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02 Jun 2014 Guides and Resources - Wizards Masters of the Arcane and the Elements! In this thread you will find a list of guides and resources focused around the Wizards in Diablo III. Please note: All guides and resources posted in this thread are 100% made by players, and as such we do not guarantee that they will remain accurate and up to date. Also, we do not guarantee that there will always be a guide or resource listed for every conceivable aspect of the Wizard class. Please feel free to send an e-mail to CMTeamEU-Diablo@Blizzard.com tagged with [Community Guide] in the subject if: You have found a guide or resource on this list that is no longer accurate You have found a guide or resource on this list that is just not up to scratch You have found or created a great guide or resource that we have not yet listed ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Guides and Resources - Wizards: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ General: Mechanics And Game Information Compendium by Apo (NA forums) How to prioritize gear affixes! by PieHole (NA forums) Collection of legendary item proc effects and mechanics by Kanjihack (NA forums) List of all items/slots that can roll either "Increases <Skill> Damage by X%" or "<Element> skills deal X% more damage." by Eciton (NA forums) Wizard Tools. Useful spreadsheet magic to help with the calculations involved in eDPS, APoC, LoH, etc. by dolynick (NA forums) General Wizard Guide - Getting Started by Nesslow (L2D3) Wizard Guides and Community by RobertVarga (NA forums) Builds: Wizard Builds & Items Compendium by Hope (NA forums) Fast Farming Wizard Build for RoS (Elementalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) Frozen Orb Guide by Nesslow (L2D3) The "Electro-Stun God" Wizard by BrvzerX (EU blog) MM Fire Wiz: End Game T6 Build by Google337 (NA forums) Top 10 Most Popular Elemental Based Builds Updated twice a day (diablo3ladder) Archon Stun/Lighting - [ Crafted Starter T3 Wizard] by CuckooGaming (YouTube) Wizard Fast Farming Build for T6 (Mirrormentalist) by HolyHermit (EU forums) The "Arcane Melee" Wizard by Billou (EU blog) The "Void Ray" Wizard by V3dun (EU blog) The "Pyrolysis" Wizard by prFly (EU blog)Vaneras1 02 Jun 2014
9h Etched Sigil not working properly??? Why doesn't the Etched Sigil trigger Elemental Exposure or Tal Rasha's powers when you actually have different Arcane Power Spenders being fired continuously?Triod1 9h
1d build help advice please i have been using the diablo 3 now for over 400 hours and i am getting very frustrated because other players keep telling me my armour build,my spells and passive skills are all rubbish. i have looked at forums for build types and i thought mine was a good one. As soon as i change it somebody else tells me it is rubbish. One thing that puzzles me is the stats for the knife and shield i have they are stronger than manajumas knife and mojo but players say i should be using manajuma. ??? armour is full helltooth set with flawless royal jems focus and restrain ring spells are fire bats pirannas acid cloud summon zombie dogs wall of death gargantun passive skills are confidence ritual spirit vessel swampland attune grave injustice. keep swapping belt but at moment i have crashing rainJABBERWOCKY0 1d
2d I need advice (VyrRasha Archon build) Hey, I have a decent gear this season, playing the vyr rasha archon build, and I'm doing pretty good but probably not as good as I could... I can go through Grift 73, probably a bit more if I get lucky, but not much higher. Looking at the leaderboard, I see wizard with the exact same build and not much more gear clear Grift 100+, and I definitely don't know how I can progress that much. I feel like I'm missing something, it can't be all about Parangons level or slightly better gear... Can you guys give me some advices about gear and/or playstyle so I can climb higher? Thanks a lot :)Zelis2 2d
2d Ancient Pig Sticker Hi, i play MHeal / Archon build. I did 90 solo with the Pig Sticker i got. But weapon dmg ia kinda low. So i farmed bounties for reroll spare Pig Sticker & Cubed Rare Daggers still not a useful ones. Also is it hard to get this weapon as ancient? I did many rerolls to other items i had np like this. Its like this weapon ia damn hard to get as ancient. Any idea for make this easier?artdj1 2d
3d Improve Firebird set for regular monsters Firebird's set kills elites very quickly but regular mobs very slowly. This discrepancy is extremely large and detracts from game enjoyment. Please change the 6 piece set bonus, reducing the max stack size from 20 to 10, but double the damage bonus and damage reduction bonus per stack. That way, the set will stay the same for elites, but will do more damage when fewer regular monsters are ignited. Thank you.Endum0 3d
4d Hydra LoN Wizzard ? I'm pretty sure the answer is ganna be no, but could this build be viable at GR 70-80 ? http://www.d3planner.com/604995526xEcronomus0 4d
4d What to reroll on my amulet? This is my char: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Spiro-2494/hero/87156632 What to reroll, and why? A lot of people say int to 10CHC, but i will lost 850 int edit: i already reroll int to 10 chc.. ill get int from paragons :) Good day ! :)Spiro0 4d
5d Dsintegrate build viable? Or any easy buttonmash builds Hi there, I haven't played wizard for a long time, mostly Barbarian, Demonhunters and Monks with great success and fun. These builds are fun to play, with their own (imo) fun challenges. So after a long time I decided to play the wizard class in season 7 (haven't played them since vanilla). So I was checking out the setbonuses for Tal Rasha and looking at the viable builds, I thought, wow this looks hard and not fun. Seems like a lot of managing buttons instead of buttonmashing to kill creeps with the occasional resourcemanagement (unlike for example Leaping Barb where it's quite easy and fun to keep track of your resources and throw boulders to regain fury). So here is my question, and it doesn't need to be a toptier build (maybe GR 60 or something is fine enough for me): Are there any succesful builds out there which make Wizard fit the "hacknslash" playstyle? Like a a disintegrate build (really like those) or any other builds where you don't need to stress over button timing, I just want to sit, relax and enjoy seeing monsters exploding on my screen. I hope to hear some suggestions because I haven't found any fun mediocre builds yet on sites like diablofans. Thanks in advance, SjonnieSjonnie8 5d
5d Non archon builds As the title say. I will try out some archon builds , but I wanna hear if there is something viable 70+ builds out there without the use of archon? And if you can link to diablo fans that would be great :)Savagelight3 5d
10 Feb Looking for input Hi, I've always found help on these forums so I'd like to try again :) I'm looking for input to improve this char: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nostra-2978/hero/4467644 Any ideas on items, stats, talents,... welcome! Can anyone point me to a profile of a wiz who runs like Torment 10+? Comparing might also give a nice idea on what to improve...Nostra2 10 Feb
10 Feb Arcane Orb Spark Questions / Oddities I've been running a Tals / Spark build these last couple of weeks for a change and it's damage / function doesn't seem to match up with the tool tip.When you cast the orb it shocks once in flight mobs as expected, but once it lands and explodes twice (unstable scepter) I'm seeing at least one more shock. The interesting thing is I'm also seeing alot of inter mob shocks which gets crazy damage in tightly packed groups. TLDR single target I'm seeing between the shocks around 30b damage per orb, packed groups however things get crazy. Does anyone have a definitive description how spark works because it seems totally different to the tool tip?.NullAndVoid3 10 Feb
10 Feb Can Kanai'd Odyn Son proc Paralysis? Just that. Can Kanai'd Odyn Son proc Paralysis therefor Manald Heal? So far from my own observations, I don't think it does, but it seems to interact with Electrocute that's already cast to increase your casted Electrocute's chances to proc Paralysis... but I don't know the truth :D Does casted Electrocute bounce off of Odyn's Electrocute? Any help appreciated. Using Velvet Camaral and Myken's Ball of Hate http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CptKrnch-2154/hero/73017369CptKrnch1 10 Feb
10 Feb Rate the wizard above you Haven't seen this for a while, starting a new one. Rate it out of 10 and maybe give some advice or nice things :) GO!Luna169 10 Feb
08 Feb Firebird not procing 6 piece Bonous iv noticed the fire bird 6 piece set bonous does not proc the buff shows up for less than 0.2sec then disappears and it doesn't always show up also never once did my dmg or dmg reduction increase when the stacks are visible iv tried using the set reduction ring with 5/7 and I have tried 6/7 7/7 still the set doesn't workLily1 08 Feb
07 Feb Tired about archont. Just me get already tired about archont form? I wanna play some good and effective build where i can control my cute sorcerer not this ugly magic form.Trajaaa1 07 Feb
05 Feb Haven't played in ~1.5 years, is my build still good? Hey, Last time I played great rifts were just implemented, and the Firebird set was one of the best set for wizards. Can someone check my current wiz and tell me if I need to change anything? I'm thinking of coming back, but I still haven't read all the changes. If I recall correctly, I could solo T7-10 with my gear. Thanks.Turambar1 05 Feb
05 Feb MH lightning archon range Hi I have done a little picture about dmg and range and just want to share it with the community :) http://imgur.com/S5IfFAG gl&hfmarsoon1 05 Feb
29 Jan Wiz help What should i change? besides regen on boots http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dem0n-2492/hero/88096079Dem0n0 29 Jan
28 Jan Storm Armor Doesn't Proc Elemental Exposure Is this working as intended? Cause this is a huge letdown for wizard. I mean even Thunderfury will proc EE.x6Snake6x0 28 Jan
26 Jan Spectral Blades / Manald Heal Build - Help me optimize Hi Guys, after pausing for about 2 seasons i returned to d3 for this season to play wizzard. I started fooling around with the items i found and ended up using a lightnig build utilizing spectral blades and manald heal with Tals set. Here is a Link to my char: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/sal-2713/hero/88014695 I am in the process of leveling up my gems to get any higher. Yesterday evening i finished a 64 rift with 9 minutes left without dying once so i guess i can go even higher, did not try to press my luck there yet, i focused on doing lower Grifts to up my gems. How can i optimize my build? I tried using Arcane Torrent as many do but i dont like it, and i also did less dmg compared to the spectral blades. Also infinite teleport is a big bonus since you can hop around while hitting with the blades and avoid a lot of dmg this way (it also refreshes the tals bonus). I played around with the Endless Walk set isntead of focus+restraint but i dont really like it. I rarely walk, since teleport is up all the time and AP is no issue at all. I was thinking about switching the cubed weapon, but as i read Elite dmg will not work on Manald Procs Furnance is no option. What weapon would be best? Maybe something that procs lightning dmg on hit? Will that proc the manald? With my setup right now i can steamroll T13, and farming is super quick due to infinite teleport. But i ran out of ideas on further optimizations. So maybe you have some ideas? ty for your help guys!sal1 26 Jan
20 Jan Tal/vyr lightning problem Hey guys! Went from fire build to lightning with manald but the problem is, build procs fire when im in arcon, beam is fire? And it doesent look like i proc lightning dmg like it should I do more dmg with torrent outside arcon. Any clue what the problem is?fr3kazo1d2 20 Jan
20 Jan A reminder for Blizzard Hello, I'd like to remind whatever community manager is reading this that the D3 team promised some quality of life changes for Wizzard Buffs (armors and magic weapons). I'm not expecting a comprehensive overhaul of the skill, merely a minute quality of life change. Here's what i'm suggesting: If you have those skills on your bar, they are passively activated until you swap them out with something else. Why is it necessary? Well, since the design team decided Archon is the past, present and probably future, and we're at most vulnerable when out of the form, it'd be of immense help to not have to recast the miserable things every time i die. What impact would it have on gameplay? None! It's just that 1 second after respawn that you may have a slightly fairer chance at escaping an unfavorable situation with the buffs on. A revisit of the functionality of these skills has been promised since a few good seasons ago with nothing to show for it to date. What i'm suggesting is easy to implement, is strictly a quality of life improvement with no major impact on gameplay and would smooth out a bit of the frustration players surely incur. Good day!Markaleth0 20 Jan
19 Jan Hardcore WOH build http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dancook-2605/hero/88266517 Here is my current build, and I'm doing T10 rifts without any worry. Next stop is restraint to marry up with focus. I'm seeing alternate builds, ring of grandeur with firebirds/tals - I wonder where I go from here, keeping in mind I am running hardcore. this is the build http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/flashfire-wizard-wand-of-woh-build-with-the-tal-rasha-set-patch-2-4-3-season-9Dancook2 19 Jan
16 Jan Question about Magic Weapon - Ignite Rune Ignite Rune states: Attacks have a chance to burn enemies, dealing 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. I'd love to know how much chance there is per attack. I've searched the interwebs and this forum for the answer but didn't find. Maybe i just missed it. Can anybody tell me the exact chance for this rune to proc?Exxo5 16 Jan
15 Jan Help with my build.. Hello guys, I am quite new in D3, started playing few months ago and I need a small help from you. I made a Vyr´s Archon according the indstuctions I found on Icy Veins website. I got almost everything, but still I am not strong enough to finnish GR59 and more. Here is my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dufaq-2691/hero/85397672 I really appreciate any tips or tricks hot to make my wiz better. Thanks a lotDufaq8 15 Jan
14 Jan deleted deletedGreife0 14 Jan
14 Jan Belial in 45 seconds impossible a wizard? Been trying to solo and it appears imposible. Any gear or build, you can't solo like some other classes. Even groups and it's very hard because you have to be carried by a group. The madding thing is its the last part and I have completed the other season quests. I have tired firebird or tal's with different shrine buffs and wizard cannot match the DPS of other classes. AoE and single target dps is just lower than classes like DH (the way they can kill mobs with gear that is less than a wizard in full anicent gear). With Tal's even when you refresh the 4 stacks, the toughness buff drops off. You have to cast all four elements to get the toughness buff back to full and only two for the damage. Refreshing the buff and keeping it active makes you slower than the DH that spams passed you in rifts. You are so weak you can get single shotted by anything even with a good build and high level gems.Darkstar3 14 Jan
14 Jan ARCHON Cooldown Reduction question There is something wrong with my Archon CDR. At the moment i have 41,36% Cooldown Reduction (accordingly to my stats) but my Archon CD time only lowered by 10 sec (went from 120 down to 110 sec, from the moment i activate it, til the moment that it is ready to be used again) Using Archon (with Combustion Rune) (with Pure Power Rune that lowers the skill CD down to 100sec my Archon CD goes down to only 59 sec wich is as if i had 0% CDR...) My Passive Skills are: Illusionist, Audacity, Unstable Anomaly and Evocation Can anyone point me if my math is wrong? Archon CD = 120 sec Current CDR = 41.36% Shouldnt my Archon CD atm be 70,8 sec?marioshy2 14 Jan
13 Jan Questions for Firebird Build + Sigil Im having trouble teasing out the mechanics of the set. I have been using "Etched Sigil" in offhand attempting to get the multiple different fire skills to get three burning effects and i think its working but I cannot tell as the whites die off too quick... Does the stuff autocasted from Sigil count towards burn stacks? Similarly, i was hoping to drop some fire meteors with TalRasha 2piece- do those count as a fire skill to apply a burning stack? Currently use all fire disintegrate, twister, and black hole to help apply faster. Hydra>Twister? Im doing twister for now but think if i got the +1 hydra from "serpents sparker" i'd definitely switch. (or twister for certain if i got Ranslor). I try not to let stuff get close enough for explosive blast to be better than black hole. Thanks guys.Uzumecki2 13 Jan
13 Jan Help with build I'm new to this game and the wizard is my first character. I'm at very high paragon level and yet i can't play on Torment XIII. I can only play on XI and i find it very hard to stay alive. On Greater Rifts, i can't play on more than 46, while i see players of the same paragon, playing over 70. Please check my build and tell me what am i doing wrong? I have the best items i could find. I can't make my character any stronger than this.Echetlaeus5 13 Jan
06 Jan T13<4minutes Wizard Guide / Help So i've been trying to get a group to do it by just joining T13 Public Rift Games.. No Joy Is it soloable? Any link builds? ThanksB3N4 06 Jan
23 Dec Firebird Set + archon (transform bug) Hi dear readers, I've red most of the posts and didn't find any treats about the issue I have , I've been playing this set for awhile and something unusual happens to me most of the time , when the archon timer runs out and I transfer back to normal , it seems that it takes a short delay to apply my resistance and armor back on and I take critical damages , ether activating my survivals or if they are on CD my champion passes out ! ( GR +75 ) Please replay if you experienced the same problem Also I need some sources to compare my build and game style with other players and all I find is the ladder board and some random twitch.com streamers who won't explain what exactly are they doing with their build and what caps are they mentioning on their builds , please notice me if know any good forum , websites or videos I can read and watch . Thank you for your time https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sphinx-22636/hero/82118628Sphinx1 23 Dec
13 Dec about amulet i found ancient travels amulet : i use firebird 17% fire int. 955 CHD 75% What should i Roll for CHC , should i remove the fire or Main Stat?Mohamed1 13 Dec
12 Dec Frozen Orb wizard (boredom/fun build) Hey there, played quite a bit of demon hunter in this season, multishot demon hunter and it kinda reminded me of multishot amazon from diablo 2 and I was thinking if I could make some other build from diablo 2 and since I had already leveled up and geared wizard for this season as well I decided to try to make something for wizard. One thought was to make blizzard wizard but seeing how the only way to make blizzard work is make it fire damage that kinda doesnt fit the blizzard build of diablo 2 as it wasnt... well you know.. fire. ^^; Shuffling through the skills I came by few similiar skills to that of diablo 2. Such as glacial spike, frozen orb and frozen armor. The skill/passive set looking something like this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#acgfQY!WhTa!ZcZZZc If you feel comfy with monsters near you, you can swap power hungry passive in to "Audacity". And evocation from(and/or power hungry/ audacaity) hellfire necklace woudnt hurt either. While Slow time isnt something from diablo 2 it is sadly nesecery for the damage buff which it gives to arcane orb. The gear would go as like I have on my own wizard in here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/heprea-1346/hero/84146206 The Travellers amulet/ring + elemental convention should also work with this set as well. Use whichever you have access to and better stats. Legendary jewels: (yes yes, I know I have ice blink in use but thats simply because I just want to give some love to that useless piece of jun... pretty looking jewel) Bane of trapped Zei's stone of vengeance Bane of powerful Bane of stricken is always a good choise too. *quick edit* T13 should be doable with this with ancient weapon. Its not fast farm but doable.. TL;DR Boredom fun build with frozen orb, frozen armor and glacial spike. Skills passives here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#acgfQY!WhTa!ZcZZZc Items here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/heprea-1346/hero/84146206heprea0 12 Dec
09 Dec Halo of Arlyse and Frost Nova rune Hi I have a question how it works in 2.4.2. If Halo of Arlyse casts Frost Nova, this happens with the inclusion of rune, which we using in Frost Nova skill (e.g. bone chill) ? RegardsLenio1 09 Dec
28 Nov Help with build. Hello, i'm playing d3 ros for some time, i have 549 paragon level wizard, but really i suck at playing and don't know how to improve my character. I can play at torment 9 but thats it, my goal is to do torment 13 rifts easy. I've made made some screenshots of my characters build, could you recommend what i have to change, and what items i should search? http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img922/153/Stqk3A.png http://imageshack.com/a/img921/7280/Los0Jh.pngArturas5 28 Nov
27 Nov I can't complete the Vyr set dungeon Does anyone have a guide that guarantees to complete Vyr Set dungeon for mastery? I have tried various guides and I can't complete it. Once I thought I made it, but then suddenly I had to kill even more mobs. Not sure why. I am not good at understanding video guides, so anything in writing would be preferred. I think my main problem lies in kill speed between bouts of Archon, and in getting Archon to cooldown fast enough. I use Obsidian ring of the Zodiac and In-Geom (I move fast so I don't need much Teleportaion). Thank you.Rune12 27 Nov
23 Nov Returning player, may I ask for some advice? Hey everyone. Mostly casual returning player here. Was hoping I could maybe get some advice on my (hodgepodge) Tal/Firebird/Disintegrate build... http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/varphi-2475/hero/74931749 http://www.d3planner.com/345336616 I'm managing solo up to lvl 55/56 grifts, which seems okay I guess, given my relatively low paragon lvl, but I'm also completely out of the loop on the current meta, so I'm sure there's a lot wrong with this build. I *do* like Disintegrate, so if at all possible, I'd like that one to survive. Here's a few things I tried already: Unstable Anomaly instead of Audacity. DPS reduction is pretty noticeable, and in most situations the Firebird revive meteor seems to be enough. Etched Sigil instead of Primordial Soul, but I don't seem to get too much out of the Blizz autocasts compared to manually throwing them, but I might miss how to properly utilize ES.varphi1 23 Nov
26 Oct looking my wizz my wizz Aneta is....Jarek2 26 Oct
15 Oct Struggling with survivability at GR60+ SOLO I'm running with Tal'Rasha Meteor Build with good mobility: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Iceblue-2842/hero/81385803 My biggest problem is my squishiness. Do you guys see anything in my talents or gear that you would improve? I'm especially vulnerable vs ranged mobs.Iceblue9 15 Oct
07 Oct Fb cold archon So question is. Cold dmg on neck + wrist and use cold archon instead of combustion. Does it work?TickleMe2 07 Oct
03 Oct Please help me with my Tal Rasha meteor build Hi all, Thanks in advance for the help. Please check out my Wizard (Merlin) in my profile and help me improve it. Currently using Wand of Woh and Etched Sigil with Meteor and Explosive Blast. It's my most powerful character but I can't get much past GR60. What am I missing? I realise that my Tal Rasha amulet doesn't have a socket and I'm lacking a lot of ancient gear but any advice would be appreciated. Cheers :)Gergaroth6 03 Oct
29 Sep Firebird Build - Item Optimization Advice Needed As a new player, I'd need some advice modding the items of my Firebird build. It's the classic build with the ususal items (Firebird/Chantodo/Compass&Pledge/Parthan Defenders/Arlyse) If you as experienced players could suggest what stats shoud be rerolled to improve performance please! Helmet: 703 Armor Primary 661 Int 634 Vit 097 Res Secondary: 2623 Thorns 34% Reduced Control Effects Shoulders: 630 Armor Primary: 477 Int 424 Vit 15% Life 8% Cost Reduction Secondary: 145 Physical Resistance 28k Life on Globes & Potions Hands: 959 Armor Primary: 689 Int 390 Armor 6569 Life/s 9,5% Crit Chance Secondary: 151 Physical Resistance 195 Mob XP Chest: 679 Armor Primary: 473 Int 465 Vit 14% Life Secondary: 146 Cold Resistance 143 Mob XP Legs: 1336 Armor Primary: 488 Int 584 Armor 11% Electrocute Dmg Secondary: 153 Arcane Resistance 2 Yards Gold & Health Pickup Boots: 588 Armor Primary: 500 Int 470 Vit 12% Speed Secondary: 178 Mob XP 1 Yard Gold & Health Bracers: 416 Armor 16% Lightning Dmg 444 Int 457 Vit 7393 Life/s Secondary: 145 Phaysical Resistance 9% Dmg Reduction if Mob stunned within 25 yards Amulet: Primary 878 Int 82% Crit Dmg 23k Life/hit Secondary: 196 Cold Resistance 6% Melee Dmg Reduction Ring 1: Primary: 462 Int 496 Vit 10% Life 12% Speed Secondary: 155 Lightning Resistance Ring 2: Primary: 453 Int 461 Vit 6700 Life/s 34% Contol Reduction Weapon: 3001 Dmg Primary: 1515 - 1833 Poison 10% Dmg 970 Int 7% Cooldown Secondary: 11k Life/kill 13 Max Arcane Offhand: Primary: 365-429 Dmg 692 Int 4833 Life/s 9,5% Crit Chance 4 Arcane/Crit Secondary: 13 Max Arcane 1.2% Freeze/Hitmonokoi2 29 Sep
25 Sep Please make pets easier to see in big battles I have no idea how you guys see your pets in big fights. On the screen I just see explosions etc, and on the minimap I see other player "in combat" icons hovering on top of my small pet icons. Can we please have an option to turn on "make pets extra visible" or something? Enhanced glowing or a static icon over each one on screen. Please blizzard, my fam is totally faded outzerendipity1 25 Sep
23 Sep Need help pushing into T10 I can blast through T8 fairly quickly, Can someone please look at my profile and tell me what I need to work on or change? Right now I plan on replacing my gear with all ancients and leveling up my legendary gems, I just thought I might be missing a key change or piece of armor I need to hunt for. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tweeder-1483/hero/79637235Tweeder2 23 Sep
23 Sep New player returning - Hello! Cold build, viable? So i've not played for a few seasons and have always wanted to take a cold build into the end game but haven't seen a viable option thus far. Is this season any different? Thanks.Jambi1 23 Sep
21 Sep Tal Rasha - 4 elemental bonus not stacking Hi Guys, Perhaps I'm being stupid, but for some reason on this character the 4 element bonus will not stack up to 4, it's always at a maximum of 3, even though I'm casting all 4 elements. Here's the character: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KoAtheRAGE-2253/hero/82337857 (he wears aether walker, I just took it off last night whilst I was testing) I can't seem to work it out. On my other character it works perfectly: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KoAtheRAGE-2253/hero/81420998 Any ideas? Is there something really obvious that I can't seem to spot or is it perhaps a glitch I haven't heard of? Cheers.KoAtheRAGE3 21 Sep
20 Sep Tal Rasha's Elements Set needs a serious BUFF. Looking at my gear all ancient legendary with exception of the helm and i can't finish a grift 70. This is pretty sad because Tal Rasha is the most fun set to play for me. Hope blizzard buffs all sets to similar level capabilities before they move on from D3.RuneThor8 20 Sep