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31 Dec Patch 2.6.3 Now Live on Nintendo Switch Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.3 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch. This patch is specifically for the Nintendo Switch. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General • The application icon for Diablo III: Eternal Collection has been updated • End User License Agreement has been updated to include links to Blizzard EULA and Blizzard Privacy Policy sites • Several minor bug fixes have been madeKheluriel3 31 Dec
19 Sep Patch 2.6.1d — 09/18/2018 Diablo III patch 2.6.1d is now live in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address a number of minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.1 and implement the Season 15 theme buff. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.1, please click here. DIABLO III PATCH 2.6.1d Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. GENERAL A number of minor bug fixes have been implemented. SEASONS Implemented the Themed Season buff for Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim For more information about Season 15’s theme, please see our blog here.Kheluriel0 19 Sep
1d Looking for clan on switch Hi there, I'm looking for a clan on switch, do they even exist ? thanks in advanceAntares1 1d
1d Diablo 3 trophy error I have finished hardcore mode on 3 characters but still havent got the trophy for killimg diablo on hardcore mode. This is on the playstationElMuerte1 1d
1d "Reign Of Terror" Achievement Bugged? hey all, i'm absolutely addicted to Diablo 3 PS3 i've officially platinum trophied it apart from the reign of terror achievement (kill diablo in hardcore mode.) I've killed him a hundred times in hardcore mode and got the in game challenge completed. But still not got the trophy / achievement. has anybody had anything similar or have any advice?LFCAJ2 1d
1d Switch Rumble and Motion control features! Please please add the ability to disable both the motion control and the stupid rumble feature using a wizard with the meteor set causes my rumbles to go insane I DONT WANT IT and it should be able to be disabledAGenius2 1d
2d [PS4] HELP UNLOCK ADVENTURE MODE Can someone help me killing malthael in story mode to unlock adventure mode? (SOFTCORE) My PS4 psn is: itraxx47 Thank you!AWD0 2d
2d PS3 players denied seasons and Necromancer Dear Blizzard Is there some sort of discrimination against PS3 players? -We are not allowed to have Seasons , -We are not allowed to have the Necromancer, -We do not get any more patches Why are we treated like this? is it a big issue to at least have Seasons??? PS3 players are loyal too ! and we will not be moving to PS4 anytime soon!Draggos3 2d
3d [Swtich] cant join friends Hello, i realy want to play Diablo with my kid that lives in an other Eu Country, but we cant group up. cant join her game and she cant join my game. yes we both have nintendo online Service.Debbie0 3d
4d Ps3 Legit Players? 2018 I just bought Ros and was curious if anyone still plays on ps3 (legit only). does anyone still play? I'm level 66 at the moment.Tenray31 4d
4d Crossplatform multiplayer? Can PC users play with console users in multiplayer?ExoRcistus66 4d
4d Console Discord for Dutch players looking for groups I've recently switched from PC to PS4 gaming. Mainly because a lot of friends used PS4. Anyway, I had to have Diablo 3 on my PS4 which I've played from the start on PC. Only problem was it was a pain to find players that also played the game not to mention players from the same time-zone or country. I joined a few Discord servers, which solved the problem to a degree. But I personally prefer to play with fellow Dutch players as it's just easier to communicatie in my foreign language. Therefor I've created a Dutch Discord server for console players: Dutch Crusade. Therefor I'd like to invite any Dutch console player to join our Discord server and make it a lot easier to find players to play with. Hope to see you soon!Araleth1 4d
5d Switch User with 150 Level Gem Augments - realistic? Check out IZ on the Barbarian leaderboard with 11 150 level gear augments. My math looks like this, can it be done? Let's do some rough math. 2 min per rift (extremely generous) 1% chance to raise level after 105ish (because their max level is barely over 100) raise 45 levels at 1% (approx) 1 gem augment = 1 level x100 tries x 2 mins = 100 mins/level x 45 levels = 4500 minutes = 75 hours 11 augments = 825 hours 168 hours/week = 5 weeks @ 24/7 Time since release on Diablo 3 switch = nov 2 = just over 5 weeks That is 24/7 since release at 2 minutes a rift. Doesnt include the actual gems or the one off level 100 augment. Hmmmm. Is it possible someone is hacking data on the switch, is it all client based? Did they just augment and change some numbers. I wonder. I don't actually wonder. Their page even shows them playing "100 hours or more". When they would need more like 800+ hours, Leaderboards on switch are already useless.Litchebane5 5d
6d Best builds [HC] Hey Guys what's the best build for wizard and WD on console? I'm a decent D3 player on PC.. Never tried HC, and I want to give it a go.Kamura1 6d
6d [NS] Season 16? Has season 16 started? Something strange happened when I logged in today, about 40 paragon levels had been completed and I had loads of paragon points? So I assumed the season is over because I can't check Challenges either for the season to see what I need to do. So when does 16 start? Because my character is still 70 I thought it changes to level 1 on a new season?FLESH3 6d
08 Jan PS4 Diablo III Language change not possible Hi, I have a problem with downloading Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition - EFGIS on my ps4. The PlayStation store is forcing on me PL version. I have tried to: - remove game and any saved data and install it again from PS Store - still PL version - remove game and any saved data and install it from Library - EFGIS version, but there is no download button - remove game and any saved data and install it remotely via PS Store on computer, but there is only PL version available. My console language is set to EN and was set when I have purchased the game. On the purchase webpage there was no information that this game will be in PL language. Any way for Blizzard to cooperate with SONY to remove geo-location block for EFGIS content for Diablo III?Asttraea8 08 Jan
08 Jan [SWITCH] Amiibo: Loot Goblin (UK)? Will more Amiibo: Loot Goblin be released for the Switch (UK)? Annoying they went before I could order from anywhere. Don't really fancy paying someone twice the price or more for one on e:bay.GraeChan2 08 Jan
07 Jan Redeeming season rewards Hi, So a question, after I noticed that the seasonal rewards were claimed through the journey interface after completing each chapter I proceeded to redeem the first 4 chapters. I have logged in on my non-seasonal character but don't have any mails with the headrigs gifts? I appear to have the pet and portrait available however. When on my seasonal char they show up as reward claimed... Do the gifts go to the first char you log in on after claiming (which is a level 1 char I since deleted....) or do they show up in your mail one day? Any help greatly appreciated.. Prophet.Prophet6 07 Jan
07 Jan PS4 Pro - Keeps crashing So I started playing Diablo 3 again and bought the necromancer pack. Well I wanted to play but the game keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes after I joined a game. Doesn't matter if I play online or offline the crash still happens. I had 1 hard crash and the only way I could reset the console was to unplug it. I really hope there's a fix on the way for this because this is a bit ridiculous...Durgon12 07 Jan
05 Jan bug hi i have found a bug on halls of agony 3. when you get to the chest where the fire comes out of the floor the first two fire up in a zigzag pattern across the floor and can still kill you this is on the xbox one version any one else getting this problem.chartlor0 05 Jan
05 Jan Invoker set bugged? Hi. I'm wondering if there are anyone else who experience issues with the Crusader Invoker set? I'm playing on a Xbox One S. And my Invoker 2 piece bonus feels bugged and not function properly. My thorns damage don't hit anyone in close range to me. An I mean, enemies standing on my toes. They don't take any damage from my thorns when I'm attacking. But! When dodging/blocking. Than all the sudden all enemies around me all the sudden just explode. I feel like I'm single targeting every enemies. I'm using punish with celerity rune. Anyone else have this issue? RegardsPit1 05 Jan
04 Jan Switch - lost progress Progress lost on Switch after playing with my character on my sons user save file - local coop. When I restarted my own users save, I got a message from Blizzard that the software had to restart due to a problem. Now I have lost 50% of my progress.. any fix for this?Jonwang1 04 Jan
03 Jan Switch Leadboards. (Hackers) Are activision literally ignoring the blantant obvious hackers on the switch leaderboards. Top Crusader (JRDman) is full Primal Ancients all with perfect rolls! I mean it doesn't really effect me at the end of the day, as I'm no where the top! However I couldn't find much on the forum ref any sort of acknowledgement from any blues.Giles5 03 Jan
01 Jan [PS4] Guise of the Colossi Just wondering how the Shadow of the Colossus transmog set is obtained? I've just completed the main story and working on the rifts and levelling to 70 and was wondering how transmog sets like the colossi are obtained?Fhirald3 01 Jan
01 Jan Players will be heading to diablo immortals ? hello , I want to buy diablo eternal collection but i have questions, , it's easy to join a co-op ? Players will be heading to diablo immortals ?M4072 01 Jan
01 Jan Diablo sending pets and wings from PS4 to NS? How can I send my pets and wing from my Diablo 3 on ps4 account to my Nintendo Switch version of it?Ali1 01 Jan
29 Dec best mode on switch need help with boss mode on switch friand code sw-1423-6710-0533Icebane0 29 Dec
29 Dec [PS3] Wand of Woh Hello, I am currently still looking for a Wand of Woh for my Wizard. If anyone has the wand and would like to trade it for something that would be really awesome. I have a lot of good legendary stuff to trade including Vyr's set pieces, Firebird's set pieces, Thunderfury (str), Ring of Royal Grandeur (int, dex), Magefists Maximus and a lot of other stuff. Reply either here or send me a message on PSN - IksdeeAthena1 29 Dec
28 Dec New player on the console side Just wanted to drop in and say hey to the console players. I've been playing Diablo games from the first installment and just started playing D3 on my PS4 Pro. It's just so fun to ease up on the couch, pick up the controller and start playing. Started a seasonal wizard and having great fun. What are you guys up to on console version? :) --DagoniumDagonium1 28 Dec
28 Dec Switch-Activating Kanai's Cube Power So last night I extracted the Legendary Power on a ring using the cube. But i cant figure out how to activate the power? I couldn't find the option in the cube to activate it. I also checked my powers area on character sheet and its empty with nothing to choose. Any help is appreciated.Chubbexul1 28 Dec
28 Dec X box 1 language X box one language i buy the digital game diablo 3 and it is on english and i want to change it to russian how can i do it my region setup on consule is russianazaret1 28 Dec
28 Dec Disabling motion controls on Nintendo Switch Please add an option to disable motion controls. I never actually rely on them, but whenever I reach to scratch my butt while playing - my character goes tumbling all over the place.imax2 28 Dec
27 Dec [NS]2-Player issue upgrading Stash + Crusader Skill bug Hello, I got D3 on Switch for christmas. When playing with my brother on the same Switch unit, my brother (Player2) tried to upgrade his stash but he pressed the right button (A?) but nothing happened, It was actually my controller (Player1) which could interact with his menu item. Another issue we had was in the Blood March we did a bounty where we had to kill monsters + an Elite we checked every nook and cranny, treaded all the ground and couldn't find the remaining 3 or 4 enemies (we basically followed all the walls, checked everything and walked across the map multiple times). Then we pulled enemies from another map and killed them in the blood march thinking it would give us credit, and it did =) -Edited on Dec 31- It seems Slash skill 's graphical priority is a bit low (I use Rune #2), often it's graphical effects don't show up (most of the time I think it's during low-mid intensity fights and I see an absence of effects because I spam Slash on a monster that strayed from the main pack) It's feels rather underwhelming and I don't see if I actually hit some of the enemies around me.Eleria0 27 Dec
26 Dec [Switch]Issue with Season 15 rewards Hello, On this Nintendo Switch new release, I got the 4 pieces from Hardcore mode on my lvl 70 crusader regularly, but with my lvl 70 Demon Hunter in Normal mode i can't get the rewards. The game says they have just been redeemed. False. It's a different game mode and a differenti character. How can I solve this Issue? It's a known bug or it's happened only to me? Thanks in Advance.bocte1 26 Dec
24 Dec Diablo 3 Switch. Looking for players Looking for players to level up on Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch. Currently level 36 but levelling up fast! Waiting for you guys. Friend code: SW-4570-4105-2923SuperPants0 24 Dec
23 Dec Avarice not work with bounty caches? I collected 30 BCs and opened them all in town then collected all the gold at once. No pet. No companion. I made nearly 80M gold but did not get the achievement. Any ideas what gives?Adsun1 23 Dec
23 Dec Switch Lf Friends Lf friends to grind with over 1000 paragon on PC Friendcode: SW-6613-2148-4902Chainsouler0 23 Dec
21 Dec Account wipe Nintendo Switch? I logged on this morning to continue grinding my level 70 seasonal wizard but it seems to have been wiped...... I only have options to create new characters.... Has this happened to anyone else? I should add that the seasonal journey challenges haven’t disappeared.HenryVee0 21 Dec
19 Dec Double Horadric cache buff not working on consoles Confirmed on PS4 after the 5pm PST deadline. I cannot confirm if XBOX One is affected as I do not have one.mrtheoden2 19 Dec
19 Dec Season 16 Start and End* Dates 1 sec ago Seasons go live for all console players globally Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, regardless of which regional version of the game you may have. Please note that Seasonal Leaderboards for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch are still separate by hardware platform. We currently anticipate that Season 16 will be ending on Sunday, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. PST in North America, 5:00 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5:00 p.m. KST in Asia. Hm.. Season 15 Started Sept 21. Originally was to end Dec 16, but Ending Jan 6. Season 16 is short by comparison.EddieLMT0 19 Dec
19 Dec Xbox character question I am playing Diablo 3 on xbox through the main story line in online co op at the moment. If I make a new seasonal character and start a seasonal session (not in online co op) will this overwrite my progress that I've made on my other character? I'm currently on act 3 with my first character and really don't want to go ahead with starting seasonal only to find my 1st character's progress lost.Ruziko1 19 Dec
17 Dec Switch co-op Looking for co-op. I have some experience in D2 and D3 (PC). But Nintendo version is the best for me. I like challenges and high difficulty. Feel free to join: SW-8424-7828-6685lunix0x0 17 Dec
17 Dec Nintendo Switch obvious cheaters Hi, I am quite new to console gaming, and haven't really played D3 for too long anyway, but ... I recently noticed that on Nintendo Switch leaderboard, a demon hunter and a wizard have cleared GR150 with quite impressive times as well. I heard that the non-season part of the game is being abused and hacked/cheated through and through, but am I missing out on something here ? Also, this is what I noticed about those 2 in particular - both of them are using ruby in their weapon socket, does that have anything to do with something or is it just for !@#$z and gigglez ? Added a few images for who may be interested. Edit: Also, how is this possible, this person has 260% CHD on weapon, essentially 2x gems. If this is legit possible, then I need to know how . 17 Dec
16 Dec Button assignments on Switch Is there any way to remap the button assignments on the Switch version of Diablo 3 to match the other console releases? While elective mode can 'fix' most of the ability assignments, the dedicated keys for Potions, lock on, and 'ability 5' have all been rotated and can't be changed. I'm finding the game incredibly frustrating to play as I'm constantly fighting years of muscle memory from playing the PS3 and PS4 releases of the game. I don't want to want to relearn the controls because I often still play the PS4 version with local friends. I'm sure there was a reason for the control scheme change up, but I can't think of what it could possibly have been. But I would be very appreciative to have the option to choose which control scheme I'd prefer to use.ShonaSoF3 16 Dec
16 Dec Switch boost 1-70 Hey all , just started on switch a new diablo 3 adventure ,played many houres on pc already so , would be Nice if anyone is willing to boost me or play together tnx in advance 8150-4537-1137Endynem0 16 Dec
16 Dec PC + Gamepad will pc players that have gamepads be able to play d3 on a pc with the controller? Sorry if this have already been answered but I couldn't find anything confirmed.tehace99 16 Dec
15 Dec Nintendo Switch Boss Mode conquest Hey, I'm looking for poeople wanting to do the seasonal Boss Mode conquest on Switch version together. I tried to do it solo, but I'm missing the mark by 1 or 2 minutes (probably because of the terrible loading times). I've already done it on PC version multiple times, just need people to assist me doing it on Nintendo Switch. As long as you are geared enough run through T10, you're welcome to join. Feel free to contact me here or via my battletag: Vherax#2583 on Blizzard app (Switch seems to lack communication features).Vherax2 15 Dec
15 Dec 4K Xbox It won’t show HDR when I start it on my Xbox One XAlucard1 15 Dec
14 Dec Endgame guidance Hi, I've just finished playing my first pass through the story mode and finished as a level 70 Crusader with Paragon level 20 something. I was at Torment 2 but had to wind it down to Torment 1 for Maltheal. At some point I want to play through the story mode again so I can pay more attention to the story and dialogue, a lot of which I skipped through with regards the backstory and supporting characters. At the moment though, I'm relishing the freedom of choice that I'm expecting Adventure Mode to give me. However that freedom all feels a bit overwhelming after the hand-holding progression of the story mode. Could someone give me a beginners guide to Adventure Mode so I can more constructively plan how to develop my character? I also want to try out each class and build them up. Is this best done for new characters through Story Mode or Adventure, or doesn't it matter much? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.SleepyShaman0 14 Dec