in, as all 3 rings are fixed. So i am looking for another quick speedfarm build. I feel like Firebird would suck at rushing through, and dislike the inability to kill single mobs with it, and DMO sucks for speedfarming because of the need to set down Bubbles. I tried LoN with Arcane orbit and unstable Scepter, but it sucked on DMG. So i guess its only Talrasha left, or a true 6pc Vyr build (I really like the archon mobility). Has anyone a good Speedfarm setup for farming t13 rifts and split-bounties for gold? Bonus points if it can fit Sages set in without loosing killspeed.Boldar5 21 Jun
21 Jun Etched Sigil what stats are best? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/415556385737277441/427592208401563648/unknown.png That orb has the int, CC, AD, +meteor... Should i change int to APOC or +meteor to APOC? And why?)WoofWoof1 21 Jun
21 Jun Why my wizard dying every few seconds? My wizard is paragon 318 but yet in grift I die a lot, I mean realy a lot in every fight I die on first attack. Wondering why? Im not so bad got some Vyr pieces and some firebird, legendary weapon but yet I keep dying. Wonder why because other players never dies and they are paragon below 200 in grift I played. Other thing is its hard for me to kill anyone my skills do almost no damage to enemies, sometimes I need to circle more then 10 minutes to kill few of them and in that process I die. If I get hit one time I lose more then 70% of health, and other one kills me instantly. Why this game is so hard? I really have no idea how to improve I put my best pieces on but no luck so far. Now I avoiding playing with others cause is boring I die really often 10 times on grifts so its annoying. Thx for any help, Im out of ideas.Singularity13 21 Jun
21 Jun What am i doing wrong? Been playing wizard this season, paragon 840 now. I am Playing fire bird wizard with star pact meteors, i die way to fast playing this build. Even with the elite buff and unity i die at grift 80... solo Where does the survivability come from? I see people do speed 90's without being in trouble, yet i struggle 20 grifts lower. Please give me some advice.FullBlazer2 21 Jun
21 Jun Killing elite packs but regulars won't die So since a few hours I've finally started doing some decent dmg with a bombardment wiz (etched sigil+arcane torrent+meteor shower) but one thing that's frustrating me to the point of shutting my pc down is the fact that normal friggin critters take me three times longer than any elite pack. This is getting ridiculous and I can't wrap my head around the why. Starting to think there's some kind of bug going on. I have no significant elite dmg increases so what the hell is going on? Anyone experiencing the same thing?Porcelain6 21 Jun
09 Jun Which Deathwish Should I Use? got my questions answered already by general chat.daringpastry0 09 Jun
01 Jun Highest dps 1hand wand? http://gyazo.com/c6588bab8462d2c4c7158af384daabd1 Got this not long ago, from what I see on ah the only things higher than it are 2handers and 2 1 handed echoing fury's, is this the max dps a 1h can roll?draekor12 01 Jun
01 Jun Need Help! Just started a new Wizard on softcore after playing on HC for a while.Anyone Would like to gear boost my Wizard on Softcore Seasonal? Will Be much appreciated for any effort done by Players ! Battletag: Tawfik#21262Tawfik3 01 Jun
23 May DMO slow time not working Hi all, I am doing something wrong but what? I have the DMO set full, use arcane torrent to spam my enemies but my slow time cool-down does not work. My set has around 28% CDR and that can be seen because the CDR of slow time somewhere above 10 sec. One might expect that using arcane torrent with DMO reduces the cool down to 7 sec or less. Not at all. the cool-down stays 10+something seconds. Is there an error in my build?(Icy Veins - DMO Energy Twister Build). Having to wait 10 second before you can summon a new slow-time is a pain. I tried the shame of delsere (belt) to increase torrent speed, also no effect. So anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong? Have nice day!terror2 23 May
07 May Need advice archon wizz Hello every one, can some one tell what i have to change on my build what keep, atm i can go only 60gr. i want go 90gr speed so pleas help. my prof https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/MELAS-2615/hero/105165050MELAS7 07 May
21 Apr Why is Ray of Frost so inferior to Disintegrate? I was using Disintegrate for some time, until today I dropped nice Wiz helm, with Ray of Frost damage bonus. I am doing quick T4 Keep Depths runs, and just love Disintegrate - Chaos Nexus rune. I tried Ray of Frost with every single rune, but it just can't compete with Disintegrate. Disintegrate is passing through all enemies, like Archon does. Ray of Frost would be really nice skill if it is passing through enemies, any thoughts on this?Freeman8 21 Apr
27 Mar I am hybrid! My highest kill 'em all build yet...after many frustration, endless dying (stupid at times). Tested on T10 (GR, including Gardian - finally no Archon) but playing on T9 (for grinding and paragon levels). I read many comments that it is difficult to create a tank/multi-damage hero (regardless of class). While this build suits my play style, I think it gets rather close to the target - kill 'em all fast. Any advice on further improving is welcome! Kind regards!SUJOHN0 27 Mar
12 Mar kadala..no thanks!! its gone far enough, its not even slightly fun anylonger!! 12K blood shards and not a single set item that im looking for! gambling shoulders for the lowest shard Count. RNG my !@#, cant even get the gear to play..... love the game but it just takes to mutch time!GradyK1 12 Mar
06 Mar Tal rasha build options? so I havent played wizard in a while, last time I did was a firebird setup and later tried a DMO setup, wasnt really happy with either. I leveled a wizard again recently and got several talrasha pieces and some of the supporting legendaries that go with meteor, so I've been trying it out and enjoying it. Still working on the full 6 piece talrashas (only at 4 right now), also currently using ashnagarr's bracers, mantle of channeling, nilfur's boast, etched sigil, deathwish, and have aquila cuirass and grand vizier cubed. Are there any other sets that mix well with talrasha's? What is the usual skill setup for the build to keep all 4 elements going constantly?Lynx3 06 Mar
06 Mar Need advice with DMO Hello. I play frozen orb with DMO set for gr pushes. I wear a travelers pledge set( which is on my wd sometimes) and gems are trapped, stricken, zei’s. Tried various setups on diablofans and icyveins which I am not pleased with. I happened to clear a gr 90 in 14 minutes. I know I can push further but with this setup(maybe the gear) I feel unnecessarily tanky. Anyone experienced with this build could give me some advice?Hakan2 06 Mar
25 Feb Wiz FireB Set, Elite Mob Questions Hi All, Please help: 1. Is the Set On fire Skill on an infinite timer? 2. Do Elites follow you the whole map? 3. If I set an elite on fire and run, does the ability stay with me the whole map? 4. Are Elites all the Blue, Silver and Gold colour? Or only Gold? Thanks and RegardsGadenPhoenix1 25 Feb
18 Feb Arcane Torrent targetting issue Greetings, I didn't really know where to post this and this and the technical support forums seemed like the best place. If it's not, i'm sorry. I hope i can explain the following properly so you can understand. I have an issue with Arcane Torrent ( regardless of rune ) on my wizard. First of all i have it bound on my left click. When i cast it, i cast it 99% of the time with shift ( force stand still ) modifier. If i only click once in order to cast, there are no problems whatsoever. I can change the range, the position... anything. HOWEVER if in order to cast Arcane Torrent while holding "shift" i double click instead of single click the targetting bugs? Don't really know what to call it. It appears like i am casting it. My AP is getting drained normally. I can move the mouse around to change the direction i am facing and casting the spell but i am not allowed to change the range. It's like it's locked at the same range all the time until i release the left click. FURTHERMORE, even if monsters are in the aoe of it they take literally no damage, it's like the visual is there but the spell isn't working. I am not sure i explained it very well. I really do hope someone understands and helps me out cause this is so annoying. P.S: My mouse was a razer imperator and apparently it was double clicking whenever i single clicked and i changed it to a normal one that is fine. The problem is still there even if the new mouse doesn't double click.Softspot10 18 Feb
16 Feb Best signature spell for pure damage? HI Wizards. I need advice and thoughts on the best signature spell to slot into the last free space in my build. First the build... Hydra (Venom) Blizzard (Unrelenting Storm) Energy Armour (Force) Magic Weapon (Force) Mirror Image (Duplicates) Glass Cannon, Illusionist, Cold Blooded (sometimes Blur) As you can see I do not need a signature spell for regaining AP, as the build is very AP-light. Nor do I need it to proc things or for a crit-based build, I just need it to spam some free damage when I get the chance. So which signature spell is best for this purpose? I know there are many considerations to take into account but here are my initial thoughts on the candidates: Shock Pulse (Piercing Orb): this rune seems the only viable one for Shock Pulse, and many builds seem to use it. I have not tried it much as I find the orb's pathing somewhat "offputting". If you use this one, why is it good? Spectral Blade: I don't do melee! Never tried this spell really. Magic Missile: Not sure one which rune is best. Split hits hardest as long as all 3 missiles hit, but this is rarely the case when kiting. Charged Blast seems the best choice overall, though Seeker seems better in a kiting situation. With my DPS, Charged MM hits for about 35k, which is nice but I feel it is just too slow overall to be effective. Electrocute (Lightning Blast): I rate this rune above the others, and overall this spell is my favoured choice at the moment. With LB this spell pierces any number of enemies, making it a functional equivalent of Disintegrate. Mine hits for about 12k but I stream several of them per second. Also the range is considerably more than Disintegrate, at roughly a screen and a half. I think that this spell has the longest range of all the choices so is excellent for kiting. Thanks for any inputGhostlight12 16 Feb
17 Jan A REALLY ANGERY WIZARD PLAYER. This is gonna be a long angery rant. If you one of those guys/girls who do not want to read long documents get out now. Rest of you follow me into the Rage Fest in August 9 2017. Okay Lets do a recap. Rimeheart = Had an instantly kills target legendary power but it got taken away because it considered it was overpowered. Rightly So. Furnace = Had a legendary power that deals % damage depends on the targets HP but it got taken away because it considered it was overpowered. Rightly So. And you can add more items in there which was considered overpowered because it was either dealing % damage of the targets HP or instantly kills of the target while under certain amount %. Now this is my issue. Why is no one discussing about decrepify? A Necromencer skill which kills off targets under 15% hp. A skill that is AoE. Now why am i typing this in Wizard Section. Well Wizard's as Blizzard created them as an intelligence based class. Like Witch Docstors. But unlike Witch Doctors thanks to the design philosophy of the developers Wizards are again out of the 4 man groups. They are great at solo content. But they kicked out of the meta by Necromencers. Because Necromencers are overall better. They can 3 shot a greater rift bosses above 100 GR Levels. Now lead developer; i forgot his name; said that they are against the idea of publishing 4 piece sets for the Necromencer because they are against the idea of combining set. Well first of all the Necromencer does not need a 4 piece set because their base skill power is already on par with other classes that are using both sets togather. On the otherhand this also shows that you want all other classes to run one 6 item sets and combine it with other legendary items. Well you can do that. In this case i am going to take the example of a Wizard and i will use Delsere Set only without combining with any other sets with agumented gear. Do you really want to know the difference ? 40 to 50 greater rift levels difference between a wizard with all primal Delsere gear with aguments and level 75+ legendary gems and a Necromencer geared with none ancient gear, no aguments and level 25 legendary gems. Now you can call me whatever you want like cheap bastard but you cannot deny that Necromencer is overpowered as it can be and no one bats an eye. Now i know they are a company then need to make money stuff like that blah blah blah. All of it is PR bull!@#$. Here is way of making money without killing an entire class off with 1 new class. How about like you the devs said in your twitch streams make meaningful decision making eh? Is it really to hard to balance the game where there are multiple meta's. Multiple combinations of 4 man meta? Given what i am experiencing from Diablo right now. It seems it is not a good single player game to play, solo outright is not fun when you are not sharing the dungeon with a friend and when you try to push as a group it has players to select certain classes and use certain sets which is also not fun. Let me recap this. i gave this company 120$ both for the Base game and the extention Reaper of Souls and now it is demanding 15$ more? To push in greater rift with a class that i dont like? Is that it? And there was this youtuber that i really liked to watch back in the day. I thought he was objective i am not going to give any names but as it stands it is clear he is defending not your customer rights instead he is on the side with corporate commander. Because instead of saying this class is overpowered and it will diminish the already non exsistent variety of 4 man group even further locking up 1 or 2 open slots of dps roles with necromencer. Pretty much sending the other classes like Wizard into oblivion where people use them as for farming paragon points or farm mats which is really sad. Tell me something do you want to play a class where you spent 1202 hours of gameplay grinded everything and end up using it for farming xp? I am really struggling not to use foul language because this is what they deserve at least. But i am going to control my anger and simply demand a refound in cash or better yet balance the Necromencer so instead of that class being a must pick it will become an option. Sincerely A really angery Wizard Player.Kaan8 17 Jan
17 Jan Free powerleveling for HC non-seasonal Message me for details!SUJOHN0 17 Jan