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10 Nov NEW PTR-ONLY ITEM VENDOR *Note: This feature is not yet live. Please read below.* With the Patch 2.4.3 PTR, we wanted to try a little experiment based on the feedback from previous PTRs. Many players had trouble testing new items in the past and, as we continue to add more and more legendary items to the game to test, it gets harder to track them down and find them (even when a legendary drop rate buff is in effect). We will be introducing a new vendor to help with this issue, who sells PTR-exclusive Bags of Fortune. These bags contain all the new class-specific items that have been introduced in Patch 2.4.3. Once the vendor is available, they will be located in all town hubs. However, this vendor didn't make it into the first patch in time for PTR launch. In the meantime, we've hotfixed a temporary solution—all normal Rift Guardians will drop a guaranteed PTR Bag of Fortune. Note that this loot will only drop from Guardians in regular Nephalem Rifts and not Greater Rifts. We hope this eases the PTR testing process and look forward to hearing your feedback!Wuluxar0 10 Nov
10 Nov Direct All Bugs to the NA PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that you do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the North American PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support forums. If you experience difficulty logging in to post on the NA forums, you may need to first create a Hero (Character) in-game in the Americas game region before posting. You can do this by selecting Americas in the region selection menu just above the Play button in your desktop app. Once you have created a Hero (Character) there, you should be able to post your bug report. Also, please make sure to select your Diablo Battletag profile when posting on the NA forums.Wuluxar0 10 Nov
10 Nov How to Copy a Character to the PTR The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters from your live account to the PTR will be available and can be done directly through the PTR client. However, only one region per account can be copied at a time. So, if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. Step 1: Log into PTR client and create a level 1 character. After you're done, return to the main character screen. Step 2: Click on the "PTR Copy" button located in the upper right-hand corner. (The PTR Copy button will not appear in-game until you have created a new level 1 character.) Step 3: Select your region. Step 4: Click "Copy." This will copy all characters on your account from the selected region. Step 5: You will be disconnected from the PTR client. Step 6: Log back in. Your copied characters will be available for play. Please note that you can only copy characters from one gameplay region at a time. If you choose to copy characters from a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost. In addition, you can only copy characters over to your PTR account once every 24 hours. Attempting to copy characters before this cooldown is up will result in an error.Wuluxar0 10 Nov
10 Nov How to Access the Patch 2.4.3 PTR To participate in the public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached your account in good standing (i.e. it hasn't been suspended or banned). In addition, you will also need to download and install the desktop app if you have not already done so. Step 1: Create a PTR account. To create a PTR account, log in to Account Management and double-click on your Diablo III game license; this will bring you to the game management page. On this page, click "Create a PTR account." If you've participated in any previous Diablo III PTR (including the Reaper of Souls beta), the "Create PTR account" button may not appear. This is because you've already created a PTR account and can therefore skip this step. Step 2: Once you have created a PTR account, installed the desktop, and logged in with your credentials, select "Diablo III" from the main menu on the left-hand side of the application. Step 3: On the Diablo III screen, there is a drop-down menu right above the "Play" button (note that this may say "Install" if you do not have Diablo III currently installed). Select "PTR: Diablo III" from this drop-down menu before proceeding. Step 4: You should now have the option to install and play the patch 2.4.3 PTR. The 2.4.3 PTR is available in all supported languages, and accounts from all regions are eligible to participate.Wuluxar0 10 Nov
2h Large cursor - invisible in fullscreen?! 2.4.3 has this neat new option (among other neat graphic options) to display a really large cursor. Unfortunately for me when I use fullscreen the cursor just disappears. It still works, I can click with it but I just can't see it! Just think of it becoming 100% transparent. I was only able to use this option in "windowed (fullscreen)", which needless to say sucks.Andurin0 2h
3h Marauder buff feedback What do you think abot the buff to the set and do you feel it's enough or should blizz change more about it? I just tryed the cold CA variant and I feel like it's kind of on par with UE(the base line for DH sets). Both sets give similar clear times on gr's for me. Ran a couple of 80's for a base line and both sets do it in rufly 9 minutes. And I see some people clearing 89 with it so I'm guessing it will go 90+ easy. That been said I still think the gameplay of the set is a bit clunky at times and does not flow smooth like UE and it's defenetly far from a tourment farming set eaven if it oneshots almost everything in the rift. Love to hear what you guys have to say about the setJamezBongg0 3h
19h Do you keep PTR saves when the PTR is released do you keep all your characters you've made on it or are they lost?xavierscar1 19h
1d Map of the Stars - int Map of the Stars items I just discover that, how do they work?D2DarK1 1d
4d The Barber's new interaction with Spirit Barrage Has anyone had the chance to play with the new Barber? What is the interaction with the Manitou rune of Spirit Barrage??? Or Phantasm? It's a bit counter-intuitive that the tooltip says after channeling? Both those runes are more set it and forget it? Can anyone attest to the interaction in its current form on the PTR?Beldin1 4d
6d Hellcat Waistguard - mechanics understanding Hellcat Waistguard: Grenades have a chance to bounce 3-5 times, dealing an additional 50% damage on each bounce. This bonus is increased to 800% on the final bounce. I have alredy read some posts about this belt and could not find the information i was searching for. The damage was most often topic. I have a rather basic question about this new item. It deals 800% more granade damage on the final bounce, but what exectly does that mean? If i get one with 3 bounces -> 800% more on the third bounce? And for one with a chance for 5 bounces -> 800% more damage on the fifth? As the bounce is only a chance and not guaranteed, would it not be better/best to get this belt with a chance for 3 bounce only, as the probability to get 5 consequitve bounces is lower than that of 3 consequitive bounces? I just love playing dh, but had to give it up as he has no place in the group meta and i do not want to play alone all the time or run group grifts level, which could almost be done solo or are slightly above my solo level. I just do not see any build, afte the nerve not even support build, to be good enough to run 95+ in a 4 member party. I was just thinking about build possibilities with this new item for group and solo rifts, but for that i first need to understand the mechanics. And another questions: 1)does anybody know how high is the approximate probability/chance to get a bounce on a granade? 2) if i were playing a cluster arrow build with maticore, the granades are gaind through a specific rune on cluster arrow, but do they profit from the damage bonus to the cluster arrow itself? Or is the damage bonus to cluster arrow only for the initial shot?Apolonius0 6d
29 Nov PTR Season Does PTR reset with the season?Schizzer1 29 Nov
28 Nov Interaction Buriza/Grenades/Hungering Arrows Hi, As the grenades are now considered as projectiles for the Buriza legendary passive, is it wanted that the hungering arrow are still not considered as projectiles? Physically, it seems legits that arrow are more likely to be projectiles than grenades. Even rockets could be projectiles. Moreover, it could develop build based on hungering arrows, especially if new legendary passives are added concerning this spell. Devouring arrow rune could be a really good synergy with the buriza, and for example combined with shatter arrow it would be awesome. Hope this to be fixed, best regards LauLau0 28 Nov
28 Nov PTR progress noob PTR progress question. when the test if over, will blizzard delete all the characters? or will it incorporated into the main server? never participated in the test before. thxBIGWAYNE1 28 Nov
28 Nov PTR Buff? How does the buff work? Is it on or is it off? I am so confused.Sandman6543 28 Nov
26 Nov Regular rift density/lenght problem So I've been running a bunch of regular rifts on PTR to try getting the new items ancient, and I've noticed a pattern in a lot of the regular rits. For some reason they are way to short, and I often reach the end without spawning boss (unless I clear the floors really good). Has someone else noticed this? Or am I alone on this. Feels like the extra mobs in GR have been taken from regular rifts :/ And when you have to backtrack a lot of the rifts to spawn boss is less fun...Aneij2 26 Nov
24 Nov Suggestions for Wastes-Set/Skills Hello, TL;DR just in case: - Change Rend so that it does not interrupt the channeled WW, removing the 50% damage reduction for a split second (Like Exploding Blast, Sweeping Wind, ...) - Adjust the Wastes Set to make better use of Overpower/Rend (Giving the skill every rune/a specific rune) (like Vyr's Archon Set) - Current Saffron Wrap text implies increasing stacks with ANY attack, but does only increase when using Overpower on x amount of enemies My suggestion for the Wastes-Set would be to either alter the set effect so that it can benefit more from the "Overpower" Skill, making it good for the new introduced legendary. (i.e. Overpower gains all runes?) The other suggestion would be to alter the "Rend" skill slightly. Looking through a few WW-Builds in the leaderboard I noticed, that not many people are using Rend. One reason might be is that when applying Rend, it stops your channeled Whirlwind, making you lose the 50% damage reduction for a split second. Especially when trying to push higher GRifts, this can instakill you. The other might be that Rend does not seem to be that effective. I could not test it so far, but does the "Bloodbath" Rune benefit from the Wastes-Effect? Since Rend in that case is not applied by the player, but by the killed mob. The current effect text of "Saffron Wrap" is misleading, implying that ANY attack will increase the next Overpower damage by up to 50%, while it currently only increases the damage for every enemy hit by Overpower itself. So either clarify that it ONLY applies when using Overpower, or change it so that it actually stacks with ANY attack, making the belt actually useful. Thank you for reading.H4rdC0re1 24 Nov
24 Nov reworked saffron wrap its difficult to hit 20 enemies at once so its difficult to get 1000% damage.most of the time i am able to hit 5 to 10 the leg power is useless. my suggestion : either 1. using overpower gives X% damage reduction per enemy hit or 2.using overpower gives X% damage increase per enemy hit even if the bonus is small around 5%(getting max bonus of 50% would be good) the bonus will have great impact on WW set and make it competitive.if u want to u can make it specific for WW set by adding "during WW" for above suggested bonusesDARKPRINCE1 24 Nov
24 Nov Bug report & suggestion The Barber affix actually does not work anymore on PTR. I would suggest for the diablo I event to inform the player when a boss is on the level. It is too easy to miss one.Lau0 24 Nov
23 Nov PTR Drop Rate Why Ptr drop rate is worse than normal game. Normaly T13 drops 5 or 6 legendary but in ptr 1 or 2. How we try something on ptr. My english is not good. Sory for that.Quasar0 23 Nov
22 Nov Blizzard? Really? You know guys, I freaking hate you now. Just because I misclicked while your login servers were acting funny again, I'm now punished with a 24 hours cooldown. After installing this inferior Diablo-esque thing for the sole reason of seeing the so-called "classic content" I'm being sent to go truck myself. Well thank you! You could at least allow a copy of each region separately! And why the heck do I have to complete the campaign mode on PTR? Who invented such a needless policy? Thanks for the nostalgia. The future nostalgia about how you managed to fail miserably at the littlest things these days.DrBaldhead6 22 Nov
22 Nov Grifts 2.4.3 Went on the PTR last night for the first time. There were a number of issues with Grifts: - Opened maybe 25 Grifts 95% of these were cave type maps or so called bad maps so no push maps (arreats crater, silver spire, vault of assasins, spider caves) -Mobs were generally low progress mobs, not sure I noticed a big increase in density either -There did seem to be fewer elites Not sure of the desired direction of travel for Grift pushing/ grinding xp but I would say the Grift experience on the PTR in relation to 2.4.2 is certainly not better and if anything after a few hours play it seemed worse. I realize it's early days on the PTR but I think it would be better to make the variance grift to grift less ie. to have one map you can clear 117 followed by one map you struggle to clear 102 with the same party, gear, etc. does not seem right to me. I think difficulty variance should be 10-20% max personally from grift to grift.SilyElDiablo0 22 Nov
19 Nov "Diablo 1" inside Diablo 3, suggestion Hello. Today I've played trhought the labyrinth and I realize one thing.. The classic diablo was alot more darker than this "remastered" one. I think blizzard should make this old stuff more darker than it is currently.MiQMuhis2 19 Nov
19 Nov just delete this wrong placeIchigoMait2 19 Nov
17 Nov Hellcat Waistguard Hello, I would like to suggest, that this item "Hellcat Waistguard" also applies to the generator skill "Bolas" and "Grenade", a Generator build as DH could emerge from that and creates more syngergies with a Grenade-themed build.Fatalo0 17 Nov
15 Nov 3 Simple QoL Changes Please! 1) If someone wears Nemesis Bracer in a party EVERYONE can spawn elits & champions when open shrines and pylons. ----> This will prevent the pauses for the member open the shrines and improve gameplay of group-playing furthermore. 2) New Cube Recipe: 1 x each bounty material + 1 Db + 1 Soul = Reroll the RANGE of unique power of items. ----> For example you have a CoE with 50%chd, 6chc, max int and ancient! BUT 160% unique power....This makes your ring is nearly perfect but because of its low dmg roll, its instant-salvage. This recipe will change it. 3) When you salvage an ancient item, it gives 5 FS. or 1 Fs + 5 DB **** Can we do these? Are they so hard to impelement? Will they be too op to break the gameplay?StMoses4 15 Nov
15 Nov Reworked Hellcat Waistguard I have been trying the new demon hunter item Hellcat Waistguard on the PTR. I'm gonna start with saying that I like that grenades are getting some love. For far too long the grenade theme of the demon hunter has been an ignored one. Meanwhile, the rocket theme has been dominating since it has been very good in comparison. That being said, it's not nearly enough. I have tried all of the setups and abilities that benefit from the belt (and there are many, which I also like about it). Most if not all of these abilities gain very little use of the belt. The effect is really cool and the damage increase from using the belt is noticeable. However, it's just too little damage. Take rapid fire for example. This seems like it would be a great item to run with a rapid fire bombardment build. Bombardment is the rune that makes rapid fire shoot powerful grenades. Even with synergizing items like Wohjanni Assaulter, a LoN build with full ancient gear including magefist and cindercoat can barely clear torment 13. Rapid fire is in such a bad state, but this is for another thread. In the case of marauder cluster arrow and natalya's rain of vengeance, it works but is doing too little damage. You have to give up a toughness item in both of these cases to fit this new belt into the build, and it's just not worth it seeing as how low the damage is. I think the belt just needs a buff to make it more viable. As it stands right now, it's a nice thought and a cool effect but the results of playing with grenades are still very poor. I think that in addition to buffing this belt, the grenadier passive could also use some love to further help the grenade theme. A measly 10% damage increase to grenades is an insult compared to the ballistics passive which gives a 100% damage increase to rockets and on top of that a chance to fire rockets.Minihax0 15 Nov
14 Nov Ghoul King's Blade Transmog in Adventure Mode fixed? Basically the title: Can we find the Ghoul King's Blade Transmog in Adventure Mode now? It's not mentioned in the patchnotes but I still hope for it to happen some day.skhar0 14 Nov
14 Nov The Darkening Of Tristram I've been thrilled beyond belief ever since I hear about The Darkening Of Tristram event that will be coming in January 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diablo 1. Ironically enough, I've been playing Diablo 3 since release, and have never signed up for the PTR. I always just figured I'd wait for the final release patches. Over the past few days I've read much on the forums about this event, and have seen many YouTube videos of the PTR. I do not understand why just a majority of people are unhappy with how this event looks on the PTR. So for the first time ever I signed on to the PTR, so that I can see for myself why so many people are complaining. And I must say that I like what I see. Unlike so many others out there, I never expected this event to be a remake of Diablo 1. Blizzard have given us exactly what they said they would - a nostalgic look back at Diablo 1. But if I may, I have some ideas that you may want to try implementing: While the retro-vision pixelation is noticeable, it could use a bit of tweaking. The visible pixels just don't seem large enough on modern displays. In order to make this a genuine means to reminisce and look back at Diablo 1, you should force the graphics into a 4:3 aspect ratio. We didn't have 16:9 wide screens back in 1996. I did my first play-through of the 16 levels in Torment 1, and have only just did the one play-through before making this post, so perhaps the maps will be larger in higher difficulty settings? Other than that, I feel as though the Diablo 1 maps could have been a little larger than they are. Also, would it not make a little more sense to have a portal open to Old Tristram at the end of Act 3, where Adria tells Tyrial "20 years ago, a dark power came to Tristram..." We could also instead first kill Diablo as he is now, at which time he will drop a key that will open the portal to Old Tristram. Diablo could then tell us "You thwarted my plans at Tristram once before, hero. Let's see if you can do it again!!!"Prometheus0 14 Nov
14 Nov Necro? Will the necromancer be available on the PTR? i live in Denmark, and therefore you can imagine it pretty hard for me to attend blizzcon.. in short; i haven't gotten around to play the necromancer demo, and i really really want to :/JaggSauce3 14 Nov
14 Nov Halls of the blind bug. Hi all. Bug. 2 player game , door refuses to open once halls of the blind has been completed , explored and everything killed. only way out is to teleport to town and literally retrace steps through 8 levels of dungeon! Players were a level 70 and some paragon points monk and a level 20 mage. Thanks. Bryan.BryanUK6661 14 Nov
13 Nov Bigger stacks of mats Can you please make a change to stack more than 5000 mats/gems in one slot? Mikesp5it1 13 Nov
12 Nov Gpu usage in multiplayer Gpu usage in multiplayer is very low, and its lagging like crazy, the gpu usage should push my card all the time, but when around other players/mobs it goes crazy from 30% to 58%, unplayble even if it says 50-80 fps 980ti, 4770k @4.4ghz, 16gb 2666mhz ram, gsynz 144hz monitor, ssdThorwind0 12 Nov
10 Nov The new item vendor I completely supported this addition and I'm very happy to read about it being implemented in a future patch. It's always made sense to me that items should be trivial to get on the PTR so that people have a better opportunity to test them and provide meaningful feedback / bug reports to Blizzard. (...why did you lock that sticky?)Doomie1 10 Nov