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4h Lf guidance and teaching Hello I'm looking for some to show me the ways of Diablo 3, recently picked the game up and have no idea what to do. It would be nice to have someone to show me what's what and how everything is. I have a lot of time to play whenever so let me know if your willing to help.SnowFlake0 4h
12h Looking for group Barbarian support 381 paragon just looking for a group do to rifts.Ruizaius1 12h
12h Team Clarity Official recruitment Thread Hello, i am Dudu, leader of Team Clarity. Team Clarity (TC) is an European eSports organization, which fields teams in League of Legends and rescently it expanded towards Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Team Clarity was formed in august 2017 and currently has been participating in few community tournaments, such as L2P French, ESL tournaments and others. Team is currently watching towards becoming amateur and even semi-pro/pro team in next few years. The community of the team is large and is made out of players, few in team rosters, community players, coaches, analysts, content creators and graphixers. Team existed even in pre-season, it was called "Operation Eskimo", it was not such huge success so team got disbanned, and now it is here back again. Make sure you support us on social medias because it is huge help for us. Everyone is welcome to try to join Team Clarity and we are doing our best to keep community organized and healthy. What do we offer: Friendly atmosphere People to play / practice with Free Coaching Weekly tournaments with rewards If you are interested into joining our team, make sure you visit our official site here: ... Here is our Discord. ... If you are interested into co-operation, bussiness inquries or sponsorship, our email is: teamclarity13@gmail.comDudu0 12h
15h [EU] <BAE> Barely Any Expectation are Recruiting Barely Any Expectation are looking for like minded players to group up with and journey together in Sanctuary. Who are we? We're a group of experienced Diablo players where some have played as far back as the original Diablo in the late 1990s. What do we offer? The ability to group up with other like minded players. A social and stable environment. We use Discord where you'll find members playing various games. What we expect? Maturity. There is no age restriction, however, we expect players to respect each other. A strong understanding of the English language. A desire to play with others. We're open to all types of players, whether new to the game or veterans who have played for years. Most of us play Seasonal in Softcore however, a few do frequent Hardcore once a new season starts to slow down. We have players who like to push higher Greater Rifts but also take time to help and engage with players less experienced. If you're interest is to push higher GR's then we would expect you to use Discord and talk with other like minded players, however casual or new players that's entirely up to you, although we do encourage everyone to use the Discord server as it helps get to know each other better. Individual player activity is not monitored, however should the clan number reach it's limit we will start removing the most inactive players first. If this sounds like a clan you'd be interested in joining then feel free to contact either myself or you can add anno8369#2175Chris27 15h
16h Casual clan - Norfolk Nightmares recruiting "I sense a soul in search of answers" Greetings! A casual clan, <NFKN> is recruiting for S11 and beyond. We only expect you to be active and to enjoy the game. The clan originated as a UK clan, but over the seasons our clan has expanded and our members come from all corners of europe, myself from Finland. <NFKN> leadership has been in my hands since Aug / 2016, and we have kept a steady and healthy core of solid members. Our members vary from beginners to seasoned veterans. All of us in different life situations, with work, studies or family, which takes priority over serious gaming. But don't get me wrong, we also have players who wish to push higher on the ranks. If you seek a helpful, laid back and friendly community to run rifts, bounties or random farmings, on season, nonseason or hc even, <NFKN> is the clan for you. Grab a beer and join the fun! We also have a TS and Discord servers if you just wish to pop in to chat. One of my officers is also managing a D3 FB community (Diablo 3 Worldwide), for your outside the game D3 social needs. Contact me (Ayoka#2281) or my recruiting officer Zab (Zaboozer#2264) for any further details. If you add on battle.net, please leave a message here in the forums, to know where you are from. Thank you! Have a great season :)Ayoka165 16h
20h Looking for a Clan Hi there, so I never was a tryhard Diablo 3 player and I mostly played it casualy but the latest patch which brang some balance changes and stuff pulled me to the game and now I really enjoy playing Diablo 3 troughout my free time. Now that I play it so often I would really like to have a clan where I can chat with people and party up and stuff. I would need some very - late game help, ofc I know the core of the game and all the stuff, but I would welcome some advices. Also I am looking for not a "dead" clan, I like when people are chatting, joking etc.. Mostly playing for fun but a bit tryharding is fine for me. Now this might sound a little demanding from my side but I really would like to find a clan where people can actually talk and get together to farm or do some GR´s. I´ve been in 3 clans and when i wrote anything nobody even responded. So, can I join *ANY* clan that has the things mentioned above? I would be really grateful. Thank you and have a nice day. =)Fury4 20h
1d Diablo 3 Season 12 Discord Server Ready Discord Server for S12 https://discord.gg/94Scf4t All Blizzard games apply. Mainly diablo 3. Fresh and active. US Server ( however we have some EU supporters within the server, others also play overwatch, hereos of storm, hearthstone, WoW, and we have a few streamers ). People marked Red are specific diablo 3 players. You will have to state your battle tag, and request an admin to add your permissions.Faith3 1d
2d zBarb lf Clan/Grp Hey, I am an active player who is looking for an active clan/grp. Currently I am p991 and playing zBarb but if needed I can play other sups aswell. My online times are very flexible so I am online often. If you are interested feel free to add me Yui#2304Yui0 2d
2d LF Clan (DH) I had break from PC gaming for couple months, more like a full year. I'm playing couple hours every day, started season fairly late only 3 days ago, already 550 paragon. Farming T11-13/sgr60-70. I'm not doing nolife as all previous seasons, and I'm playing on new fresh battlenet account therefore it's not easy. I'm looking for active clan, as long as it's populated with active players I believe it will be okay, goal is getting into top500 at the end of season since I will get more hours per day once when I start playing in clan. Mazi7ps#2589 Let me know if there is a place somewhere.Mazi7ps3 2d
3d Team Clarity Esports Official Thread Welcome to Team Clarity Esports official thread. My name is Dudu and i am leader of this esports organization. Team Clarity (TC) is an European eSports organization, which fields teams in League of Legends and rescently it expanded towards Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Team Clarity was formed in august 2017 and currently has been participating in few community tournaments, such as L2P French, ESL tournaments and others. Team is currently watching towards becoming amateur and even semi-pro/pro team in next few years. The community of the team is large and is made out of players, few in team rosters, community players, coaches, analysts, content creators and graphixers. Team existed even in pre-season, it was called "Operation Eskimo", it was not such huge success so team got disbanned, and now it is here back again. Make sure you support us on social medias because it is huge help for us. Everyone is welcome to try to join Team Clarity and we are doing our best to keep community organized and healthy. Currently we want to make serious organization here on Diablo 3 and we are recruiting people in order to do so. Requirements to join our team are: Be mature Be active on Discord and Diablo 3 Be friendly and talkative. No need to have microphone, just good will and friendly attitude In case you want to join or hang out with us, make sure you check our Discord channel: ... Visit our site: ... Have a nice day !Dudu0 3d
3d LF +90 players Add me if you are able to run +90Dallo1 3d
4d [KG] Konvict Gaming is recruiting (16+) Season 12 started almost 2 weeks ago now, and if you find yourself playing alone a lot, maybe it's time to check out what KG has to offer. Konvict Gaming is a multi-game community. We have both a website and teamspeak, discord too, but only for text chatting. We offer help to new and veteran players, everyone is welcome. We also have a mentoring system in placer so we can assign you a mentor who can teach you the ins and outs of the game. Want to apply? head over to www.konvictgaming.com hope to see you around, the KG diablo 3 moderator teamMasterTroll0 4d
4d Konvict Gaming (16+) Mature Members Solo not your style? Looking for people to help you push the higher rifts? After people who will make your game time enjoyable, funny and relaxed? Or are you simply looking for some help? Well look no further, Konvict gaming offers it all and more! As a constantly growing community we boast a variety of features and can offer you the best gaming experience around! So what do we currently offer? We have our own TeamSpeak server which members are free to use and join with their friends We offer an ingame clan as well as external forums for you to use and enjoy Mentors are available to teach you the ins and outs of Diablo and even help you with the details of your character Teams are widely available and there are always people looking to team up and go on adventures in the realms of Diablo Events that will excite and test your skills as a player, but also make you laugh and enjoy them with friends The people of our community are great people with good humor and respect, you are bound to find many friends with us! Not only do we focus on Diablo but we boast a variety of games and content for players, so if you are ever tired of playing diablo or simply want to have fun trying another game we will most likely offer it! What are the requirements? You must be 16 or older Have Teamspeak and a working microphone Be respectful of others How do I join this fantastic community? Visit our website: www.konvictgaming.com Create an account on the site and fill out a diablo 3 application Hop on to our Teamspeak @ ts.konvictgaming.com We hope to see you soon! Kind Regards; The Konvict Gaming Diablo Teamhiphop52 4d
4d DH LF speeds Season 12 Active UE Multishot DH LFG for 86-90 speeds with other active players. Add me regjis#2891 Looking forward to run together!regjis0 4d
4d [EU] zNecro / Wizard looking for group Boonatix#2950 I am looking for new friends to get together for GR farming, speedfarming, bounties etc... I have a pretty well geared Wizard for FB Meteor / Tal Meteor and also a new zNecro to support Rat Speedgroups, but I am still figuring out and learning how to best play him... patience appreciated ;) I also can offer a Discord to talk and have fun together while farming :) Closing in on Para 800 with time to play mostly in evenings and longer on weekends. Just add me if you are also looking for a nice and good player to farm with!Boonatix1 4d
4d Fever Clan - Recruiting Friendly Players! Hey all, I am an admin at Fever Clan, a multigaming community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, and 175+ active members of our D3 section. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks! We have seasonal launch events, weekly organized game nights Tuesdays @ 8 PM EST, and we are working on setting up other organized events. Basically if you want an active group that is always up for games, give us a try! We also play HOTS, OW, SC2, WOW, LOL, PUBG, and other titles. What we offer in our D3 section: - Large playerbase for Diablo 3 - D3 playerbase - mostly seasonal players - We host weekly game nights and events - Seasonal Greater Rift competitions with prizes - Our own D3 Discord channels on the Fever Clan Discord What we require of you to join our in-game only clan: - Follow the Fever-Rules (in summary): Act mature, be respectful and remain calm - Have a team player attitude and most importantly be drama free If you're interested and would like to join us in game, then please follow those steps: 1) Press Shift+O while in game to open a window. 2) In the bottom left on the window that opened press the red Find-button below Clan. 3) In the <Filter> option field, type in Fever. 4) Choose Fever and press Send Request-button. 5) repeat steps 1-4 and also apply to Fever 2. Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: http://feverclan.com/forums/register.php Submit application: http://feverclan.com/forums/misc.php?do=application Interviews: Conducted on our Discord - https://discord.gg/EwHNfkb Questions? Want to talk or play some? Add me BaumDeezy#1953 on Bnet or Baum#4959 on Discord. See you in game! BaumBaumDeezy24 4d
5d ..... ...Hakan2 5d
6d European Fun Clan is recruting [Mature] S12 We are a social clan focused on seasonal softcore for both casual and competitive european players. We kill demons everyday and we would welcome reinforcements. Requirements: - Mature players enthusiastic about the game - Be positive, social and friendly towards others - Have basic knowledge of the game and class(es) you play - Have a working headset and Discord installed - Being able to speedfarm Torment XIII rifts, bounties and mid-tier (70-90) GR'levels We are all excited to start next season and enjoy the new patch. You are welcome to start the season with us, see you soon. Please add me to your friendslist and we can take it from there. MylilPwny#21446 and Pitfall#2390 for faster response.Kimmen32 6d
17 Nov Clanul/Comunitatea Diablo 3 Romania recruteaza! Recrutam membrii: Clan 1, D3RO <Ro Community>, paragon 700+ n/s idle max 21 zile Clan 2, D3RO <Ro Community public>, paragon 600+ n/s idle max 30 zile Comunitatea D3RO, fara restrictii paragon. Inactivii iau kick, inseamnand sa nu jucat 1+ luni... ts.diablo3.ro pagina si grup fb, Diablo 3 Romania. succes si spor la drop. contact@diablo3.roGore8 17 Nov
17 Nov Group Looking DPS Necr / Supp Necr Looking Group or We looking Supp Barb / Dps Necr prime 20:00 EU/EU GMT +3TheGodSon1 17 Nov
16 Nov NS/S Clan Myths is looking for Members The Clan Myths is Recruiting new Members! We are looking for non-toxic Players who have fun to Play Diablo 3! We are only Softcore Players atm. What we expect Be active! Be Paragon 1200+ on NON Season (if u are lower but think u are a good Player just add the Leader or Officers) Be friendly and have fun by playing Diablo 3 Have atleast 1 metachar and know how to Play it! What can u expect! Grift pushing Speed/gem up Grifts class teachers for each class active Players soon our own Discord Server! If u want to Join us just wisper us ingame or add us: Leader: Deafsteff79#2505 Officers: Korxy#2102korxy1 16 Nov
15 Nov Sup barb search Group Sup barb. I search a group for 90+ Grifts add me : Bazingá#2903Bazingá1 15 Nov
15 Nov Supp barb in training LFG I havent played much support, so i'm looking for a group who will have a little patience with me learning the ropes a bit i'm a seasoned D3 player playing from release and played in nearly every season Add me if your interested in giving a support in training a chance! Azuredawn#2784Azuredawn1 15 Nov
15 Nov [EU] <EoLA> Echo of the Lost Age Echo of the Lost Age is now recruiting!  What do we do? We're a seasonal and social bunch of players who love to play! We love to push some high GR's and some normal rifts  We love helping out inexperienced players What do we expect of you? To be mature, there is currently no age restriction on the clan To be fluent or at least have an understanding of English How to join? If you're interested in joining you can either add me or apply through the in-game system. My Battlenet is: SiNax#21131 We now have a discord, here is the link: https://discord.gg/fAb4Cuy Hope to see you guys in the riftSiNax0 15 Nov
14 Nov Support barb - Looking for a clan As the title suggest i'm looking for a clan who needs a support barb and not just another member in their clan. I've played Diablo since base game release and have played in all but 2 seasons I have a mic and discord etc Add me in-game if you want to know more. Azuredawn#2784Azuredawn0 14 Nov
13 Nov Looking for some friends Looking for some casual dutch/eu people to play with, seasonal sc. Currently playing a barb. My battletag is Mannyar#2364 Mannyar2 13 Nov
13 Nov Hilfe bei Rifts Hey benötige Hilfe bei Großen rifts wäre nett wenn jemand zeit hätte brauche nur noch den Stab dann bin ich mit meinen Items fertig PS bin lvl 70 Para 498 addet : TheSuicider#2853TheSuicider0 13 Nov
13 Nov Lf 3 people to lvl and play season with If you want to play seasonal and dont have a group to play with add me on bnet maisto#21645Maisto2 13 Nov
12 Nov LFG SPEED GR80+ and T13 LFG for speed GR 80+ farming. I'm WoL monk with 620 paragon and 79 GR solo ATM. SEASON got headphones, 25+ yo inapp#2588 EU Softcore PCinapp1 12 Nov
12 Nov EMERGENCY LFG Unfortunately due to family issues a member had to leave the group because of this I am looking for a new member to play the rest of the season with us. He played a witch doctor. We need a good meta DPS or support monk. The only requirement is that you join: https://discord.gg/JSVuHCMSandałPutina1 12 Nov
10 Nov TNB TNB is een nederlandse clan. We zijn een hele nieuwe clan en zoekend naar meer Nederlanders of belgen. We hebben discord voor te chatten We zijn sociale clan niks moet alles mag whisper mijn amonet#21118 op battlenet voor inviteamonet0 10 Nov
10 Nov s12 HxC group I'm getting back into the game and anyone looking for a group for hxc hmu Voice chat isnt important however please beware that i have the personality of Larry David and love pizza (also before adding on bnet please reply here, its the least obnoxious thing to do) XDGrabgeister1 10 Nov
09 Nov S-12(hardcore) Need hardcore players in Asian server nd of course s-12 Just drop a reply for further details. FYI regular gaming is must.Soulofaclown0 09 Nov
09 Nov LF clan + Leveling group Remorselessx#11471 You can add me here or leave a msg here with questions.Remorselessx0 09 Nov
09 Nov +1 s12 leveling group Bring fresh 70/lvling build from icyveins for your class, and ready to follow our method in chat. Aiming for 70 in 2h max. No drama/rage etc. Friendly group. Cya ingame :). Nenface#2430Nenface3 09 Nov
09 Nov S12 looking for players to play with (hardcore) Hi, I have just began again with playing D3. i'm searching for people to play the game with so I can ask questions/ help other people. I don't have much time and I'm just a casual player, so I'm searching for a group/ players who are also a little bit casual or don't mind to play with a casual. I will also be starting S12 when it will be available and I have much time in the weekend. I only play hardcore.Hinarcia1 09 Nov
09 Nov LFG s12 early push / fast levling Hi! Like the title says i am looking for a group to get fast level 70++ :) Also interested in a clan that wants to push. Embland#1873Embland1 09 Nov
09 Nov Season 12 - Leveling Group Hi, im looking for 3 other people to Speedlevel at the start of Season 12. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are interested just contact me. Battletag: Pleitegeier#2639Pleitegeier2 09 Nov
09 Nov S12 EU: Need +1 monk/necro for full season group Hei there mates, We are 3 stable members now. For the push meta we would need a good monk and for he speed meta a necro (either sup or dps). Our conditions are to play the first weekend really nolife-ish, @15+h/day, and then stick to @8+ or so, as 1 of the group has school and I'll be starting work again after 2 weeks also. We need someone with game experience in several classes and who can play the whole season. So please only add if you plan on playing throughout the season. We can all speak English and German, but communication will most likely be in English. On Thursday, season day 1, we'll play from start until next morning/mid-day. More details on private. If interested, feel free to add me: GOODea#2471. Region: EU See ya @GOODea2 09 Nov
09 Nov +1 for S12 conquests Goals: conquest leaderboard Strongly required: Non-stop gaming for full night. 1. Curses! (learn youtube if u dont know how to do it early) 2. 3x65lvl gems up 3. Optionally 45gr solo if u want 4. farm paragon until you fall sleepAeonFlax0 09 Nov
09 Nov <Molten> is recruiting more members for Season 12 EU-PC TL;DR: <Molten> is recruiting more active members for the upcoming season. We are looking for members who will play this season seriously as we want to create a competetive enviroment focusing on the late-game content the game has to offer on EU PC Softcore! History: <Molten> was created the first hour of the clan system's release. It has since then strictly been a Seasonal Clan with a flourishing community - bent on the no-life grinding we've all learnt to love! Sadly the Clan haven't been very active for the past 3-4 months due to officiers jumping to other games, etc etc, but we are not confident that we can make it the great clan it once used to be! With several new trusted officiers and a lot of recruiting, we're hoping it will be a Clan that fits you! How to join: Simply search "Molten" while ingame and click request to join! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!Arcten0 09 Nov
07 Nov LFG S12 - early push-ish/early intense gaming I'm looking for some people to play with for season 12, and mainly the first weekend. I'm planning to take a day off (Friday) from Uni during the launch and would like to go pretty hard during this first weekend and maybe try to get on the leader-boards for some conquests or something cool like that. (So play through the night Thursday, sleep a bit, perhaps after completing a conquest - Boss Mode looks doable early - and then back at it.) Afterwards I'm probably going to go back to being pretty casual. So, I'm either looking for a fun and laid-back preformed group to join, or equally cool people to join me. I'm not too familiar with the current metas/pushing group/speed play since I'm pretty much a returning player, reaching a bit above 800 paragon last season in a casual 60-ish hours played mainly solo on my necro in S11 (which felt very efficient in comparison to when I last played), but I'm willing to learn and cooperate. I'm planning to play my necro next season and might go with some Rathma build, since that's what I've gotten used to, but I could try others along the way (like the mandatory speed mage Trag'Oul at first). (I also played wizard last time I was active.) So, if you'd be interested/like-minded or have a spot open for me, leave a reply or poke me in-game - Battle-tag - Because#2413. (A reply might be the best option since I'm going to study ahead for the day I miss, and might not be in-game much until launch.)Because6 07 Nov
05 Nov LFG S12 I'm looking for some people to play with in s12. I don't want to organize a group so i'm hoping to join a group with an open spot. The last seasons i would always play alone, have decent placements in the solo board for my class the first few days and then when the people that speedfarm in groups pull ahead i would quit because there's no competing anymore. So this season i would like to have a group to speedfarm/push with. I can play all day everyday pretty much. I would prefer english but i can speak german aswell. I'm leaning towards playing Barb atm, but i'm open to something else if that fits better into your group. Hit me up Volki#2522Volki2 05 Nov
04 Nov deleted Looking for group member [S12] [EU]MittaNamek1 04 Nov
04 Nov The Outcast is recruiting We are a fun, friendly and mature clan with active seasonal softcore players of all ages and nationalities covering the entirety of Europe and beyond. We are a sociable and fun group who are always looking to help each other out, whether that be with levelling, finding particular items, improving our skills, levelling gems, or just sharing news and advice We are looking for like minded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Most of our members are very active and friendly people chatting away, working on improving our characters throughout the season and sharing some laughs along the way. Our main means of communication are in game clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) but we also use Discord for those who prefer talking over typing. We also use our discord to post builds, fun stuff and news regarding the clan. Even when you don’t use a mic to talk we ask that you join us on discord. That way you will always see posts and see what is going on in clan or Diablo. In clan we have a great mix of people with a range of paragon levels from a few hundred to over 1500 and beyond in a season. We can offer casual places and “Pushing” places so there is a little of something for everyone to enjoy. Some of our players are honing their skills and aiming for the leader boards where as others enjoy fighting demons in good company. We have some experienced GR players, some are pushing but we also have some members who do not care for higher GRs at all and prefer farming in rifts, lower GR’s and bounties instead. We also try to maintain a player balance in clan so we can make groups in day and evening time. Requirements We do have a few specific requirements and rules to obide by as we are a bunch sensible and mature people who can enjoy the game and be respectful of one another. So you need to be:-: * Aged between 18 and Ancient. * Have at least 1 season with 800 paragon * Be an active player who wants to be part of a great growing community * Play the season and want to play with other seasonal players (however not stopping when you completed the season journey) * Be semi experienced but knowledgeable about Diablo 3’s aspects. * We maintain an inactivity period of 14 days (this is without letting an officer or the leader know you will be inactive nut not however because your bored of Diablo 3) We hope The Outcast could be for you. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either reply here and tell us a little about yourself so we can get back to you, or maybe add me on your friend list justme#21156 so we can chat about joining. If it easier then Join our discord server to have a chat with us directly https://discord.gg/UEh85j3 then just pm an officer or the leader on there to have a chat. Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :) We hope there is something here that interests you and we hope you feel like you'd like to come and join our community and maybe see you with us in season 11!!JustMe30 04 Nov
03 Nov Lawl Gaming Co Looking for D3 People! Lawl Gaming Co (LGC) is a new Competitive and Casual community that is growing. We are looking for 19+ age gamers who want a place to chill with people who enjoy the same games and a positive atmosphere. We look for players in most any games, including D3, Destiny 2, OW, PUBG, Doom, Fornite, LoL, and more! We have Giveaways for members, community based currency (Lawlers), Our own professional website with up to date patch notes and gaming news, and more to come. Say Goodbye to Interviews - We don’t want to see you going through a trial every time you check out a new community. If you’re interested just sign up on our site and hop in a discord channel, it’s that easy. Our site https://www.lawlgamingco.com/ Discord https://discord.gg/NaNaj8D If you like what you see but you’re still not sure and want more info? We can chat about it! Just contact me on Battlenet (Ghostball#11526) or steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/BallbusterLGC). Add me and feel free to ask any questions you have! Happy Gaming, -Ballbuster Ghostball1 03 Nov
01 Nov LFG S12 EU Each season me and a friend have been playing as a group of two and could never find solid people that would commit to playing diablo with us. This season we would like to change that and therefore we are looking for two dedicated people to join us in the journey. I'm familiar with playing each character and want to play a good combo as a team of four. We would like to begin by playing four DPS builds and then migrate to a GR pushing group with two DPS and two Support characters. We'll probably be using discord or the new blizzcord for voice coms. If interested add Mali#2757 and hit me up. SERVER: Europe Thanks Mali [EDIT] Looking for one last member.Mali1 01 Nov
01 Nov Looking for group members [s12] My clan mate and I are putting together a highly efficient and active group for season 12. We will be going ~18 hours on launch, as well as 12+ hours/day the first weekend. We will be playing the strongest metas relating to pushing and speed farming. If you're interested or have questions, add me on Btag: Saluter#2210 Server: EUSaluter2 01 Nov