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2h Poe wins Once again GGG proved that brand and budget is not always the key. They released 6 more acts,brand new skill gems and builds as well as mechanics in one expansion...for free.. And you guys have to pay for a Necromancer and a bunch of boring adjustments? D3 has its times with Vanilla,(still a dissapointment comparing with D2),but that was it.. Quit already,work on another project or something xDPurpleHaze5 2h
02 Feb Nerf Skeletal/Summoned Archers! Nerf Skeletal Archers/Summoned Archer! This is some serious bull!@#$. After grinding season 8 since it's beginning I had finally managed to get some half decent gear for my Wizard. I was running some 70+ G-rifts, pushing my limit. I was running a 73 G-rift without any problems - until I got to the last level. There were these summoned archers everywhere! Up until that level I had had very little problems with tanking both ranged and melee attacks, but for some unknown reason, those god damned archer could somehow kill me with 2-3 shots. And they're everywhere too! impossible to avoid. It got to the point where I wiped the rift because I would be killed as soon as I re-spawned. I have had the same problem on regular toon. No matter how well geared I am, it only takes about 2-3 shots from a Skeletal Archer to kill me. It's a Demon Hunter that I've been playing since the very first day of D3's release, and to this day it has never seen so much as a trace of decent toughness. So I figured that's just the problem with DH's, or that's just a problem with my build. But after gearing my Wizard and learning of this amazing thing called Toughness, I have realized that no matter if I can tank several arcane sentries, exploding elite packs, or massive onslaughts from various minions there will always be one of those cursed Skeletal Archer in some damned corner somewhere, ready to kill me with just a few shots... So I'm asking you to either get rid of the completely, or nerf them to a reasonable level. Or you could just make it so that there are less of them. I mean they're everywhere! I can't be expected to clear every single minion on my DH just so I won't be shot from behind, when fighting an elite/rare. This sucks more than the US election... Sincerely, Sedach.Sedach1 02 Feb
22 Jan Diablo 3 and RoS account! I dont know if this is a bannable offence, so I beg the moderators to not instantly ban me if I violated the laws of the forums! Please! This is about Diablo 3 and RoS. I know it is sad what I am doing by I am trying to do it purely for the love of my friends, you the players and Diablo 3 that became a game we can finaly LOVE. Here is the deal. Out of the three of us, one of our friends cant possibly buy the game to play it with the two of us. We did the calculations and he cant afford it. If he tries to change a job, he may end up being jobless yet again ( the glory of living in a decaying country) So, I came here, to beg on my knees for a kind soul that stopped playing the game for good, or someone that knows someone that dont need their account, or someone willing to share an account so we can play a bit of D3 with a mate that cant do it otherwise. I understand that there is a high chance of me being banned, mocked, trolled and ridiculed, but at this point, I am sadly beyond care and hope. I am just trying to fit a friend in the game so we can experience a fragment of D3 while we can. I hope that I dont get perma banned cus we are in a horrible financial situation :(Kusariyaro1 22 Jan
20 Jan Windows 10 Diablo III problem When i play D3 for a while and my windows just goes and shuts down for no reason and it realy bugs me. Can someone help please??Alex1 20 Jan
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13 Jan Soundtracks Thank you Blizzard for your incredible soundtracks in game.. I hope we'll get some more.. :)Rezial0 13 Jan
02 Jan Story mode Bosses They need to be buffed. Don´t you guys think the same? I mean, I´ve read several messages of new players being kinda surprised that the bosses are too easy to beat. 2 of my friends told me the same, one has quit playing because he said he felt like theres no challenge. It would be totally okay if you would buff them only for Campaign mode, or drastically reduce the quality of items dropping in normal-hard-expert difficulty. I know it might sound stupid for some of you but this may discourage many potential players buying this game. I know that it gets better by the difficulty but some players just wont play it after this experience. Like c´mon, Lords of hell and Diablo himself killed with 4 hits dealing them no damage. Sounds kinda dumb to me too, and I really do like this game. For instance they could be at least as strong as Malthael. What do you guys think of this ? :)Fury2 02 Jan
01 Jan Why is D2 so much better than D3? I've been reading comments on the forum and replies to news from blizzard and i've noticed that a lot of people are comparing D3 to D2 and saying things like "D2 is so much better" or "if they made D3 more like D2 it would be better" or my favorite "the people working on D3 sucks bring back the D2 team" my question to these people is why is D2 better? now don't get me wrong i love D2 and i played it for years but the game had a lot of problems that people tend to overlook because the demands on a game wasn't as high when D2 came out and was played as they are now in the D3 era. But ill make a few points that in my opinion are shortcomings of D2 when compared to D3 D2 is much more repetitive - you teleport to boss, kill boss, create new game and start over and almost never get any good drops or if you're farming keys same thing but u get a torch at the end which until recently wasn't even tradable Drop and trade systems are totally ruined - high runes almost never drops, but runewords are relatively cheap in trade so why even farm them, good legendaries are not as rare as high runes but they are not worth as much in trade, now i know this is because of cheaters and dupers but still you didn't see a lot of that when D3 had trading and even less now :P Gear is almost the same for everyone - when gearing a D2 char for endgame PvE its almost the same gear for everyone (i'm generalising a bit now but not a lot... enigma/CoH, +3 skill amu with HP or Mara, SoJ/ bulkhatos, char specific weapon or Botd if there aren't any, verdungo/arachnid, skill L charms and HP/res S charms, and so on) if you don't count char specific items you could take almost your whole gear from a barb and put it on a paladin and it would still work good, some pieces would even work from barb to sorc, not enough for a functional char but still, oh yea and sets are mostly not even used in endgame but sometimes good to use before u get endgame gear PvP is alright until... PvP is pretty good, a bit of unbalance but still fun and really hard against good players, and a lot of time, planning and theorycrafting goes in to ones PvP gear, thats until the FoH paladin enters the game, FoH palas only purpose is to ruin PvP for everyone else (1shots almost anyone long before they come in your line of sight by rightclicking anywhere and you would think this is awesome in PvE but its not, cause its single target only) and yet almost everyone seems to have one PvE - ridiculously easy - when you have some of your endgame gear PvE becomes to easy, all bosses are no threat at all and the way leading up to them is a bit annoying and takes some time (most of that time is waiting) and some enemies have immunity to your element at hell difficulty (there are ways around that) but still easy and thats if you're not a hammerdin, when you are a hammerdin it's superduper easy we are talking normal difficulty in D3 easy, you have high res and armor and block so you're really hard to kill, you have high damage and nothing is immune to a hammerdin i don't even think anything has any res to hammerdins. now you have some uber bosses that are hard if you're not geared or specced for it but again if you are specced and geared for it (smite pala) its easy as hell again spec diversity and balance - now the spec diversity is nice, all classes have 3 skill trees and for a few of them all 3 skill trees are active skills some have a tree with only passive skills or party skills, and even within these 3 skill trees theres a lot of specs to choose from (for example a sorc can find like 3-4 specs only in the fire skill tree) and now when they added token of absolution (reset stats and skills) its fun to experiment and not worrying about spec not working and you have to make a whole new char, the only problem with specsand balance is that no matter how good you make your spec and gear, paladins are always gonna be better, that goes for PvP, PvE and Ubers. leveling was weird - lvl 1-24 a bit slow, lvl 25-85 super fast, lvl 85-89 a bit slow, 90-99 super slow Oh and about the D2 team, they tried to make a few games as Flagship Studios(one of them a D2 lookalike named mythos) but failed miserably, they had some good ideas with hellgate: london (mainly taking the D2 gear and drop systems and put them in a shooter) but a lot of the game was flawed so that failed aswell (i think that if you take the idea of Hellgate: London and make a new game from it now it would be awsome), now bill roper is on the marvel 2015 team and he's doing a good job there anyway, what i'm trying to say is don't judge D3 against the nostalgia you have for D2, it will never live up to that, as separate games they are both good and have their own pros and cons but when you compare them both to each other D3 will win from almost all aspects of the game if you look at it objectivelyHacedon31 01 Jan
30 Dec Anyone still playing Diablo 2? I'm thinking of buying the game,but I'm afraid I'll have none to play with now that people have probably switched to d3.Maldis17 30 Dec
19 Dec No quest indicated after finishind a previous quest Hello Duds, I have the following odd issue which may come from my misunderstanding and low experience with the game: When I finish a certain quest (single player game) and I am directed to go back in Tristram for new assignment I cannot see any information about a new quest. In the quests dialog is written that I do not have any current quests and I cannot understand why (I have the full version of the game)? If I invoke other players into my game the quest magically appear and this happens from time to time. Evry time when I want to have a new quest I have to invoke multiplayer, exit the multiplayer and then I can continue to work alone with a new quest which is strange. In general what have to be done when I do not have any quests in the dialog window at the beginning or in the middle of the game??? Thanks a lot!ATHLETTH1 19 Dec
10 Dec Diablo 2 vs diablo 3 and future of franchise I want to tell my 2 cents about d3 vs. d2 and future of franchise.As you can see,I don't have so many hours in-game like others and didn't gear all my characters full.As much as I loved d3 and tried to enjoy it,I just couldn't hold it anymore.So now I'll explain why... 1.Atmosphere/dialougue/story Yeah,I think we all saw that coming.The music in this game is always so casual and boring it just fails to have some impact on player.Now don't get me wrong that's only 60% of music(excluding act 5 soundtrack which was best in my opinion and act 1 tristram theme) but it's just...meh.Dialogue also feels forced and most of time tries to be humorous but fails.Characters in towns are rambling about some unimportant stuff which leads to a sense of separation from main story.For ex. some merchant says something like how this woman gives him bad look and he wonders if she has some foul intentions.Wtf?!An angel just crashed and destroyed half of cathedral and there's Wortham burning few kilometres of New Tristram and that's best you have to comment?Story was ok at best,but lore books suffer from same as dialogue,although I loved the parts which weren't explained in great detail in previous games(Lilith,Inarius,Angiris council etc.)Also there are corpses and blood in this game but who forgets when you entered jail level in d2 where you seen people torn apart by torturing devices or blood boiling in depths of monastery catacombs?I've got shivers everytime when I enter cathedral in d2 or d1 but and gamma/contrast could be also toned down.Diablo 3 was only scary to me in act 5,especially Westmarch heights when you hear that mumbling voice or act 4 silver spire levels where you could hear angels scream...Now that all evils are loose we could see many things like Azmodan turning back from Diablo which leads to hell civil war,Imperius own pride leading to his battle with nephalem and his downfall,angels reuniting again after getting two new aspects from Lightsong and so on. 2.Monsters/monster affixes/combat I just hate moster encounters in higher torment difficulties.In diablo 2,encounters were much more personal and when you come to an elite you really need to think and use some strategy to finish them off.That was primaraly beacuse of great modifiers like enchanted,imunnities etc.I didn't like any of modifiers in d3 except arcane enchanted,desecrator and avenger.Here when you hit T6 all monsters in a way become mob packs and if you are geared right you just blaze through them.That's it.No strategy,modifiers don't mean anything just blazing.Now of course there are exceptions to this rule-above mentioned arcane enchanted and desecrator enemies requires you to be careful so that's only strong point.Yet strangely enough combat is damn satisfying so you wont be able to stop for hours.35% of monster design is unmemorable(anarchs,lacuni huntress,exarchs,ice porcupine) while others are great(blood seraph,blood golems,collosal golgors,death maidens,deceivers...)What bothers me,and I loved that in d2 are monster deaths.Can you remeber how oveersers skin was melted when you defeated them?Here in d3 I like how collosal golgors explode in pile of bones and flesh.It's just nasty.I would really love to see more gory animations,but since we probably won't get another expansion I hope we'll see it in d4. 3.Skill tree/passives/stats Now, along with combat this is too best part of d3.The way they implemented % of weapon dmg goes to skill power is great and always ensures that every skill is valuable and good in specific builds.The only thing d2 sucked at beacuse some skills only purpose was synergy.However there is room for improvement.They could go as far so every skill has sub-skill which alters some things like piercing,AoD,projectile dispersion etc.Runes should be here too but they would make more noticable change to skill like permanent buffs,extra summon,dmg to life convergance etc.Characters stats should also return.Passives also. 4.Itemization/end game/RNG/difficulty Again,this is were d3 sucks a big one.There's no more item atributes like crushing blow,magic find,skill grant...I liked that legendary and set effects in d3 ,and they should return but that was only good thing in uniques.Charms,where are they?Runewords are also a must,more than any.They could also implement new items such as power stones which would grant you bonus atributes to character and all new powers and skills non-specific to any character.Also they need to rework RNG system which is really bad in this game.I want to feel rewarded when I find powerful items,not see them raining like candies from sky.Blood shards MUST be out for good.They are ridicolusly OP.Right now I acquired whole Marauders and half of Vyr's arcana set with almost no problem.Gambling was fine in d2.Loot hunting should be just as it have ever have been.I understand that not everyone has 15 hours a day to play,but you really shouldn't be playing diablo if you can't give your time to this game.Whole end game concept shouldn't be there,I mean rifts and grifts.They are great leaderboards wise,but items can be acquired through normal means.You do rifts to acquire items and blood shards ,use them to acquire sets and so on.It's a vicious circle.Regarding the end game it should incorporate something similar to nephalem world challanges.The concept would work like this:you activate specific challenge and whole game world changes,bosses gain new abilities,are randomized,sometimes you have to slay their unique minions in order to get to them etc.When you finally defeat them you would get some parts of ancient nephalem device which would last about 1 month in game time before vanishing but in turn would boost your core stats,abilities ,magic find and other useful effects.This would make challenge good for replay value.Another type of challenge would incorporate some RTS elements but nothing too hardcore(this is ARPG game at its core) where you could build some villages and machinery to do siege battles against Prime evils itself.Interface would be still diablo-ish but you could always stop game time and plan where your followers could attack via some sort of siege wheel where you could access tactics on go.Again these are just 2 types of challanges I came up with but with little brainstorming there could be much more.This is what I want in d4.Again you could go casual loot hunt whenever you want.PvP should also return but with more depth(clan wars,specific PvP items).There should be less difficulties-normal,nightmare,hell,madness and destruction.All items should be worked around that to avoid power creep. Things that should return Kanai's cube-although nerfed-for me no need of that upgrade rare item Pets-useful for gold pickup but with some QoL improvments(gems,materials pickup) PvP Things that shouldn't return Achievements-seriously,except for bragging there's really no need for this Destuction's end In the end I'm really hoping Blizzard will get their head out of their a**s and turn this franchise in what it used to be.People say that we have waited d3 for 10 years and d4 won't come anytime soon but just remember d2 came after 4.If nothing, I'm really hoping for PROPER REMASTER of d2 with maybe two prequel acts.Please Blizzard don't make this franchise fall in dark just as Aidan did.And my fellow friends tnx for taking time to read this post.dragonslayer19 10 Dec
07 Dec Old blizzard Diablo 3 is nothing compared to Path of Exile. Wow retail is nothing compared to NOSTALRIUS private server which they closed Old blizzard is gone, money makers are here ........sry just started diablo 3 while im waiting patch on Poe..and i was like .... WTFFAHXHAXHAHXblackhorn3 07 Dec
02 Dec Regex for matching Battletags Working on a mobile application for the upcoming API, would like to implement a regular expression to check if the syntax of a BattleTag is correct before submitting a request to the server. If it was only english characters I woud be fine, but I'm stumbling when trying to make a robust international version. According to the naming policy ... Using this website since it allows quick testing of regex I can some up with something like ^\D.{2,11}#\d{4}$ and it works fine for simple matching, but once you add in foreign characters and non letter characters it fails pretty quickly. Test cases: Should pass JohnJohnson#2121 öJohnJohnson#2121 JøhnJohnson#2121 Should Fail 1JohnJohnson#2121 JohnTooooLong#2121 JohnTooMany#212121 _JohnJohnson#2121 John_Johnson#2121 John-Johnson#2121 +JohnJohnson#2121 Hopefully looking for a solution that doesn't list individual blacklist / whitelist characters, but rather something more robust and general. Any insight is appreciated!inphamous3 02 Dec
26 Nov Christmas/holiday in D3 Hi During Christmas and other holidays. It would be awesome if you guys could add an goblin as pet with santa outfit and some cool animated moves and sounds. And give the NPC's some outfits and decorate the different Chapters hometowns. Maybe make some holiday related bonus quests so we can farm after cool/fun items or pets. -RichardEragor1 26 Nov
22 Nov rePlayability in online games ⚡ MMORPG analytics Hi ho :) I've made vlog-analytics about the most important gameplay part of any online game or MMORPG..... About replayability :) What do you think about this topic? :) Which single/online game is the best in 'replay value' in your opinion and why? :)tangar0 22 Nov
17 Nov Diablo 1 Enhanced Engine Belzebub Recently a demo version of an upcoming Diablo 1 mod from a polish developer was released. It looks VERY promising. I would recommend this demo to anyone who is even a slight diablo 1/2 fan. The game runs at a solid 60fps, there are various inventory functions that make the game less tedious (shift clicking to sell for example). The gameplay has been sped up by a slight margin to make playing smoother and more enjoyable. All of the additional content merges well with vanilla d1 and isn't too over the top and out of place. Some additional content includes barbarian+paladin classes (when released), many new items, complete rebalance, better enemy AI, quests that were cut from the game in dev stages and a lot more. The demo includes the 3 classic d1 characters and is playable up to level 5. When completed this mod will be a great way for people to experience diablo who were previously put off by the slower nature of the original. Some info from the developer... ... If sound is not enabled make sure you have the latest OpenAL32.dll file, there is an installer included with the mod called oalinst.exe Download: Mirror: Source: I have long since had enough of d3 (sadly) so i am posting this in hopes of bringing more attention to this project.DREWPICKLES14 17 Nov
13 Nov Why Diablo 2 was awesome game? Because it was horror scary dark game not cartonish one. When I played first time Diablo 2 I was soo scared .I was afraid to pick up a hero from picking screen that's how good it was.Just go now to picking screen of D2 and you will see this atmosphere.That's why D2 is called Diablo.TheJoker27 13 Nov
13 Nov Diablo 2 lod - remastered Hi there I know this topic has been brought up before. But im curious, how many of you would pay full on game price for a diablo 2 remastering with diablo 3 graphics and physics, and also with the old playable characters? - necromancer, druid, sorceress etc. Same music. Same maps and bosses + quests. Only thing new is the graphics. I know i would pay for that atleast :P And maybe in the future they could add in Kanais cube and rifts/grifts for more end game. So we don't have to be stuck on endless ball runs.Craft8 13 Nov
25 Oct diablo 2 so my cousin offer me his old games and in those there were diablo 2 lord of destruction dlc. i wanted to know if i buy the diablo 2 avaiable in the battlenet can i install the dlc or do i have to buy both the original game and the dlc? thank you for your timejosefodias3 25 Oct
10 Oct Diablo 4? Hold your horses Blizz After beatdown D3 receives for its shallowness you want to further destroy once great franchise? I would think twice. So far Path of Exile is doing better job despite being free than what you guys doing for money. Concerned fanPanmisiek17 10 Oct
05 Oct My thoughts on Path of Exile Path of Exile got interesting mechanics but got ugly hero animations .Ugly armor too.If you won't pay you won't look good.Skill tree, mana reserve,hp reserve is very interesting.TheJoker1 05 Oct
01 Oct Diablo 3 vs Titan Quest have you played both of them and if so: which one did you enjoy more? I think overall TQ is the better game. Now dont get me wrong, I think D3 is awesome, I enjoyed it very much. But the main thing that TQ shines with is variety. There are so many more class combinations you are able to try out. In D3, after you have tried every class and cleared at least normal with a few of them, you feel kinda 'meh, now what'. Sure, you can go try harder difficulties, but that only works if you really enjoy the fact that it just becomes harder. Is there any Nightmare+ exclusive content, like new bosses? There sure is in TQ. Also in TQ you can just try more classes and their combinations. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the TQ campaign also longer than D3's? I am not sure. Overall, after having tried out all 5 of the classes and played a monk through nightmare, the games gives me no more reason to play it anymore, but that's just me.Cloudkicker81 01 Oct
27 Sep Diablo 3 and Windows 10 !! I was looking for some info on how Diablo 3 runs on the new Windows 10 Tech Preview and I have found this thread : On the US Formum but as i see it died a long time ago. So what did I do? Ahh .... let's do it. And this is what i got - it works and it works more then fine. Windows 10 supports our Diablo 3 so for all you who like to test the new MS system with out loosing the ability to play - go for it :) I'm changing OS on bouth of my PC's tonight.Rebusik37 27 Sep
26 Sep logitech keyboard lag fix i have the logitech k520 wireless keyboard and i was experiences huge lag times with keystrokes making it unplayable unless i went back to a wired keyboard, after searching through the forums on here i saw someones suggestion of moving the usb to a diff port to help with interferece issure. Well i happened to have a 30inch ish usb extension cable and used that to move the keyboards usb plug away from the computer and everything works perfect now. this is the only game ive ever had this issue on, and I saw a lot of people having this problem, so i just wanted to share this fix in case it might help anyone, -JscribbleJscribble1 26 Sep
22 Sep Guild Wars 2 only 14k players - dead game Its sad.. so much potential, but now its totaly dead see yourself and its falling down like a rock, good bye GW2Alyss34 22 Sep
22 Sep How many players still play D2:LOD ? Hey, I was thinking about buying d2:lod and start playing after all these years... how many players actively play it @ bnet eu server ? thanks !BlueX2 22 Sep
06 Sep Diablo 2 Lod remaster please Could u Please give us the same concept od Diablo 2 Lod, u should listen to the fans and i am sorry to say this but D3 is a failure. Where are the rune words, runes, Game trading or making our own games, the feeling of Diablo 2, u have changed the whole concept of Diablo? Please a Remastered of Diablo 2 Lod and u will se how much u will earn.TheAncient12 06 Sep
14 Aug Girlgamer — series about gamers life Hi ho! I've filmed new series... about us, gamers :) First, pilot episode: Please subscribe to series @ our youtube channel: We would film new episodes every week ;) Originally we film in Russian language - russian channel is: and then translate in English :D We are waiting for your impressions, opinions, critics 8) Please support us - "like" the video and share in social networks :) Thanks!tangar0 14 Aug
05 Aug Diablo 3 and Path of Exile - game progression D3 release date: May 15, 2012 PoE release date: 23 October 2013 I am not going to do TL;DR thread because no one gonna reads it anyway. I started playing those game since their birth. And honestly if I compare those 2 games today, I feel like there was more effort and heart put into PoE rather than Diablo 3. Not only in terms of gameplay/character mechanics but content in general, even though Path of Exile was released good year after D3. GGG constantly looking for a ways to improve and add extra stuff to the game, despite the fact that game is free. Amazing dedication which Blizzard lacks,Panmisiek19 05 Aug
04 Aug New Lost Ark Demo No words needed.Enjoy. 04 Aug
01 Aug Diablo 3 data usage? I'll be playing on 4g for a few days. How much data will it use? Can anyone do any examples or such? " don't wanna waste too much :C "DevilHachi0 01 Aug
27 Jul uninstall D3 and get Belzebub D3 has nothing to do with the Diablo world blizzard once created. Some guy from wow comes and makes a wow clone. and then the casual brainless peps gets happy because the game do everything for them so they can relax and play with 1 hand while using their cellphone on the other. A guy alone made Belzebub a few years back as a hd mod project to Diablo 1. He did a great job! check it up :) . just typ Diablo 1 hd mod and you get information of belzebub. Its a great game. Its more or less what old diablo fans wanted from a Diablo 3 game.. not some disney world scooby doo with fancy numbers all over screen. In belzebub you will find quests that blizzard removed before the game got out, with dialogues and everything already premade. Ive no idea what blizzard do anymore, but they obviously gave up on doing great games. I keep supporting that bull!@#$ because they actually managed to make some of the best games i know of. Maybe im just a senile old goozer with lack of english vocabulary but , diablo 1 and diablo 2 was great games. Belzebub is also a great game! so do like me , make a firecracker of that diablo 3 cd and install belzebub instead :DZack1 27 Jul
29 Jun Diablo The movie You created Warcraft movie. Now we want a Diablo movie.MostNeed2 29 Jun
18 Jun Diablo 2 - Resolution / Quick Map adjust Are there any plans for Blizzard to give Diablo 2 some loving, I know theyre looking to hire people to "maintain legacy" but .. that's, not quite clear • Resolution for beyond palm size screens -.- • Quick map resizing / repositioning • Being able to pick items up easily rather than holding Alt and clicking the name box (seemingly easy things? I don't know I'm not a dev) • Or even to just .. refresh D2 using D3 assets? ____________ • You could even just re-do it in D3 engine or what ever. i'd pay a couple quid for that.Lukrid6 18 Jun
17 Jun Blizz do us all a favour and give away Diablo rights to Grinding Gear Games. They seem to know how get the job done, and you just focus on Overwatch, Candy Crush, Minecraft and all other stuff which matter to your current fan base. Poe its not a bad game, maybe story line a bit on the cheesy side, but since D3 is a big name they would most certainly drag this game to the heights you failed to do so. If you do that, you will get amazing respect from me as a Pre Activ Blizzard fan.Panmisiek6 17 Jun
16 Jun Mail box - disapaired I have diablo 3 with the latest patch ofcourse, but i dont have any mailbox icon on my screen, why ? is this a glitch/bug or what can i do to get my mailbox icon ??Dimitri1 16 Jun
03 Jun D3 gameplay suggestion I was thinking about D2 and D3. I was playing D2 hours and hours solo or with friends and the same goes with D3 but sometimes am missing D2. Its story, characters, bosses. I was thinking about boss fights in D2 and it would be nice to fight them again in D3. That would be nice. We have uber bosses in portals from infernal machines. What about making something similar but inside will be D2 bosses made for D3. Fighting Baal, Mephisto, Duriel, Andariel again would be perfect and could bring some good memories of the D2. Thnx for the reply SarvielSarviel0 03 Jun
02 Jun Diablo 4?? Its been almost a year since anyone has said something about diablo 4. I have heard some rumors but nothing concrete. What does the community think of a new diablo game. My views on the diablo saga: 1. Would like a diablo game where leveling the wrong skills can cost you a character like in diablo 2. The adventure mode in diablo 3 is and epic system of loot farming which is what diablo players are renowned for (the loot grind) 3. The boss fights in the diablo games have always been unique and fun but would like it more challenging and more rewarding. 4. The difficulty should not be a players choice. you should have set difficulties and only the strongest and most grinded players should be rewarded with completing the game. (like the old vanilla version of diablo 3) These four is what makes a diablo game great for me so in that light my only criticism in diablo 3 is that the story over time has been neglected and its all about rushing to the end and farming. This should not be the case for me. you should be grinding to move forward into sanctuary and not just run through killing everything. Once you have done the grind and kill diablo on the most difficult level there should be a world where you fight grueling monsters and take on daunting tasks and trails (adventure mode). Diablo 3 remains a top game for me even though my gameplay hours have decreased alot in the last 4 months. Let me know what you guys think of a new diablo game or just a way out there expansion that might change some things. PeaceMelpie8 02 Jun
02 Jun For my own sake - Eternal Crusade referrals Hey, if any of you are thinking about getting Wh40k: Eternal Crusade it'd be great if you would use my referral link. You get 4.000 RTP (store currency) for free when signing up via that link and I get a referral once you sign into the game with that account. CheersWalkingDerp1 02 Jun
02 Jun Any new news on the re release of Diablo 1? Is there ever going to be a re release of Diablo 1 or HD/Enhanced edition?AP03N2 02 Jun
08 May Remastered Diablo & Diablo 2 I've searched this forum, and got no near match for what I'm looking for. I wish to encourage Blizzard to take their off time on a saturday, and start a little kitchen project of sorts, and rebuild Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 with Diablo 3 graphics. Same Story/Items/Skills/Maps, everything exactly the same. Just use the new engine. The reason a remaster will be good, is because players (like my girlfriend) want to catch up, or some simply want to refresh their lore about the game series. Problem is, if you look at the previous games through a 24" monitor, your eyes tend to start bleeding after 30minutes! And playing in a window is like playing pacman, except you chew on Wirt's leg. Face it, those games were awesome, we would gladly like to see that experience in HD. Think of it of a way to say thank you for being loyal customers. Would prolly shed a tear if this should ever surface. Tell me what guys think? Maybe a little blue post tease? PS to all haters & Idolizers, previous diablo games were not perfect, or solid at release. Doesn't anyone read patch logs? If you sqeeze them together, you get something that smokes Decard Cains' journal to smithereens. Thus, just be grateful the internet is still open source, and that theres power coming from your wall socket.SoulReaperZA63 08 May
03 May Daily WoW LIVE streams %) Cozy and fun! Hi ho, catguys! %) ... My name is Tangar Gameglaz, I’m 30, from Moscow, Russia... But I enjoy speaking English %) I'll be very glad to see you at my streams! I'm streaming EVERYDAY at my youtube streaming channel: ... I've just returned to WoW. My first stream after long time: Who I am: youtuber I got ~30 YT channels, some of them in English. Youtube is my life MMO-expert Playing from 1999 (Ultima Online @ Drachenfels and Catskills) journalist author of Russian gaming magazines musician rock band leader, guitar teacher, dj (electroclash, dark d'n'b). ecologist PhD %) I work at university as a soil scientist (computer science staff) web designer I'm developing websites and also work as graphical designer writer I'm in long process of creating my own fantasy world. Writing it for a long years already And I'm founder of Russian streamers community – Stream Guild Also I like sport (a lot of types: from karate to hiking), I do not drink alchohol (mad Russian!?), I enjoy cooking, I'm interested in history and politics, I like to draw (but not really good at it yet), I enjoy making photos (got instagram "igroglaz"). One of my dreams is to learn how to sew. I wanna make cloth for my self and my friends So... Back to gaming staff. From recent times, my main activities now in English. I enjoy speak English with you, catguys! So I got two English youtube channels: ... If you are interested in my videos, please subscribe to my channels I'll be very glad to see you there and I'll give you a drink %)tangar15 03 May
02 May Tired of boring D3? Best rpg Grim Dawn is out today Hey just wanted to mention that today is release day of GRIM DAWN probably best RPG ever! Give it a try and check some reviews or vids and go for it! Best RPG ever. thx J.FreedomJ77CZ39 02 May
01 May Entertaining Antivirus! So, my antivirus found itself, and asked me politely if I wanted it blocked or if it was ok to trust it... Doh!ZeeLoyd0 01 May
28 Apr Hey new at this So recently i started streaming and posting some videos on youtube, this is my chanel need some feedback, i will put more videos, next one will be the new set Tal Racha's of wizzard and DH support. Thankskab0 28 Apr
26 Apr Diablo 1 on PS1 I recently discovered that the first Diablo also had a PlayStation version, so naturally I'm extremely excited now cos I'm trying to get one. Just wanted to ask a few things from any of you guys who possess this game for PS: Does it differ much from the PC version content-wise? Where did you get it. Is it comfortable to play? Is it compatible with Joysticks?? And also, you happen to know any retailers who still sell unopened copies? Thanks :)Memo15 26 Apr
20 Apr 1st video youtube feedback? yes pleasekab0 20 Apr
19 Apr Diablo II Starcraft Mod Has anyone seen this yet? 19 Apr
12 Apr Diablo II LOD. Hey, so I have only just bought D2: LOD a few days ago and know they just released a new patch for it. I was just wondering if any one knew if there are plans for more patches? Perhaps to up scale the resolution but increase aggro range on mobs so that the game play still plays as it does now at 800x600? Would be kinda nice to get a 1920x1080 :)Zanaris13 12 Apr