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01 Feb How to Access the Patch 2.5.0 PTR To participate in the public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached your account in good standing (i.e. it hasn't been suspended or banned). In addition, you will also need to download and install the desktop app if you have not already done so. Step 1: Create a PTR account. To create a PTR account, log in to Account Management and double-click on your Diablo III game license; this will bring you to the game management page. On this page, click "Create a PTR account." If you've participated in any previous Diablo III PTR (including the Reaper of Souls beta), the "Create PTR account" button may not appear. This is because you've already created a PTR account and can therefore skip this step. Step 2: Once you have created a PTR account, installed the desktop, and logged in with your credentials, select "Diablo III" from the main menu on the left-hand side of the application. Step 3: On the Diablo III screen, there is a drop-down menu right above the "Play" button (note that this may say "Install" if you do not have Diablo III currently installed). Select "PTR: Diablo III" from this drop-down menu before proceeding. Step 4: You should now have the option to install and play the patch 2.5.0 PTR. The 2.5.0 PTR is available in all supported languages, and accounts from all regions are eligible to participate.Vaneras0 01 Feb
01 Feb Direct All Bugs to the NA PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that you do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the North American PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support forums. If you experience difficulty logging in to post on the NA forums, you may need to first create a Hero (Character) in-game in the Americas game region before posting. You can do this by selecting Americas in the region selection menu just above the Play button in your desktop app. Once you have created a Hero (Character) there, you should be able to post your bug report. Also, please make sure to select your Diablo Battletag profile when posting on the NA forums.Vaneras0 01 Feb
01 Feb How to Copy a Character to the PTR The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters from your live account to the PTR will be available and can be done directly through the PTR client. However, only one region per account can be copied at a time. So, if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. Step 1: Log into PTR client and create a level 1 character. After you're done, return to the main character screen. Step 2: Click on the "PTR Copy" button located in the upper right-hand corner. (The PTR Copy button will not appear in-game until you have created a new level 1 character.) Step 3: Select your region. Step 4: Click "Copy." This will copy all characters on your account from the selected region. Step 5: You will be disconnected from the PTR client. Step 6: Log back in. Your copied characters will be available for play. Please note that you can only copy characters from one gameplay region at a time. If you choose to copy characters from a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. In addition, you can only copy characters over to your PTR account once every 24 hours. Attempting to copy characters before this cooldown is up will result in an error.Vaneras0 01 Feb
01 Feb Welcome! Please Read Welcome to the PTR Feedback forum! Please use this forum to discuss the latest game changes available on the Diablo III public test realm. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and Guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines: 01 Feb
14h S10 Rainbow Goblin Exploit Hi Bliz.. I have been practising lvling 1-70 on HC (HC NS, not PTR). Tonight I got a rainbow goblin (without farming goblings) at lvl 7. The results were 23 imperial gems of each type, leroics crown at 100%, 100s of DBs, tonnes of mats, and very high level 10 WD kicking !@# items. I have a video of this which I am happy to share, I think these drops shouldn't be available until at least lvl 60. It is so OP and XP, not sure of the chances to get a rainbow gob, but this is potential extremely fast lvling if people know how to speed farm goblins. Can we restrict RB gobs to lvl 61+? Happy S10 all StabilosStabilos0 14h
14h Cant log in to PTR code 34200 Cant log in to PTR code 34200, trying to log in to eu ptr server but keep encountering this message.MrsMunns2 14h
1d Wizard - Mirror Images & Manald Heal Greetings! With the recent patch of 2.5 there has been an update to how Wizard pet(s) can now proc Manald Heal and this update seems to only apply to the Lightning Hydra (unless there are wizard pets I'm unaware of). I was testing Mirror images on the PTR and they do not share this ability for the procs, leaving the ability virtually unusable in any condition as the images don't really do anything for you; the taunt is unreliable at best and the images are unlikely to die in the 7 seconds of their duration making the usage of Archmage's Vicalyke (Your Mirror Images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies) pointless. Also, the images only seem to be casting your Mana spenders and not primary abities which could make some really interesting builds; Electrify + Manald Heal images? Mirrorball, Magic Missile - Glacial Spike, images, Rimeheart? TL;DR: Buff mirror images to proc MH & use more equipped abilities 8~)Drefor2 1d
4d Mac crashes on PTR 2.5.0 Game crashes on a mac, havent had this problem om live 2.4.3. VERY annoying. Cant get out of the game and have to hard reset my Mac...Bik4 4d
6d Next PTR? Hello, Just curious when next PTR will come? Or you now want fix all bugs, add all improvements that is needed/came for/with patch, so you still didn't begin develop next version? Or just don't yet have ideas for next version?SViper2 6d
6d Primal Ancient drop rate So what you think Primak Ancient drop rate should be? I think 1% is rare enought, it should never be lower then that cos it has no extra stats on it and no matter what stats it has NOTHING should not be rarer then 1%. So let it be one prosent!? :)Nazgul7 6d
21 Mar code 42300 Cant connect to the PTR is it only me?Zeleth2 21 Mar
21 Mar Auto pickup for Materials Since now materials do not require any space, like gold, in your inventory. It should be picked up like like gold. The Armory is an addition of convenience, adding auto-pickup to crafting materials seems only natural to me.Blackbeard5 21 Mar
20 Mar Dear Devs of Diablo 3... :) After reading PTR patch notes, i would like to thank you for increasing amount of viable sets in the meta. Maybe it's not perfect, but still better than previous patches with the same set on every single character. Still waiting for two changes: 1. Allow us to increase amount of passive powers that can be used in the cube from 1 each to 1 weapon / 2 armor / 3 jeverly powers. (this change doesnt have to be done in single patch, but it would offer more viable item builds) 2. Change one of the Crusader sets (preferable Akhan) or make new one which offer more supportive options instead of offensive. With that in mind i'd expect 6p bonus to give the effect of every rune to currently active Law.WimhWimlaDim1 20 Mar
20 Mar Show Death Breaths on the map Since the Death Breaths are so important. Just as or more so than legendary items. Would it be possible to display them on the map so you don't miss out on any. It doesn't have to be as big and flashy as the legendary star icon. Could just be a small dot or something. Would also be cool if the pet could pickup them up, or mats in general since it's turning into a currency now :)Snebjorn6 20 Mar
17 Mar Auto pick up Death Breath please Guys. Lets make ourself heard! Lets show the devs that we want, need and long for auto pick up on death breaths (and gems).sig0 17 Mar
17 Mar Blizzard employees: drop everything and read! With 2.5.0 it would finally make perfect sense to have auto pick up on death breaths and gems. (You can even make some gameplay options where people can select what things they want to auto pick up.) Please could you consider it? It would make Diablo III so much more streamlined. I can't see any reason not to. Please guys. Please. Please. Please. Consider it.sig0 17 Mar
16 Mar 70 for primal drop per caracter or acount I could not find any info on this. You have to solo a 70 for primals to drop. If you solo it with a wd and then make a wiz wil the wiz also have drop chance?kraai2 16 Mar
15 Mar Simplify the difficulties Nobody is playing T2, T3, T4, T5, T7, T8, T9, T11, and T12. It was way better in D3. Normal, Nightmare, Hell. Most people are playing Normal, Master, T1, T6 and T10. Because the moment you find full set and weapon you go directly into T10... Bam, 30 times increased dmg.Xizario6 15 Mar
10 Mar Bug: Black Hole and death creatures Please fix this issue I see this for ages. Basically when black hole sucks in the enemy creatures and you kill them during the black hole effect, they stay in the black hole suck in animation, rather than just die, with 0% hp, until black hole disappears. Please fix so that the dead enemies disappear (do their dead animation) once dead, while black hole still animating. Thanks.H0PE0 10 Mar
10 Mar code 1002 anyone else getting this code as they try to log in ? not sure what the problem is can any1 help or is the servers being updated or something?Kr33k10 10 Mar
09 Mar What class should I make for Season 10? Hey guys so ive been thinking about going either: Crusader (Akkhan Steed) Wizard (Lightning Hydra) Barb (Whirlwind) More inclined to go with crusader for something new, as I feel like everyone will be picking up wiz and dh and what not. Lemme know ur thoughtsVelocity0 09 Mar
08 Mar The Barber (Ceremonial Dagger) dropping for monk I know The Barber was changed from Dagger to Ceremonial Dagger, but I've had it drop two times already on my Monk character (10 hours). I was suspicious as to whether the item is updated but not it's drop %chances for each class.Sane1 08 Mar
08 Mar Primals only made it easier to get perfect gear they added nothing new aside from the name and a higher chance of getting perf gear.Eclair1 08 Mar
07 Mar Primal Ancients "The stats on these items will be tailored to the character class you are playing when the item first drops" Currently this does not seem to be working effectively on the PTR and basically they are dropping with random stats, although maximum, so meaning they have a high chance of being rubbish. I dropped a Chantodo's wand on my wiz - ideal stats would have been 10% damage + 10% CDR or even 7% IAS to use with 1000 mainstat which could have been rolled off, however, it dropped with INT, VIT and LoH and is therefore no more than 15 forgotten souls. I have to say I do not think this is the way primal ancients should go and is simply a different direction of travel from the previous iteration that could roll 30% more powerful than current ancients. In NS I think this will be a bad thing as perfection has just become achievable and most of my clan will have perfect gear for at least 3 characters very quickly, it may even destroy NS play even more than it already is. In season the high end players will have perfect gear also fairly quickly - not nearly perfect as they do now - PERFECT! For example weapon is probably the most important slot and looking at the PTR I will probably play dps wiz next patch, there are 2 wands which are useful and 11 wands a wiz can drop that means with 200 - 1000 (if I am very unlucky) upgrade rares in the cube I will have the perfect weapon for the full patch duration, not nearly perfect absolutely perfect on Day 1. I personally do not think this is the way to go with primals either, they would be better not being in the game at all than being in it like this.SilyElDiablo8 07 Mar
07 Mar Search Feature & Gem Collection. There are many fantastic improvements on it's way with patch 2.5.0 Seeing these changes brought me to the same idea as the material stash but than a separate stash that auto collects legendary gems & all those other gems i.e Flawless Royal, Royal, imperial, marquise gems etc etc. By auto collect I do not mean auto pick up but rather when you picked it up it will be sorted in that particular stash. Besides the gem collections there is still 1 feature I am still missing all these years, that would be a search Feature in your stash. Over time when all the stash pages are filled up with gear pieces and what not for several different builds and/or classes. It becomes a bit of a mess with that said, let's say I take a break for x amount of time and come back. I obviously would not remember where I put everything hence the search future could be somewhat useful to quick scout through the stash to grab a particular item. I'm not expecting this to happen, but would be awesome to see any of these above mentioned idea's to come to D3 in the near future :). These were just a couple quick thoughts but if you have some additional feedback to these idea's please let me know with a reasonable reason to why and why not.TonZa8 07 Mar
07 Mar Copy Legendary Gems for multiple characters Would like to see a system in game that would let multiple characters to hold a 'copy' of the same gem. Every time I switch characters I have to remove my gems from my rings/amulet and place them in the stash for other characters to use. This would save a lot of time and you would not have to remember to remove the gems when switching characters. Have a tab were you can create copies of legendary gems in the same manner as heirlooms in WoW. This would be a nice QoL change without really affecting the game in any way. This way we don't have to remove them from our characters but they will still take socket slots like they do now.Aidesign2 07 Mar
06 Mar "Manald Heal" like items for all classes. Hi all, I have been thinking after i spent a few mins staring at a kridershot bow and i was thinking: i would really like to play with a DH that could use Ball of lightning with a manald heal ring for example. Im not saying to exactly copy the ring from wiz to DH but maybe in a different way. Example: 30% chance to proc the ring extra dmg. the total amount of Lightning dmg bonus % on items as a chance to proc the ring? I gave a example in PTR chat for other classes too. WW barbs, Monks, Crus etc could all benefit from it. I just thinking of ways to diversify our build options. Maybe some other players have a differant ideas also.YamurXXL3 06 Mar
04 Mar Primal ancients V1.0 please! Howdy folks! I LOVED the excitement of chasing for the initial version of primal ancients! It has been the MOST fun I've had playing d3 in a VERY VEEEEERY looooong time, not because I didnt play the game because I actually played most seasons but because this is the EPIC carrot on a stick I've been wanting in this game for a long time! Items that are a HUGE PAIN in the !@# to get are good, why? Because it helps soooo much in making the item actually feel special, it makes finding one of these items awesome and lets be fair here, this game is ALL ABOUT motivation to keep farming... for me at least this was the biggest motivation to keep playing longer than "the first hype month". If you're a more casual player I'll try to explain why; usually after about a month you'd have every single item u wanted including full normal ancient gear and being mostly augmented. The new ancients would at least extend that time by an other month or 2 maybe even more, which is a lot closer to the length of an average season than the "first hype month". The power increase for me at least is needed in a A-rpg because its the only way you'll notice getting stronger (let's be very honest here, progress in this game isn't based on new zones we explore or new dungeons we get, it's all the same content we're grinding so if the numbers aren't getting bigger, what is "progress" in this game right) What does need to be addressed is the insanely low drop rate and people being unable to find their primal ancients which is fairly simple imo, just add a tab to the cube allowing us to slowly grind out primal ancients with a crap ton of crafting mats + ancient item for a reroll (just an idea ofc) The current version of primal ancients is a bad design because if I where to pick up a perfect rolled item my motivation to keep farming would start dropping, considering it lowers my probability of finding good gear in general because there's 1 slot where I can not get a single upgrade no matter what drops for that slot. Obviously more v2.0 primal ancients would mean lowering the probability to find an upgrade over time, yes I'd be "done" with that specific slot which is where the fundamental problem lies, being done means less motivation to keep going.Bankutsu1 04 Mar
04 Mar Feature Req.: Disable error voice option. Please add a checkbox under sound options to disable error voice for the character. Very annoying, and the only way to get rid of this currently is to disable all voice sound, which degrades and experience of the game drastically, by removing a lot of fun NPC and voice elements. I'm asking this feature for years now. Please do this finally! Thank you!H0PE2 04 Mar
04 Mar Latency problems [EU] Hey! im living in middle europe (Hungary) and have latency around 300. Its so frustrating. My internet connection is way above average. Can i do something to reduce my latency to maybe 50-70?Inspector5 04 Mar
04 Mar 4x quality of life suggestions. So big thanks for 2.5.0 finally making life a lot better with the armory and the shared mats. A few more suggestions i would propose that would make me an even happier camper is: - Shared GR Keys, like with mats these would be great to have in the new MATS section. - Shared Gems, similar to mats. Constantly moving these from inventory to stash is a pointless repetition. I end up keeping a copy of each normal+imperial in my inventory on each char, eats a lot of invenotry and/or stash space, and just feels clunky and inefficient. - Biggest improvement would be auto-pickup of mats. Or at least a possible keybind to pickup all mats in the area. Clicking each mat one by one feels very tedious and annoying to me personally. - Teleport shortcut. Like Shift or CTRL + left/rightclick on portraitNumbnutz2 04 Mar
03 Mar Consumable primal ancients Primal ancient item should be a consumable like ramaladni's gift, with a lesser drop chance. They can be inserted on a legendary/ancient an all his stats will be perfect.JaVIxX0 03 Mar
01 Mar Drop rate idea Hello. I read a lot about peoples saying this game is "too much RNG" so i came with idea. make drop rate like this ActualDroprate = BaseDroprate*[(ParagonLvl+TimeSpentOnCharaterInMinutes) / 500] So your droprate will increase by both just playing and by grinding paragon lvls :)honzan3113 01 Mar
01 Mar please do something @Nevalistis look at the path of exile patch notes.... people are streaming the read through of the patch notes because there are so many changes to the game .... please give us something to do in the next patch 2.5 , don't over think what would happen if we changed this or this..... just do something!! PLEASE <3 p.s. im not talking about dyes in the transmog..... zzzzz or crafting materials tab .... zzzzz i want something to make me think about how im going to play the game and how i will gear and setup my character...... stop dumbing down the gameshamue550 01 Mar
28 Feb patch ?? not working login in to PTR as normal then pop up says need to close to apply a new patch, was playing all afternoon and fine had dinner come back to new patch but nothing patches ??? any idea's ???BeeBoopnSexy12 28 Feb
28 Feb S10/Primals/New Sets/Skills and after Hi everyone ... I keep reading the forums and to 80% of the time its disappointing what blizz is doing its like they take all the inf from us and do only 5% of it. S10 almost nothing new besides the armoury and space for mats things that we required already moths and moths ago.Nothing new with the sets only buffs and nerfs things that blizz is doing from S1. Good thing what they did with primal ancients only that they liste only to 10% from what we said in forums. We should be able to edit every stat on primal ancients olny then are primal worth something coz lets be honest ... if I get a ancient weapon and ints nearly perfect then whats the meaning of primal . if we get the ability to change/roll every stat then u I can say the im happy when I get a primal , not only coz I get the perfect stats or perfect rolls its coz that way we can test a lot more if we can edit every stat like we want/need. Would be nice if we get new sets or old sets with new powers or +% damage increase for other skills coz 70 % from the skills a char have we don't even use ore even look to it ... same with passive skills doesn't mater if we use a grift build or a rift or speed bounty build we use only the seams 4-6 passives for every char and the others are useless . something what I miss from d2 is that u got skill points so u can make ur skill u use more powerfull this is a huge minus in my eyes we need more thoughts on this and we need blizz to listen to us coz to be serious ... d3 is a game bad or good its how it is only coz of us players leave a comment below with ur toughts for this game and its future ... every single idea can change its future !yveL2 28 Feb
28 Feb Diablo 3 crashes all the time PTR While playing the PTR season 10, my iMac keeps on crashing. I can close the application and then load it up again, but it interrups my progress.. I'm running sierra 10.12.3. I copied below from the debug..txt. Any advice? Thanks. 2017.02.26 12:17:20.482727055 I 11:17:20.885213 [BGS] |event=rich_presence_failure|key=id: 106359117, id: 27259652 program: 17459 region: 98|missing_presence_unique_id=0 (/opt/blizzard/buildserver/data.noindex/repositories/d3/branches/2_5_0a/Contrib/Contrib/bgs_low/src/low/service/presence/rich_presence.cpp:156) 2017.02.26 12:17:24.275881674 I 11:17:24.678217 [BGS] |event=rich_presence_failure|key=id: 106359117, id: 24708058 program: 17459 region: 98|missing_presence_unique_id=0 (/opt/blizzard/buildserver/data.noindex/repositories/d3/branches/2_5_0a/Contrib/Contrib/bgs_low/src/low/service/presence/rich_presence.cpp:156) 2017.02.26 12:17:41.512811074 [Telemetry] (TELE): Requested sending batch messages by multi-part http POST messages count 1Bik1 28 Feb
27 Feb CHARACTER ROLLBACK POSIBLE? Hello, I need some help , 10 minutes ago I mistakenly clicked "copy" for the characters I had and I end up getting bunch of old characters. The problem is that my main PTR character disaperead, so did my paragon and all items. How can I undo this ? I tried creating a new character, copy from different regions, etc. Help please! I don't want to quit Diablo 3 again..Delirium1 27 Feb
27 Feb Change Dead men's Legacy Please change this : Multishot hits enemies below 50–60% health twice. Its useless. Better will be multishot gains the effect of every rune. This will be much better.SzymeQ6 27 Feb
26 Feb D3 needs v1.0 primals! Howdy folks! Banku here with an update, just in case you missed this crucial part of information I'll inform ya; seasons are a lot of fun, for a fairly limited amount of time. Now what keeps seasons fun and what causes it to be fun for a fairly limited amount of time is really not that hard to grasp to be fair. It's the good ol "carrot on a stick" which in d3 means getting a full set and everything that's required to make the set work then getting that same setup but fully ancient. Now this on average takes about 2-3 weeks, which happens to be about the same as the popularity of a season (the more "dedicated people will obviously take a bit longer due to gear augments ect, that being said most of the player base will be gone after getting their full set ancient) I know for a fact that my motivation for seasons also starts dropping at this point. For the short while we had the v1.0 primal ancients on PTR causing my motivation to farm to be at an all time high, imo the best "carrot on a stick" the devs have managed to put in this game. The rarity of v1.0 primals made it so that finding one actually gave me nerd chills, even if it was a !@#$ty item I'd be dreaming about finding one that would help me out. Primal ancients might have been a bit too rare and a back-up system in the cube would be required for sure to at least counteract a little bit how rare they actually are. How ever this would actually make it so that I'd be interested in farming d3 for more than just the first 2-3 "hype" weeks, which is what has obviously been missing from all other seasons (meaning a "carrot on a stick" that lasts longer than just the first couple of weeks). Anyway boyz, these are just my thoughts on the matter, seems the community is a bit divided on primal ancients, seeing as we seem to be divided anyway, might as well go all in and try v1.0 primal ancients for a season and see after the season what the aftermath looks like. I'm hoping for a fun season 10 and v1.0 primals are for sure the way to go (as long as u guys create a back up cube system OR mess with the drop rates a bit more) !Bankutsu1 26 Feb
26 Feb Crafting materials should be auto picked up. The extra-NPCs (can't think of their proper name) should pick up crafting materials too, not just money. Like money, the crafting materials no longer use inventory space so there is no reason why they shouldn't be wanted by every player at all the times. In my opinion gems should also be added to the list.JEEBUS9 26 Feb
26 Feb Customizable Pet drop? Maybe add an option so that the pets also can take crafting materials and Gems? I think it would really help many of people around here.GigaMeshSlaw1 26 Feb
25 Feb Lost my PTR characters Still got my NA characters and can copy them. But it's still a lot of paragon and hours lost. Is there anyway I can get stuff back?TheShadow2 25 Feb
25 Feb code1016 Cant log in to game or make game on the PTR There was a problem connecting to Blizzard services,if the issue persists please visit our connection troubleshooting page. ( code1016) need some help pleaseIlay0 25 Feb
24 Feb Hidden quantity of crafting materials & solutions LOVE the changes to crafting mats and saved loadouts. Thanks for the stash space and open character slots! What I have on my mind is that crafting mats are (obviously) less visible to you now that you don't manually put them in the stash and see them everytime you open the stash or use them. I have noticed that the only time I am aware of my mats quantity is when I use them in a recipe. My idea for improvement: I sort of like the new visual feature of having the game inform you about how many [crafting material] you looted, in the middle of the screen/gameplay - I hope it's clear what I'm referring to. E.g. "2 Death Breaths". I thought this could possibly be made better by having the popup show your new total. For example, when I loot Death Breaths the visual popup says "153 Death Breaths" or "7340 Arcane Dust" instead of "1 Arcane Dust". I've put some thought into this, as I've definitely been able to feel the change from having mats in the stash to the inventory tab (honestly why would I look at it unless I'm desperately farming 50 forgotten souls for another try at my first ancient Wand of Woh). This un-awareness of my mats made me very careless/ignorant about them. It may not matter, it surely isn't a big thing, but I think this new feature could make us feel a little better about our farming than "2 Death Breaths". I am actually going to miss forgotten souls and death breaths in my inventory a little, as I used them for knowing how successful my 8-hour rift farm was. At least this could make up for it a little?Sane3 24 Feb
24 Feb Bring back automated marauders turrets I've played so many different builds over so many different characters over so many seasons, and I really miss the tower defense playstyle of the marauders automative turret playstyle of early days. My personal favourite. Yours truly A tower defense fanHAWKEYE0 24 Feb
23 Feb PTR Crafting Material My friend and I joined the PTR at the same time a few days ago. My friend received thousands of crafting material whereas I received only about a hundred of each. I was wondering if there was an error or not. One thing I would like to point out is that that he has played for several seasons whereas I only started in Season 9. If anyone has an explanation for this, I would love to hear it. -BenchBenchoun1 23 Feb
23 Feb Ptr Waiting time Problem changed from unreachable to waiting time????Or is this just my problem?Effect still the same,no playing Ptr!Beuk0 23 Feb
23 Feb PTR down? I can't access says error 34200. Wondering if its just me or anyone else?Drunk19 23 Feb
22 Feb Delsere Magnum opus bug? First time I've made a wizard and got the seasonal set. Elites w/ Juggernaught affix get 'Immune' everytime I hit them in Slow Time and it doesn't activate the 3500% proc. Is it intentional?Dwarfy2 22 Feb