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11 Feb Patch 2.6.3 Now Live on Nintendo Switch Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.3 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch. This patch is specifically for the Nintendo Switch. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General • The application icon for Diablo III: Eternal Collection has been updated • End User License Agreement has been updated to include links to Blizzard EULA and Blizzard Privacy Policy sites • Several minor bug fixes have been madeKheluriel6 11 Feb
19 Sep Patch 2.6.1d — 09/18/2018 Diablo III patch 2.6.1d is now live in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address a number of minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.1 and implement the Season 15 theme buff. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.1, please click here. DIABLO III PATCH 2.6.1d Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. GENERAL A number of minor bug fixes have been implemented. SEASONS Implemented the Themed Season buff for Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim For more information about Season 15’s theme, please see our blog here.Kheluriel0 19 Sep
7h Is anyone even playing this game online? (Xbox 360) So I activated my Xbox live gold account again, and last night after about 30 attempts spread across about 5hours I couldn't find a single game to join, what gives? Do console players prefer to be loners :P Anyway add me on Wi11em88 if you want to play through inferno on Master 1 or 2, currently have a paragon level 5 Demon Hunter with 110k dpsWikkels80 7h
7h Helllfire Amulete Hello Guys, can someone tell my, why i cant buy the recipes of the hellfire Ring and Amulet? Paragon LVL over 500, Q14 Thank youAres1 7h
3d Patch 2.6.5 on ps4? Hi. So is it me or is the patch 2.6.5 not on ps4? Can be me that’s dumb.Culistrex1 3d
3d Xbox one 70 boost please! Xbox one boost to 70. I'm testing out a Demon Hunter. Unfortunately with my irl duties I dont have a ton of time to train multiple characters. Can anyone power level me just to 70 so I can start some testing please!? GT is 'A Gamers Fate'. Keep in mind it is a seasonal character!TJWolf0 3d
4d LF ps4 leveling Looking for people to play with on console! ADD me: riverofsouls91MakubeX2 4d
5d Falcon wings still available? (patch 2.4.3) I've been farming them for about 12 hours now and I am starting to get a little bit frustrated to say the least. Am I having extremely bad luck or are they no longer available (i.e. the mysterious chest no longer spawns)? Any sort of affirmation would be appreciated, either way. Thanks in advance!Balunzo30 5d
5d Switch Player - Looking for Friends Switch ID - SW-5822-8319-4402 I've been playing Diablo since the original PC game was released in the 90's. IG: makeupartistrylvRayna3 5d
6d Disabling motion controls on Nintendo Switch Please add an option to disable motion controls. I never actually rely on them, but whenever I reach to scratch my butt while playing - my character goes tumbling all over the place.imax3 6d
19 May Cheating Something has to be done about the cheating in diablo on the switch. It's pretty ridiculous now. Maybe something so offline play can't be logged on the leaderboards. Or banning accounts. Completely ruins the point of the game when you have to scroll at least 400 players down before you reach anything believableDaymansSky4 19 May
19 May CD reading problem on PS4 I just got my brand new D3: Ultimate Evil Edition but i can not play it. When i start the game then it starts the update too. After I am done updating the game starts the loading screen comes out and then the game crashes and it say Can not read the disc, please check if not damaged, the disc is all new and fine tho, when i get this thing up on my screen i still hear the in game music and even the trailer starts. I tried to reboot the database. I deleted the update and started the game without update then the game was all fine i came trough the loading screen to the start screen but i could no go longer because of the update was required. So please tell me what i have to do.Askan2 19 May
17 May Season 17 Starts May 17 Keep in mind, All consoles start at the exact same time, 5pm PDT. So, you will have to convert that to your timezone. Example I'm in the Eastern part of U.S. so my time that Seasons start is 8pm.EddieLMT2 17 May
14 May Ps4. Mode aventure bloquée Bonjour, je suis novice et impossible pour moi d'accéder au mode aventure depuis la fin de saison hier, et vu que je l'ai jamais fait, dois-je faire l'intégralité du mode histoire pour espérer retourner en hautes failles failles sup ?? Ça m'embête vraiment..Chuck1 14 May
13 May change language on diablo ultimate evil (ps4) well i have the same issue as some guys over here, the system language is on english but im on mexico so i think that the game took that as reference and downloaded on spanish. I want to play it on english so im looking for a way to change the language, any good ideas??? pls help!kbe84 13 May
12 May Pets How do I unlock new pets/wings etc. ? Also I'm looking for people to squad up with on Xbox one, im lvl 70 ready to start adventure mode.Jailsoap4205 12 May
11 May PC + Gamepad will pc players that have gamepads be able to play d3 on a pc with the controller? Sorry if this have already been answered but I couldn't find anything confirmed.tehace101 11 May
05 May Helppppp!!! It’s been years and still can’t double up xboxes on the same IP address?!! Please someone have a solution .Chickenwing2 05 May
27 Apr Looking for PS4 players. Hello, I started yesterday on the PS4 but my problem atm wich is a common one is that i have noone to play with. Looking for people from the EU, if interested add me : Vanizlol.Dodelijk2 27 Apr
27 Apr PS4 new player LF Players also Play PS4 looking for players to join up with and can’t seem to find anyone Add me on PS4 Bushpig_NattyBouncyBear0 27 Apr
25 Apr Gameplay Is it possible to play with friends if I'm on ps4 and they are on pc?Docmeth1 25 Apr
23 Apr Trophy problem on PS4 Hey, my partner and I have put God knows how many hours into Diablo on the PS4 but for some reason the "complete act one" trophy never popped for her which has left her unable to get the platinum trophy. She has the in game acheivment but not the actual playstation trophy Anyone else had similar problem and know a fix?JellieCatz0 23 Apr
23 Apr Getting sick and tired of ROS Freezes on PS3!! First of all let me start that ROS is great game and I love it. But i'm really getting sick and tired of the freezes while playing on PSN. Everytime I play with 3 or more players in 1 game the game freezes up after a while and I have to restart my ps3 system (and no we're not playing with modded gear). Funny thing is that I'm not the only one I've got a lot of friends in my friend list from Europe that have the same issue. Daiblo 3 without ROS was running smoothly and stable on PS3. I occasionally had a freeze once a month or so. Now I'm having freezes 4 times a day!!! And to be honest I'm fed up with it and I'm not the only one... There is something with ROS that creates this issue... So I'm asking you guys from Blizzard are you looking in to this?? Is there a patch coming out soon that addresses this issue?? Cause I have checking daily for a new patch but I got the latest one which is 1.0.1. And these issues have been there since launch day. I've also checked my router and everything is enabled and working correctly. Could you guys look into this??? Please??? I expected a patch already that would have resolved the issue...Intrcptr5 23 Apr
23 Apr ps3 d3 ros freezes too often it happens everyday. the last 2 times it happened just when the rift guardian appears. It happens both when i am the host or just a on a random online game. Anyone with simular experience as me. I really like this game but this is getting ANNOYING. My ps3 is placed on a table with nothing around it so its not a overheating issue. Maybe its an online multiplayer issue. i play mostly in team.( not using modded gear either if that does matter with freezing) My other games doesn't freeze this often, almost never. If anyone no what to do or must we wait for a patch.( I remember skyrim had this problem in the beginning but they patched it and also said turn of as much autosave as possible) Love d3 and hope they make many more expansions but this freezing thing is TOO ANNOYING to describe with words. Bul-Kathos guide me pleaseMorten6 23 Apr
21 Apr Ps3 Legit Players? 2018 I just bought Ros and was curious if anyone still plays on ps3 (legit only). does anyone still play? I'm level 66 at the moment.Tenray34 21 Apr
20 Apr Are we not able to see PS4 characters on I have my PC character on but am unable to get any of my PS3/PS4 characters on here anyone know why this may be? Has the support not been made yet? I do hope you guys understand what I mean! I have linked my PS4 account as well.Veggienut116 20 Apr
18 Apr Help improving my Bonestorm Necro build? XB1 Hey diablo dudes! I've been playing Diablo on and off for years and decided to join again this season. I love the slashy-fun-time style of this Necro build but I'm not sure if it can be improved? I'm pretty sure this is the exact build but I may have different items. Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions! Oh, and this is mostly for solo GR progression. Also, almost all of the gear is ancient. My paragon is 1004 and mostly all mainstat. Main gear: Helm: Inarius Understanding Chest: Inarius Conviction/primal requiem cereplate. Shoulders: Inarius Martyrdom. Gloves: Inarius Will. Main hand: Trag Corroded Fang. Off hand: Leger's Distain. Belt: Dayntee's Binding. Legs: Inarius Reticence. Boots: Inarius Perseverance. Ring 1: Krysbin sentence. Ring 2: Convection of elements. Wrists: Ancient Parthan defenders. Neck: Wisdom of Kalan. Cube Gear: Nayr's black death. Depth diggers. Lornelle's sunstone. Legendary gems: Simplicity's strength: 112. Bane of the trapped: 104. Bane of the stricken. 102. Attack wise it's mostly curse and slash with Bonestorm on and mages to drain all the essence, which leads to some awesome damage from large groups of monsters. Thanks y'all! I'm really wondering if there's a piece of the set that'd be worth replacing since the buff in S16.Thegreatshoe0 18 Apr
17 Apr Sup Blactivison You think I'm going to play D3 again this new season with your wonderful Season of Granduer update. You're done for as a company. Please just go away and let new companies who give a damn about their player base take over.Pr1m3v1l2 17 Apr
17 Apr lf ps4 boost/ levelling buddy Hi, coming back to game after a few months break, looking for someone to help with a quick boost to 70 please! :) If not, also happy to level from scratch with someone! psn: Unknown__1506 (2 underscores)unknown2 17 Apr
17 Apr What is going to be with cheats , hackers The game on console (PlayStation on me) become for the bottom of the sea. 1 month now, players from every Paragon join game and give an error (dont know how) or drop items on Town , that if someone pickup gives error or corrupt the save file, and others kill for fun. Also to mention on Hardcore they join game with Monks and kill characters on Town. Lost 1 character with 1121 Paragon. Please Blizzard do something. The answer/solution play "Invite Only" is not accept. Otherwise new players or friends never found/match. Otherwise the info with the new patch, I will take it as a memo (just for info)Firestorm4 17 Apr
17 Apr PS4 lookong for 70 boost Looking for boost to 70 PS4 played 1000+ hours on PC so not missing much by boosting if anyone is free UK PSN - EpicaGeTvEpicaGeeTv1 17 Apr
17 Apr Looking for players Hello I just started to play D3 on PS4, and i wanna play with someone! Add my PSN - CulistrexCulistrex1 17 Apr
13 Apr [PS3] New 100% Legit Player List - (For Softcore) I decided to create a new list because the creator of the old one is MIA. I will update this list as often as I can. So if you don't see your name added immediately when you post it up don't worry, it will get added eventually. This is the new legit player sign up for Diablo III - Reaper Of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 3. This is for the gift system, the nemesis system, campaign co-op, and adventure mode co-op (bounties and rift runs). Post your PSN ID here so that we all can increase our chances of sending and receiving gifts, create and fight nemesis monsters, play the campaign together, do some bounties and/or Nephalem Rifts together, help each other to level up, do some Keywarden farming together or Horadric Cache farming together. Before you post up your PSN ID please be aware that this is for 100% legitimate players only. This means you do not (and will not) use and/or create and/or distribute any cheats, hacks, mods, dupes, exploits, bootlegs, glitches, bugs, paragon glitching, lag switching and/or modified stuff/content/items of any kind in any way at all, ever. Only post up your PSN ID if you play 100% legit all the time. (In other words you only play the game the way the game developers intended for the game to be played.) This also means that you do not and will not play with people who use modded items. If you have received items that are not 100% legit in any way then please get rid of those items. If you are unsure of any item in any way then get rid of that item. If your Paragon levels have been glitched then please delete your entire save and restart your characters from scratch before you join other people on this list. Remember, this list is for 100% legit players only. This means you do not and will not use, create or distribute duped, modded, or hacked items. Also keep in mind this list is for Softcore players. When sending a friend request to another player do not send a blank friend request. With blank friend requests there is no way to tell for which game the other person wants to add you, or even where they got your PSN ID from. In any friend request you send be sure to include in the message something like: "BLIZZARD Forums; Diablo III: RoS; 100% legit players sign up". UPDATE: Important notice about items and sockets - see post 88 of page 05 of this thread here: UPDATE 2: For legit players, I recommend you avoid ever playing public matches, and that you stick to playing only with people who play 100% legit. Keep your network settings on "Invite Only" at all times, and only invite people to your game who are on the 100% legit player list. Never join public games, and never set your network settings to "Open To Public". By playing public games you run the risk of having your game invaded by hackers/modders who can end up glitching your Paragon levels, among other things. UPDATE 3: Be sure to check out this thread on how to avoid cheaters: UPDATE 4: Important notice! If you are caught playing the game with cheaters/modders then you will be removed from the list as well. Even if you don't use modded gear yourself, just staying in a game with people who use modded gear counts as you being a cheater as well. It really doesn't take long to inspect the other players' gear. If you stay in a game where someone is using modded gear for more than 60 seconds then you will be considered to be a cheater as well. UPDATE 5: In addition to this legit player list another user on the forums who goes by the name of "trunkbass" has created a sign up document for legit players. You can sign up with that document and include details like your time zone, when you mostly play, which class you prefer, etc. Be sure to sign up to that document as well. Anyone can edit the document. Just click on an empty slot and add your details. Keep in mind this is for legit players only. So no cheaters, modders, or hackers allowed. There is a section of the document for PS3 players and a section for PS4. Be sure to add your details to the correct section for which ever system you play on. The left side of the document is for PS3 players, and the right side is for PS4 players. You can find the sign up document here: My PSN ID: Raphamon -PLAYSTATION 3: 100% LEGIT PLAYER LIST- afroblackguy Agent-Potpot Apocy93 ApyRena barholn Benbrytaren88 Black_Hellcat bleh_aha boostin_nukes BowAser Bullitfreaky CrazyCatLady1975 crovaxnl crow7141 dannyfx17 DeadlyArrival debarsv DeLaBoooM Dusshunter euclideanPlane Fabie-jarrell FARPAS fist-mister FLK99 foreverstudiosx holek1983 howi66howi iLL_Cinema iUntouchable-_- JBone428 Jehuthy Joakimkallberg jonnnyBrav0 Khamooflage KOWMAP69 Leeende Legendary_Chaos_ LeVirginien Manhart MiHatsune MIKarlsen MindphaserXY montana001 OneBAMF816 onlysim15 ovskiyo Ow3nNL-1997 Parcival84 phy3_ princessfreye pro-kamasutra puffin20 qanax Rackaro ramiroNBA9 Raphamon ReapinStrawberry Redege1984 remb21 Rheider12 Riko_ChanCZ Satoof_Awni scottcwarner Shadowfigure8 shadowscarpsx SnowyChainsaw ST3FF__ Sumthins_fishy55 sungod02 SveK14 sznejk87 the_reaper200165 themisfitofwar theweebrooncoo Vavadook VeteranPaper vincentsantaana Warhog_GT WarpfiendxThanos xfhtagn xImBatman032602x xmatthyx1 Zax85 Zliten- ZulkinRapham0n161 13 Apr
12 Apr staff of heardihng & gibbering gemstone I know its been an on going topic, but my girlfriend and I have been trying to get the staff of hearding plans and gibbering gemstone for 5 days straight and were both going a tad spare. I know he console has had a few issues but it had a patch not to long ago for PS4. I was wondering if any one had any new information on this issue yours SwiftkillSwiftkill1 12 Apr
01 Apr Why the damage is not same as pc? I have check it many times and damage output is not the same. See video on YouTube with same builts lower Paragon level and they clear stronger Rifts. Why? The Nepheleam Glory is nothing compare to p.c damage output. Can someone explain me why this different? ThanksFirestorm1 01 Apr
31 Mar Controller Dr.Jason Regier Now 2019 And We Need Controller support for PC .BoooArab5 31 Mar
30 Mar adventure torment level hi guysim currently level 66 demon hunter. im wondering when i should start the torment levels. should i run the campaign on each difficulty. i really dont know what to do. im on the xbox 360Handsumpuppy0 30 Mar
24 Mar Nintendo Switch obvious cheaters Hi, I am quite new to console gaming, and haven't really played D3 for too long anyway, but ... I recently noticed that on Nintendo Switch leaderboard, a demon hunter and a wizard have cleared GR150 with quite impressive times as well. I heard that the non-season part of the game is being abused and hacked/cheated through and through, but am I missing out on something here ? Also, this is what I noticed about those 2 in particular - both of them are using ruby in their weapon socket, does that have anything to do with something or is it just for !@#$z and gigglez ? Added a few images for who may be interested. Edit: Also, how is this possible, this person has 260% CHD on weapon, essentially 2x gems. If this is legit possible, then I need to know how . 24 Mar
21 Mar Need player ps4 Hello I'm beginning game need player actif for play ,and lot of gifts. I play Crusader but need create all hero. My battle tag: keiga#2966 I'm french player. Enjoy.keiga1 21 Mar
20 Mar Caldeum Nightshade. Where can i find Caldeum Nightshade. I look for it in act 2 But i find nothing there , tournemend 5. Can someone give me some tips where to find it Thx NielsNiels274 20 Mar
18 Mar Follower survivability on high Torments. I know this is a non issue for people who group up, but for solo play it's very annoying how fragile Followers are once you reach higher Torment levels. I'm currently playing a Crusader on Torment VIII, and Kormac is constantly dieing whenever tougher mobs come along. And this is the Follower that's supposed to be tankier. Now, of course this issue can be solved by getting an Enchanting Favor legendary that makes the Templar immortal, but on the other hand, this means that his other two legendaries are never used once reaching a certain difficulty level (the same thing happens with the Scoundrel and Enchantress). And to add salt to the wound, today, for the second time, I got a follower primal that is not the one that gives immortality, which just sucks. And sure, you can always get junk primals, but this one doesn't even have a chance to ever be used. Followers should either be immortal or all follower legendaries should make them immortal. In either case, the current follower immortal legendaries should be reworked, like giving double damage to the follower (or maybe a lot more than that so their damage is actually relevant).Gilthas1 18 Mar
17 Mar LFM speed demon or curses conquest s16 Hi all, I'm a Witch doctor P700+, GR solo 90, but I'm stuck on the final seasonal mission... 1 thing left to do to get guardian title. I need the 3rd conquest. Speed demon or curses conquest, any of these is good. Find me on PS4, Rioona. Happy to help you out as well on anything. Grts, RioRio1 17 Mar
17 Mar Söker svenska spelare hej letar efter svenska spelare som kör diablo 3 på Xbox one. Med vänlig hälsning PetraBallafalla10 17 Mar
16 Mar Dropping a Pair of Wings on Nintendo Switch? We have been farming the Falcon Wings. One got the mysterious chest, and logged in the rest of the family on their NONSEASONAL characters hoping that each of us would get the Wings. Only one Wings dropped (not for the person who has a Nintendo account and who did all the work!) So we agreed to have the person who was added to get them, transfer them to the person who earned them. But we can’t figure out how to do that! This isn’t seasonal, but there is no way to drop Wings? They haven’t been learned yet. There is no way to mail Wings if you don’t have a Switch account?? Why is this such a pain?BlueSteel0 16 Mar
14 Mar (PS4) Are we too late to play D3 this season? Last week, a friend and I decided to take a break from Overwatch and do some Diablo III on our PS4's. We found out that this season has already been going on for quite some time. Also have we been playing for about 40 hours in "open to public" games, without ever meeting other players. Therefore we have some questions: Is Diablo III still being played on the PS4 or is it dead as some websites claim? If it is still being played, how do we play with others? How long before the next season will start? (maybe we'll just wait for the next season and start at the beginning)Vendali6 14 Mar
14 Mar new player on 360 good afternoon guys. ive just bought a second hand xbox 360 and it came with diablo 3 on disc. im wondering what would be the best class for me to use being a newcomer to diablo 3. i know its probably a case of personal preference but if i could get some feed back on heros. i dont really have a play style tbhangrygamer1 14 Mar
11 Mar PS4 boost anyone? PS4 boost needed to 70 pleaseBenscott941 11 Mar
08 Mar Active players on Xbox One Hi, Are there any active players on Xbox One? I'm specially looking for Seasonal players to do bounties/rifts. Thanks.LazyTitan0 08 Mar
07 Mar PS4 in Game Chat Issue All, I am reaching out to the Diablo 3 console community with this one because I am baffled. I just recently downloaded the new patch for Season 16, and everything is great but now my in game chat seems to be messed up. It is registering my mic and that I am speaking but I can not hear anyone else and they can not hear me. My mic and headset are plugged in through my controller and it is all working fine as I have tested it, and when I create at PS4 Chat room with friends everything is just fine. When I go into Diablo no voice goes out or comes through the in game chat method. My partner and I play together on two separate PS4 in the house and it is the same on her end. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any help would be great thank you. CalvinCalvin684 07 Mar