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21 Jul 2017 Common Connection and Latency Issues - PC/MAC Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpVyraneer5 21 Jul 2017
17 Feb 2015 Common Issues & Fixes – Read Before Posting! Hot Topics Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. For known in-game issues, see here. Game Icons Instead of Names Players with large friends lists may occasionally only see game icons in their chat feed instead of full names when multiple friends come online Missing Cosmetics on Console: Newly created characters are not receiving Angelic Wings or Infernal Helms on log in – Please note: the Angelic Wings will now be found in the Cosmetics section of your Inventory if any characters had them in their Inventory or Stash prior to the patch. Additionally, any Infernal Helms in your Inventory or Stash prior to the patch will still be there I've found a bug! Please submit your bug reports here. Common Issues & Workarounds Click on the type of issue you are experiencing for advice on how to resolve: Account & Security (Hacked/Can't login/Authenticator etc.) Installation & Patching (Stuck /slow downloads/BLZXXXXX errors/DVDs etc.) Connection & Latency (Lag/Regular disconnections/Unable to connect etc.) Performance & Stability (Crashes/Low FPS/Freezing etc.) If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the article, please read this post on how to create an effective thread.Natryndon0 17 Feb 2015
17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon SanekoNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
6h Diablo 3 won't launch Hello Used to be able to play the game just fine but decided to play again after a long break but now the game just hangs on startup. Things i've tried: (in random order) Remove/reinstall video/audio drivers Remove/reinstall app and Diablo 3 32-bit mode, and scan and repair Disable every startup program Everything in the "Diablo III Locked Up Support Article" I have no razor mouse or keyboard. Msinfo: Dxdiag: Help please! :DVibe28 6h
7h teleporting back to desktop :) Wanted to look into this Season aggain and found myselfe with a weird issue the game runns fine, no laggs nor fps drops of any kind, BUT every now and then when I "teleport" (regardles if klicking on a portal into a rift/ going up a rift lv/ porting back with T from anywhere) the game just shuts... just like that, as if I pressed Alt+f4 instead of T and I'm looking at a nice empty desktop °-° no other issues, nor doas it happen in a regular timeframe, but often enought to be annoying as f*** (even more since I'm playing hardcore) any ideas? ** and no error code or error sound either, just gone... with the wind.. ** I should mention nvidia drivers a fairly new, card is a nvidia titan the game runns windowed and musik as well as browser ar running on another monitor, they are not affected - no other software pops up in my mind that could produce this kind of fun reaktion, what did I miss?^^schigi0 7h
8h Code redeeming I can't redeem my code, cause it's already redeemed?! I bought this Diablo 3 box in the gameshop and It's mine, so why can't i use it? regards per Hedendahl I'm in windows 10 pro x64 no 3DPerhede1 8h
16h Do not show up,online help plz hello 3 days now i have this problem, i start Bnet and my status re Online,but everythime i start the game and jump to menus im appearing offline, friends cant see me on their lists and clan members as well, i uninstall the game+Bnet and reinstall again,reset the game setting on bnet and didnt fix the problem, so im online once again inside the game and friends cant see me, any idea how to fix this bug-issue?SteelDragon10 16h
17h Starting D3 reboots my pc right after the D3 logo Hey guys , im having a hard time here with this game . I´ve been playing the new season without any problems , until 2 days ago . Every single time i start the game , right after the D3 logo appears , my computer just reboots randomly . It only happens with Diablo 3 , i have other Blizzard games installed , and none of them have this issue . I´ve tried to Scan and Repair , nothing changed , the problem persists . I´ve updated my graphics drivers , still the same . i have an AMD Radeon R9 380 Series . AMD new programs now have ReLive option , that has an Overlay , so i disabled it since that can cause problems with some Blizzard games . Didnt changed anything , still rebooting my pc . Tried to run the game on a 32bit instead of 64 , nothing . Here is my Msinfo : And my DxDiag : As i said , i´ve been playing great 2 days ago :-/iNvFilipe241 17h
20h Corsair K63 not working in D3 So my keyboard works fine in absolutely all other blizzard games and everything else I've done on my computer. However, once I open D3 it does not register any inputs from my keyboard and the only way to fix it is to reset my pc. Has anyone run into this or have a fix?Pwrh0use1 20h
1d Un-killable elite monsters I've been experiencing elite monsters that basically are killed (health down to almost zero and inactive) but not quite and they don't drop anything (so, not really killed). Just happened twice in the same rift and the monsters are standing passive at the same place even I return to them several minutes later. This started happening a couple of weeks ago (that's at least my feeling), have never seen it before. No crashes or warnings, game keeps on playing. My follower is doing her best to kill the monster... (ie, keeps on hitting it) :DZyxomaniac2 1d
4d Diablo can't initialize D3D Sorry for making a topic about this again but i get this error frequently mostly when i alt tab and sometimes while i play too, it never appears on start up tho . I've updated my drivers, changed DisplayModeWindowMode to 0,1,2, scanned the game, but i am still getting the error a lot of times everyday.Diane2 4d
4d Diablo 3 D3D error So a day ago my game started to crash. Have been reading and looking for answers. Reinstalled everything. Updated everything. Running 32bit version. Turned of everything that should. Tried uninstalling Logitech gaming experience program. And nothing. I can play for a bit and then it crashes. Usually when I alt tab out. This is my Msinfo and Dx files :!AoK6vKtBZk5rjgJqbFn3YjrO0UrS Don't know why it does not work anymore, some days ago I could game just fine. I did what was written here and nothing. Still got the same error.FuturePhunk4 4d
4d Game Crashing & Intermittent Latency Been back playing for Season 15 and I've been having some real issues with the game in the last week and really since I started up again: Latency fluctuates, game becomes unresponsive or I can move around but nothing else happens Sometimes will have no visible latency issues but game soft crashes, I can still move around but areas won't load, skills do nothing but still connected to the game, in multiplayer my character still moves and uses skills as if my screen hasn't caught up Game crashes outright, screen freezes and have to force quitAt no point have I received an error message or been disconnected from the game. I have gone through the troubleshooting, updated drivers etc but the issues keep happening at random. I can play the game without incident for an entire evening then next day I have all the issues occur at random. Becoming really frustrating, having no issues with any other games and WoW seems fine.Malpheron4 4d
3d Single Player Game "Only Available to Party Leader" I'm trying to play my Diablo 3 single player campaign but am unable to resume my game, as the button is is grayed out and says "Only Available to Party Leader". I have never played online with people before, only with myslef. I am trying to play my game on a windows when I was originally on a mac, so I'm not sure if that has anyting to do with it, but they are both using the same account. I also tried going back to see if I could play it on my mac, but the resume game button is greyyed out on that one as well. Any help would be appreciated.Lazersnackz3 3d
5d There was an error sending whisper (Code 1) Every PM in Chat gives the little window popup with (Code 1) error. I mean every single chat pm gives the same Code1 error. It is happening to everyone else in my clan and on friends list as well. This is not my problem, but is a problem for all. Just to mention I recycled my Router after shutting down my network devices first. 1) unplugged router for 5 minutes, then start again. 2) boot devices up. 3) then ran /release and /renew and /flushdns before logging in to D3 again.Chetanji1 5d
6d Diablo 3 Crash when entering GR my game crashing every time when i go to nephalem rift and GR i try reinstal windows, reinstal graphic driver, reinstal diablo, win 7 and 10... specs: athlon x2 5600+, 6gb ram, 8800 GTS, normaly before i play diablo without crash and 30-50 fps, ID from Crash: DE5E339B-49B1-40FB-953E-D58E6AA543F0SvarrixRyzen2 6d
6d Launcher stuck on waiting Hello. My D3 launcher was stuck on something, I cant remember. I then paused and unpaused then it said it was waiting on another update eventho all the other games (WoW, SC2, HS) are not updating. And now its stuck on Waiting... Tried restarting the launcher, my pc. It just sits there, waiting... Been like this for about 5 hours or so, so its not actualy doing anything.Millenia13 6d
13 Oct not working I haven't been able to get my D3 or launcher to work for some time now...I assume it is because I am using windows vista? I had been just playing my old D2 game in off line mode, I finally got a good internet connection and decided to go back on line with D2...but when I went to connect with battle net I got this message... "Your CD key is currently being used by: Claimed on" you cannot use more than one CD key. I am the one who paid for this did someone else obtain my key? How do I regain my game play ability?LoneKnight1 13 Oct
2d [Feedback] [Query] Offline Connection to PC Hi, I currently own two Diablo III, one on my console and the other on my PC. My playing style is solo, and I rarely ever do play Co-op/Multiplayer, evidently the console version of Diablo is way more enjoyable than the PC version because latency and connection do not factor in at all. This is, of course, very subjective because it depends on players' connections. My connection is only good half of the time, and even in the good half there is that 90-150ms delay which is noticeable. For my own reasons, I currently can only play on PC and/or laptop. My question/feedback, is to allow Diablo to be played on the PC without latency and connection affecting solo gameplay. However, if this is already an option, I would greatly appreciate if how to do so can be pointed out. I'm certain this might have been raised since the console version was released, however, I hope my voice matters or is taken into consideration nonetheless.Azzooz2 2d
12 Oct Gray screen Gray screen comes up when I try to launch game. Nvidia drivers are updated to no effect. Windows 10 up to date as well.duder5 12 Oct
12 Oct Empty ACC Hi Why I do not have my games in my acc? I bought Diablo 3 and 2 parts of SC2 pls helpesToraCator1 12 Oct
11 Oct error code 5016 can not add new friend to list. please helpHUNTER1 11 Oct
11 Oct BLZBNTAGT00000840 - FIXed it I've tried everything suggested in Blizzard's support page. Still I cant play the game. The up-date cant be made. Windows 10 Home Asus GL552VW laptop (24GB Ram, GTX960M) .. all drivers are up to date What should I do?BokoTikvata7 11 Oct
10 Oct Server/game freezes/lags - Thoughts? This has been a repeating problem, along side the death bug (where it doesn't give you the revive buttons) 10 Oct
10 Oct Skill Cooldowns Indicator doesn't show Something odd happened today when I re-opened Diablo 3 this afternoon for a bit of Paragon farming and Item Grinding. I started a game and then noticed that when I activated any skills that uses a cool-down, the indicator that shows how much of the skill cool-down remains was not being displayed on the skill icon. Leaving the game and starting a new game didn't resolve the issue. All that worked was to completely exit Diablo 3 and re-launch. I've never seen this "bug" before, so I must assume it's a new thing. Just for the record, I've not been able to reproduce the circumstances with which this bug showed up, so perhaps it's lucky I recorded the video to show what happened. Here is the YouTube link: 10 Oct
10 Oct Lost all characters After restarting Diablo 3 for a while, all my characters are gone. I was almost paragon 800. Last night i updated the game and logged in, but it sent me right to the create new character screen. Please give back my characters.BoA2 10 Oct
10 Oct Clan members not showing Clan Members offline?Steve2 10 Oct
10 Oct stuck on "Updating setup files" Fix Taken from: ty verry much guys Fix 1 worked for me !!!! Fix #1 Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services Scroll down and find “Secondary Logon” Right Click > Properties Change it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Automatic’ Run your Diablo 3 setup as administrator and it should quickly go through Updating Setup Files and bring you to an install screen. Congratulations, your game now (hopefully) works! If this solved your issue, spread it around. Fix #2 Right click on the Diablo 3 setup file you downloaded via the Blizzard Downloader Select Properties > Compatibility > Check Run this in Compatibility Mode for… > Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3) (Note: Does not work on Vista.) Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator. Fix #3 Delete your C:\ProgramData\ folder. Delete your C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\ Cache folder. Run the Downloader again, as administrator, and see if it gets past the “Updating Setup Files” window. If not, see Fix #1. Fix #4 (Thanks Ron!) This one worked for me: try and find the agent application in the folder (for example C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\\Agent). Start the agent application manually and after that start Diablo III setup file in your Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer folder. Good luck! Fix #4a – Clarification for Fix 4 by GarytheOak 1. Run the diablo insall thing… let it get stuck. 2. Close it, and ctrl+alt+delete and end the “Agent” process. 3. Go to C/programdata/ and run the “Agent” executable 4. Run the diablo install thing 5. WAIT! it will get stuck for a min or so and then work Credits: ty verry much guysPeanutt53 10 Oct
10 Oct Login server on all games is there a maintenance over all the games login server on EU? I'm online on the app but can`t play sc2 d3 or hs.Archone4 10 Oct
5d Missing Set out of my Armory Hi, I had the Phoenix Set for the wizard that I earned in the (next to) last season. I had saved it in my wizards armory cabinet under "Phoenix". I had not been logged in in a while; but now when I logged in to play it was gone. The armory tab "Phoenix " is still there, but the set is gone. Can you explain why it is gone and if it is possible to get it back. BrdgsShecky11 5d
09 Oct Stuck at loading screen I'm stuck at the loading screen with the red gems. They move/fade normally for about 5 seconds and then stop moving. I can still hear the background music, but nothing else happens. have tried the repair tool, deleting the folders, running as admin etc. Any help?Arnout1 09 Oct
09 Oct Diablo III - Standard Edition Download and play? Hello all. I have a Blizzard account and I bought Diablo III years ago. In my homepage, it says i Have Standard Edition. If I download the game client, can I play normally? Thanks!Gabriel1 09 Oct
09 Oct Battlenet seems to think that I dont own Diablo 3 So I have a physical copy of the original non DLC Diablo 3. I installed it on my PC years ago without unintalling it. Now I wanted to buy Reaper of Souls and Necro DLC but battlenet says I cant buy the DLC without owning the game. I have the game. I even ran it to make sure everything is working. Can someone help ?Vali1 09 Oct
06 Oct Game crashes loading areas Ever since I started playing again a few days ago, my game crashes randomly when loading certain areas. Outside of this the game runs as it should. As soon as I click the next rift floor, area, or travel to a different place on the map, the game will freeze for a couple of seconds and then close off. The crash usually happens on average around every 10-20 zones I'd say, and it doesn't seem zone specific as certain areas have crashed and loaded on different occasions. I last played actively a few months ago with no problems at all, and since then the game has needed updating. I've tried reinstalling the game, even removed other softwares off my computer in case they were conflicting somehow, and still it continues to crash randomly. Someone mentioned about turning down graphics etc, I've checked those and all were as they were when I last played with no problems. My computer should also have no issues running D3 and never has done in the past, so I don't think the problem is hardware related. Is anyone else having this issue? I've asked some players and they've all responded no. If not, does anyone know a fix?Ryan1 06 Oct
06 Oct Ticket for Blizzard Can not be created D3 Ticket: Something went wrong on our end. An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later. I can not go with illusory boots Please return the clothes of the dead character who died of the game's mistake. I give all the data and video as proof. Thank you George79. George79#2323George7912 06 Oct
05 Oct Authenticator Issues I am trying to setup DIII again after over 5 years away (bought when it first came out). As part of accessing my purchase and downloading and installing again, it's asking me to refresh my Authenticator. So I downloaded the application again, gave it storage rights, logged into my account, plugged in the code sent via text, and now it's stuck on "Setting up..." To fix I've tried uninstalling, restarting, re-installing and trying again, to no avail. I'm on a Pixel 2 XL running Android 9 with latest patch (Oct 5, 2018) Thanks!Drutlana1 05 Oct
04 Oct Authentication - game key - not valid Hi, I bought the game on cd, few years ago. I played it twice, and after that i did not had time to play again until now. In that time i have a new computer, but the same account - the problem is when i tried to input the code i received a message ”the code was already used” or something like that. How is that possible - i have the same account and the same CD? Please help me. I tried to send a ticket but the message failed to send. I have the original cd and his original package, with the code on it.Daccad13 04 Oct
04 Oct FoV/ UI Scaling Hi all. I was hoping someone of some support would assist me on this. I have read the previous posts and i have searched the internet but i cant find any work around. My PC screen broke so I'm using a TV monitor for playing games. In every other game my resolution is 100% fine, I can play and see everything but in Diablo 3 I am on the same resolution as the computer but everything seems to be zoomed in. Like if I open the cube and my bags the 2 overlaps with each other. And the actual gameplay field of view seems to be smaller as well now. Is there any kind of work around or fix for this? Maybe a setting for FOB or a way I can just change the actual UI Scaling? If not when will this be patched. It is really annoying since everything seems so Damn BIG! Kind Regards RekkovRekkov3 04 Oct
04 Oct option settings when logging into the game i have to set the settings i want EVERY STINKING time i log on....could that be fixed so one could set it 1 time & then have it saved??? its REALY fckin annoying....amsn2 04 Oct
03 Oct chat ban problem got muted cause i spam little bit by mistake it says i have to go my registered e-mail adress but that email have been deleted and cant change my email adress on your siteUKIR1 03 Oct
03 Oct Trouble with installation (and not only) Hello, I've been having lots of trouble with First, I had problems with StarCraft II (on my other account) working properly. While I was able to launch it, it showed more or less as if it was a new account (not showing things like portrait, achievements, match history etc.). I tried logging out and again in, also waiting and slowly it started showing some of these things of my profile but still it wasn't functioning well. After a very long time of waiting (I guess nearly an hour, but all information regarding time is approximate), it still wasn't fully ready and I wasn't able to start a match in any mode. I also installed Diablo III and it was working more or less fine, except for some problems with logging in, disconnects and crashing, but at least it was working. Having uninstalled, together with StarCraft II and Diablo III, I have been trying to reinstall it again. However, the installer takes lots of time to install and usually it "freezes at a certain point". First for approximately 5-10 minutes it just shows "Updating Agent" or something like that. If it manages to get to the next phase "Installing Blizzard" it tends to freeze at 0% for a long time. If, by some chance, I manage to install the whole thing, and I click to install Diablo III, then it shows the windows where I can choose the destination folder and start the installation but the "Install" button is greyed out and the logo keeps spinning around. I think that in my recent events I only once managed to get beyond this phase but then first it took unusually lots of time doing some stuff related to "patch indices" (or something like that) and then when it started downloading, despite initially downloading at a reasonable speed, the speed soon started decreasing. What I did to solve the issue: - uninstalling and trying to reinstall - turning my laptop off and on - restarting my rooter - deleting everything I could find on my laptop's hard disk that had "" or "Blizzard" in its name - uninstalling my antivirus and disabling Windows Defender I'm not sure how to solve these problems. Not sure if it is connected in any way but I'm also having some problem with EA Origin and with Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. Everything else seems to be working fine and fast (including other browsers).Michał3 03 Oct
03 Oct MSVCP140.dll Downloaded the update and now i cannot play.Forze11 03 Oct
02 Oct Broken profiles. What's going on with the profiles on your site? It's very long now this issue exists. Almost the same is with starcraft game. When I try to check someone's profile in game it's showing 0's on anyone.KrysS0 02 Oct
02 Oct Problem with hardcore seasonal char. Hi.I was playing with my hc. seasonal character in nephalem rift.But the electricity went off(because of raining).When I started my PC again,I saw that my character died.So I am unable to play with that character again.Is there anyway for restoring the character?I am asking for it because it was not my fault,please help meHydra1 02 Oct
02 Oct The game connection has been lost I level up my hero to 10 and stop playing for a while. Then i tried to resume the game and every time i log in i got this message -> The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server. I tried to delete my hero and make another one and i got the same problem. That's why i made this topic. Can anyone help?Rep403 02 Oct
02 Oct Lost account Hi, this is not my problem, is for a friend. He stopped playing diablo a long time ago and he can't remember the email linked to the account, but he has the battle tag, is there any way to know the email or at least a hint like the first letters, so he can recover the password? His tag is Sourfang#11987Theoder2 02 Oct
01 Oct Lagging stash So in 2.6.1 lagging stash is still a problem. Read it on the US forums a lot and here. Is there a way to sort this? Seems to occur when I do speed runs mainly which slows the whole group. Someone says it doesn't happen if they are in a different town to the rest of the group so I need to test this. Is this being looked at? Can take forever for stash items and items on person to load. I can see they are there when I hover the mouse over my stash...jme0 01 Oct
01 Oct Diablo II patching problems Hello, I understand this is a diablo 3 forum, but there is no diablo 2 forum except for some random fan ones. First of all, I really hate the fact that Diablo II is not on the launcher. When I tried to go online for the first time it patched to 95% and then said my files were corrupt. Which is funny because I just installed it. Then when I tried to reconnect and download the necessary patches again it says "disconnected from" and I need to reconnect, but I simply cannot. So I cannot play online with friends... any thoughts?Gourmandises2 01 Oct
30 Sep constant crashing and stuttering This might be the wrong place to ask but since an update my computer automatically did on the 26th took place my diablo has been constantly crashing and stuttering the game is unplayable and i cant play without stuttering and a complete crash after 5 minutes. the update that took place was September 26, 2018—KB4458469 (OS Build 17134.320)... I dont have a USB to recover to an older windows 10 update any ideas on how to fix?liam1 30 Sep
30 Sep Crash causes lost keystone I entered a greater rift and Diablo III then crashed. When I got back into the game the keystone had disappeared but the rift was no longer open. How can I get my keystone back?Anatile2 30 Sep