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31 Oct PATCH 2.6.1 NOW LIVE ON PS4 AND XBOX ONE Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here. Patch Highlights Class Set Revisions We’ve taken a top-down look across all class performance in Greater Rifts, and made several changes to bring as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as possible, with a focus on the most popular or requested builds. Skill Changes Several skills have had their overall power buffed, while others have been tweaked for improved playability and performance. Item Revisions Numerous Legendary items have seen tweaks, yielding increased power for players to enjoy. Xbox One X Support Players on Xbox One X will be able to enjoy the game in 4K resolution. Items General Many Legendary and Set items have had their drop chance increased. Other Items Shields acquired by Necromancer players can now properly roll the +Max Essence affix Adventure Mode Rifts Reduced the number of deadends when Rifts choose the Temple of the Firstborn tileset Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by the Hematic Disciple Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by Blazing Guardians Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by Smoldering Constructs Reduced the fog effect in the Shrouded Moors tilesets in Rifts The large Temple of the Firstborn tileset can no longer be selected for Greater Rifts The amount of experience and Rift / Greater Rift progress that Shock Towers provide has been increased Shield Pylons no longer reflects damage back to attackers Note: Reflecting damage back to attackers caused performance issues when encountering high density Challenge Rifts Increased the amount of materials that the Challenge Rift Cache drops The Challenge Rift Cache now always drops 10 Death’s BreathKheluriel0 31 Oct
03 Aug Some Items Disappear After Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Virnethael1 03 Aug
03 Aug Patch 2.6.0c Update Now Live Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.0c is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch includes the following changes: Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which caused certain items – such as health globes, progress orbs, Nephalem Glory globes, gold, and Blood Shards – to disappear from the ground at times when players teleported to a different location.Vaneras0 03 Aug
28 Jun Patch 2.6.0 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.0 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition, the Eternal Edition of Diablo III is now available for sale through the PlayStation™ Store and Xbox One Store. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here. For information about the Eternal Edition and the Rise of the Necromancer pack, please click here. This patch includes new features and some quality of life updates, including (but not limited to): New Class: Necromancer As a master of the dark arts, you wield the powers of life and death necessary to restore the Balance! Necromancers are powerful spell casters who lay waste to their enemies using curses and reanimation—along with an obedient cadre of pets. This new class employs a controlled gameplay style using the raw materials of life: blood and bone. Note: This class is available through the Rise of the Necromancer pack. For more details, please click here. New Items for the Necromancer Over 30 new Legendary items have been added for the Necromancer class, along with four class-exclusive Sets featuring unique themes. Set Dungeons have also been added for each of the new Sets, providing you new opportunities to test your mettle. New Feature: Challenge Rifts Explore new builds created by your fellow players in a weekly static dungeon! You can access these through the main screen, similar to Adventure Mode and Campaign Mode. New Zones: The Shrouded Moors and the Temple of the Firstborn The fog-enshrouded Moors and the darkened Temple of the Firstborn can be explored in Adventure Mode through a new waypoint on the Act 2 map. New Bounties: Realms of Fate Four new Waypoints have appeared in Adventure Mode. Each one has bounties to complete. These Realms of Fate are the unintended consequences of the battle between the nephalem and Diablo in the High Heavens. Please note: While the patch may be available shortly after maintenance on June 27, release in Japan is slightly delayed and purchase of the Necromancer in Japan will not be available until 12:00 p.m. JST on June 28. Please see our release announcement blog for more information. Items Legendary Gems Zei's Stone of Vengeance When a pet deals damage with this gem equipped, bonuses are now always granted from the player to the enemy hit instead of from the pet to the enemy. Adventure Mode Set Dungeons The user interface has been updated to better explain tier completion requirements With this, the basic completion tier must be finished within the given time limit The time limit to complete a Set Dungeon has been increased to 5 minutes Set dungeon monsters are now tracked on the mini-map when the dungeon begins All Basic Tier monster kill requirements have been lowered Greater Rifts Players who die in solo Greater Rifts can now choose to immediately resurrect. When choosing this option, the time remaining on your death timer will be removed from the remaining Greater Rift time and your cooldowns will be advanced by the same amount. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented players from completing the “Clear the Forgotten Well” bounty Achievements Terror in the Blood Now requires the player’s health to be at 10% or below instead of 9% or below Bug Fixes Fixed a bug preventing the Terror in the Blood achievement from triggering once the criteria were met and Diablo was defeated Monsters Skeleton Mage Has had its fire damage reduced slightly Quality of Life Witch Doctor Gargantuans will now destroy breakables they step onVaneras0 28 Jun
1d Staff of herding 2017 Hey all. Im trying to craft the staff of herding in season mode adventure. I found the plans mushroom but it seems chiltetara isnt dropping that gem! I ran about 100 runs of cavern of the frost and bounty on kill chiltara. No drop for 3 days farming. What am i doing wrongSixselection11 1d
1d Hot Anvil, Strong Steel objective not working.. I've crafted several 70 weapons and armour pieces but i'm still not getting any credit for the objective, i'm on 10/11 of chapter 2 but i'm stuck now, any advice? ThanksZelrin3 1d
1d Follower lost gear Follower on seasonal character had no gear on when my partner logged in today. He thought it was an appearance bug before checking. Xbox oneKhaleesi1 1d
3d Are we not able to see PS4 characters on I have my PC character on but am unable to get any of my PS3/PS4 characters on here anyone know why this may be? Has the support not been made yet? I do hope you guys understand what I mean! I have linked my PS4 account as well.Veggienut101 3d
12 Nov No seasonal rewards Playing seasons on ps4 and i just did all in charapter 1, but there is no option to collect my rewards! I should have unlocked wings and first portrait, but cant claim them. Someone else have same problem?Dracula1 12 Nov
12 Nov [PS4] Season community 2017 Hi, Looking forward to play seasons on the ps4. More people interested, send me an friend request. Perhapss we can make an list here with people. Please mention psn name and playing hc / sc. PSN: 1: blackherrie : SC 2: black-viper75 : SC 3: G4ld0n- : SC 4: akshmi92balaji : SC 5: alramass 6: ilosoxx : SC 7: HappyMilo : SC 8: Tankraw 9: just_an_old_h3ro :SC 10: forgive-n-regret 11: VyersReaver : HC 12: MikeFu- :SC 13: Raja1509 14: Schiefo : SC 15: -PaulMcD91 : SC 16: Kakemonster89 17: Cerges : SC 18: Sockz92 : SC 19: Jmanig1988 : SCSteenpuist84 12 Nov
09 Nov Season not started Is there a reason why season is not live on PS4 yet?Familjefisk20 09 Nov
09 Nov Happy birthday to me!!! wow, had an awesome birthday yesterday, bought the necro pack 3 days ago and been having a blast with her, hope to see you guys in S12 on ps4 :)sungod1 09 Nov
08 Nov Necromancer not available after patch on PS4 Hi everyone, anybody else run into the issue that after installing the patch, and buying the rise of the necro pack, in-game it is said that the Necromancer pack needs to be bought, but when saying ok, do so, there is a message with no content (not available for sale yet or might no longer be for sale) available? At same time, going to the Library and Addon-ons for D3, it says the Necro pack is installed?Zsadan27 08 Nov
08 Nov Primals on Console Hey guys, I have played Diablo for a while on pc and have now switched to xbox one. Can you still get primals on console when you have completed a G70?.Prímes16 08 Nov
08 Nov Any legit players on PS4? I just recently bought the game for my PS4, after having a lot of fun and hours on PC. But apparently the game is flooded with cheaters/modders, and it ruins the MP experience completely for me. Just ended up in a game where I suddenly saw my P-levels skyrocketing. I hate it, as I was looking forward to start over and enjoy the leveling up and progress on PS4. Well now I have some questions: 1) Does reporting even help? As it seems like a massive ongoing thing, something completely new when coming from PC. I don't have any screenshots or anything anyway. 2) Can you re-roll without any safegames? I would like those paragon levels gone again. 3) Is there an (updated) list somewhere with legit players?Angbroda3 08 Nov
07 Nov Blizzcon Virtual ticket 2017 goodies Will console players get murky pet on ps4?Pocrezze1 07 Nov
05 Nov Collectors Edition Wings There was a time not so long ago that Diablo 3 hadn't been released. As a long time Diablo 2 player, and waiting nearly 20 years for a sequel I was filled with excitement, anticipation and goodwill for next Diablic installment. What does one do in such a situation? Pre order! I pre-ordered the Diablo 3 Collectors edition for the PlayStation 3 which came with a variety of ultra unique items some of which were to deciding factor on whether to byy vanilla or collectors. Specifically,the Angelic Wings both blue and crimson were especially memorable. What's that you say? Memorable? Why? Don't you still have those Wings? Nope. But you paid for them. Yep. So what happened? I abandoned PlayStation for Xbox (no regrets, except this one),and was encouraged to do so by Blizzard who claimed to let me export my characters across console platforms. Unfortunately, this was misleading, as the Wings didn't transfer. Only a dedicated Diablo player will recognise how unfair this feels. After reaching out Blizzard basically claim they wanted to, but just couldn't because of technical whatevers. But I don't think that's an acceptable response. If Blizzard really wanted to, they would let me have my Wings back.what they ought to do is create new ones and send them to those affected. After all, we paid for them. Why bother calling it a collectors edition if only a couple of years later all the items collected vanish? Might as well call it the Ethereal Edition. Will this affect my future relationship with Blizzard? Nope I will continue to play and continue probably to buy special editions in the future. Although it still rankles. I paid for the Wings, and both Blizzard and I knew that the Wings were enticing. But yet here I am without Angelic Wings. I think Blizzards response to this isn't good enough, even if the value of the Wings is minimal, they've still taken my money and taken away the product. Having said that, I'd like to congratulate Blizzard of the entirety of Diablo 3. The game has grown and developed beyond my imagination and I have huge appreciation for what they've accomplished.LightHoek1 05 Nov
05 Nov Necromancer pack bought on PC version Any chance of getting some discount for Xone version when i have Necro pack for PC ? coz let's say it for same thing pay twice 15 € is a lot :-D and i have some currency here on account but i dont think i can use it on microsoft store :/Kasikcz1 05 Nov
29 Oct Elemental type Blizzard plz add elemental type to skill tooltips! Whit most builds elemental type is very important and it is very annoying when playing d3 on ps4, but cant see elemental types on skill tooltips so i am forced to use my laptop and watch elemental type from skill calculator.Dracula1 29 Oct
29 Oct Ps4 season 10 Haedrig's gift issues I have just completed the first 3 chapters for season 10 and have not received one haedrig's gift yet. Is there something I'm missing? When I toggle rewards for chapter 2 and 3 it shows that I am supposed to receive a haedrig's gift bag.keizer8 29 Oct
27 Oct Quality of life changes badly needed Dear Blizzard and fellow console D3 players. My main question to you: does the console version need QoL changes? I think it does. After upgrading 500 Imperial Emeralds to Flawless Royal, my right thumb is officially sore. Why don't we get a slider at Shen, to batch upgrade the gems, like on PC? Also why do se still need to hunt for Nephalem Glory? It's ancient relic mechanism, keeping the players from efficiently farming anything. Please rebalance monster hp. Any other recommendations? Please post here your ideas, about the console version.DaveHutt0 27 Oct
25 Oct Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls on PS3 This may be a stupid question, but I am genuinely confused about this. I asked several friends and they also weren't sure what to answer, so I decided to bring this to the forums. Do I need to purchase the original Diablo 3 in order to play the Reaper of Souls on the PS3, or does it count as a "separate game"? And if I do, does it count if I purchased the PC version and have it registered on my account, or do I need to re-purchase everything, including the first original Diablo for each console in order to play Reaper of Souls?KubaK10 25 Oct
22 Oct Looking for regular players (PS4) Yes all So I'm late on the Diablo PS4 scene (big player on PC though) and I'm looking for players to grid rifts, do bounties and loot run for sets. The servers seem empty-ish at the mo and solo grinding just isn't the same, even if I get players to play with the paragon level is slightly questionable at an unhealthy 5000+ which is one shot territory on high level bosses...... Easy to level yes but that's not how I want to play any loot based game! I'm running a level 70 pet build on my witch doctor at the moment and currently plugging away for my grim reaper helm on act III ( though the % drop might have changed in this act since I last played) I play as much as I can, mainly on my days off and I'm happy to do what ever suits anyone. Whether it's playing new heroes and levelling them up, jumping on hardcore etc So if you want feel free to add me on my psn N2woR All the bestN2woR8 22 Oct
21 Oct Question regarding console version.. I recently bought myself a PS4 and I'm tempted to buy diablo 3 on it as i've spent countless of hours playing it on PC. Since I'm going to play hardcore if I buy it, I'm wondering if people still are able to "cheat" there when dying? the usb thingy?CrankyPants1 21 Oct
21 Oct Season 11 still going? Why is season 11 still going? Am I the only one missing somerhing here? It should have ended yesterday? Im looking forward to getting my paragons added... Jonmoerch1317 21 Oct
16 Oct Add option to reset Greater Rift highest floor. Let's start with a little background story first. So my brother loves to watch me play Diablo 3. Just a few hours ago I was running some greater rifts on my WD with a friend of mine when I had to leave the controller for a few minutes. I showed my brother how to play my build and left for about 8 minutes. When I came back he was in a greater rift earning paragon levels like crazy so I immediately killed the game. Turns out somehow some cheater joined the game and opened a 150 greater rift and my brother joined it. Well unfortunately I happened to come back at the start of the second 150 rift. So now when I go to greater rifts it says the highest I have done is 150 and I have to scroll all the way down if I want to do say 50 or 60. Luckily I only gained roughly 220 paragon levels, which isn't to bad since I've been gaining about 40-50 a day since I got the game(around 670 at the time I'm writing this). I just count my blessings I'm not 4000+ like some of the other unfortunate souls I read about on here. So I have accepted the extra paragon levels since they haven't impacted me to much but I can't get past the max floor achieved part of the greater rift system. After searching for hours if there was any way to fix or roll back my character it looks like there is not unfortunately. Blizzard can't mess with our cloud save files but they can add to the game itself. What I propose is a button added to the game that would reset your progress with the greater rift system. It would completely wipe clean the max rift progress and allow you to start over. Now I am not saying you would have to start from floor 1 and do 70 floors to get back to floor 70. You know what your best floor is so you can choose to start there and if you beat it it will record that as your new highest floor. It will stay blank until you beat any floor and it will record that floor as your highest. Now I know I am probably 1 of a small group of people who would want something like this implemented but it seems like it would be very easy to implement. Tell me what you all think or if this is not the right section to post this in. I'm not asking for much just help me slightly recover from the cheaters who ruin this game.Snoogans4 16 Oct
16 Oct PS4 Pro - Keeps crashing So I started playing Diablo 3 again and bought the necromancer pack. Well I wanted to play but the game keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes after I joined a game. Doesn't matter if I play online or offline the crash still happens. I had 1 hard crash and the only way I could reset the console was to unplug it. I really hope there's a fix on the way for this because this is a bit ridiculous...Durgon8 16 Oct
14 Oct Why no guilds Why is there no guild format on console. This way it would be easier to play with other players around the world imo. Especially 4 man pushing gr?????OlafBrolaf0 14 Oct
12 Oct PC to Xbox One Character Transfer So I know that you can transfer characters across from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4. My question is why not PC to Xbox One or PS4? There must be a way of linking your gamertag to your account so that this can happen. I'll be getting the Xbox One version regardless but it seems silly (imo) that you can't do this. Blizzard are you looking into this? If not, why not? What do the rest of you guys think?TACCornflake49 12 Oct
12 Oct LF Console Friends Thought I would start a new thread, was wondering if there is anyone who wants to friend up and play some Diablo 3. I am not looking for people who will just add me then not bother to play together. Social people wanted. Currently going through season on a Sentry DH, 303 Paragon Points. Add me on PSN - XavriumDevimus0 12 Oct
10 Oct [PS3] New 100% Legit Player List - (For Softcore) I decided to create a new list because the creator of the old one is MIA. I will update this list as often as I can. So if you don't see your name added immediately when you post it up don't worry, it will get added eventually. This is the new legit player sign up for Diablo III - Reaper Of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 3. This is for the gift system, the nemesis system, campaign co-op, and adventure mode co-op (bounties and rift runs). Post your PSN ID here so that we all can increase our chances of sending and receiving gifts, create and fight nemesis monsters, play the campaign together, do some bounties and/or Nephalem Rifts together, help each other to level up, do some Keywarden farming together or Horadric Cache farming together. Before you post up your PSN ID please be aware that this is for 100% legitimate players only. This means you do not (and will not) use and/or create and/or distribute any cheats, hacks, mods, dupes, exploits, bootlegs, glitches, bugs, paragon glitching, lag switching and/or modified stuff/content/items of any kind in any way at all, ever. Only post up your PSN ID if you play 100% legit all the time. (In other words you only play the game the way the game developers intended for the game to be played.) This also means that you do not and will not play with people who use modded items. If you have received items that are not 100% legit in any way then please get rid of those items. If you are unsure of any item in any way then get rid of that item. If your Paragon levels have been glitched then please delete your entire save and restart your characters from scratch before you join other people on this list. Remember, this list is for 100% legit players only. This means you do not and will not use, create or distribute duped, modded, or hacked items. Also keep in mind this list is for Softcore players. When sending a friend request to another player do not send a blank friend request. With blank friend requests there is no way to tell for which game the other person wants to add you, or even where they got your PSN ID from. In any friend request you send be sure to include in the message something like: "BLIZZARD Forums; Diablo III: RoS; 100% legit players sign up". UPDATE: Important notice about items and sockets - see post 88 of page 05 of this thread here: UPDATE 2: For legit players, I recommend you avoid ever playing public matches, and that you stick to playing only with people who play 100% legit. Keep your network settings on "Invite Only" at all times, and only invite people to your game who are on the 100% legit player list. Never join public games, and never set your network settings to "Open To Public". By playing public games you run the risk of having your game invaded by hackers/modders who can end up glitching your Paragon levels, among other things. UPDATE 3: Be sure to check out this thread on how to avoid cheaters: UPDATE 4: Important notice! If you are caught playing the game with cheaters/modders then you will be removed from the list as well. Even if you don't use modded gear yourself, just staying in a game with people who use modded gear counts as you being a cheater as well. It really doesn't take long to inspect the other players' gear. If you stay in a game where someone is using modded gear for more than 60 seconds then you will be considered to be a cheater as well. UPDATE 5: In addition to this legit player list another user on the forums who goes by the name of "trunkbass" has created a sign up document for legit players. You can sign up with that document and include details like your time zone, when you mostly play, which class you prefer, etc. Be sure to sign up to that document as well. Anyone can edit the document. Just click on an empty slot and add your details. Keep in mind this is for legit players only. So no cheaters, modders, or hackers allowed. There is a section of the document for PS3 players and a section for PS4. Be sure to add your details to the correct section for which ever system you play on. The left side of the document is for PS3 players, and the right side is for PS4 players. You can find the sign up document here: My PSN ID: Raphamon -PLAYSTATION 3: 100% LEGIT PLAYER LIST- afroblackguy Agent-Potpot Apocy93 ApyRena barholn Benbrytaren88 Black_Hellcat bleh_aha boostin_nukes BowAser Bullitfreaky CrazyCatLady1975 crovaxnl crow7141 dannyfx17 DeadlyArrival debarsv DeLaBoooM Dusshunter euclideanPlane Fabie-jarrell FARPAS fist-mister FLK99 foreverstudiosx holek1983 howi66howi iLL_Cinema iUntouchable-_- JBone428 Jehuthy Joakimkallberg jonnnyBrav0 Khamooflage KOWMAP69 Leeende Legendary_Chaos_ LeVirginien Manhart MiHatsune MIKarlsen MindphaserXY montana001 OneBAMF816 onlysim15 ovskiyo Ow3nNL-1997 Parcival84 phy3_ princessfreye pro-kamasutra puffin20 qanax Rackaro ramiroNBA9 Raphamon ReapinStrawberry Redege1984 remb21 Rheider12 Riko_ChanCZ Satoof_Awni scottcwarner Shadowfigure8 shadowscarpsx SnowyChainsaw ST3FF__ Sumthins_fishy55 sungod02 SveK14 sznejk87 the_reaper200165 themisfitofwar theweebrooncoo Vavadook VeteranPaper vincentsantaana Warhog_GT WarpfiendxThanos xfhtagn xImBatman032602x xmatthyx1 Zax85 Zliten- ZulkinRapham0n147 10 Oct
10 Oct Can you play on ps4 without playstation plus ? Hi, can you play diablo 3 ultimate edition offline, ( couch coop ) without playstation network ? And if yes - Is it fully patched? Thanks :)Mato2 10 Oct
08 Oct Need friends I haven't been able to find a good place to get console friends, so here it is. I play d3 all the time and I end up sending my gifts to my 3 frien ds who don't play. If anyone plays and would like to play with me or just swap gifts my account is Insanctus_89. I'm capable of doing 80+ rifts as wellCompensator20 08 Oct
04 Oct Really annoying bug with Command Skeletons Hello, I've noticed that if I die when a boss (Yellow named or Rift guardian) is only mob around, I can't use Command Skeletons skill afterwards, for the duration of the battle. My character keeps saying "No!", "This is not possible" etc... I have Enough Essence and skeletons. For Rift pushing this is a rift fail situation as I can't kill the boss without the set bonus damage from the active Command Skeleton. I thought it is rare, but as i've progressed with the GRs, dieing during the RG fight became common, and most of the time, i have to restart abandon the GR as I can't finish it that way.DanteIX1 04 Oct
03 Oct [Console] RoS Hellfire Ring Guide I just got my Hellfire Ring last night, and i thought i'd write a quick step-by-step guide as to how to obtain it. - Introduction For those of you that don't know, the Hellfire Ring is a [craftable ring with a +45% bonus to experience, making it very useful for anyone trying to raise their paragon level, or leveling a new character, since the ring does not have a level requirement, although it has lvl 70 stats. It's legendary affix is spawning a pool of lava under the target (looks pretty cool). Obtaining the ring can be abit of a grind, depending on luck, personally i got it after about 5-6 hours of farming. - Collecting the Materials Crafting the ring requires 3 different materials which drop from different bosses. To get to these bosses you will need to craft the Infernal Machines. First of all, you need 4 keys to craft the Infernal Machines. Each respective key drops from a respective keywarden, although each keywarden will have a small chance of dropping one of the other keys. Each keywarden drops the plans to craft the Infernal Machines, i got these on my first kill so i'm pretty sure the drop rate is very high, if not guaranteed, although i have no source on this. The keys and the materials needed to craft the ring WILL NOT drop on lower than Torment 1 difficulty The drop rates will slightly increase with each torment level. Torment 1 - 25% Drop chance Torment 2 - 28% Drop chance Torment 3 - 33% Drop chance Torment 4 - 38% Drop chance Torment 5 - 43% Drop chance Torment 6 - 50% Drop chance The Elites that drop the keys can be anywhere on the map, and might take a while to farm, so it's recommended you farm with a group, so you can all split up and look for the keywarden for the fastest runs, although this is not required. Act 1 Fields of Misery - Odeg the Keywarden - Key of Bones + small chance of other keys. Act 2 Dahlgur Oasis - Sokahr the Keywarden - Key of Gluttony + small chance of other keys. Act 3 Stonefort - Xah'Rith the Keywarden - Key of War + small chance of other keys. Act 4 Silver Spire Level 1 - Nekarat the Keywarden - Key of Evil + small chance of other keys. - Crafting the Infernal Machines There are 4 different machines, each will require 3 keys to craft. Once you have a machine, you will have to enter Heretic's Abode behind the Healer in New Tristram. It is not visible at first, until you destroy the door behind him. Once you are inside, right click any of your machines to open a portal to the Ubers. Infernal Machine of Bones opens a portal to Realm of Discord where you will find The King of Dead and The Merciless Witch. These are overpowered versions of The Skeleton King and Magdha. They drop Leoric's Regret. Infernal Machine of Gluttony opens a portal to Realm of Chaos where you will find The Foul Desecrator and Vile Executioner. These are overpowered versions of Ghom and Rakkanoth. They drop the Vial of Putridness. Infernal Machine of War opens a portal to Realm of Turmoil where you will find The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One. These are overpowered versions of The Siegebreaker and Zoltun Kulle. They drop Idol of Terror. Infernal Machine of Evil opens a portal to Realm of Fright where you will find The Soul of Evil. This is a very overpowered version of Shadow Realm Diablo, and he will spawn one of any of the uber bosses to help him at 75% HP and 50% HP. Once he reaches 25% he will split into 3. He drops Heart of Evil. - Crafting the Ring Now that we finally have all that we need, we just need to craft the ring. The plans to craft the ring can be bought off Squirt the Peddler for 100.000 Gold. Be aware that there are 2 different plans, one for the level 60 versions and one for the level 70 versions. If my memory serves me right, the purple book plan is the level 70 one. The ring costs 10.000 Gold to craft, and is guaranteed to have 45% Bonus Experience along with a chance to deal 200% weapon damage as fire in the form of a huge pool of lava underneath the target. Congratulations! You now have your very own Hellfire Ring! I apologise if the guide is poorly put together, this is my first time ever writing a guide. Any questions feel free to ask. If anybody feels like playing, my PSN is JuicySmoke. Please have a mic.jegerluder1243 03 Oct
26 Sep Multiplayer: Help finding ANY game How do you join multiplayer games on a random scale? I'm tired of playing the 'pick an act and level' bs -_- that seems to be only on 'quick match' I'm at Act 2 Torment III... Just want to freaking play with other people, but it seems like a gamble (see above) every time I try to find other players? WTF am I doing wrong? Is there a random option? Help please...cbbred2 26 Sep
21 Sep PC spikes Lately I'm getting spiked constantly, it reached a level of each 10-15 min. How can I know if it's my connection or blizz's? ThanksBenom0 21 Sep
21 Sep Crossplatform multiplayer? Can PC users play with console users in multiplayer?ExoRcistus60 21 Sep
20 Sep Permission to access Xbox Live Hello, I recently purchased an xbox 360 and diablo 3. I playes it on PC and linked the battle net accout to the xboxlive one. I have a gold membership for 1 month. Ingame, when I try to open the game to public from network settings I get the error "You do not have the permission to access Xbox Live functionality". Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!Saibot1 20 Sep
20 Sep Playing online Sorry guys for such a dumb question but i am struggling with setting up D3 on PS4. 1) i have successfully created a saisonal character (Lvl 8) 2) i have successfully linked my existing account with my PSN account (received an email from Blizzard) i havent received the signet ring so far i am still only able to play campaign (because completely new on PS4) Questions: 1) how do i create an online game or join an online game? I have seen the option in the game menu in a youtube video - i dont have that. 2) how do i receive the ring ? I dont mind playing campaign first to unlock everything (which i dont think it's necessary) - after grinding a couple years on PC (GR82 was my highest in season 6 LON BOMB Crusader) i always enjoy playing from level 1 to 70 can someone please explain and / or give me some hints. Much appreciated !Aris1 20 Sep
28 Aug Redeeming season rewards Hi, So a question, after I noticed that the seasonal rewards were claimed through the journey interface after completing each chapter I proceeded to redeem the first 4 chapters. I have logged in on my non-seasonal character but don't have any mails with the headrigs gifts? I appear to have the pet and portrait available however. When on my seasonal char they show up as reward claimed... Do the gifts go to the first char you log in on after claiming (which is a level 1 char I since deleted....) or do they show up in your mail one day? Any help greatly appreciated.. Prophet.Prophet4 28 Aug
23 Aug [XBOX ONE] In need of Gauntlet of the Wastes Hey people I am in need of help. Did the most stupid thing i could do and I salvaged my Gauntlets of Wastes. I had the full set and now I miss alot of DMG. Been grinding for 10 hours but still no luck in the drop. Can anyone help me out? If neede I can pay for it. Let me know what you need for the item.BubRoss1 23 Aug
22 Aug Blizzard - In progress season trading needed So first let me just state that I know I'm going to get quite a few posters that mention this is probably a dead horse. However, any thread I could find was sufficiently old that I didn't want to necro said thread. Okay, here we go. The two things that could always be counted on from a Diablo play experience was randomness (from random drops, random enemy affixes, etc.) the other was being able to play with friends and help each other progress in a game of increasing difficulty. With this said, in progress season trading is needed very badly. Blizzard needs to assign resources to solving the problems associated with trading between players (duping, etc.) I venture to say that a ton of people would find added enjoyment with the ability to trade items dropped in joint season sessions. In a game that's it's already hard to get that perfect primal ancient...this is just needed. It will undeniably add to the enjoyment of the game. The fact that I can't even trade an item with my wife who is playing on the same ps4 on the couch beside me is beyond reasoning. I'm sure this could be fixed somehow...Blizzard just doesn't want to dedicate resources to it. Blizzard is effectively preventing one of the key elements of Diablo games through the history of the franchise. I enjoy the even playing field in a season provided by trading being turned off to prevent the duping. But treat and fix the underlying issue not the symptom on top it. Make Diablo 3 seasons trade enabled again!Baronh2o0 22 Aug
22 Aug Hellfire Amulet plan I have been searching all over the web where I can but the plan for the hellfire amulet. Everywhere it says I can buy it at squirt but she doesn' t sell it. Anyone can help me?BubRoss1 22 Aug
20 Aug How to see damage type of skills? I'm coming from PC Diablo 3. Playing on PS4. While the interface is quite confusing for a PC player I think I have most of it figured out, except how to see damage type on skills (fire, cold, physical, etc). I have activated advanced tooltips in options, but still can't see damage type. Do damage types on skill exist on console version and how to see them?Havoc0 20 Aug
18 Aug nintendo switch version hey maybe nintendo switch version coming i love play that on my work :Pzerokillerpc1 18 Aug
15 Aug The black rock ledger Does something with cube. Farmed them all on 360 for fun. Now gonna see what they do!!!!AlmightyCOON3 15 Aug
14 Aug Corrupted save file, what to do? Ok, so yesterday I started up diablo3 on my ps3, and then I got the message "Your save file has been corrupted", or something like that. All of my 5 lvl 60´s are gone. Is there anything I can do, or do I have to start over? Is there a way to fix a corrupted save file?Drumstick4 14 Aug
14 Aug change language on diablo ultimate evil (ps4) well i have the same issue as some guys over here, the system language is on english but im on mexico so i think that the game took that as reference and downloaded on spanish. I want to play it on english so im looking for a way to change the language, any good ideas??? pls help!kbe74 14 Aug