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4h Dumb ways to die (that you know of) Share the silly ways to die that you know. I'll start: - Accidentally clicking on other player banner when in town. When you click it, it teleports you right away without any confirmation or consent required. It is almost sure way to die if that player is in combat and melee while you are ranged. - Wearing Unity ring (that ring that creates health link between users) while playing with randoms. It is almost certain that some undergeared Monk or something will also have the random Unity ring and as soon as he step into melee combat or on some ground hazard (arcane lasers etc) you will be getting massive damage spike that will end you. - Attacking with very fast skill from melee range at an enemy that spawns electric shock when hit while not being too lightning resistant. - Fighting Malthael or that Keywarden from act 1. Those two are very dangerous imho because of the attacks that you have to actively dodge. - Standing still after killing rift boss. Some of them leave behind mortars that can attack you long after the boss is dead and you are upgreading your gems. - Wearing that braces that spawn elite pack when taking shrine. They spawn right on top of you when you do so. If you are not prepared to move right after you do so they will inflict massive damage upon you.LuckyTiger17 4h
4h How many deaths? Why? I managed to not die yet as WD. Played around 800 para levels last season mainly as WD, got to grift 74 now I am at 73. Death is lurking round the corner.. :)Nackskott3 4h
2d died at 69 due to random disconect i died at lvl 69 hc season due to random disconnect , wtf my internet was working perfectly , checked ping / sites everything , i'm done with d3 . wtfSoulScar6 2d
2d Immortal monster bug still exist? the last map of a rift i just finished was the jail map and the elites were the little pudgie humanoids with daggers...not sure exactly what triggered it, but after killing off his minions and killing the boss, his health bar disappeared and would not die. so he was my unkillable and very annoying companion for the remainder of the map lol thinking about it, i had just hit a weapon rack for the herrington dmg bonus, got my frenzy stacks up and psn nova from monarch scepter insta-roasted them. so not sure if overkill(more dmg than needed, not the skill) caused this(maybe that death wasn't registered in some way?) or a combination of items. anyone else with similar encounters? I remember adria having this bug, but never heard of elites or monsters becoming immortal.Dieftw17 2d
5d <SHC9> Hardcore Seasons, new clan <SHC9> Hardcore Seasons Started feb 16th 2017. Active seasonal hardcore players welcome. I do not mind some seasonal softcore work, if for Conquests or achievements. However seasonal hardcore is the path here.jumbojet0 5d
5d Question about Unity Dear Forums, This is like one of my first times where I take hardcore serious and I am currently calling the veterans to help me with an issue I am trying to figure out. I have just managed to get 2 Unity rings and I use Hilbrand's Training Sword relic instead of Enchanting Favor during farming and I noticed my Spirit Vessel procced when my follower got hit by like 6 molten explosions. I am assuming that because I didn't have Enchanting Favor the damage could exceed my follower's HP as my follower only had 500k and I had 850k and it just procced it when I was full HP (Would love some clarification on this). How would this interaction be with Enchanting Favor? Would I have just taken 550k in the same situation? (Assuming my follower takes 1.1m damage from the molten explosions). I am kind of scared now to use Unity because this could also create situations where I would die when I have already procced Spirit Vessel. Would love hear from a veteran or someone who has theorycrafted alot with a detailed answer regarding my question. Thank you for listening.EliteAnu2 5d
10 Feb LFG hellfire amulets Hello everyone, I'm looking for 3 people mentally ready for a big session of farming of hellfire amulets in HC. I would like to farm only one time those amulets. That's why I'm looking for 3 people each having 30 sets of infernal machine. At the end it does 120 sets so around 300 amulets which will be enough i hope. I'm ready for this afternoon or tomorrow. Don't hesitate to add me : Marlors#2989 cyaMarlors1 10 Feb
07 Feb dead in hardcor I died seasonal hardcor 7 due to a pres update .... if that is a hassle .... there has been a solution?BousStafeK3 07 Feb
04 Feb Stuck on a floor grate and died So this is a bug that is relay annoying ...since you do not expect to die and loose all because of something like this. I was doing a solo gr 50...easy enough...on a map like The Keep Depths , and i got stuck in a floor grate. I was playing a barb with leap and bolder toss ...none of this abilities ware working. There was only one more mob left that was in range...and he keept hiting me...verry little...but more than i could have healed...and i couldn't kill him with anything..since he was to far...so he killed me little by little. I want my char restored...this is just a stupid bug. You should not let a game go on hard core wich such bugs.adriancc2 04 Feb
02 Feb Speed Racer I'm looking for group for "Speed Racer". I'm dh. I will be doing this conquest today on HC at evening. Please let me know if anyone is interested. edit: doneGamma0 02 Feb
24 Jan Rebirthing HC character in same season Hi, Do I retain all paragon levels and experience on my HC character if I use rebirth twice in the same season? If not then do I retain paragon levels and exp for the same season if it suffered permadeath? Thanks.SpaceCoke0 24 Jan
19 Jan Need Seasonal Boost Pls. Hello, I Am searching for a hardcore seasonal 9 ( boost ) i am already lvl 50 , thank you!HULK0 19 Jan
18 Jan Boosting HARDCORE season 8 for FREE Boosting hardcore season 8 for free again HARDCORE NOT SOFTCORECheerleader111 18 Jan
14 Jan Which class and build for speed farming? /w friends. Hi guys, I created firebird Wizz Seasonal / HC, currently am playing with a WD soul harvest build friend, he easly goes around dealing 200mil+ dmg with his seasonal set, although he needs more toughness. While I am tanky enough to grind GR~35 my dmg isn't allowing me, the only way I can do anything is by gathering loads of groups and go arcon which has 2mins cooldown. I feel like this build is really annoying imo. Can you guys recommend me something with a little bit different gameplay? Any class any build.ptK0 14 Jan
12 Jan Greater Rifts Supp Wizz and soon DPS wizz LF ppl to farm Greater rifts just add me Valdini#2636Valdini0 12 Jan
11 Jan Iron Man Hey guys, Just a post to gauge if there would be anybody out there interested in starting Iron Man characters. I used to play Iron Man on D1 and 2 and it was a hell of a lot of fun, particularly on D1 for obvious reasons. I've not tried it as yet on D3, but of late I've felt that, Greater Rift pushing aside, the game is stupidly easy in all respects. I've tried to roll a fresh level 1 and start a totally self found play through straight from Torment 1 on Hardcore, this does give the game an edge, but overall it still isn't enough. Generally speaking, things are straight forward despite the odd spike or two, depending on luck and circumstance. I feel it needs more, and so I searched online for possible rule sets and came up with very little that encouraged. Overall, the rule sets suggested are a bit soft and don't offer much in the way of sadomasochistic edge. Playing D3 in normal HC or (god forbid) SC is great, but it lacks urgency, depravity, grit and battle essence. What I mean by this is, the fights aren't so much fights, as walkovers. Monsters are just pasted and you simply march on with your infinite resources and potion onto the next hapless set of 'demons'. I miss the days where a battle was a battle. Where each moment mattered, each decision imperative, when each victory, no matter how small was so, so sweet. I wanted to attempt to bring a bit of that feeling into the game play of a Diablo game, and I thought Iron Man may be the only way. I'm going to be very simplistic and blunt with the rule set, there is no need to convolute. Rules: 1) Fresh HC character (any class) 2) No access to stash whatsoever at ANY point (Your inventory is your only means of carrying items). 3) No access whatsoever to any vendors/artisans/healers at any point and for any reason. 4) Game is started on Torment 1. Campaign mode is used. Play through all difficulties until death. 5) No area can be repeated, can only ever press forward through the quests. 6) Town can only be accessed when the quest line demands it. Nothing else may be done whilst there, the only exception being to 'pause' the game when required. 7) Any skills/runes may be used, items can be traded only between players in the Iron Man team. 8) Give it your best shot and just have fun! One of the most attractive mechanics which is brought back into the fold playing this way, is item durability. It will now matter greatly as nothing can ever be repaired (Spaulders of Zakara anyone!?) and so a lot of strategy and decision making must go into where and when particular items are used, and for how long. All said, if anyone is interested just give me a shout on this thread or add me and PM in game, Lore#2563, and I'd be glad to discuss further or answer any questions on the rules or even tweak anything pending problems I have not foreseen etc. Peace guys. Lore.Lore6 11 Jan
10 Jan Tempted to play Hardcore My face when playing Softcore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJIjoE27F-Q Game is Greater Rift on Torment 3 there is three normal players and one paragon 1675 who opens Greater Rift 60 ... Or Torment 3, normal Rift with two undergeared players and one guy who should be playing Torment 10, but plays Torment 3 and "skip all whites and fights only elites" while those two undergeared guys follow him dying to the all white monsters when try try to follow the "skipper"... My guess is such things do not happen on HC, right? Now I know that Hardcore players aren't angels either, Hardcore has its issues too, for example most Hardcore players play only with their "friends" or guild members and if it is open public game where there is 2 or 3 guildies they can abuse vote kick feature (happened to me in previous season).LuckyTiger7 10 Jan
09 Jan Classless Gem of Ease setup Hi I'm looking for suggestions on BiS non-class restricted items to use Gem of Ease in, for ease of levelling Alts to 70. Yes, I know it's unnecessary because 1 gem in a weapon will get you most the way there, but I'm going to do it anyway because those last 10-15 levels annoy me. I'm assuming the ideal for kill speed would be LoN + a bunch of ancients, and as non-class items won't boost a specific skill I'd want items with procs instead, but that's probably too much power, and you'd lose out on exp boosters like Leoric's ring. Any suggestions (other than 'don't bother') welcomed.Barold3 09 Jan
08 Jan Need boost hc season! back after year! EU Can anyone boost me in hc season? EU i would love a boost! and meet new friends! MARCOPLAYSPC #2561MarcoplaysPC0 08 Jan
06 Jan LF people for season 9 start LF people to play with over the weekend this new season, im a multiple rank 1 player myself. if you have time and find interest you can add me on DanielLH#2716DanielLH0 06 Jan
28 Dec The good advise thread for people new to hardcore. Hi folks. I was thinking that we should have a thread with good advise for those people playing softcore but are considering to start hardcore. Me beeing far from any hardcore ace have nevertheless learned a thing or two about playing hardcore. So I was thinking we could start a thread to help those new hardcore players. I'll start with this advise, pretty obvious but still good advise I think. Advise: Do not play on a higher difficulty level that you can easily handle. Why? Often people raise the difficulty level to get that higher exp and learn painfully that it was a bit too hard. Sensmorale of this advise: Leveling a bit slower is a lot better than dying faster.Wolfwiyn2 28 Dec
26 Dec MERRY CHRISTMAS and die! Dear Blizzard! Error 3005 and error 3007 again and again. And large laggs for 3 weeks. Theese errors are kills my hardcore characters. Merry Christmas and thx for all the fish :)Glendower0 26 Dec
19 Dec Virgin -London extreme slow internet warning This only concerns players from the UK and who are with Virgin (fibre). But if you are, do be careful when playing in peaktime hours starting from the afternoon and evening. Specifically people from London (South and West London apparently). As currently there is an issue that's already been ongoing for months, where there service is oversaturated and overselled to the point they now have consistent issues with 100 to 150Mb lines reduced to 1Mb-4Mb consistently. And apparently Virgin knows and it will go on all the way till undefined date in 2017. Just a word of caution. (I'm actually doing broadband tests every evening as the service Virgin currently supplies is way below the 40% mark which is the legit mark, I have a 100Mb line wich consistently registers at 7Mb and below and will complain as we are paying for a service that is poorly or not at all delivered.) In any event be careful and don't lose your hardcore char to it!Mfatal0 19 Dec
16 Dec Is it possible to restore my hc character? edit: im permanently quitting any blizzard game as of this moment. 10 mins ago while running gr 60 on my barb i was suddenyl disconnect. i didnt lose connection to battle.net service just diablo 3. I logged back in to find my character dead. What a waste of time i just went through. Im in utter shock because im hardwired to my modem. I pay for 10up and 50 down so i get solid connections specifically because i play hardcore. NEVER had this happen before in all 8 seasons. My girlfriend continued playing uninterrupted while she watched me freak out. Sad to say i really have to ask for my hardcore character to be restored because i fear i wont play anymore if this is the ultimate end goal for my efforts on battle.net. Blue post plz. EDIT: ah never mind. blizzard doesnt care if their servers are poorly supported and in the end all because they cant prove anything means they wont do anything about it. READ ALL THE DAM POSTS ABOUT PEOPLE LOSING ENTIRE GAMES OF CHARACTERS TO DC's DURING HIGH GR. its actually a problem and now that i know. im permanently quitting any blizzard game as of this moment. they have abused us as customers for too long and provided piss poor support for this game in particular. with the new necro money grab im done.F(forget) BLIZZ! im permanently quitting any blizzard game as of this moment.Nomad8 16 Dec
16 Dec blizzard's awesome lagg servers R.I.P, The third charr who died of this !@#$ing lagg.VattenDrag3 16 Dec
14 Dec Unstable Anomaly? I just had a fatal incident with my Monk, where the "Near Death Experience" didn't trigger at all as far as I can tell, which makes me a bit more suspicious about other similar "fail-safe" skills. The name of this skill "Unstable Anomaly" seems to be quite a gamble in itself if it's too unstable too count on. I am not really in the mood to test it. Does Unstable Anomaly work in Hardcore or is it as broken and flimsical as my other Near Death Experience? I kind of feel like this quote "I'm addicted to placebos. I'd give them up, but it wouldn't make any difference." (Steven Wright)Janmanden2 14 Dec
10 Dec CHC vs FireDMG on Hellfire for DH. Hi there. I have a question regarding the 10% cap in CHC vs CHD. I currently have firedmg on my Hellfire, but I am questioning weather not to change that to 10% CHC. But then I would have much more than 10% of my current CHD in my CHC lvl. Does that 10% rule really apply that much, or is it just a rumor? Thx for your help.Dactaronia0 10 Dec
07 Dec Looking for someone to do Belial T13 in 45 seconds with Hey there! Seeing that this season journal entry is basically impossible to do solo (shame on you Blizzard!), I'm currently looking for one or two fellow players to do it. Gear and paragon should obviously be advanced enough to beat the challenge :) If you want to help or also need to do the challenge, feel free to add me: ggsnake#2210 Thanks, and see you!ggsnake4 07 Dec
04 Dec Anyone else playing through campaign to start season? Hi there, I just wondered with my (only) clanmate if there are more people like us who start the season by leveling up the first hero in campaign mode. Our guess is we are probably the only ones :) If we are wrong and anyone else is doing this, tell me why... as I admit gladly this is not the most time-efficient way to kick off a new season :) Thanks.Smiley2 04 Dec
30 Nov Looking for party: World apart conquest Anyone interested? add me bambi1515#2453bambi15152 30 Nov
27 Nov Freya´s Last Whisper There. My Humble Feedback for Master of Blizzard http://www.epicwar.com/maps/266685/Masakrul0 27 Nov
24 Nov Looking for World Aparts Season Hardcore group Looking for World Aparts Season Hardcore group I play evenings 20-22 CETCheerleader0 24 Nov
22 Nov Legacy Natalya's Wrath (Disc Regen) A long while ago, I permanently quit Diablo 3 (HC EU). I still have a few old legacy items, most notably a full Natalya's Wrath Set (2 rings Natalya's Mark), the one with the Discipline regen, and a Dex Zunimassa's Journey (IAS Boots). I remember (from back when diabloprogress ranked individual items), one of the rings was #1 HC EU, after the patch which transformed the Natalya's set for good. So technically, it should still be the among the better ones that exist, although of course the desired rolls on items must have completely changed during all these years. The boots were ranked #3, if I remember correctly. The other pieces are shabby at best. About a year after I quit, I used to login every once in a while, only to find a variety of offers (ingame and/or cash) for both the ring and the boots. However, the offers were not attractive enough (or too scammy) for what I consider to be quite rare items. Today is the first time in years that I checked back into the game, I am not even sure that these items can be traded anymore!? In case there is anybody interested in further conversation about these items, please feel free to contact me. I also greatly appreciate any comments about how to find any interested parties, the value of the items or anything else related to them. Many thanks.Qyx0 22 Nov
20 Nov Power Level Request Can someone give me a power lvl please? Just lost WD after 15 hours... don't feel like starting from lvl 1 again, too sadclaXton1 20 Nov
19 Nov Gear Boosting Anyone willing to run Gear Boosting with me?? DemonHunter on Season HC. I have gear, fully equipped, but looking for better current gear. sparky#2665Sparky0 19 Nov
09 Nov Need help with 45 second Belial, Torment XIII Hello! I am maining a wizard this season, and I'm struggling with 45 second Belial. So I was hoping that some awesome DH would kindly help me complete this task. There will be cake. If anyone is willing to risk their lives on this dangerous quest, my tag is: STORM#2833 Thank you for your time!Storm0 09 Nov
07 Nov Looking for friendly casual hardcore clan What the title says. I haven't played in a year or so and just returned and I'm not a great player, I'm pretty casual and I'm wondering if there are any hardcore clans with casual players around? An active clan preferably ;) One where I can do rifts etc with others. Don't judge me via this account, my old hardcore characters (old WD, Wiz, Barb and Crusader) are on my other account :) EDIT: Oh and I usually play seasonal.Bullerick0 07 Nov
07 Nov Die after the boss died... Dear Blizzard, Today I was playing my wich doctor when we kept Perdition. We was killed Perdition (don't give passive) and when the boss died, I was died too after.... Can you restore my hero?Sargeeras2 07 Nov
07 Nov Fix Your Server Hello Blizzard/community, normaly I don't post stuff since I'm more of a single player but this season brought me to the brink of insanity. I've palyed every season so far and in every season I lost heroes to stupid deaths and other stuff. THIS season however was the biggest joke of a lifetime. I did not lose 1,2 or 3 heroes to your !@#$ing serve dc's but 4 %^-*ign heroes. So please fix your !@#$ or shut down you servers completly. Thanks, Geno out.GenoAlpha3 07 Nov
07 Nov T3 campaign playthrough LF2M Me and a friend are planning to play through the campaign on new characters on torment 3, HC ofc. We are thus looking for 2 more to join us, preferably someone that does not have seasonal paragons or can agree not to use those. My friend is interested in playing barb/dh and I am interested in playing crusader/wd. Let me know if you are interested to join.Andwi0 07 Nov
06 Nov LFP:season conquest: World's Apart anyone interested? add me: bambi1515#2453bambi15150 06 Nov
06 Nov Enchanting items with gems hurts HC imo After ripping and realising i need to get about 10 gems up to fifty in order to be able tu push rifts again i facepalmed myself and closed the game... Looks like 90% of time im grinding those frickin gems instead of playing the game. Imo its seriously bad game design, at least from a HC player perspective... Who agrees?ZAM0 06 Nov
18 Oct Non-Seasonal Hardcore Guild The Eternal Elite <TEE> Is for non-seasonal characters only. You must have at least one non-seasonal level 70 hardcore character in order to join the clan. If you don't like starting over, but are more interested in perfecting your gear/characters and building wealth, this clan is for you. The main purpose of the clan is to provide a small community that can do non-seasonal: split bounties, power leveling and key farming together. Members are distinguished in one way only: Those who have at least one non-seasonal hardcore character that has survived for at least 500 hours will be ranked as Undying, which gives Officer-level permissions. Those who have not made it to 500 hours on a non-seasonal hardcore character will be ranked as a Mortal with limited permissions. If all of your 500+ hour non-seasonal hardcore characters die, you are demoted to Mortal, and you can never again reach the rank of Undying, unless you make a new account. Members who mostly play non-seasonal are desired. Reply with your battletag for an invitation.sindro4 18 Oct
12 Oct Need some help! Anyone would have some time to give me a boost? i exedently pressed rebirth and i dont have any friends to help me out. i normaly just play on my own, i was leveling my gem of ease but its not yet 25 so. someone care to help me? im 29yo and i dont die. Non season and eu. MarcoplaysPc#2561MarcoplaysPC0 12 Oct
06 Oct Stopped in front of Belial on T1 ... Guy killed 2 of my HC characters so far AND i have immense problems with main bossess as is as Crusader. I'd like to know if current configuration enables me to tackle T1 Belial and if not, how do I improve my Crusader? Doing bounties? thanks link: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FatPinjata-2610/hero/80783463FatPinjata2 06 Oct
30 Sep Noob question Hi guys! I'm just about to start my first ever hardcore character (doing it on season) My question is what happens to the stuff in my stash if I rip my only hardcore character? Will it disappear since I only have 1 hardcore character?Berghagen778 30 Sep
22 Sep HC monk death "Near Death Experience" still not working Blizzard, Please please fix the issue I have the snapshot but I know since no one care -unless you ask- i do not post it. You can review my combat log, if u see that I am lying, you can deactivate my whole account, Really got pissed off as these kind of death which is just due to game buggs this one and the ones when game crash during the fightAdamfazai12 22 Sep
21 Sep Death Gotta love getting killed from the Ddos :P A lot of hours spent, goes into loss due to them getting attacked ^^ Shame they wont fix a way to recover chars that are lost due to their server issuesMephan1 21 Sep
21 Sep Windows 10 update today 21/9 beware Just a note that after updating today and starting playing D3 I'd been playing about 90 mins when suddenly everything froze except my character. After waiting a minute or two I tabbed out to be greeted with Windows firewall has blocked Diablo 3 from blah blah. I granted access of course but still was timed out and dc'd. The point being I had already allowed access for my games ages ago so obviously the new update has reset something, so I thought I would warn hc players. For me it was just an irritation as on a sc charater. Come back Windows 7, I know it's been a while but win 10 updating is pants.BadandMad1 21 Sep