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8h The Hybrids (Active Seasonal Clan - S9) The Hybrids Our idea for creating this clan were making social-active and helpful team for seasonal gameplay. In the past as a clan leader (you consider me as a clanmate anyway) we created social (competitive, high competitive) clans for different type of games like Heroes of Newerth and Ultima online. Played the games as competitive as possible, at the same time we were hungry for fun, learning and teaching also and being team-friends together as one. Project Epoch, which was one of the best clan at Heroes of Newerth. Since they had players who are highly competitive and also had with lots of knowledge. At the same time (which is really hard to make it) clan had casual players inside. Since elders were mentoring the players who wants to learn more about the game. And it was amazing experience for me as a part of it. So wanted to make different version of this idea at Diablo 3. In conclusion, we have clanmates just for talking and hanging out with friends together. we have visioned-competitive players who they can gladly help your journey for being a better gamer. We are together as one with breaking the rules inside and outside for our gaming experience. That's why we are The Hybrids. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Best Regards,Excalibur25 8h
9h Greek Titans <Titans> recruit greeks Greek Titans <Titans> is one of the oldest greek clan in the game (from 2014). We count 2 clans mostly season players but we need all kind of ppl (seasonal, non, hardcore etc). We greate a sub-clan "Greek Titans II <Titans>" (the 1st clan is full) so all the ppl apply at the 2nd clan. Also we invite the greek clans out there to combine with us. Lets make the biggest and most active clan in game. ... This clan addressed to greek players or players who can speak greek Official clan site: ... For more info wisp me in game. Wolfgure #2805 Founder and head leader of Greek TitansWolfgure15 9h
13h Looking for clan or just friendly people. I'm tired of playing with pick up groups and think it's time to get a little organized.. I'm a paragon 680ish wizard with all the "gear I should have", but am still having trouble progressing in GRs. I usually play everyday for a few hours at least lately. If anyone is willing to take me on, I would like to learn from you guys and help as much as I possibly can. Or if others would like to add me, feel free. Thanks!Pattamus800 13h
23h bored of soloing, add me ;) need more people to play with ( Seasonal&Non-seasonal) feel free to add me ingame Makubax#2513Makubax0 23h
1d Fever Clan Recruiting (International community) Greetings! To introduce Fever Clan let me start by saying that Fever was founded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. Our playerbase is from all over the world. We are mature, a lot of us have jobs or have to study and have a family, so we will understand if you can’t be active every day due to real life. - - What we offer in our D3 section: - Large playerbase for Diablo 3 - D3 playerbase mainly consists of NA-players - mostly seasonal players - We host weekly game nights and events - Seasonal Greater Rift competitions with prizes - Our own D3 TeamSpeak channels on the Fever Clan TS Two ways of joining Fever Clan: You can either join our D3 in-game only clan or you can be a part of a larger, friendly and active gaming community! If you are into other great Blizzard-hits like WoW, Overwatch, HoTs and SC2 or other games like SMITE, DOTA2, League of Legends, Battlefield and many more, you can join and enjoy in the benefits of being part of our fun and laid back clan. What we require of you to join our in-game only clan: - The only requirement to join the in-game clan is that you follow the Fever-Rules/Standards. What does that mean? It includes: - Being respectful, acting mature and remaining calm - Having a team player attitude and most importantly being drama free - - If you're interested and would like to join us in game, then please follow those steps: 1) Press Shift+O while in game to open a window. 2) In the bottom left on the window that opened press the red Find-button below Clan. 3) In the <Filter> option field, type in Fever. 4) Choose Fever Clan and press Send Request-button. - - More details about joining Fever Clans gaming community: Does being part of a larger gaming community sound appealing to you? We have a ranking system that allows for easy advancement if you put in some effort and are willing to help out. Aside from that, we offer a job system in which everyone can find something to become more involved and feel like they are contributing to the community. This can include things like recruiting new members (like I am right now), being a content creator for certain game- and topic-sections on our forums, streaming and many other fun and rewarding activities. With all that said if none of that sounds appealing you can also just join our community, play games, browse and use the forums and hang out in Teamspeak! We do NOT require that you try to advance in our ranking system or participate in the job system. Also, our staffmembers are not only around in the forums, but also on our own TeamSpeak-server, which is online 24/7 and open for members and guests alike (as long as they behave well). So if you need any kind of help, you can always come to them. - - If you are interested in joining Fever Clan you must be 15 years old or older and have a working microphone, as we do require that you be in Teamspeak when playing with other Fever Clan members.You can become a member by following these steps: Register here: [url][/url] Apply here: [url][/url] Then complete an interview on our TeamSpeak server – When you log into Teamspeak you need to enter the Waiting for Interview-channel and one of our Application Team members will join you to do the interview. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about - we will just go through the rules and some other stuff in detail and help you get started in our forum and community. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I'll gladly help out.Clavat48 1d
1d Looking for active clan for GRs, Bounty Farming, etc. Hello, I just hit p760 with my LoN Bomb Sader and I'm looking for an active clan to play some end-game rifts. Hopefully there are some welcoming to non-meta classes and that will continue to be active after this season too. Biggest GR push so far 85 - 4play group. Probably I am able to do more, but so far haven't been that lucky in public games.BlossomDead0 1d
1d The Outcast - friendly & mature clan Welcome to The Outcast - We're a fun, friendly and mature clan of active seasonal players of all ages and nationalities spanning the width and breadth of Europe and beyond. We have a great mix of people with paragon levels ranging from a few hundred to over a 1000 and can offer a little of something for everyone to enjoy. Some of us are honing our skills and aiming for the leaderboards, while others enjoy fighting demons in good company regardless of the fight's outcome. We have some accomplished GR players, some aspiring ones and some who do not care for GRs at all and prefer chilling in rifts and bounties instead. We are a sociable and helpful group always looking to help each other out, whether thats with levelling, finding particular items, improving our skills, levelling gems, or even just sharing news and advice and we're looking for likeminded people to join us and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Our main means of communication are clan and party chats (which see a lot of use) and also a TeamSpeak server for those who prefer talking over typing, however, the use of TeamSpeak is entirely optional and down to players personal preference. Although we're just starting up we've already attracted over 40 members and growing daily despite not having actively recruited yet, all of those are active and friendly people busily chatting away and working on improving our characters through the season and sharing some laughs along the way. So what can we offer you? That's our little introduction, so what exactly is it that we can offer you should you join our members: Fun, friendly atmosphere to game in with a group of active players. Social chat both in game and on our own Teamspeak server if you prefer voice chat Website and forums to post topics, ask advice and share articles and build ideas with your clan mates. Mixture of seasonal hardcore and softcore players Groups to push GRs and the leaderboards with. Support and advice to help you and us to improve. Hope there is something there that interests you and makes you feel like you'd like to come and join our community. Requirements We don't have a lot of specific requirements or rules as we want sensible mature people who can enjoy the game and be respectful of one another. So if you are: Aged between 18 and Ancient. Active player who wants to be part of a great growing community Play seasons and want to play with other season players Experienced and knowledgeable about Diablo 3. then The Outcast could be for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you would like to apply then either sign up on our website or please reply here and tell us a little about yourself. 1. What are you looking for in a clan? 2. What do you enjoy most about Diablo? 3. What can you bring to clan? Please don't forget to add your battle tag so we can add you in game and hopefully see you soon. Good luck with your gaming :)Bariel70 1d
1d Konvict Gaming (16+) Mature Members Solo not your style? Looking for people to help you push the higher rifts? After people who will make your game time enjoyable, funny and relaxed? Or are you simply looking for some help? Well look no further, Konvict gaming offers it all and more! As a constantly growing community we boast a variety of features and can offer you the best gaming experience around! So what do we currently offer? We have our own TeamSpeak server which members are free to use and join with their friends We offer an ingame clan as well as external forums for you to use and enjoy Mentors are available to teach you the ins and outs of Diablo and even help you with the details of your character Teams are widely available and there are always people looking to team up and go on adventures in the realms of Diablo Events that will excite and test your skills as a player, but also make you laugh and enjoy them with friends The people of our community are great people with good humor and respect, you are bound to find many friends with us! Not only do we focus on Diablo but we boast a variety of games and content for players, so if you are ever tired of playing diablo or simply want to have fun trying another game we will most likely offer it! What are the requirements? You must be 16 or older Have Teamspeak and a working microphone Be respectful of others How do I join this fantastic community? Visit our website: Create an account on the site and fill out a diablo 3 application Hop on to our Teamspeak @ We hope to see you soon! Kind Regards; The Konvict Gaming Diablo Teamhiphop40 1d
1d Looking for a mature, easy going clan, then join LEG0 ! EDIT: ok, clan has been neglected by me and lost active players. Time to start recruiting again and get that LEG0 spirit back. If you are looking forward to playing season 9 with a nice bunch of people, you came to the right place. Everything I wrote below is still valid, well maybe except there being lots of people in the clan, a bit less nowadays :) But, that's gonna be fixed real soon, right! Most people will probably wait for season 9 to start playing again, but feel free to join now, and check us out, we can always do some pre-9 playing :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all, I'm the current clan leader of LEG0. The clan was started about a year ago specifically for more mature players. People that have real lives which are more important (wives/husbands,children, jobs,..) but who still enjoy playing some D3 together without any pressure. There are no other requirements to join our clan, just be a mature player that's friendly to all others (no drama), help each other and of course, have a good time ! We do not use voicechat, and our members are from all over Europe, so english is the chat language and there's always some nice banter going on in chat :) Because many of us have been playing for a long time, most of us have decent paragon points, but don't let that scare you away, it's absolutely not required. Lots of players in our clan but many of them have been inactive too long, so we are looking for new blood. With the start of season 2 I'm sure a lot of the existing clan-members will return, but some extra players can add to the diversity of our clan. If interested just post a reply here and I can send you a friend request and invite you. You can then check out if this is the right clan for you, if it's not and you decide to leave, no hard feelings :) Have fun ! FunkyPlayer#2351FunkyPlayer443 1d
1d Plvl 933 wd season 9 looking for a new clan Pretty much what the title says. So far all 4-man groups i have been in, has been formed via the communities. I was however hopeing to find a clan that actively runs higher greaterrifts, so that downtime would'nt be such a big factor. Battletag: Habec#2909 Feel free to add/whisper for more questions Thanks for taking the time to read this ^^Habec0 1d
2d Active player LF Clan S9/S10 Hello guys, I have been playing D3 since day one, took some breaks and finally came back for season 10. I decide to play Season 9 for fun, i start 1week and a half ago i am currently 980 playing monk heal / Wizz. I am looking for an active clan for end that season 9 and Grind S10 with. I am not aiming a TOP 10 ladder but expect a bit of tryhard and fun when needed. (I am online a lot aswell late at nite until 7am+) Add my BT: XzeeeN#1583XzeeeN1 2d
3d <SHC9> Hardcore Seasons, new clan <SHC9> Hardcore Seasons Started feb 16th 2017. Active seasonal hardcore players welcome. I do not mind some seasonal softcore work, if for Conquests or achievements. However seasonal hardcore is the path here.jumbojet1 3d
4d GRD - GARUDA CLAN Recruting all jobs and all nations, Indonesian player are all welcome. Thank youAhong1 4d
5d Lookin For Friendly Team Lookin For Team Hi, I've been playing Diablo a quite bit, for the past... 10 years? :) but mostly solo. My friends all tapped out, and sometimes, its nice to farm in a group with mature cool guys instead of waiting forever in open games and putting up for supermans or afks waiting for meta crew. So if u are in the same boat as I am, and playing non-season, feel free to join me and add me and we can hunt some beasts together and help eachother out. Thanks guys ;) Barrabaz#2261Barrabaz0 5d
5d Beginner looking for some friends! Hey folks! new to diablo III here :). I plan to play mostly on weekends, so I am looking for some friends who are the same as me and want to play less but have fun too !hfa0x7c73 5d
6d Lf Hc players Levelling and gearing up a barb on hardcore atm. I want to ww:) Anybody want to join me post here.Moorii0 6d
12 Feb Looking for some friends Looking for casual dutch/eu people to play with, seasonal sc. Currently paragon 150 my battletag is Mannyar#2364 Mannyar0 12 Feb
12 Feb Looking for good NS clan. Hello! I am looking for a good clan NS, to play fast 100-105 and above.Ithil0 12 Feb
12 Feb New to the game, looking for partners Hey, Im new to this game and I am currently leveling up a barbarian. Im level 43 and am looking for people to play with. I am on seasonal also if that makes a difference. I don't have any specific times that I play but if you want to play with me you are free to add me. Projectyle#2531Projectyle0 12 Feb
12 Feb Danish Dynamite - Clan/Guild Danish Dynamite Hej allesammen! Da jeg og sikkert mange andre også er blevet træt af, at solo D3 igen og igen eller går og mangler nogle og spille PvP med, syntes jeg nu det er på tide at vi for en ren dansk clan/guild op og stå. Det forventes ikke, at du er online 10-15 timer om dagen, men dog forventes det, at du er active og er klar på en masse farm når man har tiden/lysten til det. Da jeg sætter pris på kommunikation når der spilles, vil jeg sørge for, at der kommer en TS op og stå, hvor der ville være plads til både en masse sjov og ballade og selvfølgelig noget seriøsitet når der skal farmes. Mød nye mennesker og bliv en del af det danske D3 fællesskab :) -Hvad der forventes af dig- Vær åben venlig/flink Vær active Vær gearet/klar til MP4+ farming Vær klar og åben over for de competitions der bliver afholdt Vær klar på at hjælpe hinanden hvis det skulle blive nødvendigt Ha' TS installeret da det ville komme i brug -Hvordan bliver man medlem- Alt hvad du skal gøre er, at add Chillax#2132 hvorefter du skal skrive hvilken MP level du foretrækker. MEMBERS Chillax2132 - MP6 - MP10 Raziel#1143 - MP7 - MP10 Rbzx#2845 - MP5 - MP8 BigC#2884 - MP4 - MP8 BoneBreaker#2801 - MP6 - MP10 Proximity#2362 - MP3 - MP7 Paradox#2450 - MP4 - MP8 Parion#2337 - MP5 - MP10 Roulf#2789 - MP4 - MP7 SausageX#2942 - MP10 EDIT: Der er blevet stillet en gratis TS til rådighed som der midlertidigt ville blive brugt. Kontakt mig in-game for TS information :) fra den 1 april og frem ville der begynde at blive afholdt nogle PvP og Farming competitions med præmie til vinderne. Information & Tilmelding: Kontakt Chillax#2132Chillax17 12 Feb
11 Feb Looking for friendly and social clan Hello! Im a pretty much new player (I bought the game back when it came out but lost interest pretty quick). I picked the game back up in season 7 and put in quite a few hours and then took a break during season 8 and now i'm back! Everything still feels pretty much new to me and i'm far from a experienced D3 player. However; i'm looking for a nice, friendly and social clan to run bounties and rifts with just for fun. I play anything from 3-10 hours a week depending on how much i got going on in real life. If you wouldnt mind inviting someone with little experience who's just looking for some nice people just feel free to invite me! :) As of now 175para barb. Just started 3 days ago. Greetings, Kristofferkrippstoffer2 11 Feb
11 Feb Looking for an mature social clan in EU I am playing a WD in current season. My level is medium. I push up to gr77 solo now. Para 700. I'm looking for a clan with mature players and socialable. I want to push gr in 4 man team, doing bounties, doing rift... a bit of everything. But with my current level, I don't know if I'm ready for those elite clans. Btw, I have joined a community with hundreds of ppl before. For a week, I've seen one person talked 2 sentences. That's not what I look for. I want to share and hear others share their experiences and progress. I play in EU. Thanking for taking time to read this. Hopefully we all have great exp playing this game.JsJ1 11 Feb
11 Feb LF Clan Looking for a clan: Mature and Easygoing.Nightknight4 11 Feb
11 Feb LF active EU/UK Clan Myself and a friend have recently come back to D3, have been playing season 9 quite a bit after hearing about the new Necro class coming this year. Necro being one of my favorites from D3 has sparked my interest in the game again along with the additions from konais cube ect. LF active clan to do some higher GR with, will be working on the supp monk in current 4 man meta. Also for the much needed advice to gear rolling ect. Add me Duurrr#2418Duurrr1 11 Feb
11 Feb Looking for Clan or group for S9 Looking for a clan, or group, to head into S9 with. Will probably be playing WD for the first time, have previously played DH and Monk (dps+support), but seeing as S9 isn't much different from last two seasons I thought I'd try something new. Looking to have fun playing in groups as well as pushing solo, and learn more about the game/class. I usually play at least an hour every day, depending on offline commitments it can be up to six hours. I'm 33, female and from the UK so I'm looking for other English speakers. LadyHellina#2143LadyHellina8 11 Feb
11 Feb EU/ HC season LF clan and Comunities Hello mates i searching for a active clan and comunities for farming wings rainbow goblins etc. I play only one char per season. This season i play DH Here is my profile i get 75 hc GR solo .. then some pubs GR no big issues. I searching clan for playing all aspect the game rifts GR gobs etc. If here any active clan and u are interest pls send here some message tyHaligy1 11 Feb
11 Feb Looking for clan or friends Hey, I'm looking for a clan/friends to push high grs. Mostly playing wizard this season, paragon 1050, cleared gr91. Feel free to add me even for farming. Dem0n#2492 EUDem0n1 11 Feb
11 Feb looking for active clan S9 as title says, looking for active clan for both SC & HC as i play bothKilla1 11 Feb
11 Feb S9 WD Seeking clan or a NS clan Hello there! I'm looking for an active clan, I've played mostly solo (GR wise) throughout my diablo history but think its now time to look for a more friendly co-operative atmosphere. Fully solo my WD this season: Paragon 814 GR Cleared 85 (Using Jade set) Currently ranked 372 (At the time of posting this) Feel free to add if you require any additional information or have a spot open for a good clan. For my non-season chars, please check profile. Have stashed alot of items incase different sets are needed for GRs etc. bt: Kidneystab#2120Kidneystab1 11 Feb
11 Feb 29 year old casual player looking for clan I want to run "Sprinter Conquest", run Greater Rifts or speed farm in a team.ocjel0 11 Feb
08 Feb Need someone to play with I got the game this week and I finished the game on normal and my plans are finishing the game on all difficulties and it getting boring playing the game again alone so :( plss can any one play with me HeroRikka I'm on hard act 2 very close to 3 :)HeroRikka2 08 Feb
08 Feb TOP 10 Leaderboard looking for 3 more players that are willing to try to push top 10 four player leader boards need to be 1100+ para.BRUTAD0 08 Feb
07 Feb delete .Wolf3 07 Feb
07 Feb DELTED Weak Power is a new founded clan. We wanted to setup a place where people who enjoy "Endgame/Leaderboard Competition" and a friendly atmosphere come together. The clans goal is never to have a clan with over 100 members, where you hardly know each other. So beside the basic Requirements to join, we are actualy looking for new Members who fit our mindset. Recruitment status: (Recruitments are open for season 9) ... What we offer: Friendly atmosphere Relaxed Offline Policy Friends&Family invites for our Veteran Members Groups for farming Keys/Bounties, Speed Greaters and Progress Focus on Teamplay rather then Solo TeamSpeak Server ... Please leave a comment with current things: Battle Tag, and one of the officers or leader will contact you Your Paragon Level Main Class Current ClearNoMercy12 07 Feb
05 Feb 900p wd looking for a 4man team to run 90+grs with Well topic says pretty muche everything, feel free to ask tho!haamutee2 05 Feb
04 Feb Rainbow goblin farming I am currently farming rainbow goblin for wings. Join me if you want, it`s faster together. blessmepadre #21629blessmepadre2 04 Feb
04 Feb <OL> Okami Legion new clan and a community We're just here to have fun. Okami Legion is a new clan and a community as well, we are looking for active players experienced or new, all is welcome we just like to enjoy the game have fun while we get to know each other, if you would like to push for GRs once we get enough members we can push for higher GRs and we're willing to help new members as well. We have our own teamspeak server "" where you can join in and talk to us or just hangout. What we offer is a friendly active community where all is welcome. if you would like to join just add me dem0z#21414 or you can get in touch on the ts server.dem0z31 04 Feb
03 Feb Looking for friends Hello I am looking for new friends to play with, I have only played WoW before but taking a break from that scene and I am looking for friends within Diablo 3. I am playing a demon hunter UE build, I previously played a Crusader but have it as my alt now. I achieved grift 81 solo. I want to play grift in group with players that also like to chat on voice coms :) Add me Clarius#2525 if you wanna playClarius0 03 Feb
03 Feb Global Chat Hey guys. First of all: my English isn't very good, so don't be mad. I've created "Global Chat" community to fill some kind of void I have since bot invasion happened years ago. On top of that public chat channels have 100 users limit if I remember well. Every community or clan I've joined felt too pragmatic and dead in the way people communicated with each other. Like +1 WD GR284 and stuff like that. Nobody talks, I can't even find some communities just to chat. Trump, toucan, russians, bad design, racism, all these kind of things that we really really love to read and talk about while grinding till the end or just procrastinating in town. I miss that. Especially in dark times like this. I don't feel like it's necessary, but it's will be really nice to see some movement outside of speedrun cycles and to have some people to talk to. So... feel free to join and don't forget to press "Join chat" button on your community tab. Invite your friends and everybody else and gently ask them to invite some more. Shift+O > Communities > English > Type "global chat" or just "chat" to find it. Welcome and sorry for bad english. See ya.Inscaped0 03 Feb
02 Feb old lady needs a guild or friends yes an old lady i'm 71. looking for friendly guild or friends, i'm not a noobie with this sort of game but new to diablo3, played diablo 1 many years ago, have seasonal and nonseasonal playershazydazy2 02 Feb
02 Feb Season 9 Cosmetic farming group Hi I need people to spawn special areas and find unique monsters then share skins/goblins with others Discord: Current schedule: 1.Rainbow character frame [you need staff of herding and find cute sir for this one] 2.Liv moore pet 3.Cosmic wings [rainbow portal from goblin] +Menagerist random share[he drops many pets] There is strenght in numbers 10ppl will find stuff 10 times faster Group that already got something can help other group and vice versa. After updates we will go find newest things [I think there is crowbar skin planed from barrel in act3]Diego5 02 Feb
02 Feb Casual clan - Norfolk Nightmares recruiting Stay while and listen. A casual clan, <NFKN> is recruiting for S8 and beyond. We only expect you to be active and to enjoy the game. The clan started as a UK clan, but currently our players are from all around europe, and our playerbase varies from beginners to seasoned veterans. All of us in different life situations, with work or family, which takes priority over serious gaming. But don't get me wrong, we also have players who wish to push higher on the ranks. If you seek a helpful and friendly community to run rifts, bounties or random farmings, on season, nonseason or hc even, <NFKN> is the clan for you. We also have a TS server if you just wish to pop in to chat :) Contact me (Ayoka#2281) for any further details.Ayoka77 02 Feb
01 Feb Looking for friends! Hey guys. I'm a 32yo UK d3 player looking for some gaming friends. Almost paragon 700 this season. Currently at gr83 right now, probably able to go higher. Add me if you want to hit some rifts or go cosmetic farming :) xSammox#2573xSammox0 01 Feb
30 Jan Barb support, lfg grifts 85+, non season Lfg group for fast grs 80+, non season. Add me, wisp in game. hellFire#2572hellFire0 30 Jan
29 Jan LF a casual, yet high-GR capability clan Hello I'm currently a seasonal 844 paragon firebat Witch Doctor and I'm looking for a clan. Since good GR85+ capable parties are so hard to come by by randomly joining pubs, I just figured joining a clan would be the next logical step to take. I also like bounties, normal rifts, leveling gems etc but pushing ever higher in GRs is my eventual main goal I guess. However, all of this is boring when done alone so here I am looking for cool friendly ppl to join ;) I try to play daily after uni and have disco, TS etc. Would be really nice if any clans had a spot open ;) Cheers, Bruno Flamesy#1934Flamesy0 29 Jan
29 Jan Goblin/Cosmetic farming Clan Our name is LEGlON and tag [Daemon] our discord We are seasonal clan that shares cometic items [Rainbow frames,Maneagerist goblins,weapon skins] What runs are aleady done -Wings -Development hell swords -Rainbow and hamburger blades Currently farming -Sir william for rainbow character frame -Goblins for pets Hope that many will join,there is strenght in numbersDiego1 29 Jan
28 Jan Supp Monk Looking for Clan/Group Hi guys, I was looking for players in-game for ages to do GR90 and above but I did not find anybody or just a very few of them, then I decided to find a clan but its exactly the same. Now I give another chance here. I am looking for a group for GR90 or above and I am looking for a clan where I can progress greater rift with clan members. About myself. I started my "carrier" at the beginning of Diablo 3 then I stopped playing and I started playing again at the end of season 8. My "main" is a monk support. Now I am Paragon 800 and I did greater rift 90 in team without any problem. If you are interested just add me on your friend list. Server: EU BattleTag: wencz#2923wencz0 28 Jan
28 Jan Blizzard customer relationships? Why is it that many countries have been excluded from the candle contest? I'm sure there are many people who have played countless hours and payed a large amount of money to your company over the years. Diablo 1 and 2 included.. I see the exclusion of allot of countries as a big ''FAQ'' you from Blizzard towards many fans and paying customers, and to be honest I'm truly considering to uninstall the game and I suggest that more people should follow unless all countries are included in the contest. Its a matter of principal and mutual respect towards the people who made Blizzard what it it today (financially). I really hope this issue gets resolved, I enjoy playing the game, but that doesn't mean there aren't more great game to play (PoE)... just saying...nekrofilos1 28 Jan
27 Jan DPS/Support Crusader LF group/partner(s) Heya, I'm playing a Holy Hammerdin Crusader paragon 788 atm and I am looking for players to group up with and progress in grifts. At the moment I have achieved 72 solo. I am also farming gear towards support build, if you want to team up let me knowClarius1 27 Jan