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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Wizards Masters of the Arcane and the Elements! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Wizards in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Wizard class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Wizards: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Mechanics And Game Information Compendium by Apo (NA forums) How to prioritize gear affixes! by PieHole (NA forums) Collection of legendary item proc effects and mechanics by Kanjihack (NA forums) List of all items/slots that can roll either "Increases <Skill> Damage by X%" or "<Element> skills deal X% more damage." by Eciton (NA forums) Wizard Tools. Useful spreadsheet magic to help with the calculations involved in eDPS, APoC, LoH, etc. by dolynick (NA forums) General Wizard Guide - Getting Started by Nesslow (L2D3) Wizard Guides and Community by RobertVarga (NA forums) Builds: Wizard Builds & Items Compendium by Hope (NA forums) Fast Farming Wizard Build for RoS (Elementalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Frozen Orb Guide by Nesslow (L2D3) The "Electro-Stun God" Wizard by BrvzerX (EU blog) MM Fire Wiz: End Game T6 Build by Google337 (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) Archon Stun/Lighting - [ Crafted Starter T3 Wizard] by CuckooGaming (YouTube) Wizard Fast Farming Build for T6 (Mirrormentalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Arcane Melee" Wizard by Billou (EU blog) The "Void Ray" Wizard by V3dun (EU blog) The "Pyrolysis" Wizard by prFly (EU blog)Vaneras1 02 Jun 2014
11h about amulet i found ancient travels amulet : i use firebird 17% fire int. 955 CHD 75% What should i Roll for CHC , should i remove the fire or Main Stat?Mohamed0 11h
1d Halo of Arlyse and Frost Nova rune Hi I have a question how it works in 2.4.2. If Halo of Arlyse casts Frost Nova, this happens with the inclusion of rune, which we using in Frost Nova skill (e.g. bone chill) ? RegardsLenio1 1d
1d Question about Magic Weapon - Ignite Rune Ignite Rune states: Attacks have a chance to burn enemies, dealing 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. I'd love to know how much chance there is per attack. I've searched the interwebs and this forum for the answer but didn't find. Maybe i just missed it. Can anybody tell me the exact chance for this rune to proc?Exxo4 1d
1d Rate the wizard above you Haven't seen this for a while, starting a new one. Rate it out of 10 and maybe give some advice or nice things :) GO!Luna158 1d
28 Nov Help with build. Hello, i'm playing d3 ros for some time, i have 549 paragon level wizard, but really i suck at playing and don't know how to improve my character. I can play at torment 9 but thats it, my goal is to do torment 13 rifts easy. I've made made some screenshots of my characters build, could you recommend what i have to change, and what items i should search? http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img922/153/Stqk3A.png http://imageshack.com/a/img921/7280/Los0Jh.pngArturas5 28 Nov
27 Nov I can't complete the Vyr set dungeon Does anyone have a guide that guarantees to complete Vyr Set dungeon for mastery? I have tried various guides and I can't complete it. Once I thought I made it, but then suddenly I had to kill even more mobs. Not sure why. I am not good at understanding video guides, so anything in writing would be preferred. I think my main problem lies in kill speed between bouts of Archon, and in getting Archon to cooldown fast enough. I use Obsidian ring of the Zodiac and In-Geom (I move fast so I don't need much Teleportaion). Thank you.Rune12 27 Nov
23 Nov Returning player, may I ask for some advice? Hey everyone. Mostly casual returning player here. Was hoping I could maybe get some advice on my (hodgepodge) Tal/Firebird/Disintegrate build... http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/varphi-2475/hero/74931749 http://www.d3planner.com/345336616 I'm managing solo up to lvl 55/56 grifts, which seems okay I guess, given my relatively low paragon lvl, but I'm also completely out of the loop on the current meta, so I'm sure there's a lot wrong with this build. I *do* like Disintegrate, so if at all possible, I'd like that one to survive. Here's a few things I tried already: Unstable Anomaly instead of Audacity. DPS reduction is pretty noticeable, and in most situations the Firebird revive meteor seems to be enough. Etched Sigil instead of Primordial Soul, but I don't seem to get too much out of the Blizz autocasts compared to manually throwing them, but I might miss how to properly utilize ES.varphi1 23 Nov
09 Nov Arcane Orb Spark Questions / Oddities I've been running a Tals / Spark build these last couple of weeks for a change and it's damage / function doesn't seem to match up with the tool tip.When you cast the orb it shocks once in flight mobs as expected, but once it lands and explodes twice (unstable scepter) I'm seeing at least one more shock. The interesting thing is I'm also seeing alot of inter mob shocks which gets crazy damage in tightly packed groups. TLDR single target I'm seeing between the shocks around 30b damage per orb, packed groups however things get crazy. Does anyone have a definitive description how spark works because it seems totally different to the tool tip?.NullAndVoid2 09 Nov
26 Oct looking my wizz my wizz Aneta is....Jarek2 26 Oct
15 Oct Struggling with survivability at GR60+ SOLO I'm running with Tal'Rasha Meteor Build with good mobility: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Iceblue-2842/hero/81385803 My biggest problem is my squishiness. Do you guys see anything in my talents or gear that you would improve? I'm especially vulnerable vs ranged mobs.Iceblue9 15 Oct
07 Oct Fb cold archon So question is. Cold dmg on neck + wrist and use cold archon instead of combustion. Does it work?TickleMe2 07 Oct
03 Oct Please help me with my Tal Rasha meteor build Hi all, Thanks in advance for the help. Please check out my Wizard (Merlin) in my profile and help me improve it. Currently using Wand of Woh and Etched Sigil with Meteor and Explosive Blast. It's my most powerful character but I can't get much past GR60. What am I missing? I realise that my Tal Rasha amulet doesn't have a socket and I'm lacking a lot of ancient gear but any advice would be appreciated. Cheers :)Gergaroth6 03 Oct
29 Sep Firebird Build - Item Optimization Advice Needed As a new player, I'd need some advice modding the items of my Firebird build. It's the classic build with the ususal items (Firebird/Chantodo/Compass&Pledge/Parthan Defenders/Arlyse) If you as experienced players could suggest what stats shoud be rerolled to improve performance please! Helmet: 703 Armor Primary 661 Int 634 Vit 097 Res Secondary: 2623 Thorns 34% Reduced Control Effects Shoulders: 630 Armor Primary: 477 Int 424 Vit 15% Life 8% Cost Reduction Secondary: 145 Physical Resistance 28k Life on Globes & Potions Hands: 959 Armor Primary: 689 Int 390 Armor 6569 Life/s 9,5% Crit Chance Secondary: 151 Physical Resistance 195 Mob XP Chest: 679 Armor Primary: 473 Int 465 Vit 14% Life Secondary: 146 Cold Resistance 143 Mob XP Legs: 1336 Armor Primary: 488 Int 584 Armor 11% Electrocute Dmg Secondary: 153 Arcane Resistance 2 Yards Gold & Health Pickup Boots: 588 Armor Primary: 500 Int 470 Vit 12% Speed Secondary: 178 Mob XP 1 Yard Gold & Health Bracers: 416 Armor 16% Lightning Dmg 444 Int 457 Vit 7393 Life/s Secondary: 145 Phaysical Resistance 9% Dmg Reduction if Mob stunned within 25 yards Amulet: Primary 878 Int 82% Crit Dmg 23k Life/hit Secondary: 196 Cold Resistance 6% Melee Dmg Reduction Ring 1: Primary: 462 Int 496 Vit 10% Life 12% Speed Secondary: 155 Lightning Resistance Ring 2: Primary: 453 Int 461 Vit 6700 Life/s 34% Contol Reduction Weapon: 3001 Dmg Primary: 1515 - 1833 Poison 10% Dmg 970 Int 7% Cooldown Secondary: 11k Life/kill 13 Max Arcane Offhand: Primary: 365-429 Dmg 692 Int 4833 Life/s 9,5% Crit Chance 4 Arcane/Crit Secondary: 13 Max Arcane 1.2% Freeze/Hitmonokoi2 29 Sep
25 Sep Please make pets easier to see in big battles I have no idea how you guys see your pets in big fights. On the screen I just see explosions etc, and on the minimap I see other player "in combat" icons hovering on top of my small pet icons. Can we please have an option to turn on "make pets extra visible" or something? Enhanced glowing or a static icon over each one on screen. Please blizzard, my fam is totally faded outzerendipity1 25 Sep
23 Sep Need help pushing into T10 I can blast through T8 fairly quickly, Can someone please look at my profile and tell me what I need to work on or change? Right now I plan on replacing my gear with all ancients and leveling up my legendary gems, I just thought I might be missing a key change or piece of armor I need to hunt for. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tweeder-1483/hero/79637235Tweeder2 23 Sep
23 Sep New player returning - Hello! Cold build, viable? So i've not played for a few seasons and have always wanted to take a cold build into the end game but haven't seen a viable option thus far. Is this season any different? Thanks.Jambi1 23 Sep
21 Sep Tal Rasha - 4 elemental bonus not stacking Hi Guys, Perhaps I'm being stupid, but for some reason on this character the 4 element bonus will not stack up to 4, it's always at a maximum of 3, even though I'm casting all 4 elements. Here's the character: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KoAtheRAGE-2253/hero/82337857 (he wears aether walker, I just took it off last night whilst I was testing) I can't seem to work it out. On my other character it works perfectly: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KoAtheRAGE-2253/hero/81420998 Any ideas? Is there something really obvious that I can't seem to spot or is it perhaps a glitch I haven't heard of? Cheers.KoAtheRAGE3 21 Sep
20 Sep Tal Rasha's Elements Set needs a serious BUFF. Looking at my gear all ancient legendary with exception of the helm and i can't finish a grift 70. This is pretty sad because Tal Rasha is the most fun set to play for me. Hope blizzard buffs all sets to similar level capabilities before they move on from D3.RuneThor8 20 Sep
18 Sep Tal Rasha Set Dungeon Impossible How the can one completed Tal Rasha Set Dungeon, how the hell are you to avoid creeps that are invisible. This is absolutely restarted. I blink the hole map through and when landing in I still get hit, I am not even standing still. Starting to get a real hatred for the game. RegardsFaqterson37 18 Sep
18 Sep 2 Players GR Question Hi wizard friends, i have special question - how the hell are players going so high in 2 players GR? Well, i understand - equip, level gems, augment items etc. OK. All this i have. I made GR 90 solo, but with my friend Monk, which seems to be good group for high 2 players GR, we stuck at 85-88 GR with my solo GR build. When i try to copy builds of other wizards from leaderboard 2 players, i die instantly, when i see any single enemy. So - how the hell they are surviving? Without Halo of Arlyse + ice armor (they have Obsidian ring of Zodiac and Energy armor) i die too many times, to finish gr in time even in GR 85. How they can be able to survive in GR 100??? Thanks for any help...Evilbringer2 18 Sep
15 Sep T13<4minutes Wizard Guide / Help So i've been trying to get a group to do it by just joining T13 Public Rift Games.. No Joy Is it soloable? Any link builds? ThanksB3N2 15 Sep
08 Sep Firebird Set + archon (transform bug) Hi dear readers, I've red most of the posts and didn't find any treats about the issue I have , I've been playing this set for awhile and something unusual happens to me most of the time , when the archon timer runs out and I transfer back to normal , it seems that it takes a short delay to apply my resistance and armor back on and I take critical damages , ether activating my survivals or if they are on CD my champion passes out ! ( GR +75 ) Please replay if you experienced the same problem Also I need some sources to compare my build and game style with other players and all I find is the ladder board and some random twitch.com streamers who won't explain what exactly are they doing with their build and what caps are they mentioning on their builds , please notice me if know any good forum , websites or videos I can read and watch . Thank you for your time https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sphinx-22636/hero/82118628Sphinx0 08 Sep
05 Sep Question about Firebird Archon Gameplay TLDR; Elites on fire die to fast Hi, after playing other classes the last three seasons, I came back to my favorite class. After noticing that the wonderfull Meteor shower builds don't really seem to compete anymore, I tried Archon Firebird. Tested on GR65. Here comes my problem: I run around, build chantodo stacks, find an elite pack, set it on fire, jump away and start killing other stuff. Fine, but most of the time after like 5 sec into archon the burning elite dies (I guess from the fire dot) and I spend the rest of the time in archon not doing any damage. So, am I doing something wrong? Or is the setup just not yet effective at 65. If so, which builds would be good for 65-72? Sorry for the many questions. Any hints appreciated.StBonifaz2 05 Sep
04 Sep New 4 pieces set - Chosen element Master 4 pieces: 2 rings, amulet, two handed staff 2 pieces: All + Elements damage skills on your items has +200% effect. After not taking damage for 5 seconds you gain an absorb shield equal to 100% of your maximum Life. 4 pieces: Your previous effect from this set is doubled. ( +400% effect, 200% maximum life ) Two handed staff has +35-40% to Random element as special power And can be in canais cube. (This is + element damage skill for example on Megafist: Fire skills deal 15–20% increased damage.)Zasz1 04 Sep
30 Aug Triumviate and Arcane Orbit rune I was lucky to find a triumvirate. Now I charge this Arcane Orb buff with my signature spell. If I use Arcane Orbit and I cast that when I'm at 3 charges of Arcane Orb buff, will the damage boost stay the entire time until all 4 orbs are gone or will the damage just stay while the buff is active?Ferror0 30 Aug
29 Aug Good bye and good luck Hello Blizzard, I've been playing wizard class since the Diablo 1st. I do play games because I like to and what is no less important - for fun. Well, to say it in short words: one does not change the rules of the game while is runs... adjustments are of course ok but outright nerfing is not. You've totally nerfed the firebird's since 2.4.1 and taken out all the fun... so 700 paragon levels passed and there wont be a singe one more... until things improve.Pyro2 29 Aug
24 Aug Achievement: A Cut Above Hello! I cant get Belial on this Achievement. I kill him with Spectral Blade every time..but the achievements doesnt count it. Anyone else has this problem?Hesk6 24 Aug
23 Aug Question If I crit 30k with my mage at lvl 46 is ok or its weak at this lvl?ElementalsPW2 23 Aug
22 Aug Rip farming for wizards Wizard have had a bad TX farming in Season 6, now that there is TXIII it takes about 10+ minutes for a full clear with almost perfect gear that cleard TX in 3-5. Monks got buffed, cant you make farming for wazards a little bit faster somehow ?PinkVoid3 22 Aug
22 Aug Chantodo's Resolve bug So i get my Chantodo's stacks but when i enter archon they're gone, sometimes i somehow get at most 5 stacks while in archon but i don't know how. Anybody else have this issue?Reaptide2 22 Aug
19 Aug Domiance reworked While this passive Works Wonders for the lower lvls, it kinda Looses its value, the harder it gets to kill the creeps, hence the larger hp pool. And the tougher and stronger the creeps are, the more defence we need, so i think it Works agiant itself. My suggestion would be to couple it with another ability which hasnt got love for quite some time; mirror image. Rename the passive; Mirrored Dominiance :Every time a copy of the wizard appears, the wizard gain a shield equal to 8% (perhaps 12%) of his max hp. The shield last for 3 sek. Then make unity Work with mirror image (perhaps a bit to strong), or at least make sure creeps attack and kills the image, so the helm (cant remember the name) which proc more illusions, when the once you have are destroyed is usefull. And voila then we have a reason to use mirror image and the dominiance passiv.Lathander0 19 Aug
16 Aug Fire twister bug ? casts my fire twister on target elite and he is not hit and run away in beginning move.... Repair it pleaseMakedonskiy0 16 Aug
15 Aug weak wizard Hey, my wiz damage is so weak, what should i do to improve my wz damage?darkeclipse4 15 Aug
14 Aug Tal Rasha 6 set bonus not stacking!! I am using the Tal Rasha set and I though up an awesome build for it. I am using Etched Sigil off hand and focus around building Ray of Frost. Now I am using different Elemental damage types (arcane orb {fire} + black hole {lightning} + familliar {arcane} + blizzard {frost}. All these attacks are cast with Ray of Frost thanks to the Etched Sigil. Now the Meteors from the 2 set bonus cast from the different Elemental damage attacks that are being cast of the Etched Sigil (Arcane orb {fire} gives a fire meteorite etc. Now I was grinding and playing all day to finally get the 6 set bonus and to have fun.... AND IT DOESN'T STACK!!! Blizzard please fix this or give me an answer on why it does not stack using Etched Sigil + Ray of Frost + using different Elemental damage attacks via the casts from Etched Sigil. Edit: also I am using the Familliar that does Arcane damage type and that alone should give me TWO stacks at least from ray of frost + the Familiar Arcane... and I don't see any stacks!!Fox5 14 Aug
14 Aug Tal Rasha / Etched sigil / Star pact I have been testing out a build based around tal rasha and meteor star pact triggered by the sigil. I use frost nova to proc cold, arcane torrent to proc lightning fire from disintegrate and teleport calamity to proc arcane tal rasha stacks It's quite enjoyable to deliver a volley of meteors both from the sigil and tal rasha almost simultaneously. I also like the potential to switch things around using focus/restraint or compass rose, convention of elements to push the damage and also either a big 2 handed weapon like smouldering core or a 1 hander with another source. The fire meteor (7 small ones) works well also esp if teamed with cindercoat to reduce channelling costs. my gear is far from perfect, a couple of ancients really but I am getting to quite high damage numbers with crits at 35bn occasionally seen and once 135bn although this was a one off. I am now starting to top out in defensive terms. I can solo grifts in the high 50's I think 58 is my best yet. I replaced aquillas with frost burn which uses frost nova damage to freeze enemies and the Parthon bracers then give me damage reduction. I know that more ancient gear will help but is there a variation I could use to increase defensiveness without compromising on fire power?SithLord0 14 Aug
13 Aug Dsintegrate build viable? Or any easy buttonmash builds Hi there, I haven't played wizard for a long time, mostly Barbarian, Demonhunters and Monks with great success and fun. These builds are fun to play, with their own (imo) fun challenges. So after a long time I decided to play the wizard class in season 7 (haven't played them since vanilla). So I was checking out the setbonuses for Tal Rasha and looking at the viable builds, I thought, wow this looks hard and not fun. Seems like a lot of managing buttons instead of buttonmashing to kill creeps with the occasional resourcemanagement (unlike for example Leaping Barb where it's quite easy and fun to keep track of your resources and throw boulders to regain fury). So here is my question, and it doesn't need to be a toptier build (maybe GR 60 or something is fine enough for me): Are there any succesful builds out there which make Wizard fit the "hacknslash" playstyle? Like a a disintegrate build (really like those) or any other builds where you don't need to stress over button timing, I just want to sit, relax and enjoy seeing monsters exploding on my screen. I hope to hear some suggestions because I haven't found any fun mediocre builds yet on sites like diablofans. Thanks in advance, SjonnieSjonnie4 13 Aug
13 Aug Tal Rasha and Chantodo? I've finally got round to playing a full Season (just dipped in occasionally in the past). I'm up to 4 pieces of Tal Rasha from the Chapters, using a Noxxic lightning/disintegrate wizard build (which has worked well so far, up to Torment I, though it doesn't cover Ice damage, and of course, no Archon, so I'm not getting full benefit of Chantodo). Anyway, I've just managed to end up with the 2 pieces of the Chantodo set. Is there a viable build which uses both Chantodo and Tal Rasha? Or should I stash the Chantodo for an alternate build when the season ends? I still need to complete the last Chapter to get the last pieces of Tal Rasha, which includes some Torment IV boss kills, and a GRift run up to 20, but I don't need a top-tier GR90+ build. Any advice welcome. Thanks.Elkestra0 13 Aug
12 Aug A good build with Tal Rasha's Hi, I just got 2 pieces of Tal Rasha and thought I do a build from that, does anyone have a good tip on a build good for Tal Rasha's?nobody36 12 Aug
11 Aug Tal Rasha or Primordial Soul? Hi folks, I got 2 new sources and don't know,. what will be do more, do better. My Tal Rasha got 360 - 420 DMG 716 INT 10% Crit 5% Elitedmg 23% Meteordmg My Soul got 350 - 400 DMG 670 INT 10% Crit 15% Meteordmg 1 Socket Wich is better? Can the soul be better because of the effect or is the tal rasha stronger because of the stats?Venduhl1 11 Aug
08 Aug twisted wizzard twizzard solo on rift tXIII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVkXr8sMmXs/ what you think? good for 690 paragon and 60 hr played?SheeK0 08 Aug
07 Aug Looking for build Since I'm a irregular player, and don't have the time to put into seeking a complete list of items to create the perfect build, and also don't play enough to perfect my playstyle, I'm looking for an easy build, where I don't have to constantly use the shift button or any other buttons (yes, I mainly only use the mouse), and I don't have to keep an eye on my resources. For instance, DH gave me the answer in Rapid Fire with Sin Seeker equiped, WD gave me Firebats with the Vampire Bats rune. Anything comparable available for wizard?Turaki2 07 Aug
06 Aug Firebird archon bug When you use archon with fire abilities it does not aply the set bonus, i.e. i dont stack ignites... It was working fine in the first 2 days after the patch was released. Also when in archon form and encounter an elite pack sometimes the 20 stack of ignites does not show and apply or sometimes it does but with 4-5 seconds delay after the encounter. Fix this ASAP please... it ruins the whole build.COLD0 06 Aug
30 Jul [Guide] Archon Rebirth (~GR85) 2.4.2 some updates/thoughts Chantodo's now updates APS dynamically. The Swami nerf was the right move if it brings Wizards on par with other classes. Not pairing the Swami nerf with Vyr's 6pc damage buff (no resources?) is bs. 2.4.2 Swami nerf has lowered Vyr's clear cap by 9/10 GR vs 2.4.1. Suggestion: Vyr's 6pc should keep the stack mechanic intact. New additional Vyr's 6pc damage bonus should be added to make Vyr's be the strongest of all Archon setups. Guide mostly doesn't need updating for 2.4.2. Only change is lowered GR caps for each low/mid/high GR setups. Guide maybe resumes with Vyr's 6pc remake PTR. Not retesting the new 2.4.2 GR caps recommendations for low/mid but I have included a video for high GR 2.4.2. Archon Rebirth GR recommendations are based on 2.4.1 damage. This guide focuses only on Vyr's 6. You'll find 3 high GR setups with some differences with either Convention of Elements, Crown of the Primus or Halo of Arlyse. Strength: CoE>HoA(close)>CotP HoA setup uses APD and CoE/CotP uses ABB. All high GR setups can use Furnace or Rimeheart. There's also a middle GR setup for GR80 xp/gems (CoE). And modified speed farm setups for GR70+ (CoE) and GR65+ (CotP). Torment setups removed for the time being. Vyr's isn't the fastest setup for Torment. Better to use some TXIII capable or ~TX-TXI Sage's DB farm class/build. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.4.2 clears/videos High GR: CoE(Equip)/The Furnace/50.93-58.3% CDR GR84@14:05.55 https://youtu.be/StESNMvlgFg More tries could lead to a successful GR85 clear. 2.4.1 clears/videos High GR: CoE(Equip)/The Furnace/50.93-58.3% CDR GR94@14:25.966 https://youtu.be/K7Um6ek1T94 Mid GR: CoE(Equip)/In-geom/50.93-58.3% CDR GR80@5:13.003 https://youtu.be/MQ2gwOa-pxw Low GR: CoE(Equip)/In-geom/57.57-63.92% CDR GR72@3:19.499 https://youtu.be/NqLnTqhxXvs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear & skills ABB: Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer APD: Ancient Parthan Defenders CoE: Convention of Elements CotP: Crown of the Primus HoA: Halo of Arlyse ORotZ: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac RoRG: Ring of Royal Grandeur GoW: Gloves of Worship EMP: Empowered Shrine AVG: +Minimum&Maximum damage IAS: Increased Attack Speed CDR: Cooldown Reduction CHD: Critical Hit Damage CHC: Critical Hit Chance OS: Open Socket APoC: Arcane Power on Crit LoH: Life on Hit LR: Life Regen MS: Movement Speed BH: Black Hole -AZ: Absolute Zero -EH: Event Horizon ST: Slow Time -TW: Time Warp -EX: Exhaustion -ST: Stretch Time CC: Crowd Control Generally speaking the goal for high/middle GR (middle & In-geom can skip stacks at will) is to sync % CDR and 20 Chantodo's stacks. You may need to skip some stacks at times for various reasons. Below (imo) was the perfect amount of % CDR for sync in 2.4.1. 2.4.2 dynamic Chantodo's is roughly equal. IAS on 1H and of the difficult slots CDR on 2/4 of gloves/rings/source. base 50.93% CDR GoS 58.3% CDR IAS & CDR on 1H and of the difficult slots CDR on 1/4 of gloves/rings/source. base 52% CDR GoS 59.18% CDR I try to reach minimum 0.9m HP for shielding. Less vita equals more dps. It's easier with 1000 vita items (Gloves,1H,source) but you'll end up choosing this based on rolls. Select Archon Slow Time rune (Cold element) and pair it with Cold element bonus on bracers/amulet to get both the freeze proc for Blast & Strike and applied damage bonuses for both Chantodo's and Combustion. Cold beam's natural CC also procs BotT beyond Strike/BotT/Blast/Archon ST/Chantodo's CC range. Absolute Zero is also Cold and freeze counts as a "stun" for APD. BH:AZ over BH:EH adds damage at the cost of survival. EH (imo) is the best for balance while AZ is better for pushing. Best to learn to survive with BH:AZ and ST:TW though. Slow Time rune effect applies to Archon ST. ST:ST/TW/EX & Archon ST:ST/TW/EX stack. It's best done right before activating Archon or on need. Gems & other Gogok of Swiftness (all) Bane of the Trapped (all) Bane of the Stricken (High&Middle GR) / BotP (up to ~GR73) Topaz (chest/legs) Diamond (helm) Emerald (1H) Leech potion 15-20K LoH (all) 10% CDR & AP Paragon (all) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- High GR (CoE) ABB (COLD/INT/VITA/CHC) Vyr's Boots (INT/VITA/ARMOR/AR or MS+sec res) Vyr's Pants (INT/VITA/ARMOR/OS) Vyr's Chest (INT/VITA/ARMOR/OS) Vyr's Helm (INT/VITA/CHC/OS + CDR Diamond) Vyr's Shoulders (INT/VITA or LIFE/AD/CDR) Vyr's Gloves (INT/CDR/VITA/CHC/CHD) Fazula's Improbable Chain (INT/VITA/ARMOR/LIFE) Chantodo's Will (INT/VITA/IAS or INT/IAS/CDR) Chantodo's Force (INT/VITA/CDRCHC/APoC) CoE (AVG/CHC/CHD/OS) or ORotZ (CDR/IAS/CHC/OS) (roll dependant) Compass Rose (INT/AVG/CHC/CHD/OS) Traveler's Pledge (COLD/CHC/CHD/OS) Kanai's Furnace / Rimeheart Swami ORotZ / CoE http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eNSgmO!ihbf!YbcZYY Time Warp&Absolute Zero for push. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- High GR (CotP) ABB (COLD/INT/VITA/CHC) CotP or The Swami (INT/VITA/CHC/OS + CDR Diamond) (roll dependant) ORotZ (CDR/IAS/CHC/OS) Kanai's Furnace / Rimeheart Swami / CotP RoRG http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eNSgmO!ihbf!Ybc.YY CotP applies directly to Archon ST. Absolute Zero for push. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- High GR (HoA) APD (COLD/INT/VITA or LoH/CHC) HoA (AVG/CHC/CHD/OS) Kanai's Furnace / Rimeheart Swami ORotZ http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eNSYmf!ihbZ!YbccYZ FN:BC/DF or ST:TW/EX. Absolute Zero for push. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Middle GR80 (CoE) Nemesis Bracers (COLD/INT/VITA/CHC) Kanai's In-geom Swami ORotZ http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eNSgmO!ihbf!YZcbYY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speed farming / cooldown info Archon has a minimum CD of 1 sec after it has expired even with 80% CDR and Pure Power. This can be used by limiting % CDR by an amount equal to 1 second. But you can't reasonably reach that level of % CDR without EMP/Channeling or In-geom. With just In-geom, you can however get very close to 1 sec CD Archon with constant elite stream (helped by Nemesis) for it. For speed farming use: Nemesis Bracers (COLD/INT/VITA/CHC) Chantodo's stacks are needed and gained with speed setups, but stacking is mostly unnecessary beyond Archon CD. You choose more Archon time with less dps or more dps with less Archon time with little clear speed difference. Compared to high GR: +2 CDR affixes on alternative gear on 1H/rings/source/gloves. Doesn't have to be perfect rolls. base 58.45% CDR GoS 64.7% CDR --------------------- Speed low GR70+ (CoE) ORotZ (CDR/IAS/CHC/OS) / CoE CDR/CHC/CHD/OS) (roll dependant) Kanai's In-geom Swami CoE / ORotZ Speed low GR65+ (CotP) CotP or The Swami (INT/VITA/CHC/OS + CDR Diamond) (roll dependant) ORotZ (CDR/IAS/CHC/OS) Kanai's In-geom Swami / CotP RoRG http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eNSgmO!ihbd!YZcbYZ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Templar gear Buffs/interrupts (IAS&CDR). Enchanting Favor (immunity + block for FoD) Azurewrath (freeze + knock up UD/Demons) (reroll to lightning element) Wyrdward (stun with lightning element 1H, not proc) Oculus Ring (increased dps if in circle) Overwhelming Desire (interrupt&non-RG dps buff) or Dovu Energy Trap (stun duration) Blind reroll Freeze of Deflection (freeze on block) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some useful info Pickup radius saves time and helps heal. Oculus Ring adds to dps and I've found that it's mostly worth using even with the beam at longer ranges as long as Chantodo's is in range. Attacking at high range however adds a cost to total Archon stacks. Galvanizing Ward keeps refreshing if Magic Weapon: Deflection absorbs all the damage without GW shield taking a hit. So having vita, APS and high mitigation is key. Dying with Archon is bad in high GR as it resets all the stacks. AT:SD has the best balance for procs, dps and AP availability. Before activating Archon, use BH and then AT:SD. BH has many survival/dps benefits. I've gained up to 10 Chantodo's stacks after activating Archon. For additional Chantodo's stacks the idea is to have AT:SD still lingering after Archon is active. Skip replies for latest builds.dominatus136 30 Jul
28 Jul Please Blizz, Perma Archon So many other classes get or had a permanent form of their transformation spell. Still waiting on that Perma Archon. And really I don't see why we shouldn't get perma Archon. Perhaps because developers hate when players aren't using the mundane so they constantly restrict players to the mundane and only flash non mundane things like Archon form as a teaser. Stop restricting us to the mundane and let us just have the fun we want to have and should be allowed to have.Shahadem6 28 Jul
21 Jul My build I seemed to have plateaued with my build, T10, 42 grifts I want to solo a lot higher grifts, without changing too many things Thanks in advanceEnemyX1 21 Jul
19 Jul Delsere's Magnum Opus Set dungeon Is it possible to actually do this set dungeon? The enemies die to fast when I use energy twister that I can't stack enough scarabs or anything else to get the first objective. The second objective is up to luck always, since enemies are usually already throwing spears when I get to any room, thus instantly killing me. At the moment all wizard set dungeons are unplayable to me. Rolled a crusader just so I can Invoker my way through the only half-decent set dungeon in the game for the season journey.Jato13 19 Jul
18 Jul Help me with my Tal Rasha build please! Hi all, Long time Diablo (all three) player, first time poster. I've only recently been getting heavily into D3 and making myself part of the community. Thanks in advance for any help I may get on this topic. I've got a level 70 P260 something Wizard and I've got six pieces of the Tal Rasha set. I'm still hunting for the helm. I love the set and I find it gives me the funnest experience as opposed to Vyr's, which I played with for a while (I have the whole set too). I didn't like that Vyr's revolved around Archon, so you end up having to reduce your cooldowns and increase it's duration somehow with other items. In any case, I digress, but my point is that I like how Tal Rasha's is based around meteors, which is my favourite cast of the wizard class. I felt like I hit a glass ceiling with my wizard for a couple of months until I completed the set. But I still have some questions for the veterans here who have builds in the same vein but have fine tuned them to be very powerful. I would like to keep Electrocute and Disintegrate as my primary and secondary attacks while focusing on Meteor. Here's my profile if you care to check it out: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Gergaroth-2430/ I'm trying to view it now but there is an internal 500 error. Servers seem to be limited right now. I think there's maintenance going on. Anyhoo, I've got the entire Tal Rasha's set except the helm with five Flawless Royal Topaz's inserted in the chest armor and pants. Because I can't access my profile right now I don't think I can remember off hand all of other items I have but I think I have: Helm: Andariel's Visage Shoulders: Vyr's Proud Pauldrons Bracers: Nemesis Bracers Finger: Convention of Elements Finger: Wyrdward Hand: Blackhand Key (with Flawless Royal Ruby inserted) Boots: Nilfur's boast (increases the damage of meteor by 200% to 350%) Skills I currently have: Primary: Electrocute Secondary: Disintegrate 1: Frost Nova 2. Meteor 3. Magic Weapon 4. Explosive Blast For my Kanai's cube slots I have: Weapon: Deathwish - While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, all damage is increased by 30–35% Armor: The Shame of Delsere - Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and restore 9–12 Arcane Power. Jewelry: Lightning pulses periodically between all wearers of this item, dealing 1000–1500% weapon damage. The one problem I've having is that I'm finding it very difficult to get four elemental stacks with the Tal Rasha set, particularly where it counts, like in its set dungeon. No matter how I set up my attacks and runes I can't get more than three stacks. This, despite the fact that my primary, secondary and third and fourth attacks cover all the elements. Can anyone help me choose the best skills for this set and help me get the most out of it? Right now my wizard is stronger than he's ever been and I'm getting well over a billion DP in some critical hits, but I'm sure I'm missing something and can tweak it further. Thanks again. Cheers :)Gergaroth2 18 Jul
17 Jul Questions about meta wizard sets TLDR version: My limited experience shows DMO with spectral blade & fragment of destiny to outperform firebird (without bugs) & Vyr heavily. Why is that? How is it at the high end? Full Version So I came after a long break from D3. I have all 4 sets (firebird, DMO, Vyr & Tal) & was testing to see how they compare now. I would have thought Firebird to be the best or very good from what I hear & past experience. The surprise is that DMO is carrying me way further than Firebird. Admiteddly I am only doing lowly grifts as 45-50 so far, but firebird completely failed me & I do not understand why, thought some of you can help? Just to be clear, the DMO i'm using is slow time + spectral blade (fragment of destiniy + the shame of delser). next to it I could use WoH + Orb of infinite depth, or an arcane orbit build & they work fine, but really the spectral blade + destiny is cutting it completely. I have not seen this adviced anywhere & am really unsure why, any of the elites here tried it? what did you think of it (slow time + fragment + spectral)? With this I went as far as 50 & I can do T10 comfortably (I stopped one year ago, before even making it into comfortable T6) Now I tried firebird (without the freaking bugs or archon, just the full set bonuses), which was the one I could push furtherest with 1 year ago and surprise, I can hardly even stay in T10.... Tried Archon build (cooldown reduction etc etc), could survive in T10 (with occasional dying), but damage is really low compared to the DMO My questions are: - how are they in the end game? I have not seen DMO with spectral & framgent recommended so can someone fill me in on any experience with that? why is it not found anywhere as recommended? - how does Firebird do WITHOUT the bugs in comparison to DMO or so? - Vyr was very difficult build to get, too many requirements (specially in comparison to the DMO above) & it was still not effective enough. how are things at the highest level? - How does Tal Rasha do on its own? i'm aware that in mixing with firebird etc. both have potential, but I am really interested in how the sets do on their ownZulFury4 17 Jul