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3d Starting Late LF Partner Hello, i'm a bit late but i wanna start my s11 HC and looking for someone to join me as playing alone is boring my BTAG is VANDARKHOĿME#2217VANDARKHOĿME0 3d
4d Season 11 troubles So it's my first season. I've got through to part 4 of the journal (ended up accidentally committing my set to Crusader, but it's turned out quite fun! (had I known, it'd be one set across the board, I'd have opened it on my Barb)) I've encountered an issue. Suddenly, I need to be completing things at T4 ... I've never even managed to level a character to lvl 70 on T1 (believe me, I've tried). I was just wondering if I'm missing a trick here, do I NEED to be going public? Should I be begging people for boosts and help (and if so, is there anything I ought to know before I do that (anything to avoid doing or saying/anything expected of me?)) I just don't want the season to end without having a complete a set, and I'm getting frustrated with trying to push T2-4 to complete the tasks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.EarlNeonCog4 4d
6d Can someone finally explain slain by unkown? Just minutes ago, my friend was boosting me in HoA1, a rainbow goblin popped up and we went in. He was really careful, went slow, making sure to kill everything. I followed him to be in exp range, and then gods decided that I shouldn't play Diablo today anymore. Nothing around me, completely clean field, next thing I hear is the sound of me getting hit instantly killing me. Did not even see a projectile, effect or anything of that nature. Absolutely nothing that could've done damage to me, yet I just died. Went on to check her in the archives, only thing I see is "slain by: unknown". I would really like to see an official's statement on this, because I cannot believe something like this is possible to happen. I've seen multiple posts from the past describing said issue with almost identical details, characters just simply dying, to, nothing.Shunshin6 6d
16 Sep Boosting Season 11 Seasonal Hardcode ENDED Boosting hardcore season 11 for free again HARDCORE NOT SOFTCORE Add me ingame and whisper me when I am onlineCheerleader154 16 Sep
16 Sep Why is it still allowed in this forum? Blizzard makes you acknowledge at character creation, that you will never get a character resurrected. So it is pretty official knowledge. Also it should be clear for every one, that blizzard has probably the better internet connection and therefor like 99% of connection errors are client based. Why do i still have to read like every 5th post with the title "died to dc, !@#$ bliz" the body then has text like "i never have dcs, give my char back!"? It should be forbidden and the posts should be deleted. Someone sharing my opinion?Pavel11 16 Sep
11 Sep Gothic HC Warcraft3 Frozen Throne Allmost better than Diablo III for me...How its possible dear Blizzard?https://www.epicwar.com/maps/275341/Masakrul1 11 Sep
04 Sep Lf Pl Hc season , thx ;) hello there , i seek a pl for this season Hc , Izbarkan#2778 thank you :)Izbarkan0 04 Sep
28 Aug Deadly red&black lightning? Greetings and salutations Hardcore fans! So i've recently started playing this season and as many others, i decided to try out the necro. So far im loving it and only had one death so far (thanks to a software issue, rip datamouse) anyway, i remade my character regeared and can now farm t11 without much concern, except this one damn attack i have no idea the source of. it instantly proccs me every time and looks like some sort of Red and black lightning ball of death. Kinda looks like the nether tentacles that Demon hunters can have. it feels so out of place since im not taking much damage from anything thanks to my toughness/pets, then suddenly being procced. So my question at the end of this little rant is, Do you guys know what monster does this kind of attack so i can better identify the dangerous ones in future happenings? Thanks and Goodluck on your lootrolls!LimiteR0 28 Aug
27 Aug Need helping hand with t10 rift in HC Hello :) I really need helping hand and make HC rift in 2min on t10 for the season :) Would be really great is someone could help me. Feel free to add me :) Have a nice day.Vega0 27 Aug
26 Aug <SoL> Sons of Lebovo - recruiting We are a small but friendly clan, who like to play EU HC Season mostly. We are frequently on late doing GR and other stuff, on voice too. Please add me or whisper for clan invite! Cheers!rojimboo0 26 Aug
26 Aug Interchanging Artisan Dye's **Suggestion**, unless, maybe I am missing something... First off, I just want to preface that I am a huge fan of the Diablo series (all 3 games) and absolutely LOVE Diablo 3. Thank you for this amazing game. So, when I buy multiple dye's from Myriam, the Artisan, for the same character, and for the same item, they don't save. Some of those dye's are kinda pricey. Don't get me wrong, I like what you guys have done, in regards to the change with how the dye application works and I know we had to pay for each dye separately before. I just feel like we should have the ability to interchange between the dye's purchased, per item. As a dedicated fan, I just wanted to mention my thoughts. Thanks again and be blessed :)CORPUSJC1 26 Aug
26 Aug Crusader 'Smite' or 'Justice' as primary? Hi, This is my first real (serious) attempt at HC and after a few shaky starts (and dumb deaths) I am finally at lvl 70 and starting to go through the story-line mode.. I have a Crusader and therefore use a 'ranged' attack as my primary and sweep attack as my secondary (I don't trust the Shield Bash mechanics atm). Q: I am using Smite with the 'surge' rune which works great but I am considering if the 'Justice" with crack rune would be as effective? My main reasoning is the cost of enchanting good items, if a gear item has '+% Smite' damage affix, then I would swap to Smite, same if it has '+% Justice' etc. I am only 'Master' atm therefore no Set items and to be honest I am enjoying the challenge of trying to get the best from the Yellows that either drop or I can craft. Are there any Crusaders with some good advice, experience to share?Germidor0 26 Aug
15 Aug How gear UP second char Good day mates i wanna ask about the help .. i play necromancer from start on HC no i dont play traq set ...i was summoner i make 89 HC gr was rly happy and glad ..now i wanna try new char after i die .. with a clear table. I dont have any items no char ..so i wanna start wizard and i wanna ask how is the better gear up completely from nothing ..i can be boost by friend lvl only so any& advice how make fast farm atleast tx or gr 50 with gear Ty Have a nice dayHaligy2 15 Aug
14 Aug Death by unkown I died during a speed run, without the Final Service passive proccing. I was hitting this pack with the mobs that do the ability where they roll around and have some knives around them, I think this is act 2? Do these reflect damage? It could explain the stupid thing where the passive didn't proc :/ Has anyone died like this? Edit: Found the mob type, they looked liked that: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Dune_DervishXavneiros3 14 Aug
14 Aug Looking for people to play. Looking for players. Im a monk, currently building a zmonk to climb the leaderboards in groups. Im looking for players to grind with. I managed to clear GR70 with my monk, with Inna + palm set on. - Im looking for other dudes to play with - Im a friendly dude who enjoys some good fun - Im active, as much as my 2 month old baby allows - often late nights aswell. Add me here : zhade#2774 Cya around.zhade1 14 Aug
11 Aug Pushing GR Leaderboard - best classes? Hello there fellow nerds;) My friend and me are going to start a duo from scratches, lvl up without boosting on HC. I am going to play supp Monk, but we are a little unsure who to take with. I was thinking of NecroLancer to speedrun and push highest GRs for the leaderboard, or should we take WD that he loves otherwise? Thanks for all the opinions!:)Sigonnen1 11 Aug
09 Aug First Season. Easiest way to Conquests? Hi, So I am occasionally playing my first season char. I advanced Season Journey as far as where the first Conquest is among the tasks (is it champion? cant remember names). Also, I read that there is another conquest awaiting on the next level. I have a DH and I can do solo 55 at this stage. But from what I read about conquests, I am not even close to completing any of them. Nor will I be ever, unless I jerk it off for weeks non-stop to upgrade everything on me. Could you give me an advise on how ppl usually achieve conquests? and what conquests are easier and faster at Hardcore? Thank you.Cuthalion2 09 Aug
08 Aug game crashed and hero dead. dont you just love it when blizzard kills your heroes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTiL45oR1EA i have never had any problems before. 1 ms, 300mbps up and down internet. have a pc for a couple thousand dollars as well and suddenly f u thats why. the worst part is that blizzard wont revive your heroes no matter what -.- totally ruined the game. i have also seen alot other players having this problem this patch making them loose their heroes. please fix this problem or at least give us our heroes back.Hendrick12 08 Aug
07 Aug HC Death by my own skeletons in town http://imgur.com/a/8cos0 Did i anger them somehow ? They seem to have feelings and kill you when you go afk unless you treat them good.Michi0 07 Aug
03 Aug CheatDeath Necromancer CheatDeath passive doens't work for Necromancer, tnx Blizzard. https://imgur.com/a/PwmZj Don't repeat my mistakes, don't play Necro. Good day.GexOgen6 03 Aug
01 Aug Necro - Final Service - needs a visual Just lost my lvl 70 Necro with the full season Rathma gear to this last night on console. First HC death I've ever had with a lvl 70 and the first HC death in years. It looks like an Act III falling, burning globe of environmental damage took me out in back to back one shots. I didn't think my Final Service even procced but it looks like it may have. Best I can sort is that I was running bounties for mats and keys in T8. Other Acts, Rifts and GRs of similar danger were still cake. Never below half health once, easy rift clears, Rift Guardians dying in seconds etc, all the markers to me that I'm not in a dangerous push. I entered the the battlements and almost immediately my son walks into the room. I turned my head slightly to say "hi", no more than a second and I must have been one shot and procced Final Service, but with no visual cue I had no idea it had happened that fast. I walked forward with nothing dangerous, just trash mobs in front of me and suddenly I'm at the death screen. My son is also a Diablo player and is stunned along with me as we stare at the death screen and he says, what happened? You were just walking and you died?? I just stared. He reacted first and shortly took the controller away and tried to catch the recording to see what had happened. Unfortunately we only did it fast enough to catch a portion. I really stared at the screen for a while trying to sort out wtf? On review "of the tape" we see the icon for FS having already procced but can't really see what did it, but it must have been a really fast stealthy one shot. The recording shows an impact of something falling from the sky and death instantly. My concerns here are twofold, the environmental damage taken there seems WAY out of line with anything else in the game, so much so so that it feels like it was bugged, I suggest greater than usual caution in that area. Necro Final Service passive NEEDS a significant visual cue that it has gone off, this would help tremendously to ensure we have the knowledge we need to have to take action to survive.Chinook1 01 Aug
01 Aug Danske Season Hardcore Clan (HcDK) Hardcore Denmark er en dansk clan for Hardcore Season spillere Hvis du gerne vil være i et dansk community og spille med andre danskere, så add mig ingame eller whisper mig når jeg er online, for en invite. Vi ses i D3Cheerleader1 01 Aug
31 Jul Rest in Pieces, Shaitan Two weeks ago I bought the Xbox One and D3:RoS to enjoy in the evenings, when the kids have been tucked to sleep and no work is left. I have approximately an hour to play a day if I'm lucky. I immediately delve into this new thing: Seasons (insert slowpoke meme) and my Witch Doctor, Shaitan, is really letting his inner demons loose as I unleash my Fetish army and Gargantuan upon my foes. Two week pass and my Witch Doctor is level 70 and I am having the fun of my life. Never have I slain this many enemies in Diablo since, ever! As I carve my way through yet another Rift I manage to reach the Rift Guardian. I slay him with ease and I set my eyes on the precious loot that he has left... and fail to see that he is leaving me with a parting gift... YOUR JOURNEY IS AT AN END The controller slipped out of my hands as I slap my forehead and realise what just happened. Shaitain is the first of my many hardcore characters to ever die. And he did not suffer a hero's death, fighting demons. Nono, he died the greedy savage that he was. Shaitain will always have a place in my mind, as the first of many who gave their lives for the cause. He will serve as a lesson to ALWAYS have a backup character, so that 100 levels of paragon are not wasted. As a lesson that your stash completely disappears when you only Seasons hero dies. A new Witch Doctor has taken his place at this very moment - one who will remember his brothers downfall and not be consumed by his greed, entirely.Hawkwing3 31 Jul
28 Jul Need of lvlingf boost will boost back Hello everoyne, sadly my crusader died in cloud pc lag yesterday and I need level boost. I am willing to boost you back to 70 if same happens to you. Would anyone help me please?Revan0 28 Jul
26 Jul Dumb ways to die (that you know of) Share the silly ways to die that you know. I'll start: - Accidentally clicking on other player banner when in town. When you click it, it teleports you right away without any confirmation or consent required. It is almost sure way to die if that player is in combat and melee while you are ranged. - Wearing Unity ring (that ring that creates health link between users) while playing with randoms. It is almost certain that some undergeared Monk or something will also have the random Unity ring and as soon as he step into melee combat or on some ground hazard (arcane lasers etc) you will be getting massive damage spike that will end you. - Attacking with very fast skill from melee range at an enemy that spawns electric shock when hit while not being too lightning resistant. - Fighting Malthael or that Keywarden from act 1. Those two are very dangerous imho because of the attacks that you have to actively dodge. - Standing still after killing rift boss. Some of them leave behind mortars that can attack you long after the boss is dead and you are upgreading your gems. - Wearing that braces that spawn elite pack when taking shrine. They spawn right on top of you when you do so. If you are not prepared to move right after you do so they will inflict massive damage upon you.LuckyTiger36 26 Jul
25 Jul shadow dmg i need help. cant find it on forums and cant contact support chat in the other "theme" so could you please hellp me with this question: as a shadow DH, does Holy point give 3x dmg or is it divided by 3? because i am stuck at gr60 and need push on HC now. i can survive gr70 but simply dont make enough dmg and time is running out. i have another quiver that is so much more powerful but not a holy point. so the question is: does holy point make 3x dmg or is it divided by 3?TheStorm1 25 Jul
25 Jul Thank you for killing me So, While playing some GR's on my crusader, suddenly a lag spike occures. After cca 10 seconds, the game completely disconnects. When I log back in, my fear came true. Hero DEAD. And I was not even in control of him. Couldn't do anything about it. Just randomly dead. This is a big F to my face, things like that should not happen. Fix this "dear" devs.HornyBoss9 25 Jul
24 Jul Torment Adventure mode levelling I finally got my WD through the story mode and into Adventure mode (first time through the game on HC). want to create a character and level them through Adventure mode on Torment 1, but I've tried a couple of characters now and don't seem to be able to get much past level 12. I was wondering if anyone could provide any advice on: * How to spend Paragon points (on about paragon level 88 or so) to best increase my chances * Whether it's best for me to go out into the world or try to storm rifts * ANY advice that you think I may not have thought of really. Not sure what class I'm going to run with yet. wanted to try necro, but well, I seem to do worse with them than anything. Might go with DH or Monk ... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.EarlNeonCog3 24 Jul
22 Jul Horrible map design Died rift 50. After I entered new area there was 1 pack right next to me. I was killing it while I was kiting in small space and I was doing good at this point. But then another pack from behind followed it. I did dumbest mistake in my life and went further to get some more room but instead.. Met 3rd pack. 3 pack in row with no single trash mobs in between. I deleted all heroes and uninstalled game. Never been so pissed in my life. 2 Packs that spawn right at entrance gives you 0 control of your character. Whoever designed these maps you're !@#$ing retard. Just wasted 1-day from playing overwatch..Bloods1 22 Jul
20 Jul Worlds Apart With 3 Seconds Left http://imgur.com/a/kijvS My gawd I thought my heart was gonna explode. Mostly just proud because this was completely solo self found. Thank you RNGesus for blessing me with short mans finger as soon as I hit 70. Also wondering where <WeAre> are at, they usually take all the first conquests ;oBerronax0 20 Jul
20 Jul looking for tryhard start team s11 donetouchme4 20 Jul
15 Jul Clan Hey guys any HC clans out there recruiting for season 11?DancingDeath0 15 Jul
12 Jul Armory and harcore Dear friends, can anyone tell me what happen with the new amory !@#$ when you die in harcore, are we losing the set that we save in this? thanks. <3Ziin1 12 Jul
11 Jul My first experience in HC Hi all, just a post to say hi as I will probably be lurking and asking questions a lot. I've recently returned to Diablo, played the original may years ago, many, many times. Played DII a lot for a while but only SC. Recently bought DIII (a few days ago) and was enjoying SC for a while, but for the first time in my life, I found myself with the itch to go as hard as possible and in HC mode... So last night I ramped the difficulty up (to Expert (highest I can go for now apparently)) and created myself a DH (I figured the range and abilities like vault would come in handy for a first run in HC), and dived headfirst into the game. I couldn't be happier. The game is so much more challenging. I ended up backtracking almost halfway across a random cave trying to fight off some elites with molten ... and the elites actually feel worthwhile now as well. like they could actually kill me. Had a couple of moments of "well this is over before it began" where I stupidly let myself get cornered by mobs and only just managed to break a hole open to get back out. TL;DR I created my first HC character and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to SC now. P.S. Any tips for a Diablo veteran (but HC newbie), would be welcomed. At the moment I'm basically sticking to two main tenets: 1. Caution is Key. 2. Collect all the regen gear.EarlNeonCog2 11 Jul
11 Jul What prep to do for HC Death What prep should I do for HC Death? Gem of ease into Leoric's Ring and a Hellfire ring for levelling a new toon and gem of ease into a L70 weapon seem obvious, is there anything else I should consider?Eldrick4 11 Jul
07 Jul Expand The Hall of Fallen Heros Hello. The Hall of Fallen Heros are can only contain ten heros which was fine before Crusader and Necromancer were introduced. 5 character classes with two genders is ten. But now I'd like to see that the Hall of Fallen Heros is expanded to 14 heros so that one could have one of each charcter class & gender combinations in there. I'm sure that as I'm HC-only player I'll kill my characters to fill the Hall. TopiTopi0 07 Jul
07 Jul What just happened? Bug? So what just happened? i died, yes that happens in hc and softcore diablo 3 nothing special. How did i die? While watching my char rubberbanding into same spot for 1 minute while being unable to use a single skill or attack. seeing in realtime mobs hitting him and getting lower on hp, ONLY thing that worked was hp potion. Is this a bug with the necromancer? maybe. I know i was in a pile of corpses when it happened. Second thing worth mention was i just switched to miranae gem from bane of the powerfull. Why did this happen? if this was a dc i should have been kicked out in 1 minute time of this, and also not see my hp drop or being able to use hp pot, while nothing else worked.Kenpachi0 07 Jul
06 Jul Item boost and character, only Hc. i'll make a 2 rift of your choosing. Boosting 1-70 atm. If i'm not answering, that mean that i'm busy with something else :) Dolk #2463 Game on : )Dolk0 06 Jul
06 Jul Freya´s Last Whisper There. My Humble Feedback for Master of Blizzard http://www.epicwar.com/maps/266685/Masakrul24 06 Jul
01 Jul [PS4] lf unlock Adventure Mode please Hi guys, can someone please open the very last quest in Act 5, Malthael, Normal Difficulty, on PS4 HC for me? Been playing on PC for years but jut started on PS4 last Season. Help is much appreciated. ThanksMegumi0 01 Jul
28 Jun Hardcore Hours total Is there a way you can find out how many hours in hardcore you have spent? If not Blizz should put a more in depth look at hardcore stats.AbolishPeace4 28 Jun
20 Jun Boss mode help Anyone wanna carry me trough boss mode conquest for the extra seasonal stash tab?Loran0 20 Jun
12 Jun HC Ranged Hammerdin Highlight Video I've thoroughly enjoyed Crusader this season, and here is my Homage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7GehqkZIOM Build: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/90787-diablo-3-2-5-hardcore-ranged-crusader-hammerdinSuul1 12 Jun
05 Jun Hardcore - Seasons or no? Hi! I've played a few HC chars in normal mode (no Seasons), but only single player so far. However I'm wondering where the players are: mostly in normal mode or playing seasons? Which is the best bet for meeting other people? Are there HC players online in non-season mode as well?maseoo1 05 Jun
23 May Praise him. Praise be unto Dolk for the valuable assistance on hc seasonal. Ty very much.Redemption0 23 May
28 Apr Immortal monster bug still exist? the last map of a rift i just finished was the jail map and the elites were the little pudgie humanoids with daggers...not sure exactly what triggered it, but after killing off his minions and killing the boss, his health bar disappeared and would not die. so he was my unkillable and very annoying companion for the remainder of the map lol thinking about it, i had just hit a weapon rack for the herrington dmg bonus, got my frenzy stacks up and psn nova from monarch scepter insta-roasted them. so not sure if overkill(more dmg than needed, not the skill) caused this(maybe that death wasn't registered in some way?) or a combination of items. anyone else with similar encounters? I remember adria having this bug, but never heard of elites or monsters becoming immortal.Dieftw19 28 Apr
27 Apr Season 10 HC Speed Racer conquest Looking for group for the achievement conquest Speed Racer. Interested?bambi15151 27 Apr
20 Apr Armory and harcore Dear friends, can anyone tell me what happen with the new amory !@#$ when you die in harcore, are we losing the set that we save in this? thanks. <3Ziin0 20 Apr
19 Apr Seasonal Character death and rewards Hi guys, I have a question here: I am doing Crusader this season. Let's say I get full set and then die with this set. AFAIK I lose everything. If I start new char for the same season, will I get the set again? Can I choose another char and get different set (with crusader's gone)? Thanksabc2 19 Apr