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5m Looking for Active and Friendly Clan. Hello. Please let me introduce myself. I am not a great player, I don't even think I am pushing average, but despite this I actually enjoy gaming a fair bit. I guess it's not dawned on me that I "need to be good" to enjoy something quite yet. I am 30+, and grew up playing SSI games thinking those were the best thing ever, these days I still play those games, but I admit I have outgrown the pixel graphics a slight bit. I enjoy trying new classes, gatting achievements and exploring Diablo. I also like to do RP based on Diablo 3, as I really love the setting. What am I looking for? Preferably a clan that wants talkative new members, and that talk back. If there is a Discord or something to that effect I would take use of that, perhaps not daily, but when I am able to. A community that does things together, perhaps not always, but on occasion. I enjoy making new friends, and as much as I enjoy doing the solo content, there is so much fun to be had playing with someone as well. Is there any clan out there for me? Do you know of a clan that might be a good fit for me? Is this post malarkey? Post a reply here or contact me on my battletag Rainbow#22409Rainbow0 5m
52m Looking for HardCore only clan! Hello, Im quite new to Diablo 3 but I played like minded games before.. a lot of them but recently I got consumed by my new addiction I developed for this game. My main goal is to push my characters as far as possible and achieve as much as possible. All that in HardCore environment without a single death. I would like to find like minded active group/clan of players to share this awesome game experience with.NeroN0 52m
22h Danish Dynamite - Clan/Guild Danish Dynamite Hej allesammen! Da jeg og sikkert mange andre også er blevet træt af, at solo D3 igen og igen eller går og mangler nogle og spille PvP med, syntes jeg nu det er på tide at vi for en ren dansk clan/guild op og stå. Det forventes ikke, at du er online 10-15 timer om dagen, men dog forventes det, at du er active og er klar på en masse farm når man har tiden/lysten til det. Da jeg sætter pris på kommunikation når der spilles, vil jeg sørge for, at der kommer en TS op og stå, hvor der ville være plads til både en masse sjov og ballade og selvfølgelig noget seriøsitet når der skal farmes. Mød nye mennesker og bliv en del af det danske D3 fællesskab :) -Hvad der forventes af dig- Vær åben venlig/flink Vær active Vær gearet/klar til MP4+ farming Vær klar og åben over for de competitions der bliver afholdt Vær klar på at hjælpe hinanden hvis det skulle blive nødvendigt Ha' TS installeret da det ville komme i brug -Hvordan bliver man medlem- Alt hvad du skal gøre er, at add Chillax#2132 hvorefter du skal skrive hvilken MP level du foretrækker. MEMBERS Chillax2132 - MP6 - MP10 Raziel#1143 - MP7 - MP10 Rbzx#2845 - MP5 - MP8 BigC#2884 - MP4 - MP8 BoneBreaker#2801 - MP6 - MP10 Proximity#2362 - MP3 - MP7 Paradox#2450 - MP4 - MP8 Parion#2337 - MP5 - MP10 Roulf#2789 - MP4 - MP7 SausageX#2942 - MP10 EDIT: Der er blevet stillet en gratis TS til rådighed som der midlertidigt ville blive brugt. Kontakt mig in-game for TS information :) fra den 1 april og frem ville der begynde at blive afholdt nogle PvP og Farming competitions med præmie til vinderne. Information & Tilmelding: Kontakt Chillax#2132Chillax20 22h
1d Hard Working Father Looking For Clan Hi, father of two here and got myself a new 5 month old. I'm getting back into seasons after 2 years. I work 40+ hours a week so combine that with watching the kids I don't have the world to game. I'm looking for a clan that respects that and can handle someone that can only be on for a few hours every few days.RedEggplant1 1d
1d New players lf barb for meta Hi, We're looking for a barb to try meta's with. We're all trying out new roles this season so a bit of patience would be much appreceated :) We'd start at around GR 85 and work our way up. Feel free to add me, Glitchy#2419Glitchy0 1d
2d <GRID> EU PC CLAN RECRUITING Hi, We are a clan ( Flynn's Arcade ) looking for seasonal softcore players to join us. We are a sociable and fun group who are always looking to help each other out. We play daily and at weekends we play long into the night. Casual and hardcore players are all welcome and even new players we will do our very best to help you out and improve your game. We have our own Discord server dedicated on all things Diablo III where we have a laugh, share builds and brag about the drops we have found. If you wanna join you can find me in game PhilSlip#2423 or contact Threestripes#21773 & TrevDX#1218 See you in Tristram :)PhilSlip20 2d
3d Looking for a clan, to push Grifts Looking for a casual/pushing clan. Hello everyone. I am looking for a clan, where the purpose is to push grifts, but also being a little casual sometimes. It is important that the people in it, are mature and have a great atmosphere in the community. If this sounds interesting, feel free to contact me. Season 14FozNNNe1 3d
4d Türk oyuncular! Selam arkadaşlar, Diablo 3'ün çıkışından bugüne kadar kemik oyuncu kadroyusla genişleyen bir Türk ekibiyiz. Araştırdığım kadarıyla çok fazla Türk topluluğuna rastlayamadım. Bu yüzden hepimizin bir çatı altında toplanması hem iletişimi, hem de yardımlaşmayı arttıracağını düşüncesindeyim. Clanda yabancı arkadaşlar da olduğu için bazen ingilizce konuştuğumuz da oluyor. Bu durumda da tabi diğer yabancı arkadaşları yoksaymamak için bizlerin de ingilizce konuşması gerekiyor. Onun haricinde çoğu zaman aktifiz ve yarışı seven oyuncularız. Şimdilik günde 10 kişiden fazla online'a sahibiz. Eğer sizlerde aktif oyuncularsanız hepinize kapımız açık. ... Ayrıca kendimize ait Teamspeak'imiz de bulunmakta. Herkese keyifli oyunlar :)Excalibur19 4d
5d [EU] <RIP Rifts> Seasonal Clan Recruiting Hello All, We are a newly founded EU Clan with a blend of casual and hardcore players. Though we do not have any specific requirements, we try to remain as actively as one possibly could and sustain a friendly talkative clan environment. The clan is small, but growing, and was created with one intention - to build a player base large enough where you can jump on and find a party large enough to do structured content efficiently rather than being stuck in the mud using public games. If a casual, friendly gaming environment is what you seek, feel free to add Bzrkrr#2524 and i'll fire you over an invite.Bzrkrr10 5d
5d Fever Clan: Recruiting players for S13/NS Hey all, I am an admin at Fever Clan, a multigaming community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, and 105+ active members of our D3 section. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks for both Seasonal and Non-seasonal side of the game. Seasonal side is more active. We have seasonal launch events, weekly organized game nights on various nights, and we have larger events for some weekends. Basically if you want an active group that is always up for games, give us a try! We also play HOTS, OW, SC2, WOW, LOL, PUBG, and other titles. What we offer in our D3 section: - Large playerbase for Diablo 3 - D3 playerbase - mostly seasonal players - We host weekly game nights and events - Seasonal Greater Rift competitions with prizes - Our own D3 Discord channels on the Fever Clan Discord - Seasonal D3 teams with varying goals and times - Playerbase that does not cheat or exploit to compete against - Good discussions and banter on D3 channels in Discord (The place to be) What we require of you to join our in-game only clan: - Follow the Fever-Rules (in summary): Act mature, be respectful and remain calm - Have a team player attitude and most importantly be drama free If you're interested and would like to join us in game, then please follow those steps: 1) Press Shift+O while in game to open a window. 2) In the bottom left on the window that opened press the red Find-button below Clan. 3) In the <Filter> option field, type in Fever. 4) Choose Fever and press Send Request-button. 5) repeat steps 1-4 and also apply to Fever 2. Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! Register here: http://feverclan.com/forums/register.php Submit application: http://feverclan.com/forums/misc.php?do=application Interviews: Conducted on our Discord - https://discord.gg/EwHNfkb Questions? Please reach out to AGeneSoldier#2360 on Bnet or AGenomeSoldier#9098 on Discord. See you in game!Gizmo25620 5d
6d [EU] <BAE> Barely Any Expectation are Recruiting Barely Any Expectation are looking for like minded players to group up with and journey together in Sanctuary. Who are we? We're a group of experienced Diablo players where some have played as far back as the original Diablo in the late 1990s. Many of us who run the clan have been playing together for several years throughout different Blizzard games. What do we offer? A Clan run by players where it’s aim isn’t to bring the highest paragon or the best geared players, but those who want to get involved, get to know each other and be a part of an engaging and growing community. The ability to group up with like minded players. A social and stable environment. We use Discord where you'll find members playing various games. What we expect? Maturity. There is no age restriction, however, we expect players to respect each other. A strong understanding of the English language. A desire to play with others. Reasonable online activity. We're open to all types of players, whether new to the game or veterans who have played for many seasons. Most of us within our clan play seasonal in Softcore however, a few do frequent Hardcore once a new season starts to slow down. We have players who like to push higher Greater Rifts but also take time to help and engage with players less experienced who are looking to learn. Preferably we would expect you to use the Discord server and talk to one another, the point of being apart of a clan is to engage with it and get to know one another. Individual player activity is not monitored; however, the clan is regularly at capacity and clan requests are frequent. If you’re inactive for an extended period of time without us knowing in advance, the chances are you’ll be replaced. Should you find yourself replaced in the future, you’re more than welcome to re-join when you’re active. If our clan is currently full, please don’t feel put off and get in touch, players are removed frequently due to activity. You’re welcome to request a clan invite through the clan finder in game, however you’ll have a much better chance of being accepted if you talk to us first. A social and active player is the type of player we want, regardless of how great your gear or GR clear is! If this sounds like a clan you'd be interested in joining, then feel free to contact Elkina#21705, relatively#2017 or myself. Alternatively you can pop onto our Discord server for a chat here: https://discord.gg/s2uArDN PLEASE NOTE: You'll initially be on a restricted access prior to being accepted into the clan.Chris86 6d
6d LF clan or group for season 14. LF clan or group for season 14. just switched to pc. looking for friends.insanity6160 6d
15 Jun [NA] LFM Necromancer group (Mature) Looking to get a group of necromancer players together for when the season starts. It would be nice if everyone was respectful and mature, not to mention knew what they were doing. You can add me at GTDayDay#1691 or respond here.GTdayday0 15 Jun
15 Jun S14 NA LFG Experienced barb player LFGWickedWalnut0 15 Jun
15 Jun 24 level wiz looking for hc player to play seasonal hc 24 level wizard looking for partyInspire0 15 Jun
15 Jun S14 LF +3 to start season with Feel free to add me vladch#2771 Or post you battletag.vladch3 15 Jun
15 Jun LF S14 HC Clan ^ looking for a hardcore clan for season 14. i played some HC in previous seasons, but im gonna go HC only in the next season and i wanna have a clan for when it actually starts instead of looking for one last minute. Dont mind having discord aswell, just send me an invite link ingame. iHaku#2818iHaku6 15 Jun
15 Jun +3 for season start s14 start at 5 p.m 14 june Hello iam lf +3 people to season start i want start at 5 p.m and end at 4-5 a.m If somene also lf people please send me your battletag :)KapitanBomba6 15 Jun
15 Jun LF2M players to level/gear up/run rifts for season 14 LF2M players to level/gear up/run rifts for season 14 Start at 5pm if interested add: bolykitom#2868 or Qhaphsiel#2810bolykitom1 15 Jun
15 Jun LF players for S14 start at HC Looking for players for S14 start at HC Feel free to add me, prefering players that are ready to start right after season launch. Peku#2462Peku0 15 Jun
15 Jun NA s14 LF3M or LFG @5pm LFG or just gonna create my own group. Im playing barb and looking to play until around 3am. Also discord or teamspeak would be nice. Leave battletag if you want in or you can add me if you already have a group going. Rebul#11255Rebul0 15 Jun
14 Jun S14 Start [EU, SC]: +3 Nec, Nec, Barb Looking for 3 experienced players Ideal: Nec, Nec, Barb (for fast rat setup) Start: 15.06. at 5 pm Planning to run a lot at first weekend :) Please post battletag + planned charOllowain5 14 Jun
14 Jun Klan MGC - nabor novych CZ hracu . Ahoj vsem, pokud nekdo nabira sily pred novou sezonou a hleda klan pro spolecne hrani - je u nas vitan. Klan MGC prosel ocistou od mrtvych dusi a hleda novou posilu. Nemame konkretni zamereni ale prevazne u nas zije softcorova sezona. Preji hodne zabavy ve svete Diabla i mimo nej. Bery#21968Bery3 14 Jun
14 Jun [Looking For] Relaxed HC-Playthrough I would like to play the game in HC, no hardcore-farming, no exploiting, simple story-playthrough on hardcore with chilled dudes. Anyone interested?Rebe1 14 Jun
13 Jun LF s14 SC party LF some1 to start new season (+3 actually ) If u interested post ur battle tag here or add me on discord Стон_соседки#5189 25 y/o - russianFREMEN0 13 Jun
11 Jun looking to group up hello i just came back after skipping some seasons but i'm back for casual untill some other games release. i'm just looking for a small group of players to group up with, do some rifts, farm, level,.... cya in game Cactus#21813Cactus4 11 Jun
08 Jun The Outcast is recruiting We are a fun, friendly and mature clan with active seasonal softcore players of all ages and nationalities covering the entirety of Europe and beyond. We are a sociable and fun group who are always looking to help each other out, whether that be with levelling, finding particular items, improving our skills, levelling gems, or just sharing news and advice We are looking for like minded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Most of our members are very active and friendly people chatting away, working on improving our characters throughout the season and sharing some laughs along the way. Our main means of communication are in game clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) but we also use Discord for those who prefer talking over typing. We also use our discord to post builds, fun stuff and news regarding the clan. Even when you don’t use a mic to talk we ask that you join us on discord. That way you will always see posts and see what is going on in clan or Diablo. In clan we have a great mix of people with a range of paragon levels from a few hundred to over 1500 and beyond in a season. We can offer casual places and “Pushing” places so there is a little of something for everyone to enjoy. Some of our players are honing their skills and aiming for the leader boards where as others enjoy fighting demons in good company. We have some experienced GR players, some are pushing but we also have some members who do not care for higher GRs at all and prefer farming in rifts, lower GR’s and bounties instead. We also try to maintain a player balance in clan so we can make groups in day and evening time. Requirements We do have a few specific requirements and rules to obide by as we are a bunch sensible and mature people who can enjoy the game and be respectful of one another. So you need to be:-: * Aged between 18 and Ancient. * Have at least 1 season with 800 paragon * Be an active player who wants to be part of a great growing community * Play the season and want to play with other seasonal players (however not stopping when you completed the season journey) * Be semi experienced but knowledgeable about Diablo 3’s aspects. * We maintain an inactivity period of 14 days (this is without letting an officer or the leader know you will be inactive nut not however because your bored of Diablo 3) We hope The Outcast could be for you. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either reply here and tell us a little about yourself so we can get back to you, or maybe add me on your friend list justme#21156 so we can chat about joining. If it easier then Join our discord server to have a chat with us directly https://discord.gg/UEh85j3 then just pm an officer or the leader on there to have a chat. Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :) We hope there is something here that interests you and we hope you feel like you'd like to come and join our community and maybe see you with us in season 11!!JustMe44 08 Jun
07 Jun The Hybrids (Active Seasonal Clan - S9) The Hybrids Our idea for creating this clan were making social-active and helpful team for seasonal gameplay. In the past as a clan leader (you consider me as a clanmate anyway) we created social (competitive, high competitive) clans for different type of games like Heroes of Newerth and Ultima online. Played the games as competitive as possible, at the same time we were hungry for fun, learning and teaching also and being team-friends together as one. Project Epoch, which was one of the best clan at Heroes of Newerth. Since they had players who are highly competitive and also had with lots of knowledge. At the same time (which is really hard to make it) clan had casual players inside. Since elders were mentoring the players who wants to learn more about the game. And it was amazing experience for me as a part of it. So wanted to make different version of this idea at Diablo 3. In conclusion, we have clanmates just for talking and hanging out with friends together. we have visioned-competitive players who they can gladly help your journey for being a better gamer. We are together as one with breaking the rules inside and outside for our gaming experience. That's why we are The Hybrids. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Best Regards,Excalibur31 07 Jun
05 Jun I'm looking for clan members hey so far i have a clan of two -_- and i'm looking for new members that would love to help me on my Qwest for season 14 so I'm a level 70 so far and i would love some help Clan Name Moon Lit Apple and the clan tag is MLPSilentSword0 05 Jun
04 Jun TheSoloPlayers Recruiting Friendly players(Seasonal) Hey guys Kry here, TheSoloPlayers(TSPS) is a very new friendly clan looking for active players to join the ranks. We're fully seasonal and small as of now. There are no actual requirements, if you're new then i can try and offer whatever information i can. If you're experienced then we'll still accept you, mostly to poke you with questions 24/7. Kry#2450 Kry (ingame) TheSoloPlayers (Clan name) TSPS (Tag)Kry2 04 Jun
02 Jun New Casual Clan recruiting Hey all, Since most clans aren't exactly overly active atm i might aswell start a new one. This will be a clan: - Drama free (3 strikes system) - Casuals, or hardcore ppl who like to play with casuals ;) - Both season and non-season players are welcome, also HC or normal. - No botters/cheaters/hackers allowed Personally i enjoy helping others, so i welcome both experienced as new players. This will be a laid back, chatty, no pressure clan where u wont be kicked if u dont play for 2 weeks. My tag: Delrin#2356 Add me, send me a message and i'll invite ya ;-)Delrin29 02 Jun
31 May New player looking for a clan Hello everyone, im looking for a clan, which could help me to understand game , mechanics etc. Im curently playing on Demon Hunter class, like level 20, started yesterday, i would like to join any friendly clan which could help me with the game !BonnienClyde1 31 May
29 May Farm Spectrum Hello, I'm looking for players that want to get/help me getting the Spectrum, I'm playing for around 4-6h daily so I'd like to get the help. Add me or write here if you want to help. Thanks //magikerNmagikerN1 29 May
26 May .... ....BouncyBoar3 26 May
21 May Need some help with the curses conquest. Hey guys. I'm looking for a some people to help me out with the curses conquest. I can get close by myself, but I can't quite get all 350 kills. I play on the Americas server. Anyone interested in giving me a hand?Junior0 21 May
21 May The new guy New player anyone wanna join? I speak English and have the base game and reaper of souls. I played this game on the xbox and decided to buy it on pc to try, and I gotta say its awesome! add me on battlenet :) Name:MarlbroMagic#2292MarlbroMagic0 21 May
21 May Looking for a clan and especially a monk to play with. I'm a seasonal firebats witch doctor. Im 102 on seasonal leaderboard but i need friends/decent clan to go up higher. A monk would carry me to top 50 so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanceHasumagic0 21 May
20 May Looking for Clan Dear boys and girls, I am looking for clan or any person who could boost me a little. Also looking for a clan. I will not be taking part of any clan activities, I will try to ignore people, i will definitely not join any of this mystical discord channels. I will try to stay away from any online clan members. I though you should know this before sending me invite. God bless p.s. eagerly waiting for your invites ;)Hipdose2 20 May
20 May BigGinger stream forming Clan for season 14 BigGinger stream forming Clan for season 14 Target: Competing on the leader Board Form nice a friendly group Have fun Help others to get high have an amazing time on Diablo season 14 Meet me on my channel to request inv to the clan: https://www.twitch.tv/biggingerWarleech0 20 May
20 May Looking for clan/group/individuals to play with. Greetings fellow Diablo 3 players! I apologize for the wall of text that may or may not cause your eyes to bleed. So, I'm a returning player and haven't played D3 since season 7 or 8 something. Almost none of my friends play D3 anymore and I'm looking for people to play with. I'm a friendly, mature and super CASUAL 30 year old dude from Sweden that is looking for a European clan only, and the clan/group/individual must be rather casual aswell, since I have other commitments and can't reach the extremely high paragon levels or play every single day, BUT, I'm a perfectionist and when I do play I try to min/max everything and I try to give my utmost in terms of performance. I play mostly on softcore none season and sometimes softcore season. I play all classes on and off, but my favorite is a leapquake/seismic slam build with my Barbarian atm. I play pretty much everything the game has to offer: Rifts, Grifts, Keyruns, Bounties, you name it! It's not a necessity but preferably the clan ought to have an age limit of atleast 20+ aswell, since I'd love to interact with other equal minded players that are mature and friendly :) So, if I sound like the guy you'd want in your clan/group or just add me to your friendslist or whatever, then by all means make a post below and/or feel free to add my battletag: "Carnage#22910" if you're interested. Hope to see you ingame! -CarnageCarnage8 20 May
17 May LFM/LFG GR90-95 Speed runs & Gem leveling (Seasonal) I am wizz and I am looking for some runs tonight for at least 1-2 hours. Ofc I prefer wizz + pull barb + supp monk and bk necro but I am opened to each good group. Please pm here with your battle tag and we can try to make some nice group later tonight, P.S. Guys please think about your gear/lvl and do not push yourself if you are new player or not ready for this GR.Furycain0 17 May
17 May Searching For Clan Hi guys. I am playing this game since 2 or 3 weeks. I am 23. I am looking for a clan to play together. My online time is good. Thanks already :)Djoser1 17 May
16 May Friend`s & Foe`s - Battle the coop way. Friend`s & Foe`s - Battle the coop way. We are a co-op/multiplayer group. Our biggest goal is to get people together to play games. Our great members also produce exceptional reviews for you to read. You are welcome to join us. ABOUT US: Friend & Foe started out as a small project on December 3, 2017, stemming from the proud visionary @Mr. Kurz & with great help from the legendary @FlaminNips. The purpose of the group has always been to concentrate players that love to play online with other players. Instead of joining a bunch of different groups, the Friend & Foe group melts it all together into one group that has it all. With the Diablo Clan 'Friend & Foe' we are looking to recruit players that want to play at any level. Hardcore or Softcore, Seasonal or Non-Season. Diablo 3 has a PEGI 16 rating so to join the clan you must be 16 years or older. However, the 'Friend & Foe' co-op/multiplayer group has no such restriction as we play games without age restrictions. Leaving the Friend`s & Foe`s co-op/multiplayer group will result in clan membership being revoked, otherwise, if there is space in the clan and you are still in the group, your clan membership is safe. So you can break off from D3 and play other games and come back to D3 and the clan when you want to. The group has worldwide membership so if you are in the USA and want to enlist in an EU Clan, feel free to join us. Our Discord chat has roles for each game that will make it easier for people to find players playing the same games. In our Discord server, you’ll be able to join voice chatrooms of varying sizes, in case you only want room for two or if you’d prefer a larger group of up to 32 players! Easily see who’s playing what and feel free to hang out or ask the larger group for a coop partner in whatever you’re playing. You must also be a member of the Friend`s & Foe`s co-op/multiplayer group https://discord.gg/CzRvhJQ Coop with Friend`s & Foe`s, everyone is welcome. (yes you too!) This is a multi-game coop group with a Diablo 3 Clan that concentrates players that love to compete and coop online. Meet new gamers that like the online life.Eldrick1 16 May
15 May GR8M8Z looking for new members. GR8M8Z is looking for new clanmembers. Season, nonseason and HC. Your paragon dont matter, it will grow fast. R2MeToo #2508R2MeToo0 15 May
14 May The Sick Nation Gaming Community The Sick Nation is a mature gaming community for everyone! What we offer? -A bully free and harassment free environment to play games with other people. -It is a mature community, jokes and mature content is tolerated. -We have giveaways with prizes ranging from steam gift cards to entire games. -We have a website and a discord channel for organization and chating. -We offer gaming streams to either watch or join in on. If any of those interest you then join The Sick Nation through either http://thesicknation.com or http://discord.gg/XKZRBMHreckhouse0 14 May
14 May Lookimg for players ~gr100 NS Im looking for palyers to group up ~gr90csokihero1 14 May
06 May 22421412312 2345Moo0 06 May