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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Wizards Masters of the Arcane and the Elements! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Wizards in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Wizard class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Wizards: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Mechanics And Game Information Compendium by Apo (NA forums) How to prioritize gear affixes! by PieHole (NA forums) Collection of legendary item proc effects and mechanics by Kanjihack (NA forums) List of all items/slots that can roll either "Increases <Skill> Damage by X%" or "<Element> skills deal X% more damage." by Eciton (NA forums) Wizard Tools. Useful spreadsheet magic to help with the calculations involved in eDPS, APoC, LoH, etc. by dolynick (NA forums) General Wizard Guide - Getting Started by Nesslow (L2D3) Wizard Guides and Community by RobertVarga (NA forums) Builds: Wizard Builds & Items Compendium by Hope (NA forums) Fast Farming Wizard Build for RoS (Elementalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Frozen Orb Guide by Nesslow (L2D3) The "Electro-Stun God" Wizard by BrvzerX (EU blog) MM Fire Wiz: End Game T6 Build by Google337 (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) Archon Stun/Lighting - [ Crafted Starter T3 Wizard] by CuckooGaming (YouTube) Wizard Fast Farming Build for T6 (Mirrormentalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Arcane Melee" Wizard by Billou (EU blog) The "Void Ray" Wizard by V3dun (EU blog) The "Pyrolysis" Wizard by prFly (EU blog)Vaneras1 02 Jun 2014
2d A REALLY ANGERY WIZARD PLAYER. This is gonna be a long angery rant. If you one of those guys/girls who do not want to read long documents get out now. Rest of you follow me into the Rage Fest in August 9 2017. Okay Lets do a recap. Rimeheart = Had an instantly kills target legendary power but it got taken away because it considered it was overpowered. Rightly So. Furnace = Had a legendary power that deals % damage depends on the targets HP but it got taken away because it considered it was overpowered. Rightly So. And you can add more items in there which was considered overpowered because it was either dealing % damage of the targets HP or instantly kills of the target while under certain amount %. Now this is my issue. Why is no one discussing about decrepify? A Necromencer skill which kills off targets under 15% hp. A skill that is AoE. Now why am i typing this in Wizard Section. Well Wizard's as Blizzard created them as an intelligence based class. Like Witch Docstors. But unlike Witch Doctors thanks to the design philosophy of the developers Wizards are again out of the 4 man groups. They are great at solo content. But they kicked out of the meta by Necromencers. Because Necromencers are overall better. They can 3 shot a greater rift bosses above 100 GR Levels. Now lead developer; i forgot his name; said that they are against the idea of publishing 4 piece sets for the Necromencer because they are against the idea of combining set. Well first of all the Necromencer does not need a 4 piece set because their base skill power is already on par with other classes that are using both sets togather. On the otherhand this also shows that you want all other classes to run one 6 item sets and combine it with other legendary items. Well you can do that. In this case i am going to take the example of a Wizard and i will use Delsere Set only without combining with any other sets with agumented gear. Do you really want to know the difference ? 40 to 50 greater rift levels difference between a wizard with all primal Delsere gear with aguments and level 75+ legendary gems and a Necromencer geared with none ancient gear, no aguments and level 25 legendary gems. Now you can call me whatever you want like cheap bastard but you cannot deny that Necromencer is overpowered as it can be and no one bats an eye. Now i know they are a company then need to make money stuff like that blah blah blah. All of it is PR bull!@#$. Here is way of making money without killing an entire class off with 1 new class. How about like you the devs said in your twitch streams make meaningful decision making eh? Is it really to hard to balance the game where there are multiple meta's. Multiple combinations of 4 man meta? Given what i am experiencing from Diablo right now. It seems it is not a good single player game to play, solo outright is not fun when you are not sharing the dungeon with a friend and when you try to push as a group it has players to select certain classes and use certain sets which is also not fun. Let me recap this. i gave this company 120$ both for the Base game and the extention Reaper of Souls and now it is demanding 15$ more? To push in greater rift with a class that i dont like? Is that it? And there was this youtuber that i really liked to watch back in the day. I thought he was objective i am not going to give any names but as it stands it is clear he is defending not your customer rights instead he is on the side with corporate commander. Because instead of saying this class is overpowered and it will diminish the already non exsistent variety of 4 man group even further locking up 1 or 2 open slots of dps roles with necromencer. Pretty much sending the other classes like Wizard into oblivion where people use them as for farming paragon points or farm mats which is really sad. Tell me something do you want to play a class where you spent 1202 hours of gameplay grinded everything and end up using it for farming xp? I am really struggling not to use foul language because this is what they deserve at least. But i am going to control my anger and simply demand a refound in cash or better yet balance the Necromencer so instead of that class being a must pick it will become an option. Sincerely A really angery Wizard Player.Kaan8 2d
2d Free powerleveling for HC non-seasonal Message me for details!SUJOHN0 2d
13 Jan TX<6 with DMO? Folks, looking for a piece of advice. I'm running arcane orb DMO, done GR70 recently but stuck at TX rift <6 min achie. I tried meteor FB, but any channeling make things even slower. Is there any faster variation for DMO build or should I just opt to something else? Tal Rasha maybe?pooteen2 13 Jan
12 Jan Why my wizard dying every few seconds? My wizard is paragon 318 but yet in grift I die a lot, I mean realy a lot in every fight I die on first attack. Wondering why? Im not so bad got some Vyr pieces and some firebird, legendary weapon but yet I keep dying. Wonder why because other players never dies and they are paragon below 200 in grift I played. Other thing is its hard for me to kill anyone my skills do almost no damage to enemies, sometimes I need to circle more then 10 minutes to kill few of them and in that process I die. If I get hit one time I lose more then 70% of health, and other one kills me instantly. Why this game is so hard? I really have no idea how to improve I put my best pieces on but no luck so far. Now I avoiding playing with others cause is boring I die really often 10 times on grifts so its annoying. Thx for any help, Im out of ideas.Singularity2 12 Jan
12 Jan Wizard speedfarm Alternative Hi, i have played mainly 2 different builds this season - DMO Frozen orb for GR solo/2 man pushing, and a 4Vyrrasha Archon build with manald heal for speadfarming. And while it generally rushes through everything, i need to constantly stop to pickup gold (using Boon of the Hoarder). Sadly, i cannot swap an avarice Band in, as all 3 rings are fixed. So i am looking for another quick speedfarm build. I feel like Firebird would suck at rushing through, and dislike the inability to kill single mobs with it, and DMO sucks for speedfarming because of the need to set down Bubbles. I tried LoN with Arcane orbit and unstable Scepter, but it sucked on DMG. So i guess its only Talrasha left, or a true 6pc Vyr build (I really like the archon mobility). Has anyone a good Speedfarm setup for farming t13 rifts and split-bounties for gold? Bonus points if it can fit Sages set in without loosing killspeed.Boldar2 12 Jan
08 Jan Advice for wizard Good day all mates and all who play wizards.. Sorry for making this topic but i need advice i clear 70GR wasnt pure clear speed. But if i wanna go higher its a problem i feel like i dont make a dmg on elites or trash i feel like a manald dont proc me so if u can help me what should i make better will be nice . I was playing necro on HC clear 89 but now im on sc and trying something different . My aim is 90 clear not sure if i can get it but ty for any help .. i play build from D3fans.com http://www.diablofans.com/builds/91626-archon-vyr-tal-gr100 So ty for any help any advice ... maybe my profile its not actual i have geom in cube and some change spells ... https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Haligy-2875/hero/98940509Haligy3 08 Jan
08 Jan Firebird improvement I feel we need a fix for Firebird set to not dropping ignite buff/debuff once you move to far away from monsters. The "burn until they die" effect is a bit redundant if you still have to move back and re ignite them once you move to far away. This practically makes it a regular dot affect that you have to maintain. To me the build is meant to be played as an elite snipe build. You move from elite pack to elite pack to maintain your 20 stack ignite buff. But currently this only works if you get really high density in the rift. Too fix this blizzard can either drop the "burn until they die" affect and reduce the total number of stacks to about 10. This to make it more relevant to ignite regular mobs. Or just make the "burn until they die" affect a true permanent debuff. Making it a true permanent debuff wouldn't be OP since the damage ain't high enough to kill an elite pack fast enough on higher rift difficulties. This would only improve the flow of the build and make it a bit more fun and faster to play in lower rifts, per say T13.Grunter2 08 Jan
08 Jan Returning to wizard ....maybe...pls need advice I have been out of the game for more or less 1 year I have played Wizard, barb and DH. I played more wizard because i think is funnier to play. Sure we all want to have fun, but we need to feel we are doing dmg. So..... does it worth to play wizard? ---is it fun? ---does damage? ---how are defense capabilities? ---are they meta? ThanksNibiru3 08 Jan
06 Jan DMO for 4p group? What do u think about replacing WD with Wiz DMO build for 4p group games? Has anyone already done it?Kveldulv6 06 Jan
06 Jan Need some help with improving Hi. I am currently playing HC seasonal and trying to climb the leaderboards. I would like to get higher up in the rankings,so could anyone offer some good advice on gear or rerolls I should get on my gear? I am aware that getting ancient boots,shoulders and bracers will help but other than that I am stuck. I cleared 92, can probably go 93,but feels its a risk at the moment. https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Auron-2868/hero/103082656 Thanks in advance :)Auron1 06 Jan
24 Dec Hydra Arcane Orbs Why not Arcane Hydra's Arcane Orbs are not effected by Triumvirate or Delsere's Magnum Opus. Arcane Rune of Hydra skill shoots arcane orbs.sAint3 24 Dec
21 Dec Rimeheart build? Is it possible to use it like a frost version of Manald or does CC immunity get in the way?Hell4 21 Dec
19 Dec conquest grift 45 no set build some1 can share a build to do this conquest??? im having troubleTinTinDance6 19 Dec
18 Dec Highest dps 1hand wand? http://gyazo.com/c6588bab8462d2c4c7158af384daabd1 Got this not long ago, from what I see on ah the only things higher than it are 2handers and 2 1 handed echoing fury's, is this the max dps a 1h can roll?draekor10 18 Dec
17 Dec Advice for DMO FO build I'm trying to get above build (Delsere's Magnum Opus Frozen Orb) to work. My current progress: https://www.d3planner.com/114637012 My problem is that I can't seem to survive much above T7 (and GR 30 ish) as the monsters kill me very very quickly. I kill things insanely fast under the time-warps, but my survivability against the rest is not good (it seems). Can you guys point me in the right direction for what is causing the low survivability? My guess is that the Orb of Infinite Depth, together with the Endless Walk are the three reasons why. Which would mean low level runs until I manage to get those.Cregan4 17 Dec
07 Dec Mirror image Plz Blizzard make that skill useful again and other cool skills what nobody uses any more cos they are too weak whitout supportive legendary. Add Mirror image to DMO set, add leg what buffs it's damage and reduces it's cdr if killing monsters when Slow time is active and Tasker and Theo would boost it's attack speed. Pretty cool idea if u ask me! :)Dracula3 07 Dec
07 Dec Achievement: A Cut Above Hello! I cant get Belial on this Achievement. I kill him with Spectral Blade every time..but the achievements doesnt count it. Anyone else has this problem?Hesk7 07 Dec
26 Nov Procs Deathwish while you are in Archon Form? Procs Deathwish while you are in Archon Form?Lazarus3 26 Nov
24 Nov Tal Rash - Vyrs build - stuck on GR 80 Hello Guys, I would like to ask you for some advices regarding my "issue". My build - 4 pieces of Vyr's, 6 Tal Rasha, obsidian,manald, serpenter,fazula belt,ashnagaar - paragon level 1236, using archon. I was able to do Gr80 within 7 minutes but if i want to go higher i can not pass. Can you please help me the identify what i am doing wrong? or what to improve? thank you.Mcquid0 24 Nov
22 Nov Is Furnace still an option for Wizard? Hey all I have goten lucky and got an Ancient Furnance drop today. Can a Furnance still compete with 1Hand weapons or do i loose to much utility without a source? And how are things gonna change in 2.2? Instead of using a Gift on it i could reroll the Main stat since it already has a socket. (would be an decent Upgrade for my Barb) Still feels kinda like wasting potential since it would have no +dmg on it So ... a good Furnance for my Barb or an amazing Furnance for a Wizard?Haradon33 22 Nov
18 Nov Help on combo Set or 1 set Hi Guys, I was wondering if I could advice on which set bonus I should pursue. I currently have 3 different set bonuses which with Kanai cube of 'Etched Sigil' does wonderous cinematic damage. I am also compounding matters by trying to get chandoo set. https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ameen-2699/hero/7144879 I am currently on T5 difficulty at the mo.Ameen1 18 Nov
18 Nov Manald Heal ring and new to wizard Hi all, New to wizard. played this game since way back... season 11 ;) Have a rather Nice archon build and can steadily do torment x. But I cant seem to get a manald Heal ring (not by kadala, cube or just find it). Any tips on how to get it? Maybe someone can give me feedback on how to get my archon build better? And other tips that are good to follow? I did read the enormous long thread with all kind of build for wizard but its really much and written to the more knowledgebale (is that a word?) player. What Should I do next after I want to progress further for wizard, keeping in mind I am not a pro player. (Normally I played crusader where I just hack and slash).Rothgar1 18 Nov
17 Nov MH Hydra + Wave/AT interaction I'm running a double Hydra with Manald Heal build. I've read some stuff about Hydra MH procs interfering with Archon Wave and Arcone Torrent MH procs. I was wondering about the exact details of this interference. When Hydra procs on ANY creep I can't proc MH AT ALL anymore? i.e. on any other creep or on the same creep. When Hydra procs MH on the SAME creep I'm attacking I can't proc MH on THAT creep anymore? In this case can I still add to the lightning ticks? When Hydra procs MH on the SAME creep I'm attacking I can't proc MH on this creep or on any other creep I'm hitting with my AOE. Thanks in advance, LoranLoran2 17 Nov
28 Oct Best wizard spec?+??hydra+Tasker and Theo!!? Hello , i have a question about hydra spec, does tasker and Theo work with the hydra spell in increased attack speed? have Searched The topics comes up with some says it does but some think it does not. i need a complete answer, please be kind, to also add some spec builds for wizards to keep another discussion going in the mean time i wait for answer bout' hydra spec / Tasker and Theo would it be wise to find another spec to run with wizard? currently im using tal'rasha set, 5 pieces / ring of grandur - in cube/ Etched sigil - in cube/ and 2 slot ?? + dont know whats best since im not that big spender on gameplaying in d3 RoS have used tal'rasha on quite some time now, im a big fan of it...Have Fun in the time online guys and girls. Evildrog772 28 Oct
27 Oct Non archon builds Hi there, I know I can search on Diablo fans for builds. But seems like most of those I find is either spamming 4 buttons tal rasha or someone actually using archon anyway. Is there any "easy to play" non archon builds out there? Perhaps some eche sigil firebird builds that can push decently? Just throw some links/advice out there :)Savagelight2 27 Oct
22 Oct How to reach GR75 solo with Wizard Lightning Hydra ? Good day, I have created Wizard hero according to Rhykker guide Lightning Hydra GR 97+. But I managed to reach only GR70 solo (with nearly 800 paragon points), and now I'm very afraid that I will not be able to finish GR75 solo (to complete season journey with Conqueror) before season 11 ends. Please, can someone take a look at my Wizard hero and give some advice what should I change/improve ? Thanks in advance.SleepyShaman2 22 Oct
14 Oct dont understand manald build About tal rasha build. With magic missile they use is not intended to do damage, right? this dont do any damage comparative with other skills. And is cold, no lighting. Same when they use instead magic missile ray of frost. Another no damage skills. Just tel me what to use instead these stupid skills to do some damage when im out of archon form. Dont tell me to understand this build or rotations plsxromaniaa2 14 Oct
06 Oct 2.6.1 when? Any idea when it's coming live? I'm excited about the FO boost since I'm a dedicated DMO build and wanna use it instead of mah balls.Corvinus0 06 Oct
28 Sep any Disintegrate build coming back for 2.6.1? i miss Disintegrate builds a lot, any chance it will make a come back in 2.6.1 with that little firebird buff?Gehenna2 28 Sep
03 Sep Blizz giff us a good non-Archon build! Hello, fellow wizards. I am playing wizard since Diablo 3 beta and i really like skills and lay styles. But for so many seasons Archon builds dominating the all other wizard builds. In other classes there are at least 3 or 4 different builds or sets for pushing high GR's but in wizard only the archon. After the last changes it's even worst, there is only lightning archon. All the other builds and sets are useless. As wizards we dont even have a frost or arcane build that go for +70 GR pushing. I really wonder if developer team thinking about solving this problem. We really need some other fun build to play. *Sorry for bad English :(HiddenTroll5 03 Sep
30 Aug Lightning Archon Cooldown Since yesterday I have my equipment for the lightning archon build like it's presented on icy veins together. I found out if I leave archon after doing nothing I have a little bit less than half of the cooldown left. However, when I do rifts, I often leave archon with this much cooldown left as well. To me it almost looks like a bug. So I ask you what might be the cause? https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BigBadWolf-2793/hero/98532058BigBadWolf2 30 Aug
29 Aug Rebirth mistake i did a mistake and my non season wizard to click rebirth.. then she is reset... how can i reback this charekter.. coz i wanna do set dungeons. but i havent got any wizard at 70 lvl :/ any set items 2 :(Apocalpyse0 29 Aug
28 Aug DMO & Black Hole So I came back to D3 for the Necro, after quitting during RoS after burning out a bit. I have been pleasantly surprised by the state of D3 atm and thoroughly have been enjoying playing the game and I am quite hooked up. I have probably spent so much time playing Necro that I am ashamed to admit it and got slightly bored of it so decided it is time to make a new melee Wizard. Was very happy to see Blizzard made a "melee" set for the Wizard something that didn't exist when I was playing before a melee wiz. The play style is quite fitting and enjoyable, however, I have to ask why the hell doesn't DMO support Black Hole? It is a perfect fit...and it has been very disappointing to see the damage doesn't get boosted by DMO. I can''t even see how it would be OP. I am quite interested in what you guys think and if there are still some melee wiz builds involving Black Hole. Was wondering about some LoN build.kelatazar0 28 Aug
24 Aug Archon Volvo, pls, delete fckn archon from game. Gimme firebird +hydra+ the furnace (season 2-3). Thx.eriser0 24 Aug
22 Aug FlashFire Wizard Hi, guys. I was wondering if the build is still capable of doing speed T10 rifts. It was great build but i havent played wizard this season so i dont know if there are any changes on the items.s0b13sk12 22 Aug
12 Aug Tal Rasha Set Dungeon Impossible How the can one completed Tal Rasha Set Dungeon, how the hell are you to avoid creeps that are invisible. This is absolutely restarted. I blink the hole map through and when landing in I still get hit, I am not even standing still. Starting to get a real hatred for the game. RegardsFaqterson40 12 Aug
11 Aug Wiz Build Advice? How do you put your build online so that other people can take a look (and tell you what's wrong....)?SkyWriter1 11 Aug
10 Aug Free Tal Rasha Stack Sometimes when I'm out of Archon I notice have 4 Tal Rasha Stacks. This shouldn't be possible since my only fire spell is Archon - Combustion. I've only seen it happen it group play. Anyone knows where this is coming from? https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Loran-2686/hero/97961684Loran0 10 Aug
09 Aug Is support wizard viable? I'm not looking for "powerful" or anything face-melting like most Archon builds. I want to have fun in my own way by being useful to my team. My build includes a set not a lot of people use anymore and I'm looking for feedback. Please keep an open-mind and don't insult my build too much just because it's not the way most people play Wizard. This is the build I have come up with so far: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94061-time-wizard-support-build Like I said before: feedback is appreciated!Endlessly1 09 Aug
07 Aug Which bracers for Archon lightning build I have found two ancient bracers: ANCIENT PARTHAN DEFENDERS https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ancient-parthan-defenders ASHNAGARR'S BLOOD BRACER https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/ashnagarrs-blood-bracer Both have the same stats: INT, VIT, CHC. Ideally I would have bracers with INT, CHC and Life per Hit as my overall VIT is high now. Unfortunately, random is not as in my favour as I wish. Anyway I cannot figure out which bracers are better for Wizard's archon lightning build. On one hand, ASHNAGARR'S BLOOD BRACER increases my shields by up to 100%. It's a good passive and does not depend on situation with mobs. But I get this % only. On the other hand, ANCIENT PARTHAN DEFENDERS gives 12% per stunned monster. I would need about 10 or more monsters to be stunned to get 100% damage reduction. It is not difficult to get monsters stunned because Paralysis makes sure it happens :) One thing I am worried is ANCIENT PARTHAN DEFENDERS give only up to 12% while encountering a boss if it gets stunned. What would be your advice on that? Which bracers would you take? Thanks EDIT: This is my profile: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/C%C3%A9ldor-2178/hero/70505052 This is what I am aiming for with this build--I'd prefer more LpH and slightly improved IAS: https://www.d3planner.com/199139977Céldor0 07 Aug
06 Aug Help: Best next step in improving character Hello All, https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/shAd-2781/hero/80164928 thats my season wizard. She is performing well. Best grift was 70 (yet not tried higher) in 8m. My Archon downtime is 0 seconds - 10 seconds (depending on if i found a pack). Iam playing 99% of my time solo. But iam struggeling in my decisions howto improve further. What next steps do you recommend? Farming a better Ring of Royal Grandeur and put the Mandald Heal or the obsidian ring of the zodiac into the cube? or farming grifts, and try to get an ancient swarmi (with help of kadalaa?) and replace my belt with the tal'rashas belt (have a decent ancient one) and cube the fazulas belt? or something complete different? thanks in advance for your suggestions! greetings shAdshAd1 06 Aug
03 Aug Help with progression Hey, https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Penywise-2873/hero/97001560 Currently I'm struggling doing T13 and it's literally impossible for me to complete a GR 70 solo. I already have a Starfire wand with 2738.3 damage, 7% AS and 10% CDR, plus 836 Intelligence, however I haven't gotten a single Haedrig's Gift for socketing and using the Starfire wand. That's the drawback in my current situation you don't need to mention as obvious :) Please, help me understand why I struggle with my Wizzard so badly, I can barely do any kind of damage on GR 70 with Archon + 4 stacks of Tal'Rasha and I can't progress further...Penywise6 03 Aug
03 Aug Cant get 4 stacks on Tal rasha set I am using the most recommended build for this season on the wizard, but for some reason I have never gotten the 4 stacks of the set bonus. The max I get is 3 from fire/arcane/frost, I seem to be lacking lightning. Could someone please take a look at my build and gear and give me some advice. https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Borya-2275/hero/96852493 cheersBorya4 03 Aug
03 Aug Tal/vyr wizard So I'm currently gearing a wizard and I'm quite new to them. The tal/vyr build that has a 112 GR cleared seemed like a lot of fun and challenging to play. I currently have all the legendaries and set items etc. just not rolled very well. Even though some of them rolled pretty bad, I should be able to clear a GR 70 right? Well I tried that and failed really hard. It seemed my manald heal never procced, I died alot and cleared it in like 30 mins. My question is, am I doing something wrong? You guys have any tips? Thanks for reading. This (https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nabalyde-2142/hero/88852557) is my character right now. I followed this (http://www.diablofans.com/builds/89144-10-2-5-gr-push-coe-manald-archon-wizard-gr112) guide.Nabalyde5 03 Aug
03 Aug Two Vyr-Tal-Hydra builds performing very differently My first wiz this season is resting in pieces (HC), so I eventually decided to go for another one. I've got VERY similar gear, but much more toughness and dps this time around. Current wiz (left in the stats below): https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Freddan-2521/hero/97767293 Prev wiz (right): https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Freddan-2521/hero/96853088 Sheet dps: 1,136k vs 719k Sheet toughness: 14.8m vs 9.5m All the same set and legendary bonuses CDR: Both have 46.4% cdr from gear Attack speed: 6% ias vs 5% ias on weapon; 14% ias vs 5% on the other items +Light dmg: +19% vs +38% Some gems were slightly higher level before I don't really understand why, but the previous wizard was doing quite well in GR 75. With the new guy, I just had to abandon a GR 69 because I was proccing and killing stuff too slow. To me, my gear is better now. From what I can see, only the additional light dmg I had before would be useful. Everything else is much better now. I mean, sheet damage is nearly 50% more. Am I missing something? I feel like something is going on that I'm not aware of, whether it be attack speed related or what not. Any help appreciated.Freddan2 03 Aug
28 Jul Patch 2.7. D 3 Patch 2.7 Diablo 3 Most balanced character patch All classes: New legendary shoulders with special power – increases damage of your pets by 25-30% New legendary pants with special power – each different skill with same element increases the damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Legacy of Nightmares Set: While this is your only Item set bonus every Legendary item you have...... Blackthornes Battlegear Set: 2 set bonus: Increase damage against elites and take reduced damage by 10% 3 set bonus: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plague monstres ground effects. 4 set bonus: Every normal, magic and rare item you have increases your damage by 25% and reduces damage taken by 2%. Ancestors Grace Amulet: New special power: Every Ancient legendary Item you have reduce cooldown and resources cost by 1% Deamon Hunter Stolen Ring (old new ring with new icon) – special secondary power: Your slowing and chiling efects also increase damage equal to thair movement speed reduction ( not stackable – for example if item does 60% movement reduction and skill does 30%, result is 60% ) Only Iceblink gem can add damage. - it helps to Cold Builds and makes Iceblink usable. Natalya Set 6 pieces set bonus: After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 750% increased damage and také 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds Crusader Akkhan Set 6 pieces set bonus: While Akarats champion is active you deal 1200% increased damage by Condemn, Fist of the Heavens, Heavens Fury, Phalanx and Blessed Shield, and take 15% less damage. Invoker Set 6 pieces set bonus: The attack speed of Punish, Slash and Mirinae Gem are increased by 50% and deal 900% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. ( it makes Mirinae gem more useble, its holy and healing efect smite nearby enemy every 1,5 sec and also add Thorns efect) Barbarian Immortal King Set 6 pieces set bonus: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 500% increased damage. Warmonger – is no longer sword, now its a Mighty weapon, with drop for Barbarian, with special secondary power: Increases all your damage by 50-75%. Skulars Salvation – Increase the damage of Ancienit Spear by 100%. When you hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is incresed by 120-150% Witch Doctor Starmetal Kukri legendary power – Reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage. In adition Big Bad Voodoo has effect of every runa. Zunimassas Haunt set: Pets are now mean Fetishes and Gargantuans.(not zombie dogs) Helltooth set: Now dont use skills Firebats, Piranhas, Gargantuan But 6 set bonus gain 2000% increased damage for 15 seconds to you primary skills, Acid Cloud, Zombie charger, Zombie Dogs, Grasp of the Dead and Wall of the Death. Necromancer Corpse Lance skill: (it was excessive, need to be decresed) Target an enemy to summon projectiles from nearby corpses that cause 1750% weapon damage over 5 seconds, to the target. Golden Gorget of Leoric amulet – now drop only for necromancer and with changed legendary power to: increase the maximum number of skeletons for your command skeletons +3 and give 30% aditional damage to them. Pestilance set: 2 set bonus: Each corpse you consume reduce the cooldown of your Simulacrum by 2%. 4 set bonus: Each enemy you hit with Bone Spirit reduces your damage taken by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%. Lasts 20 seconds Monk Ulianas set 6 bonus: first part same as normal. But in adition If there is only 3 and less enemies in 25 yards increases damage by 100%. Wizard Ouroboros Amulet: special power – all off damage your skills do is now Arcane.Zasz1 28 Jul
26 Jul Why is Archon build good? I started Wizard this season. I have been trying to use two builds. My first build is kind of my own while I am still leveling and gearing up. I was dying a lot but recently managed to reduce damage taken. The second build I have also tried and possibly aiming to is Archon. I can see 95% wizards use Archon form. I cannot figure out where the catch is because I cannot do much dmg and my health is dropping very fast if I get hit. I can see other Archon wizards' damage and protection is much higher than mine. Tal Rasha: https://www.d3planner.com/361763106 This is the build I have been using so far. I tried plenty of items with Tal Rasha and DMG was always ok but to survive higher Rifts is painful. I managed to reduce damage taken by using Ice Armor with Halo of Arlyse. 4 stacks of buff also gives me 100% more resistance and Mantle of Channeling also reduce damage by another 25%. I can see this build has or will have limit very soon. (current incomplete) Archon build https://www.d3planner.com/100874279 This is what I managed to collect for my current Archon build but I have not had enough luck to get everything well rolled. I am still missing In-geom. I tend to be vulnerable without Ice Armor, I seem to die even more than using pure Tal Rasha build I have been leveling with. Could someone please explain what is the rotation to maximise dmg and protection using Archon form?Céldor3 26 Jul
25 Jul Help for Solo gr70 Hello all, I'm trying to clear a gr70 but i can't. Could you tell me if my stuff is too light for GR70 or my skills ?! (i have already an idea !!) I can 't stack "archon'stack" (50-60). I deal no damage, it's amazing, i guess my rotation is bad. I start with archon and i pull a lot of mobs but my damage is too weak. Please help me !! ==> https://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/profile/hypnotief-2159/hero/97160922 Thanks PS: sorry for my bad english :(hypnotief1 25 Jul