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4d BLIZZARD please give us PVP in diablo3! (ARENA) BLIZZ Please give us PvP in diablo3 ! (ARENA) Im a veteran and played diablo2 for more than 5 years and PvP was the best thing in the game! But now that i play diablo3 i am really missing the PvP part.. Its getting boring so fast, the endless grinding is starting to seem pointless if you cant use your gear and skills for anything else than grinding the same places over and over again... I understand that PvP is unbalanced at the moment, but i think its just a matter of time untill it all gets balanced out... you are Blizzard! nothing is impossible for you. Also everytime i want to join a brawling game, there are people grinding rifts so i can never even find a brawling game. So frustrating... Cant you just separate PvE and PvP? Maby a game we can create only for brawling?... some kind of arena.. Here's a video of the diablo3 ARENA: It looks freakin' awesome to me to be honest...SpaiKo10 4d
4d D3 LoL arena expasion Hi there. Im big diablo fan i like the story and that is the reason for buying this game and i play it so long. I played d2 now d3 ros. This game is awsome for PvE but for PvP it does not. Its because the game needs some new arena like Leage of Legends for PvP teams. This would be cool for every fan of diablo. 5v5 or 3v3 be great to challenges real gamers even from your clan. Maybe some mobs to kills, somthing like that you know :D thats all see ya :Pkirenceto1242 4d
07 Aug Idea for brawling Hi everyone What do you think of making a clan or club for brawl but in order to balanced the fight, we act like the "twink" on WoW, for example : making a character lvl 60 and only gearing him with lvl 60 max items, without legendary gems It will avoid the Insta-OS all the time.TheDoctor0 07 Aug
02 Aug Nobody is brawling Blizzard, you have failed this game feature. Might as well remove it. Lets not pretend anyone is making brawling builds ...Johnny1 02 Aug
21 Jul Make pvp great again Balance PvP Okay so i want to make a Balance PvP - where there is a banned item list. (start with banning all Set items, since that most of them gives a ridiculous amount of sustain or dmg). So we get a longer fight where there is a chance of comeback and not just 1 sec KO's. Non Socket weapons. Find the item level where you don't one shot all as the current state of the pvp. For Example: Lower the lvl of weapons and offhand. also lower the armor a bit so that we don't get like op thorns/Regen builds, but still the opportunity to make them - but lvl 70 regen and thorns are a bit overpowered if we nerf dmg output. Maximum cd reduction (could be like 35%) Or only one in headgear. Gems in armor to make up to player - so that some can go dmg or tanky, opportunity for the player to customize their Brawler. Things that needs to be tested: * Spells/runes * items * LvL of weapons. * LvL of Armor. * LvL of socket Gem. * Legendary gems * Cube effects. * CD reduction * Regenstats * Other things that will make the experience bad for players. Cube Rules: banned legendary effects that are to powerful. to achieve this we need to assemble a team that wants to try things out for balance and gear check. A example that i tried is if a player use a lvl 15-20 weapons vs full lvl 70 armor gear (without a lot of regen) the fight is more interesting, more skill involved and you can take around 15- 30 hits before going down with a 300% Dmg spell. Future plans - if ppl are interested. Make a leaderboard with matches/ win/lost. Rules Best out of 5 That means 3 wins you win - 3 death you losses. If you are interested in this please contact me here on the thread or add me in game. Best regards Viggo306Viggo3067 21 Jul
25 Jun Searching for adversaries Hi there, Anyone still want to brawl in Diablo3 ?TheDoctor0 25 Jun
30 Mar Now I know... I've been wondering why people keep hating on PvP in Diablo 3. I mean, it's been there all the time (at least on consoles), I even had fun when battling my 2 friends free for all in a local session. However, now I know why. I decided to try to duel my GF using our end-game characters and it turns out you die even more quickly than in call of duty games. You literally die in seconds even if the other player DOESN'T ATTACK. Example? Manald's Heal (summons little monsters that rush and blow up), Monk's Sweeping Wind, etc. What the hell, Blizzard? You could at least tone down the overall damage output, like 30% of actual damage dealt to monsters or something? And don't even get me started on "increasing defense", because defense ain't worth **** in current version of Diablo 3 (as opposed to pre-RoS D3), since monsters deal almost no damage and have loads of HPZales3601 30 Mar
05 Mar Blizzard, please give us an answer! Blizzard, please give us an answer on the pvp thing in diablo3. We will ever see some structured pvp? Will we?Invictus2 05 Mar
10 Jan Diablo 3 PvP Balance and Teams First I want to say that my english is not my first language and i do not speak it fluently and I am sorry about that. Ever since Diablo 3 came out i fell in love with this game.Every single thing was made perfect and there was AH and stuff.Now there's a new expansion and nothing has really changed but the AH and "Advanture mode".We need 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4,5v5 Diablo 3 arenas as a future patch. I read a post earlier that contains all that needs to be done. Here it is : Here's a video of what needs to be done: All i'm asking is to make Diablo 3 a game that is enjoyable to play.Please Blizzard,make a difference!Metroplex1 10 Jan
19 Nov When does the real PvP come out? For a couple of months i'm not playing Diablo for one reason: there's no point of me gathering loot and leveling my 60 character on paragon, why? I can't test my gear and skills on real people. I think that a balanced and therefore fun PvP system is going to save this game because a lot of people I know, and I believe there are more, who doesn't play for this very reason.ShapeMaster23 19 Nov
05 Nov Diablo Regular PvP? Not on this Blizzcon I am afraid :( That's sad... like really... I love the changes they announced on Day 1, but if they made good research, they would know, that we also really wanted Arena they promised on 2012 Blizzcon. What do you think guys?Kaleb0 05 Nov
19 Apr 2016 An idea for a working pvp system Hello all, i want to share an idea i had about a PVP system that could work in Diablo 3. So as the pvp is at the moment (if you can call the brawling a pvp at all), there is really no balance, no support, and of course even if Blizz decided to work to improve the current system, the whole idea of farming for endless hours in PVE so you can get decent gear to PVP with doesn't sound good for me. I mean in the end the PVP should be about skill, and not about how much time you spent in the game farming. So here is my idea: First off everyone in the pvp match will have fixed stats (and lvl ofc), second all the gear you wear will be just for visuals. There should be a new PvP menu, there you will choose your skill build, and instead of equipping items you will choose one class set, whose bonuses you will get (the values of the bonuses might be different from the PVE ones, but the effects of the set bonuses should remain the same ). The build diversity will come from what set you will choose and the skills coming with it. This will make PVP all about the skills of the player and not about the gear the player has (after all the balancing is done of course). This could be easily implemented in an arena system, for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches. I'm not sure yet about what awards systems may be implemented that can make people PvP more aside from fun, but i guess a ranked system with some daily quests that give mats and such might work. I really hope Blizzard think about this variant as aside from everything else, a good PVP option will prolong the life of the game, and ofc. will give people something else to do in the late game.Allukard1 19 Apr 2016
18 Mar 2016 Could it be? There is a clear mention about Reaper of Souls in general so my guess is we can expect these features in the next expansion. Also, note that the news is dating from march 2015 so at that time everyone reading would think it would be announced at blizzcon, however as we all know that wasnt the case .. so maybe/hopefully a delay? It would be reasonable since 2.4 brings a lot of well need quality of life updates (stash space :O finally i can actually build a character). Personaly i cant describe how hyped i am (i know its a bad thing in this case, since we dont know anything, after all, its jay wilson). But these features are everything i want from D3 pvp-wise .. you know..THE reason to own the game in the first place. Last thing, and take this with a even more pink of salt; i'v read something about the amazon coming to d3. Anyway, *fingers crossed* and lets hope we just have to wait a few more months instead of years.Rekall1 18 Mar 2016
11 Nov 2015 Feedback Hello, i'm a massive nerd and since i ever started playing wow i have build up a (i want to say) 'healthy' interest in pvp in general 8 years ago.Its the soul reason i play a lot of games nowadays (Cs Go, Awesomenauts, World Of Warcraft). In concept pvp is something you cant go wrong with in my opinion. In case of Diablo 3 it occured to me that people want the pvp they got promised a few years back and i can understand that, what i absolutly cant grasp is why most of them are in the assumption the classes need to be 'balanced'. There are so many ways to build a class that there is practicly always a way to counter another class, for me that's one of the most appealing/satisfying aspect in games like this; observe, theorycraft, build, learn, master, wreck players => satisfaction. So people saying pvp doesnt have a place in a game like this .. i think they are missing the point of these specific games (simulair to World of Warcraft). Now, i'v read somewhere that you guys aren't planning to do something with pvp and want to continue focusing on pve. I dont think this single message will chance your minds but; Some suggestions/feedback around pvp in Diablo 3 in its current form that requires small effort for great results: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Have a Auto-Search function for brawling rooms while you are in the main menu and when you're in a closed self made room. When you are in the room and you enter the well known pvp area, you can exit the room again by leaving the pvp area and press a button to return to you're private room or main menu with your character. - Have a on/off toggle; when someone hosts a room he can toggle friendly fire on/off (maybe even choose how much dmg other players take). This will need some more design since you will need to notify players that they are joining a pvp on/off room, wich brings me to my next point. - Have name-able rooms when you make one. It seems like a trend these days (and with that i mean decade) to online game developers to always make a auto-join function, while a list of servers is so much more appealing and cause so much more variety and can specify things, i never understood why so many games turned there back to that system. These are 3 of my main reasons why i dont play Diablo 3 anymore, but dont get me wrong. For now its the best grind point n click game ever in my opinion (and i dont mean that sarcasticly). That's why i want it to have some sort of workable pvp and make the game succeed even more, because of all the potential this game has. I wouldnt want more then have this game in my cycle of games for years now and with one of these 3 suggestions i'm convinced a lot of players will return to Diablo 3 (including me ofcourse). Thanks for your time and sorry about the bad english.Rekall2 11 Nov 2015
24 Aug 2015 Brawling Hello. There are a lot of topics and posts about the PvP aspect in Diablo III which is currently called Brawling. I didn't really think too much on it before last night, when I and a few friends of mine brawled just for the fun of it. And do you know what? It was so damn fun. So I started reading through some of the topics and the underlying posts about Brawling. There are a lot of good ideas from community members, but as always, there are bad ones too. So I spend a little time and I sorted through most of the topics and collected what I thought were some of the best suggestions for Brawling in Diablo III. Brawling is a good name for the PvP aspect of Diablo III and the name should be kept as it is now whatever the future the PvP aspect faces in the future. A general good idea for Brawling is that it could help to engage and bring the community of the game closer. For the sake of this topic, let's say it would be a new Brawling feature. This feature would require the basics of course: a way to queue against other players. There could be teams, and the teams could work much like Greater Rift teams do on the leaderboards. There could be two versus two, a three versus three, and a four versus four brackets. Brawling could also have its own leaderboards (including a seasonal) structured much like the Rift and Greater Rift leaderboards. That was just some of the basics that's needed to complete Brawling in the game. And I'm sure it would be relatively easy to accomplish. But then the harder part starts. So to start off on solid ground we should start with the areas in which Brawling would take place. For the sake of this topic, let's simply call them zones. The new Brawling feature would require multiple new and varied zones to engange players in various difficult terrain and changing scenery. This is a design job I would think, and I don't think anyone would argue that Brawling could start off with one zone from each of the different chapters from the Diablo III campaign. And despite there already being one "zone" for brawling in, most I think would agree that it would need a revamp. A system should rotate these various zones for each time a team queues. About classes, and yes, this is perhaps the most difficult part of the discussion from what I have read on the forum. Classes are simply not balanced against each other. There, end of story. Let's be honest. There will never be balance. But there can be a lot of fun. Classes does not really need balancing to make Brawling work. About the items and item sets, well, that is a different story. I've seen some topics favouring items and sets, and some who does not. There are a few ways to work around this little issue. One is that all items would be "negated" inside Brawling zones. That means you still wear your gear and you can still use your bow and your swords, but the items won't "work" sort of. Other suggestions I have seen are items designed particularly for Brawling, which in my own humble opinion would be a lot more work both for developers and players, and would kinda tear on the fun. Anyone else have any other thoughts on this? I'd love to hear them.Zare0 24 Aug 2015
10 Jul 2015 Arena idea. Hello. I have been playing diablo for a long time and what i miss in the game is the PvP. It would be so hard to balance the game for pvp and pve and it would mess up everything. But what if you make another game mode like normal and adventure and that would be the arena mode. In arena mode we all would have the same spells i mean all classes would have their own and the players HP and mana reg and everything would be lowerd like lvl 1 charcters or something :D. It would help the balancing a lot and i think not i m the only one who would have fun in this mode after a tough greater rift pushing. There could be a leader board for arena also, and some kind of mmr. So i think if all classes would have their own pvp spell there wont be any big problems with balancing. Solo mode, duo, 3player and 4 player mode would make this arena so fun and competitive maybe. I wonder what others think about this idea and i realy hope that we will se some kind if mode like this in diablo.Bojler1 10 Jul 2015
21 Jun 2015 A SORT OF BATTLE GROUND PLAYING OUT AS A MOBA! (PVP) it would be really cool to have like and arena to fight other players in sort of like a moba. it does not destroy the normal play style of diablo but it does make it better for players who does not want to grind gears all the time. i Think you could give out some prices too like for winning one match you gain one legendary item and lets say 2000 gold and the gold amount will scale up in terms of what level you are in and the amount of legendarys you get scales up in terms of how many matches you have won. i dont know how many players who wants this to be a thing but i as a pvp player in many games would love this featrure in diablo and start playing it day and night. I HOPE YOU READ! :D <3quwerty0 21 Jun 2015
21 Jun 2015 PVP/brawling looking for someone to pvp withDiogoma2 21 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015 Take time to read. Dear blizzard and D3 players, We are promised that it would be great and fun when it comes to playing D3. In every game there is competition specially for PVP/ARENA/PVE. As we all know that D3's Arena sucks and its been years that we're all waiting for some improvements! I'm making a stand for every word that I wrote and also I stand for D3 players who wasted their money in buying this !@#$ty game that the only goal is the ladder board. For all players who are reading this topic. We need to unite to protest OR MAYBE HURT THE GAME INSTEAD BY STOP PLAYING THIS GAME TILL ITS POPULARITY GOES DOWN!! let me know what you think.iamKN2 12 Jun 2015
05 Apr 2015 Join Brawling Public Game Bugged? Don't know why but each time I join a public game with the brawling tag, someone in the party instead just opens a rift or greater rift and everyone does that instead. If I join a public game with the brawling tag, I expect to brawl and not do rifts. It's as though the game is automatically sending me to the first available game regardless of the tag I chose. Is my game bugged or does this happen to others?ADARSH6 05 Apr 2015
11 Feb 2015 Some kind of end game.. I start this thread in the hope that some of my ideas will be heard! Before you read on, i'd like to say that i love this game! Now don't ruin what we have, just add a new layer! I've read a bunch of threads about end game, and i agree with some and disagree with others, but what's the most important to take away from what i've read, is that 'end game' means something different to each individual player. The main thing i love about this game is getting stronger! I love getting those pieces of gear that enhance my char to the point where everything is faceroll. I've achieved that (to me T6 is childrens play ;) I've taken down both the übers and malth T6, np. One T6 rifts takes me around 7-8 mins average solo, faster in grp with pull-palm monk). I feel that as an achievement, and for the first couple of weeks it was pure pleasure just to crunch those mobs and see all those beams they produced! ohh how wonderfull. But now i just feel like i'm done. "seen the world, done it all" as one might say.. Now what?! ... I don't want gear-farming to be altered. The means to become a top tier player should remain the same. How it is now does feel rewarding! I just want something to use my gear for. Something fun that doesn't reward me in the end with a legendary item or an achivement. Something pure gameplay! - To me that's 'end game'! - Something to farm for, not just for the sake of farming faster. Something that gives me the thrill of the battle like* a moba does, like an FPS does, but with the (to my mind) incredibly large and humongously important difference, that the champ you play for that round of intense action, is both one that you've spent hours upon hours in creating and it's one that you get to keep afterwards! (*just to emphasize, I dont want a moba/FPS in d3!!) 'And that is all well and good', you might think while reading this.. but what should that end game be?.. Well I wouldn't have started this thread if I didn't have some ideas for just that :p So Lets get started with what I really hope will be listened to and implemented in the game! I want to fight other players!! Not brawling. Not some new fancy arena where we can go and oneshot each other (as it is now) Not deathmatch (though, that could be one genre for those who want such, but it shouldn't be the only option!) I want to enter diablo with the intent of playing a competitive round of PvP/'PvEvP' with my fully geared overpowered champion that i spent 500 hours improving! Of course there should be made brackets/leagues/series/'whatever you want to call them' and MMR. Firstly so you'll face other players with around the same skill level as you, but also for the reason of feeling progress as you lay dem newbs to rest ;) First off is some PvP suggestions, which are as follows: - The Battlegrounds! similar to what is present in WoW, just with a diablo'ish flavor. But the main thing is some pvp with objectives. - The Arena! for players who enjoy just smacking each other in the head ;) - To make this PvP system work, you'd have to implement some kind of resilience buff to players and some hard diminishing returns for stuns/freezes/fears ect. - DON'T just make new gear with resilience or whatnot! not like WoW with pve and pvp gear! I want to use the same gear for both, or atleast have that as a viable option!.. - Well you could add some sets with great utilities for a pvp environment ;) Now those are definitely ideas that have been thrown around among the developers, if not, then at least by tons of players! The following is something that require less balancing, as it's PvEvP, so you'd be killing those mobs that you are already laying to waste. For this I have the following ideas: - Something like that 'Hero line war" or what that custom game was called back in WC3. This being two closed off sections, each with a spawning area in one end, and a portal/'something to keep safe' in the other, along with some shops for spawning/upgrading mobs. There could also be a shop to upgrade your champion temporarily (for that game or a fixed duration so you would have to restack it during the game) This would work in the way that team 1 spawns monsters for team 2 to kill before they reach the base (portal/'something to keep safe'), and visa versa. Each team will start with a certain amount of 'lives'/monsters that may walk through / hp for the base There should be an income function for the game, so spawning 1 monster of a given class would yield x+ income per a fixed timer. So the more monsters you spawn the more currency you'll have, and you could thereby spawn more or stronger monsters. The fight continues until one team eliminates the other teams lives/hp for the base. - A different approach to PvEvP could be a game in which up to 8 players could join (1v1, 2v2... so on, should also be possible). fixed in two teams. Fighting a rift each or whatever, and then the team/person who finishes first would win some points for the bracket and rise in the system. This could either be done by making two long streaks with curves and bends that follow each other, so you could see the other teams progress as you/your team progresses through the rift. Or it could be done the easiest way (and require the least amount of programming), by just adding the opposing teams rift-counter right under your own, to follow it in that way. Either this would be queueable through a menu in the main menu, and there should then be a holding area with 2 mins delay before start, where your chest should be available, or it should be a part of adventure mode, so you could prepare in town and the queue up through a construct similar to the rift stone (with 2 players in your game, you would search for another queued up grp with 2 ppl ofc) (and some smart way of making you able to fight a chosen enemy, like a friend) Well now I see that i've been going on and on for way too long :p I hope i didn't loose too many with all my blabbering! If you stayed with me, you're probably thinking, 'yeah well, most of what you just wrote has been thought of before' - To that I only have to say. Yes, it has, but non of it has taken effect, so I thought i would give it a go :) If you're a diablo developer (which I hope you are) you might be thinking, yeah well most of what you're suggesting isn't original (except for the last part, at least I haven't read about it anywhere before). Well to that i'd like to say. Sure it's not original, sure it's not that innovative to just add content that has already been made before. But the reason why I suggest it is, It works! Things like battlegrounds/arenas work! people are still enjoying them, so why not bring in some end game that you know will work? The Hero line wars was a great custom game mode for WC3, and it can't really be found anywhere else! (at least to my knowledge) So why not give it a revamp here in D3, where it will do some good? I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed writing it! :) And dear developers, please implement if not some of my ideas, then something similar. Best Regards ColioneColione7 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015 We where promised ARENAS, we have not forgotten. So what is this??? clearly blizzard has forgotten what made blizzard the succes they are right now.. its not your "original" stories anymore because the latest wow expansion,d3 game, and sc2 expansion story whise has been absolutley pathetic and predicteble.. Blizzard used to make good to there customers. when we where promised something we got it!! You are losing your touch blizzard... We where promised ARENAS where are they? we where promised an Arena that was a server in it self not connected via some dumb npc you just placed in the middle of the town.. we where promised Team deathmatch,hidden ladders.... SO many promises the reason i bought this game is because i wanted to farm cool loot but that didnt work because you decided to have a in-game auction house and make loot work in a way so you could profit from it...and i bout it for the promis of ARENAS that would arrive shortly after launch... almost 1 year now i se no ARENAS... notice how many times i say ARENAS with caps lock? I feel robbed.. i think many other also feel this way. played blizzard games since wc2... im not buying anymore of your games untill i have recived what was promised to me... if i could ask for a refund for ALL the money i have given you over my 5 years of wow and all the collectors edition !@#$ i would but im guessing you spend that money on a dumb %^- card game aka "cash grab game" t o make some more money.... Deliver what was promised....Srgtpain13 11 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015 New Idea's for next Expansion Patches PVP and Items Im a life long gamer i think i have a very good grasp of what makes Diablo fun and addictive, i really like the changes Blizzard have made to Diablo 3 and i have a couple of idea's that i think could make this game even better in future expansions. ITEMS Firstly the itemization is much better than it was but it still feels lacking in comparison to diablo 2. It does not feel that there are any Ultra rare items in this game just ultra rare rolls. I think Blizzard could add runes to the game and bring back Ultra rare runes and runewords. Also Blizzard could add socketed items like1-6 sockets and runewords. This could be very rewarding when slowly accumulating these items over many months / years that would enable you to take down the highest level content in the game (ie Highest level grifts). Also Blizzard could add a new item class Artifact with black colour items just for the cool factor. These items would be so rare that you would be lucky to find 1 every 500 paragon level's. Also certain items could only drop if you paragon level was high enough (ie 500,1000,5000). I believe that if Blizzard added these super rare items it would make the game even more addictive and super rewarding if/ when you actually found an item like this. Kind of the equivalent to finding Zod rune in Diablo 2 (i never did but it felt amazing when a Ber dropped after 3 years). So this is what i think for Items Socketed Items, Runes, Rune words, new Item type artifact ultra rare class. PVP I think the only way to make PVP good in this game is too have PVP in a completley different sidegame with completley new skills for each class. Brawling is very bad pvp Blizzard only needs to look to Westwood Studios NOX which was the most fun hack and slash PVP game ever created. If they use a similar model and make a Diablo 3 PVP sidegame it could be very well balanced addictive and fun. Diablo PVP has never been goodbut Blizzzard could make it good if they look to games like Nox for inspiration. These are a couple of the ideas i have if anyone else has any other ideas how Blizzzard could make this game even better in the next expansion i would love to hear them. And you opinions on my own ideas.Isen1 09 Feb 2015
29 Jan 2015 Brawling Going on date with amazingly beautifull woman in next month! Hopefully lot of brawling in bedroom! :) What you think about that guys? :)Battleheart0 29 Jan 2015
19 Dec 2014 Brawling, not what we expected? I doubt I am the only one who thinks that the PvP system is horrible. I mean there's barely any skill to it as you just go in and get destroyed by a champion with way better items than yours, Sometimes I get one hit killed and then whenever I re spawn he comes and I can't leave the arena except if I leave the game. Now we all waited more than half a year for this and for what? Get nothing from it? It is only one map, there is no ranking system to it whatsoever, the champions that play against you are either too good or too bad, and overall it is not even the experience that all of us expected. Now in my opinion a ranking system should be made. Also we can enter PvP from the main menu and we could choose where we wanted to play, and then we would be put into a game with champions with close skill level to ours. This game is not yet gone to nothing, with this new PvP we can really improve it and it is going to be much better than what it is now. I made this thread, hoping it will get to some of the people in Diablo and maybe implement this idea, and please write down what you guys think they should add.Intzaki7 19 Dec 2014
02 Nov 2014 Will there be Arena pvp in the expansion? Seeing how they mentioned it before the release of D3, but arena still haven't come out yet. Will there be arena pvp in the expansion?Asuko11 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 New Idea's for next Expansion Patches PVP and Items Im a life long gamer i think i have a very good grasp of what makes Diablo fun and addictive, i really like the changes Blizzard have made to Diablo 3 and i have a couple of idea's that i think could make this game even better in future expansions. ITEMS Firstly the itemization is much better than it was but it still feels lacking in comparison to diablo 2. It does not feel that there are any Ultra rare items in this game just ultra rare rolls. I think Blizzard could add runes to the game and bring back Ultra rare runes and runewords. Also Blizzard could add socketed items like1-6 sockets and runewords. This could be very rewarding when slowly accumulating these items over many months / years that would enable you to take down the highest level content in the game (ie Highest level grifts). Also Blizzard could add a new item class Artifact with black colour items just for the cool factor. These items would be so rare that you would be lucky to find 1 every 500 paragon level's. Also certain items could only drop if you paragon level was high enough (ie 500,1000,5000). I believe that if Blizzard added these super rare items it would make the game even more addictive and super rewarding if/ when you actually found an item like this. Kind of the equivalent to finding Zod rune in Diablo 2 (i never did but it felt amazing when a Ber dropped after 3 years). So this is what i think for Items Socketed Items, Runes, Rune words, new Item type artifact ultra rare class. PVP I think the only way to make PVP good in this game is too have PVP in a completley different sidegame with completley new skills for each class. Brawling is very bad pvp Blizzard only needs to look to Westwood Studios NOX which was the most fun hack and slash PVP game ever created. If they use a similar model and make a Diablo 3 PVP sidegame it could be very well balanced addictive and fun. Diablo PVP has never been goodbut Blizzzard could make it good if they look to games like Nox for inspiration. These are a couple of the ideas i have if anyone else has any other ideas how Blizzzard could make this game even better in the next expansion i would love to hear them. And you opinions on my own ideas.Isen0 02 Nov 2014
24 Oct 2014 My own Diablo brawling dream... TLDR: Dream about new brawling mode. Mixed up PVP and PVE. Mixed up capture and hold, defeat enemy Leader, tower defense. This was a kind of make your own decision dream about Diablo (well it was a mix of all games I played the most in the past)...I got to home after a hard day at work. My GF wasn't at home so I turn on the PC to relax a bit while slaying monsters. i've logged in and then it started to confuse me... I wanted to create a casual game and farm rifts for an IK set which I am actually working on. But then I realized that there was new availible content in game creation screen. Under adventure mode was completely new Brawlers mode that took my attention. I was able to choose Random Arenas, Team Arenas, and something new called Conquer mode... In random arenas I could pick 1v1,2v2 and 4v4; (nothing special) In Team arenas I could pick 2v2 and 4v4 and also create a team from my friend list. There were visible Ranks for each of my team; In Conquer mode I could join solo or team game with !8! players (cool isn't it?) and select difficulty (torment 2,4 and 6 only) ; There were personal rating with games played, won/lost and kill/death statistics with class played graph(it looked similar to Heroes of Newerth statistics combined with Guild Wars 2 graph); I've immediatelly joined Conquer solo because I had no idea what is that about... When I've entered the game I saw an eagle eye vision of the map. It looked pretty similar to warsong gulch... There were 2 fortresses - one at the left bottom and one at the right upper corner. One of those looks similar to helm's deep from LOTR and had grassy folliage. Solid stone fortress with two defense towers, boiled oil barrels over the gate and cultist mages at the towers. The second was a wooden made fortress with palisade wall with spiked sticks in front of it, built on sandy surface, two wooden watchtowers with moonclan spearmans, cultist heads pinned on the palisade. It looked so cool and it belonged to moonclan. At the rest 2 corners were caves, They were full of deadly traps and monsters (the one near moonclan had punji traps, cave closer to cultist fortress had fire traps). In each cave were 3 paths to purple named Elites in their rooms, killing those grants temporary minor buffs to defense or offense to your teammates and minions and one that grants shield to your fortress gate or health to the boss. In the middle of the map there was "capture and hold" ground rift, blue/orange collored dependent on which team the rift belonged to. It summons an RNG rolled blue packs to help you or your enemy every minute. Point of game was to conquer enemy fortress. Player respawning graveyards were between cave and fortress on both map sides Both fortresses spawns monsters that walks across the map to attack the opposite fortress like in moba games. Every "few" secs white groups. Every "few*2" secs yellow ellites with minions and with white group. And as mentioned before every "few*4" sec blue pack in middle rift for team holding it. Each monster had a chance to drop time tokens that prolongs all dead heroes respawn time by a second when you took it. Elites also had chance to drop loot! Density increased with time and games took around 15-30 mins. Main goal was to break thru the opposite fortress gate under fire of defense structures (they were pretty deadly) and when players broke inside they had to kill Random Boss spawned in the sqare behind the gate. Boss were regenerating HP slowly and If your team killed him you won the game. I've been playing with my warrior and everything was smooth and pretty Hard... I've cleared one of the path in further cave with spider queen at the end. She was hard to kill solo but doable for me at torment 4. Then I went to the second part of the cave to kill great Brown bear but i've been interrupted and killed by enemy monk and mage after rough fight. During the time I spend dungeon crawling RNG was rolling really sick elites to the battlefield. Battles was pretty fluid. All spells were colored blue/orange for players to be able to easilly detect harmfull and helpfull spells. Shielding elites was shielding players too for example. Battlefield was sometimes full of deadly things and between those effects were even deadlier players fighting each other. It was so freaking awesome to just spectate the battlefield during the death! I wish this will became truth... Suddenly my GF woke me up naked when she came home but immediately I woke up again in chair... holding mice... with buttons printed on my forehead to realize that i have no GF and the dream was so cool :D... Sorry for Engrish and Gremmar!dottek4 24 Oct 2014
24 Oct 2014 How to find brawling games? Obviously there are a feeew people in this brawling com but I never find a game in public to brawl is it that dead...? i also can't find some serious brawling community ingameWalkinTall7 24 Oct 2014
10 Oct 2014 ALL PVP GAMES SHOULD BE CREATED ON TORMENT VI just to avoid having player slots filled with farmers! someone make it a sticky please :)ZAM1 10 Oct 2014
04 Oct 2014 Bugreport - pvp and pve Its especially annoying in pvp. When you stand on each side of a wall u dont see eachother. You dissapear for eachother Like i see you go inside an entry and u dissapear - Only when i also enter I see u after 1~ sec. You understand? Iam not talking about enteringing something and it is a loadingtime and then u are in a new area.Maaciboy2 04 Oct 2014
16 Sep 2014 curious toughness cap? If any of you was curious what is maximum toughness cap :) I just figure it out :P 16 Sep 2014
23 Jul 2014 D3CL DeathMatch - EU 2014-07-27 20:00 CET,2013.0.html 23 Jul 2014
19 Jul 2014 1v1 Tournament by AZM and D3CL (29.06.2014) Hi AZM clan and D3CL organize 1v1 PvP tournament. Competition starts 29/06/2014 at 20:00 CET (Sunday) More info: yeah, we know PvP sucks but maybe someone will be interested. It's the first tournament in RoS so worth playing.Mag2 19 Jul 2014
11 Jun 2014 I am new to this game. Hi i am fairly new to diablo, I would like to know how one pvp's in this game, is it only the training grounds because whenever i enter it, its always empty, i know d get one shotted but id like to know if people actually pvp here.megaseeker1 11 Jun 2014
19 May 2014 Real DPS counter in PVP-Mode (Idea) Hello, I would like to know how much DPS I do with all my attacks in REAL - not the approximately value that we see in char screen. So my Idea is - test mode in PVP-Brawling. In test mode players could fight a slow monster with endless HP and low damage for 2 minutes. At the end of the 2-minutest-test-fight you will see then the full amount of damage you'have done, and the REAL average DPS per second!romsa0 19 May 2014
17 May 2014 earthquake damage in PvP Dear developers, during testing the PvP part of the game turned out, what is wrong calculated damage from the earthquake. Ignored melee or range damage reduction (depending what type of damage this ability will apply.)XPEH3HAET0 17 May 2014
04 May 2014 Looking for barb vs barb brawl. yes my tag is: Turco#2389 comment " B v B " pls :)Turco2 04 May 2014
29 Apr 2014 Demon Hunter Camper Build -- Viable? I've been running a camping build on my DH and doing very well brawling with friends of equal gear levels. Was wondering if something like this is viable in "real" brawling circuits: Basic skill setup is: Boar, Aid Station, Brooding, Numbing Traps Everything else is optional but I find webbed shot has great synergy with camping, and %heal spells synergize well with the overall strategy Webbed shot, SS:Healing Vapors (15% heal) , Venge: Side Cannons (1.5% heal), prep: battle scars (40% heal), Custom Engi (3 turrets) Rogar's Huge Stone also helps a lot here. I basically go in, set up 3 turrets, and wait to web shot someone down. It gets more difficult with ranged characters who know what you're up to (brooding is your main LPS so they'll try to get you to move). I haven't ran into any WOTB barbs yet so I don't know how this would do against something like that. Witch doctors could easily fear me out of the campspot but then again witch doctors wreck everyone anyway. Thoughts?GreyGoose2 29 Apr 2014
24 Apr 2014 Brawling changes ideas! Hello fellow diablo players ;) First let me say this - I know Diablo can never be a proper pvp game as it would be beyond impossible to balance it out, and I get that. Last night me and my buddies decided to give brawling a shot... My god it was so fun.. We entered expecting to stay for 5/10 minutes but we ended up fighting for nearly 2 hours.. All the gimicky stuff you can pull of.. the random spell/rune combinations. Ye you get one shoted most of the time but it still was increadibly fun. While chatting we figured out the one feature that was really needed in the Brawling arena. SCOREBOARD - a simple scoreboard like those we have in fps games. Being able to tell who is the absolute victor of your current session would be fun and make you compete more between each other, in a way :) I do belive this should be really easy to implement as you don't really need to keep too many stats in there.. like for example - Kills,Deaths,Most kills on, Killed the most by I think this should be more than enough. Also one more thing and I am sure this should be insanely easy to implement.. The random map generation used in the nephelim rifts would be really cool in brawling.. ofc on a much smaller scale. But having a random map each time you enter could prove to make things way more fun. And if that would be too heavy/time consuming on the development team just add a couple more extra maps in there.. For example: total of 10 maps for brawling and each time you and your friends enter - you are placed on a random one. TL;DR - Brawling is as fun as it is. Just add a simple scoreboard and a few extra maps :) Hope people like the ideas and upvote so blizz can see this, and hopefully add it before the next patch :) Regards, VakuuVakuu1 24 Apr 2014
24 Apr 2014 Looking for Dueling/Brawling Im bored of playing rifts, if you think same and look for some duels add me ingame:)Barb2 24 Apr 2014
21 Apr 2014 Dying in Town Dear Team, We would like to kindly inform you, that we've encountered a minor bug, during the PVP. When a party member who is wearing the Firewalkers, rightafter he is entering in to the Arena, the delayed firewall can damage on those who are still in town. Please see the attached image below: Best Regards ZZahul3 21 Apr 2014
13 Apr 2014 PvP system idea Greetings everyone, I gave a few days though to a PvP system that can be introduced and also make both parties happy (Blizzard company and the players community). So my idea follows the next steppes: 1. PvP server wide 2. Arenas to fight in 3. Gear and rating filters So lets hit it on with first step, as said to have a nice, clean and easy to join PvP should introduce a new filter in game settings, where players can chose "PvP" as a game option ( just like we chose adventure/story). A new added function that will get players into PvP mode. There would be no act restriction, no difficulty or stuff like this. All players should join in a Que, server wide, for PvP. There selection will be made after the gear filter and rating filter ( i will get to that later on). Second point is to have arenas for players, so they will have a place where to fight each other. This can be made rather easy since some areas in Diablo already have the "arena like" structure, like for example the Diablo fight area, or Malthael fight area (these would make nice arenas for players). Also there can be new designs for arenas (and i will try to post some rendered places i thought about, tho i am pretty new a designing and it will take me some time). Anyway, until arenas can be made there can be used a lot of areas from the game ( another example would be the place where we fight Magda, again a great arena like place). On the 3rd point players match up must be filtered, so a guy with no gear would not end in arena against end game geared players. Here i thought about filters based on the new system that Diablo has: damage and toughness. These great filters can be a start for selecting players and opponents. Another system that would be great can be a MMR system or a ranking system. Here can be 2 choices: One that players will start at a specific rating and will increase/decrease while they win/lose. Like WoW system. Or a ranking system that each players starts with a rank of 1 and level up while winning. There could be queue for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. As players should be able to join a party ( like they can now) and chose game mode "PvP" and get into queue. Still with all these said there comes 2 questions: what will Blizzard company get from this and what will make players play this PvP. I am gonna start with what players will get since mostly players may have a chance to impress Blizzard to give this to the community. So i thought about rewards for players and champion hall. A champion hall might be a tab added to each player where others can see how great he did in PvP, rating/rank and all of the shiny things he achieved and is proud with. Also players should get some rewards. (why?...because 90% of the players tend to do stuff to get something in exchange...well thats what we all want, rewards for our "work"). So with the new Blood Shards implement this can go rather easy: players might get a few shards if they win and also some gold and xp. This would make players join arena and be happy about it. Still, if someone wants to put more work into it, players should be able to get at a certain rating and get certain stuff that will help them get the items they want the most with some currency that will drop only from PvP ( this can also be an option). Now at the part of which Blizzard get something from this. Well to start off, Blizzard will get kinda a moderate amount of work to do this (but i am sure there is no desire for more work and spend of cash) and on the other hand Blizzard will get more players into the Diablo community resulting in more profit. If the PvP system its a blast i am sure that a lot of players will join Diablo 3, this resulting in bigger sales and a lot of players will tell friends to join and play with them PvP again resulting in addition of players to the game, resulting profit. Still if we think about it, the costs of implementing this will kinda take away all the new incomes, but there is a chance that the income will be higher and Blizzard also get a smile up (i hope). These been said i would like to greet everyone into giving a vote to this idea, if you like it or not, and if others have improvement and critics i would be glad to check them out. I will try in a few days to post up an arena design and explain how my idea will work inside the actual fight. Have a nice day and have fun.TheUnknownn4 13 Apr 2014
04 Apr 2014 I challange YOU! As title says =) Add me ingame if you want to have some fun brawling times. Lets see if you can beat me hehe =) See you in the battleground! ViceGuy#2252ViceGuy7 04 Apr 2014
04 Apr 2014 Just played brawling for the first time today I must say it was pretty cool, the big drawback tho is that i died so very fast. I played this DH and he was so fast, jesus crist. He uses illusions of himself and he Dodged regularly. And he turned invincible(stealth) Sounds pretty imba to me... Anyway i saw that elite dmg/reduction functions versus players also. So is this good to have? Any players have stacked this stats and sees big improvement in pvp? edit: forgot to mention he had that chest which when hit by ranged attack hits back for 700%~ damage. So i couldnt use any ranged stuff against him cuz it killed me that thing :)Maaciboy0 04 Apr 2014
03 Apr 2014 Witch Doctor Primary....HELP! Hi All Need some help with my build. Having a hard time deciding which primary skill to use (the toss up between Spiders, Toads or Bomb). I basically run a minion build, so Corpse Spiders has been winning (I use widow-maker for the mana gain or I’m not a fan of blazing) or ghost bomb. I don’t mind toads but their a bit too erratic. I have life on hit between 7-9k at any given time but I’m wondering what you guys might pick as your main. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Djokhan0 03 Apr 2014
22 Mar 2014 Rewards for the winner! BEAT Me! Hey all, To make it interesting i challange anyone to fight me. If you win best of 9 i will reward you with free 5 fiery brimestones. Add me ingame if you are up for the challange =). Viceguy#2252ViceGuy0 22 Mar 2014
20 Mar 2014 Life on Hit Clarification So, I have been going through threads on here trying to find a simple answer to a simple question, and it seems peeps are trying to dazzle people with their math skills, and not really answer the question. So...question....if I have Ghost Bomb on my WD, and I have 1000 life on hit, and the ghost bomb hits 5 people, does it give me 5000 life or just the 1000? A simple answer please fellow D3ers :)Djokhan1 20 Mar 2014