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01 Apr 2018 Insights on the PTR changes Greetings nephalem! Don Vu, Game Designer, recently shared in the NA forums some insights related to the current PTR patch that might be of your interest: ...Katriedna3 01 Apr 2018
07 Sep 2017 PTR DOWNTIME - 9/7 Hey testers, The PTR will be going down today, Thursday, September 7 for approximately one hour starting at 19:30 CEST. It's always possible maintenance may be extended, in which case we'll do our best to keep you updated in this thread if there are any additional changes. Thanks!Vaneras0 07 Sep 2017
16 Aug 2017 Patch 2.6.1 PTR known issues – Updated 15/8/2017 Hello everyone, and welcome to the Patch 2.6.1 PTR! Below you will find the Known Issues list. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the patch. What is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance, that are under investigation, and (in most cases) are expecting a fix. Just because a bug is not listed does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III! General Attempting to purchase the Necromancer can cause errors With this, the ability to purchase the class is disabled until a future PTR patch Items Helltooth Harness There is an issue with the (6) Set power Note: This effect has been disabled and will be re-enabled in a future PTR patch Tal Rasha’s Elements There is an issue with the (6) Set power Note: This effect has been disabled and will be re-enabled in a future PTR patch The Gavel of Judgment The Legendary power on this item is currently not functioning The Short Man’s Finger Wearing the old and new versions of this ring will cause neither one to work Vaneras0 16 Aug 2017
01 Feb 2017 How to Access the Patch 2.6.1 PTR To participate in the public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached your account in good standing (i.e. it hasn't been suspended or banned). In addition, you will also need to download and install the desktop app if you have not already done so. Step 1: Create a PTR account. To create a PTR account, log in to Account Management and double-click on your Diablo III game license; this will bring you to the game management page. On this page, click "Create a PTR account." If you've participated in any previous Diablo III PTR (including the Reaper of Souls beta), the "Create PTR account" button may not appear. This is because you've already created a PTR account and can therefore skip this step. Step 2: Once you have created a PTR account, installed the desktop, and logged in with your credentials, select "Diablo III" from the main menu on the left-hand side of the application. Step 3: On the Diablo III screen, there is a drop-down menu right above the "Play" button (note that this may say "Install" if you do not have Diablo III currently installed). Select "PTR: Diablo III" from this drop-down menu before proceeding. Step 4: You should now have the option to install and play the patch 2.6.1 PTR. The 2.6.1 PTR is available in all supported languages, and accounts from all regions are eligible to participate.Vaneras0 01 Feb 2017
01 Feb 2017 How to Copy a Character to the PTR The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters from your live account to the PTR will be available and can be done directly through the PTR client. However, only one region per account can be copied at a time. So, if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. Step 1: Log into PTR client and create a level 1 character. After you're done, return to the main character screen. Step 2: Click on the "PTR Copy" button located in the upper right-hand corner. (The PTR Copy button will not appear in-game until you have created a new level 1 character.) Step 3: Select your region. Step 4: Click "Copy." This will copy all characters on your account from the selected region. Step 5: You will be disconnected from the PTR client. Step 6: Log back in. Your copied characters will be available for play. Please note that you can only copy characters from one gameplay region at a time. If you choose to copy characters from a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. In addition, you can only copy characters over to your PTR account once every 24 hours. Attempting to copy characters before this cooldown is up will result in an error.Vaneras0 01 Feb 2017
01 Feb 2017 Direct All Bugs to the NA PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that you do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the North American PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support forums. If you experience difficulty logging in to post on the NA forums, you may need to first create a Hero (Character) in-game in the Americas game region before posting. You can do this by selecting Americas in the region selection menu just above the Play button in your desktop app. Once you have created a Hero (Character) there, you should be able to post your bug report. Also, please make sure to select your Diablo Battletag profile when posting on the NA forums.Vaneras0 01 Feb 2017
01 Feb 2017 Welcome! Please Read Welcome to the PTR Feedback forum! Please use this forum to discuss the latest game changes available on the Diablo III public test realm. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines: 01 Feb 2017
14h lost all lost everything on the ptr all stats reset toOnLyOnEsKiN4 14h
19h Horadric Cache Bounty - Quality of life Please have Horadric Bounty Cache's Drop in town when full Inventory. Often in public plays, I loose "caches" when i run around with a filled inventory and other people deliver the Bountys . This has been a a very annoying thing for many seasons for me. They drop on the ground when you are running around farming bounties without payin attention. They are VERY hard to find because they are white not marked on the map or anything. Hope this was the right place to post, All the best, Cerros.Cerros3 19h
19h Chantodo's set Hi, guys. I was testing Vyr Chantodo's set in PTR and I find it very attractive to play for next season. How ever, there is a rumor that they going to nurf that one. I hope they don't do this as will restrict the game play again to Meteor Builds which will return us back to the starting point and limiting the choose of style play trough the season! Chantodo's set is perfect as it is right now in PTR! If they touch and lower the dmg it will be no interest to play that build for next season and after disappointment from frozen orb in D3 ,which between was killing machine in D2 and preferable style of play there, they will completely shut Archon style of play again!!! Hope they did not touch and nurf the dmg.Rejev3 19h
1d how many seasons until the useless rend is removed Exactly. how many seasons are needed before the rend is replaced by something useful for the Wastes set ? or why you just do add garbage mechanic to all other sets to destroy the other set game play also ?MartelDeFer1 1d
2d PTR OPEN ??? so do we know if the PTR will be open again ? or done for this time ?Darkstorm840 2d
2d Jekangboard on PTR are 2 different kinds of this shield. 1 has 300 damage cap in secundary (mostly the offhand bag of the merchant)and 2. has 400 damage cap in secundarySchnuwe1 2d
2d PTR Down for Maintenance I woke to find a new patch available on the PTR and it seems it is not available for play due to maintenance. How long is this expected to last? I want to try the new changes and work from 11PM to 7 AM EST. There is a note on the launcher saying there is some sort of maintenance tomorrow, could this not have waited until then?Fazer1 2d
18 Apr PTR Feedback: Primal Puzzle Rings Hi all, I just want to voice an opinion I've been hearing quite a lot, and that's the somewhat disappointing lack of difference between Ancient and Primal puzzle ring Vaults. Now, a few interesting ideas I've heard so far for the Primal version are: 1) Replace regular goblin spawns with Blue goblins. I personally think that idea isn't that good, especially for the stress it would cause on the servers. Regular blue goblins killed too quickly usually freeze the game for a few seconds, so a few at the same time could potentially cause serious instability or crashes. 2) Make Greed drop a guaranteed Primal at the end. Pretty self-explanatory I guess, also since the mechanic / code is there for first clear of GR 70, I think it will be easy to implement. 3) Replace the mobs / map layout: Make the run bigger or just place 2-3 Bandit shrines. That would help with making a difference between Ancient and Primal. Bandit shrines also would help prepare the party for taking out many goblins at the same time, currently the 3-piece flow of the Vault is a little broken due to all of the goblins that are around. Another bend / extra corridor to extend the length of the run can also work, but don't know the dev requirements for that. Just a few ideas from me & community. Take care!SlabakBG1 18 Apr
17 Apr Greater Rifts Make it possible to set limits on GR game. What level GR gonna be there, paragon you wanna players have, (what classes needed). Right now, many join random games and leave just because others are so much weaker or they start too low GR for them. Way too much time wasted to find GR game that actually work.hesam5 17 Apr
17 Apr BlizzardBait&Switch 5 stash tabs... Latest PTR notes show the "5 additional stash tabs for everyone" is now a gated seasonal conquest requirement to unlock them. This is not true of D3 console gamers who can simply buy them for gold. PC players who do not grind seasonal characters can no longer gain the promised 5 additional stash tabs Blizzard said would be available to ALL players. How is it right that console gamers get them basically free, and PC gamers have to grind it out on the new season to get them over time. Honestly no one wants to do more seasonal conquests to unlock the extra stash space. Not everyone even wants to focus on seasonal play... It should be fair for all player types on all platforms. Just give the stash tabs for basic in game gold purchase and let the player base be happy for once....UGotGanked1 17 Apr
17 Apr Latency on PTR My normal latency is 28 . in PTR it is 280 to 600 or more . This is constant. A lot of rubber banding. I'm Australia and i have being using the PTR for a few years and this latency is new to this PTR. I have no other issues that i can tell with the PTR.Bong600 17 Apr
17 Apr Make Ramaladni's Gift salvageable After the first week of a season in groups it's easy to pick up dozens of these items, and sure they are great day 1/2... But when you have 40-50 you stop picking them up and surely making them worth something like 5-10 souls would be better than nothing. Any thoughts welcomeJay0 17 Apr
15 Apr Make Stash search case INSENSITIVE, plz Don't know about english version of the game, but russian one looks for items in a case sensitive way. Very inconvinient. Can you change that to INsensitive?EagleHorn1 15 Apr
10 Apr A few tips concerning Revive and Skeletal mage Hello, and first of all sorry for my english. I am not a native speaker so there might be some grammar horrors on this post :P I would like to reiterate a suggestion I made a while ago, with the addition of a new one that concerns the Skeletal Mages. Let's start from Revive : I have been reading through the forums and it seems some people (rightfully) feel like Revive is a cool skill but with a lot of unused potential. I agree on this , because the reanimated minions are outclassed by the Skeletal Mages in all forms and don't really last enough . Therefore, I would suggest to increase the base duration of Revive and also modify the Mask of the Scarlet Death : Simply adding damage is not enough, because when you reanimate a monster it retains a part of its AI. This means : chance of witnessing stall times between attacks , chance of seeing your minions wandering around and\or walking in circle around the target and so on [ = wasted time ] . In my opinion, that Mask should be rewarding to use. You could make it so that it increases the life span of the reanimated even further and grants the purgatory rune. Then, if you have purgatory from both the mask and your own skill rune, you get permanent minions. As for the non-Singularity skeletal Mages, I would suggest to either remove the timer or increase it [improving Nailuj Evol's ring maybe?]. Thanks a lot for even reading this small wall of text.Richard19930 10 Apr
10 Apr Make searching 'stash-wide' It would be nice, if stash tab and stash group would be highlighted, if they have items matching the search criteria. Without this I will have to click ALL the tabs, that I think may store the item I'm looking for. Thanks to the wardrobe function, items tend to change their place...EagleHorn1 10 Apr
08 Apr Server delays? I am the only player who have terrible lags on the europe server? Its really hard to play.miangu1 08 Apr
07 Apr Armament pack I never find with my Necromancer the Pauldrons of the skeleton King, if i buy the armament pack. I have always to switch to my witchdoctor. With him, there is no problem to get it. It this correct?miangu0 07 Apr
07 Apr Almighty Search Hi Everyone, I love the idea of the stash-search it is really helpful (at least for my messy stash :). I think the following tweaks could make it greate: Make it global, e.g. also search your other chars and their inventory How about showing the first three to five results in a "virtual tab" or so and make it possible to grab the item directly from there, regardless where it is currently located. (If another char is wearing it, you jsut remove it from that char). This way, you don't have to go through all your tabs, and you can even access items on other chars. Sometimes I go through all my chars, just to find one item. (I play all classes :) Can you give us filter? Like filter for item type (ring, crossbow, etc), item quality unique/set., acient, archaic? I often look for a specific weapon, but don't know the name. So I run to the cube, look for the name, run back to the stash and search for it. I don't know if it is hard to implement, but man would I love this feature. Another similar thing: The Wardrobe. Can you tweak it, so that it can use all items you own? So like in the requested global search, if another char wears it or has it in his inventory, just remove it from there. I have many items, I share with multiple chars, like the Aquila Cuirass. So lets say I have a Wizard build using it and save it. Than I take the armor and give it to my necro to create another build and save it. When I go back to my wizard, and want to equipe that build, the armor is missing, although my necro still has it. When I get too annoyed, I try to get a duplicated but that's a bit stupid to get identical items, just so you don't have to share it between your chars. Thanks for reading!Orcus0 07 Apr
07 Apr PTR Scrimshaw Issues I just used the Weapons PTR Pack on my seasonal Witch Doctor on the PTR and there was a Scrimshaw included. I identified the item and it does not have the usual legendary affix of reducing the cost of Zombie Charger. Fairly sure this is not intended.Tahjn0 07 Apr
06 Apr Stash tab focus bug After buying the first extra tab on the third column, if you buy one more the game switches back to the second column after purchase. It should be focused on the last purchased tab as it used to on the others. It is not a serious bug, but annoying.gergo3140 06 Apr
06 Apr No Option to Create Account for Diablo 3 PTR I am trying to create a PTR account for Diablo 3 and have been following the instructions found here: However, when I reach the "Games and Subscriptions" tab in my account overview there is no option to create a PTR account for Diablo 3. I do see where it says: "STARTER EDITIONS & PUBLIC TEST REGIONS Create a Starter Edition account to start playing World of Warcraft for free. CREATE STARTER ACCOUNT LEARN MORE Create a Public Test Realm (PTR) account to access new World of Warcraft content before it goes live." But there is nothing more in this section for Diablo. I have every game checked in my Beta Profile Settings, and do not know what else I can do to create this Diablo 3 PTR account. Any ideas or solutions?Leighn1 06 Apr
05 Apr crashed at firewall asking Hey, I'm new on prt. I want to contribute the experience, I don't know if I must send errors messages here. I want to say that when I launched d3 prt for the first time, the alt tab to windows caused a crash of diablo 3. Windows 64bits 12go ddr3 geforce 960 gtx Best regardsGreenSky1 05 Apr
05 Apr Thoughts about the upcoming patch Surely a very good upcoming patch for the game. Things I liked: - Search feature @ Stash (Great) - More stash space (Great) - More challenging Torment difficulty (Good) - New features for Ancient Puzzle Ring usage in Kanai’s Cube (Good) It would be more rewarding, I believe, to increase the DB drops @ Torment 16, it's standard 3 and sometimes 4 as I noticed atm, it should be more. Also, it would be nice to state the drop rates for Ancient and Primal Ancient Legendary Items @ Torment 16. A big thank you to Diablo Team for listening to what the community wants and working hard for our favorite game.RAZERKhas0 05 Apr
01 Mar Bring Back D2 LOD runewords Bring Back D2 LOD runewords craft armor like enigma via stones. make it so that the runes only can be collected in like uber tristram and in uber tristram there is maphisto baal and an the opther grand demons from D2 LOD bring back some of the old features for your loyal fansDDT2K0 01 Mar
15 Feb Show loading screen tip in chat [QoL] Hello, I am a returning player and am having quite good fun with the game again. Only one thing keeps frustrating me, which are the loading screen tips. The game loads so fast that I almost never get to read these in full and it makes me wonder what tip I have just missed. I understand that these tips were originally meant to help players pass the loading time, but these are also quite helpful tips, especially for new and returning players. Could you please put a copy of the last tip into the chat so that one can find it there, too? It would be of great help to read upon it there when one has missed it.Whitehound0 15 Feb
24 Jan just a idea for season 17 Hi to blizzard just want to run a idea by you guys for diablo3 season 17 i think the players might also like it and i,m a high fan of you guys how about u make season 17 a pets goblin season that would be fun like the season you had the goblins only season this is just a pets seasonHEAVENSBABE20 24 Jan
15 Jan Avatar Skins e.g. Archons: I just so happen to like the avatar skins! Yes I know that some of you do not: however; you need to visually distinguish empowered from base level character, so what would you suggest? Any art work you submit: regardless of how pretty it may look; will never make it to the game. Let me know your thoughts people. Peace and Love.Ancient10 15 Jan
15 Jan Hadraigs gift If i play on US server and EU server also, can i get the gift once on each server or is it only once per account. ?? TYWildmanfrost1 15 Jan
14 Jan PTR Status? I installed the PTR client and tried to login but got a message that it is down for maintenance and that I should check the server status page. That message gives me this link which is dead. So, is it open, under maintenance, or down UFN? Thanks!SilentMike693 14 Jan
02 Jan Necromancer 2.6.4 I'm a casual player of Diablo 3 and i play only the early game of the season Rift<100. I think that you did an horrible balance on the necro for the sequent reason: The full legacy of the Nightmare set double the damage of any single set of the necromancer. Evry set of the necro is focussed on damage more than the gameplay cause 3 out of 4 set ar focussed on Land of the dead and corpise lance. This will force evry necro to avoid all the set that you didn't balance. The necro skill set is horrible because as i sad before the only viable option is that combo and this force evry necro to use the set that give more damage than the others. Anyway i suggest you to remove from the game the land of the death and balance the necro after that to force the diversity in the game.Antares2 02 Jan
23 Dec Open PTR again In the reason event of the added length to season 15 can we please get the PTR open again?TennyQuest4 23 Dec
13 Dec Some subjective feedback on Barb sets Raekor and Might of the earth seems strong. However Wrath of the Waste set is underwhelming, both 2 piece bonus and 6 piece set bonus. Immortal King set has the potential to be versatile and great for theory crafting but simply cannot be because of "Raekor" and the legendary item effects leaning on identical builds and playstyle. One will be favored when similar.GoZuHaZa1 13 Dec
11 Dec Server down? Not sure if its just me doing something wrong or the server is down.Bjojon3 11 Dec
11 Dec what is the status of the PTR atm ? I just tried to login into the PTR and I got a connection error, is it a problem on my end or is the PTR offline atm ?GreenJr4 11 Dec
11 Dec Diablo 1 I love to play D2 and D3, but I would like to start at the being. Has there been any talk about revamping the original to allow us newcomers a chance to experience the being of the diablo universefreebirdusn3 11 Dec
07 Dec Please fix DH this patch Dh is far awy from other classes, please buff its build to be able to compete with them. or just state that DH is not ment to be played for higher grifts, is just an entry class. please fix Chacrams, Elemental arrow and Rapid Fire builds, are very cool and not usable at all.Danutz2320 07 Dec
06 Dec Servers down for mainenance 28/11 Brace for incoming nerfs. Back to RATs bois.Reckless7 06 Dec
04 Dec Leapquake The leapquake build must have been reworked entirely. There are more problems. Let's see: 1. Despite the insane damage buff this build still don't have the damage. I think need much much more single target potential and more damage to elites (especially elites). With HOTA barb I cleared 115 for first try. With leapquake: I've tried a lot buz only one rift was little bit close. 2. The build has very low mobility. You can't skip bad maps. And the build is too responsive to map and mob types. 3. Not enough toughness... Or you have to decrease the damage what is not enough at maximum either... 4. Too much CDR needed. So start to work plz with the build not only buffing the damage....LadyPaka10 04 Dec
02 Dec Make elites follow Hi! That would be really nice if all elites would follow the nephalem. For an AD build it is a great pregrossion loose when elites just don't move on with you....LadyPaka0 02 Dec
30 Nov Captain America 2.6.4 Are you planning to make anything about the Captain America build?ALEX6 30 Nov
30 Nov Suggestions for 2.6.4 DELETED / PLS REMOVE THIS THREAD!SilverHandCZ1 30 Nov
30 Nov Make it easier to see your GR Keystones Whilst moving GR Keystones from the Stash / Inventory to the Materials tab was welcome due to the space saving it gave, it does mean that it's now a pain to see how many you have, i.e. open character sheet, click the anvil, scroll down past the actual materials. How about this as an alternative, i.e. displayed next to your gold / bloodshards... 30 Nov
29 Nov Buffs still needed: Thorns still needs buffing for: Crusader; Necromancer and barbarian, just start with boosting the passive skill first by 1000 times the current setting and take things from there!Ancient15 29 Nov