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21 Jul 2017 Common Connection and Latency Issues - PC/MAC Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpVyraneer5 21 Jul 2017
17 Feb 2015 Common Issues & Fixes – Read Before Posting! Hot Topics Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. For known in-game issues, see here. Game Icons Instead of Names Players with large friends lists may occasionally only see game icons in their chat feed instead of full names when multiple friends come online Missing Cosmetics on Console: Newly created characters are not receiving Angelic Wings or Infernal Helms on log in – Please note: the Angelic Wings will now be found in the Cosmetics section of your Inventory if any characters had them in their Inventory or Stash prior to the patch. Additionally, any Infernal Helms in your Inventory or Stash prior to the patch will still be there I've found a bug! Please submit your bug reports here. Common Issues & Workarounds Click on the type of issue you are experiencing for advice on how to resolve: Account & Security (Hacked/Can't login/Authenticator etc.) Installation & Patching (Stuck /slow downloads/BLZXXXXX errors/DVDs etc.) Connection & Latency (Lag/Regular disconnections/Unable to connect etc.) Performance & Stability (Crashes/Low FPS/Freezing etc.) If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the article, please read this post on how to create an effective thread.Natryndon0 17 Feb 2015
17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon SanekoNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
3h HC/DC/Issues :( Heya, So im a HC player on EU. Im located in Sweden. My connection is 100/100 Fiber. ISP is Bahnhof. Ive played HC for a total of 3 seasons. The only times i lose characters is when i disconnect from the servers. Sofar this season ive died with 2 Saders (100+ Augments on all pieces) and just now my Monk. All to DCs. The first thing you will say is: Its your internets fault. Well ive been on Discord and no interruptions there. Ive been streaming aswell and no package loss or disrupts. As soon as it happens i do a bandwidth-check just to see if my internet goes down, it never has. So conclusion: Its not my internet-connection. I've repaired the client and all that stuff aswell. (Was nothing to repair though) I checked the D3Debug after my death today and it looks like this: The monk died at 13:47:xx. In the report i have the following messages: 13:46:40 [Telemetry] (TELE): Requested sending batch messages by multi-part http POST messages count 1 next post is 13:48:40 [Telemetry] (TELE): Requested sending batch messages by multi-part http POST messages count 1 I never got a error message this time, i just froze up and then it jumped to the killscreen. On the other 2 deaths this season i got errors saying "Lost Connection"-bla bla. But i ONLY lose it towards Blizzard. Help?Stoppable2 3h
4h Lost hero I lost my hero. I start up my comp and there is no my person. 70 lvl about 520 paragon. How to get it back????Muromec4 4h
15h Windows 10 & Using Xbox Controller Wondering if it's possible to use my xbox controller with Diablo 3 on the PC since I'm on Windows 10. I searched but didn't find any articles regarding this does anyone know if it's possible?DoubleTap0 15h
17h Downloading game. I'm attempting to get back into my Blizzard games after a long sabbatical. I have downloaded both Starcraft II and Diablo III but when I attempt to 'open' the games, I am told to continue by "using my browser to complete the login". I have managed to log into my Blizzard account so I'm not sure what else to do. Clearly, Blizzard protocol has changed, so I'm finding my feet at present. Any advice would be appreciated.Dee1 17h
23h Sms+Authenticator but no extra bag If i choose both i would get an extra bag, been playing for more then a week with both but no extra bag.s3M0k42 23h
23h Can I get banned for using an auto-clicker? So I don't have a fancy gamer mouse. I have a normal microsoft 10 year old mouse. But I saw some people have a nifty macro that when they click it goes off like a number of times and it makes walking around really easy without developing some kind of wrist deformity. So my bright idea was to use an auto-clicker, and set it to 100ms per click and then I just waive the mouse around and watch how my crusader runs through gr70 killing everything without me touching anything. It works. But I don't want to get banned so... is this a "third party application" that could get me banned? All it does is does a click every 100ms to save me from doing it.Broodpaal0 23h
1d Application hang on loading screen This happens randomly I would say 1/5 times When I click "start game" inside Diablo the game hangs in the loading screen always on the third rhombus /diamond symbol. Event viewer isn't much of a help, everything else works fine. Here are the 2 latest: The program Diablo III64.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: 37d4 Start Time: 01d4317174a8cf10 Termination Time: 6 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\x64\Diablo III64.exe Report Id: d48d31b7-6afa-4dd6-ae80-16e282a23201 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: The program Diablo III64.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: 20ac Start Time: 01d430de04b2c1d7 Termination Time: 7 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\x64\Diablo III64.exe Report Id: e4024d74-ea24-41e3-a331-5fd729809163 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:docg00n6 1d
1d Cant play at public games Hi, guys . I am from Brazil, but ive been playing in EU servers since 2014. I never had any problem and i got a lot of friends there, however, i was retired from diablo3. now i am trying to play again but i can't join in public games. it just says: searching for a party, then the game create my own public game. Like i said before.. i never had this problem. i checked my firewall and everything seems to be okay. Obs: I was trying to play season mode, and i saw few games while i was trying to join. Thank you !Celo922 1d
2d Account locked Hi, account is locked for suspicious activity and no email to unlock it! thx for helpAlbator2 2d
2d Continuously losing connection to the server Hi, for past a few days I am continuously losing connection to the game server. I cannot verify whether it is a new issue. I have picked up playing after the necromancer class has been introduced. I have checked my computer, connection, ISP, etc. etc. etc. Everything seems alright on this side and yet, I am constantly kicked from the game. I admittedly am discouraged from playing and have an utter feeling I wasted 15 EUR. I would appreciate if you check the reason for it and/or suggest what I should do to avoid further issues. Cheers.tossjp44 2d
2d Descoonexion del juego Se me desconecta el juego, casi constantemente, matándome los personajesPendenciero1 2d
3d High latency since yesterday evening Hi! I'm having high latency issues . I live in Baku and usually i have about 70-90ms ping in D3. But since yesterday my ping has increased up to 120-130ms in game. Here's the screenshot (PingPlotter) - other online games, websites, youtube etc are working normal. Please, fix thatGarfunkel1 3d
3d couldn't select region once finish install I've bought new laptop(win.10) and install once finish install it prompt out a region select window but i can't choose. it just loading and loading and loading. already try to reinstall but still same.LoneWolf7411 3d
4d Authentication - game key - not valid Hi, I bought the game on cd, few years ago. I played it twice, and after that i did not had time to play again until now. In that time i have a new computer, but the same account - the problem is when i tried to input the code i received a message ”the code was already used” or something like that. How is that possible - i have the same account and the same CD? Please help me. I tried to send a ticket but the message failed to send. I have the original cd and his original package, with the code on it.Daccad1 4d
4d Code 1016 I start the game, and that craches in different places, and time. Last time i can't open normal rift after start the game, because it's crashes CODE 1016. Pls help. P.S.: i reconnected all things... won't work the game, net is good...Ritchie823 4d
4d How to properly handle leaving and joining lobbies Don't platypus put me right back in the same lobby if I just left it, thanks.Zamara1 4d
5d HELP Hello.I bought the game Diablo III reaper of sous.after installing it after installing it Diablo III. when I give an upgrade, forward me to enter the cd key after the insertion shows the following error:An error has occurred. Your account does not have any games that can be upgraded with this game key. Either you have no games that can be upgraded with this key, or you have already upgraded to start the game. Please help!:(shadow255 5d
5d Game freezing when in group play since 2.6.1C Hello everyone, since the latest patch 2.6.1C Whenever i am in a group the game gets random freezes, well the mobs do and all abilities do, i can still run around. I also still see all my abilities come off cooldown at their normal rate. However when i run to unexplored places of the map they don't really load in either. Then after a few seconds it all goes back to normal only to freeze again a little bit later. Running a 850samsung SSD and a 1060GT so hardware shouldn't be the issue. pic of zone not loading in.Komodo19944 5d
5d The application encountered an error *NEW PROBLEM* When i try to open my d3, which is installed, and ready for use in 8 min. Then the screen just turns white, and then leaves me with a grey error box saying "The application encountered an unexpected error - To help us identiy the problem, please describe what you were doing when the error occured" "Please use the report ID below when communicating with Blizzard about this issue" 764D4092-7B3B-479E-94D4-B97D4B1B4A8FDiscohans16 5d
5d Diablo Launching problem Version I am just trying to launch the game. Since the last diablo update a bug report keeps Appearing. Rebooted,reinstalled.Reset the Agent , repaired files, Tried launching 32-bit client and restarted BlizzardApp, Disabled all anti-virus programs And Razer Programs. Nothing worked (i also tried swapping regions, no additional content was download and i still couldn't get the game to work) Report ID 854F7E75-7358-4DEB-A621-C4F86647E9D7 I also checked for possible Nvidia updates, i already had the latest drivers installed* Just tried Still can't launch the game* EDIT : FOR ANYBODY WITH THE SAME PROBLEM....Go to blizzardapp, diablo, hit options and reset game settings.. After doing that reboot and launch the game VIA BlizzardApp Nothing else worked for me!Jimmys85321 5d
6d Retrieving old account. Hi, I havent played Diablo3 for about 3 years now. I reinstalled the game but I am having difficulty retrieving my old account. Is there a way to retrieve it? Any help would be appreciated.JooGuard1 6d
6d Wait what ?????? Aight so i play HC ... a friend died ... Slain by " Unknown " Can you throw some light on how that happend ... i was looking at his corpse ... *Not in any effect / poison / fire ... etc.* I even pre-used Land to freeze the boss ... And he went Poof as well as my pal ... Plz Light me on this " Unknown " Factor.xTrapzo0 6d
07 Aug Black screens and battlenet launcher become transparent So I have a problem with Diablo 3. As the title says, I get random black screens during playing and the battlenet launcher become transparent during and after I close Diablo 3, meaning I can't press the play button or anything. I have Intel Duo Quad core @ 2.66 GHz, 4 Gb Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1 GB. I have obviously the last video card drivers installed. Win 7 64bit Can it be fixed plz? Thank youEntakma3 07 Aug
05 Aug ActV Co-op Achievement Bug Being a bit of a completionist, and coming close to reaching my 10k bounties achievement, I decided to look through the others and clean up a bit. Regarding Achievements > Career > Cooperative > Act V; there are 7 total achievements, 3 of which simply being killing each regional boss, while the other four are completing one of each of the many ActV events, grouped into the four regions - Westmarch ('The Tourists'), Briarthorn Cemetery ('Grave Crashers'), Blood Marsh ('Swamp Rats'), and Pandemonium ('Disorderly Conduct'). I was surprised that I had so many (~10) missing, but as I've really only done rifts and bounties in co-op games, a few started to make sense. For example, I finished off 'Swamp Rats' by completing 'The Brood Mother' and 'Lost and Forgotten' immediately after a public bounty run, as they're practically never given as bounty targets. The problem - I'm literally unable to complete 'The Tourists' and 'Disorderly Conduct'. Regarding the former, 'Hide and Seek' is holding it up, yet I can't seem to get the sub-area to ever spawn, at least not in Adventure Mode. Regarding the later, it's being held up by 'The War that Time Forgot', 'The Time Trap', and 'Lost Host' - the first two I've completed several times recently, neither being appropriately ticked off, while I know I've cleared 'Lost Host' many times before, but can't be certain it was in an active co-op game, and now I can't get it to spawn - at least in adventure mode. Regarding 'Hide and Seek' and 'Lost Host', I might just be incredibly unlucky, or suppose it could require Story Mode. However, 'The War that Time Forgot' and 'The Time Trap' are straight up broken; both events can be encountered and completed just fine in Adventure Mode, but they aren't being counted towards 'Disorderly Conduct' achievement for whatever reason. Broken Bonus; one of the two Adventure Mode minor cursed chests encountered in the Pandemonium Fortress (group of winged assassins) is broken; the event itself doesn't properly trigger, and thus cannot be completed.Dsurian5 05 Aug
04 Aug Can't log in europe my launcher suddenly deicded to kick me off europe games and i cant log in anymore, launcher just stays on us version... how do i fix this?Mythos1 04 Aug
04 Aug Diablo 3 cannot run because this graphic card ... is missing required features. Updating driver may fix it. I have the latest drivers and I'm getting this error after pressing play. Is there any way around it ? My graphic card seems to be on the list Unsupported - Game Will Not Start.DariuszZ13 04 Aug
03 Aug Unexpected Error I cant start up the game. I don't know what happened I just tried to start up as normal but it just popped up another window stated that encountered unexpected error.CrazyMage3 03 Aug
03 Aug Restore d2 account Couldn't find a place for d2 forums. is it possible to get an d2 account restored? It is expired since I have not entered it for more than 90 days, but I wonder if it's not yet deleted? Account name: platypus Lots of hours putten into that acc..:)Stampe1 03 Aug
03 Aug original Diablo and Windows 10 this has nothing to do with DIABLO 111. I want to play the old original Diablo as well as 11 and 111, but it will not play in windows10. is there anything I can do to get over this problemBLAKON19981 03 Aug
03 Aug Forum Errors Getting 404 and 500 errors on the forum. Access is hit and miss. Also the login button function is hit and miss.Garrett1 03 Aug
02 Aug Game Crash On Launch Hello, I've been having an issue attempting to launch Diablo 3. Things I've attempted: Boot with default setup. Boot with Streaming Disabled Boot with Streaming Disabled in 32b Boot with Streaming Enabled in 32b Clean Uninstall of GPU drivers and fresh install, repeating each of the above. MSInfo: DxDiag: 97DFFE34-8A4D-4DF9-8B07-8BDBD8B9D9D1Atanos7 02 Aug
02 Aug Deluxe edition not work for me I have the deluxe edition,but I don't have the mascot or the skin.Jored356 02 Aug
02 Aug Random game freezes The game just freezes every 5-6 minutes for 4-5 seconds, everything else is working perfectly. Tried to reinstall the game, turning firewall off, shutting down every background process that I could. Tried it with older drivers, same problem as with the newest ones. Disabled Windows game dvr. Tried lowering the settings, still didn't help. Last thing that I did is reinstalling windows, and install Diablo, without any other app being installed, and the problem is still there. The game worked perfectly until a few days ago. I can play GTA V, Cities: Skylines and HoTS without any problem. PC specs: Ryzen 7 2700X CPU ASUS ROG Strix x470-f Gamimg Mobo 16GB 3200MHz Kingston HyperX RAM Radeon R7 370 4GB GPU 120GB Kingston SSDNow UV400 SSD 1TB Toshiba DT01ACA100 HDD The game is installed on the SSD. Any solutions?Psyche8 02 Aug
02 Aug All my characters are gone... Hi everyone, Ive not played Diablo 3 for a couple of days now and just logged in to find ALL my characters are not there ??? what has happened? Many thanks Glenn - NitroUKNitroUK21 02 Aug
01 Aug Cannot even install D3 Trying to install D3 from the launcher and all I get is a box popping up that says Diablo III Installation, a small endlessly spinning blue logo in the bottom right and a greyed out Start Install. tried and retried with the same effect.Gunjin4 01 Aug
01 Aug Game Freezes when I pause game When I press escape to pause game then click return to game, the game is frozen as if still paused. Then after several seconds it disconnects game and sends me back to the main menu. I tried a game repair and it still does it. Anyone with the same problem?gjozefi1 01 Aug
01 Aug Items don't move or drop or recycle I just loaded on new computer and now I have items in my inventory that I can't move or destroy. It takes up needed space. Please helpRockyGlacier3 01 Aug
30 Jul Connection Problems to NA Region I don't know where else to post this because my connection to the NA region including the forums and even Contact Support would not go through. I play in the Americas region and for the past 2 days I have been unable to get into game. The furthest I've got is to the starting screen but the Start Game button stays greyed out for a whole minute before the error message 3006 shows up and disconnect me from the game. I could still connect to the Europe and Asia region just fine, so maybe something is going on with the servers in the Americas region or something? I wanna play in my own region with all my stuff there, I don't have anything in the other regions. Could someone look into this for me? PLEASE HELP!!!SevenShadow1 30 Jul
30 Jul Deluxe expansion I bought the deluxe expansion two days ago, but I haven't recieved the items yet.Killerina2 30 Jul
29 Jul Running into lag issues, Looking for some help There's a good chance I think it's network related but I was wondering if somebody could help me diagnose why I get lag spikes on Diablo 3. I don't notice it on other games so it might be happening but if it is, I don't notice it.Cavoos5 29 Jul
29 Jul cant start the game Cant start the game, i press PLAY and it goes to grey screen then shuts down and sometimes it doesnt even go to grey it just shuts down and then i can press play again.Holmgren9415 29 Jul
29 Jul Seasonal Icon is no longer displayed in game The Seasonal icon in the upper right is no longer displayed, the one that displays the quests for each level of the season. The Character I am playing is seasonal, I have a leaf in the character selection screen. Just no gold circle with the leaf in it to click while in game.Blastercrazy2 29 Jul
29 Jul diablo hi i dont know why i didnt get the set after i finished the chapter all 4 off them i get the banner and the icon but not the set ?Renegad10 29 Jul
26 Jul Cannot access Community Screen Wen clicking on the Community button in lower right corner the whole game starts to "stutter" (severe FPS problems). Communities does not open but if I click anywhere else on screen game is ok again. Patch 26 Jul
25 Jul Necromancer activate through website but not in game? Rise of the Necromancer bought from kinguin. Got the code and activated it on blizzard. I downloaded the reaper of the souls again but when I start the game do I see that I need buy necromancer again ? I guess it doesn't work? I don't play on US, I play EU. The code I got is for EU as well. Does it have anything to do the issues blizzard have at the moment?Rosthia8 25 Jul
23 Jul Missing loot!? Hi I have purchased the reaper of souls expansion at the weekend. I am now staring campaign from the beginning in expert mode. I am a lvl 65 barb but noticed yesterday that I have encountered a very serious bug/issues. Upon killing an elite I had a few rare item drops. I also had my very first set item. I picked them all up and then opened my inventory to find that the green item was not there?? I was gutted as, like I say, this would have been my very first set item. Today I have just started playing, literally 5 mins into the game where I came across 2 of those little treasure goblin things. I proceed to kill them both and get dropped 7/8 magical items. When I pick them up and the open my inventory I only have 2 items there! WTF!? The game it vanishing my loot?? Any ideas please help as this is sooo frustrating! Anyone else had these issues?GraGoyle2 23 Jul
23 Jul Augmented wrong stat with gem By mistake i put Dexterity on my Torso instead of Strength, how do i fix that ? Lvl 100 Gem dont want to relevel it againKarre1 23 Jul