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02 May Patch 2.6.1a Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1a is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch should bring these console versions up to patch parity with PC. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General StarCraft 20th Anniversary The StarCraft 20th Anniversary pet has been added to the game. All players should unlock this item upon entering their first game after patching. Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to the Season Journey in order to allow proper completion of tasks and ConquestsKheluriel0 02 May
03 Aug 2017 Some Items Disappear After Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Virnethael1 03 Aug 2017
03 Aug 2017 Patch 2.6.0c Update Now Live Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.0c is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch includes the following changes: Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which caused certain items – such as health globes, progress orbs, Nephalem Glory globes, gold, and Blood Shards – to disappear from the ground at times when players teleported to a different location.Vaneras0 03 Aug 2017
1h PS4 Support Monk Looking for Players Hey guys, I’m a paragon 1k+ Support Monk on PS4 looking for people to run with. Just send me a friend request with something about D3 in the description of the FR. And as assumed I’m a non-hardcore seasonal player. Looking to push higher on the 2, 3, and 4 man leaderboards this season so if anyone out there could use a zMonk I’m always down to play. Cheers. PSN: Herbai_TLongDawng0 1h
1h PS4 HCS D3 bounties Running t13 bounties all night. Message Cioud-420 for invthumpr0 1h
1h A hacker just killed my highest level hardcore hero... Ok here's what just happened. A person whose PS4 name is TheJoker1337 joined my game, whose paragon level was 20,000. We start a rift and they send me a message saying "call me daddy" or something like that, which I ignore. He asks one more time and then says "then die", then I proceed to do exactly that, just die instantly... No monsters around at all. Checked my hall of the fallen for cause of death and it just says unknown.. Is there anything I can do about this? I was just trying to get my first hardcore hero to level 70 :/.nickp3 1h
16h change language on diablo ultimate evil (ps4) well i have the same issue as some guys over here, the system language is on english but im on mexico so i think that the game took that as reference and downloaded on spanish. I want to play it on english so im looking for a way to change the language, any good ideas??? pls help!kbe80 16h
2d Cross-Save Hello, We need Cross-Save, because I own Diablo III on PC and I have Nintendo Switch. So only way I would buy it on my Switch if we will get Cross-Save. Thank you for listening.SViper0 2d
3d Season 14 players wanted (PS4) Hi Guys, Looking for a few people to farm rifts and bounties with on PS4. I am a UK based player and play nights generally 8pm onward. Semi casual Wizard Paragon level 150. PSN: Mozza ThanksMozza1 3d
3d Casual player looking for clan/party Hi, I'm a fairly casual player and tend to play solo but I'm curious about online play and pushing further into grifts and improving gems / gear. I'm not sure how you go about joining clans etc but if anyone is keen on teaming up then let me know and I'll add your psn. In this season I'm playing a barbarian, currently around 630 paragon. CheersAntelope170 3d
5d Challenge Rift Stuck on Last Week (Wk 59)(PS4) Hey all, is or has anyone experienced this before . . . as of early Wednesday morning US EDT, the Challenge Rift will not roll over to Week 60. If I try to enter the past CR, I get a message that reads something to the effect of 'Week 59 Challenge Rift has concluded". I've tried closing and restarting both the application and the console, and nothing seems to trigger the CR to advance to the next week. I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.EightballVA0 5d
5d Need friends I haven't been able to find a good place to get console friends, so here it is. I play d3 all the time and I end up sending my gifts to my 3 frien ds who don't play. If anyone plays and would like to play with me or just swap gifts my account is Insanctus_89. I'm capable of doing 80+ rifts as wellCompensator22 5d
14 Aug Diablo 3 wrong language ps4 So I bought a used copy of Diablo 3 ultimate evil edition for PS4 and when it was finished downloading the whole game was in Russian? Is this language locked to the disc? I live in Ireland and speak english so I don’t understand why this game is in Russian. Can someone please help?Shan0 14 Aug
10 Aug Primal cheating issue on consoles (PS4) Some players are cheating on the PS4 by abusing the lack of online server saves for seasons on console. They simply reforge an item X amount of times, and if they don't get a primal, they quit the game without saving, and restart the reforge process on a 2nd item of the same type. After day 3, the #1 SC DH on PS4 had 3 primals b doing this: traveller's pledge (perfect, elemental/chc/chd) compass rose (not quite perfect, but still very good) karleis point (perfect) as of 2 days ago (less than 2 weeks into s13!!!!!!) he has 7 primals in his build... I've been super lucky and have 2 primals in my build (both drops from RG), but I must stress that I've been super lucky. Getting 7 primals is just dodgy cheating imho. PLEASE make seasonal saves for console online only to stop the cheaters. We've already seen a massive drop in s13 of the number of people on PS4 playing seasons, and I believe that this is because of 2 things: 1) the cheaters using the primal reforge/mat scraping exploit 2) not enough of a break between seasons please address these issues.mrtheoden19 10 Aug
09 Aug Missing items from season rewards cp 4 Hey. Yesterday i completed the chapter 4 and got my last set item ( crusader- Neck, chest and pants). After opening the reward chest i was done with gaming that day, so when i logged on today the 3 items was not equip on my crusader or wasn't in my inventory. The game says i have collected the season rewards from cp 4 and i have, but where are the items?? Still have the items from cp 2 and 3. plz help.DeadMeatDK1 09 Aug
07 Aug Falcon wings still available? (patch 2.4.3) I've been farming them for about 12 hours now and I am starting to get a little bit frustrated to say the least. Am I having extremely bad luck or are they no longer available (i.e. the mysterious chest no longer spawns)? Any sort of affirmation would be appreciated, either way. Thanks in advance!Balunzo29 07 Aug
06 Aug Cosmic wings Hey, I'm currently trying to get the cosmic wings and wondered if anyone wants to team up to speed up the quite tedious goblin farming. I'm on ps4 and playing season, nick is tompa636.Tompa0 06 Aug
01 Aug Items disappeared Hello, My friend sent me like 100+ best items on Diablo 3 PS4, because he doesn’t play anymore ( my psn Id: Citrinax ) I’ve accepted it today in the morning and left my house for couple hours . After I came back my all new items been gone from my stash and inventory , only my old ones been left as before accepting my friend items. No one has ability to switch my PS4 on without me as it is locked . And I don’t think that someone stole it as only missing items is the ones I just received . Any ideas why?:/ Thank you for helpCitrina1 01 Aug
30 Jul xbox one: act 1 bounty quest bugged The 'free 5 villagers' quest is bugged. Unable to free any. I play season incase that matters.Raja9990 30 Jul
28 Jul Help wanted Help Wanted for ps4!!! Resurrected from the grave and Just started crusading again... If Any buddy is in a gifting mood and would like to help my journey towards domination that would be appreciated! I’m totally down to friend/team up as wellDarthxGringo0 28 Jul
28 Jul Help wanted Help Wanted for ps4!!! Resurrected from the grave and Just started crusading again... If Any buddy is in a gifting mood and would like to help my journey towards domination that would be appreciated! I’m totally down to friend/team up as wellDarthxGringo0 28 Jul
22 Jul Back and need help ps4 Hey Guys i am back but lost all characters and items. Can someone boost me please? PS4 add: PBIS Thanks in advance!NextHype0 22 Jul
20 Jul Party up? PS4 Legit Seasonal HC Looking for chill and mature PS4 hardcore players interested in grouping up to make the grind, well, less of a grind. Currently very low level 10-50, usually grind out two chars at the same time (makes dying less painful), working on a wizard and crusader at the moment. Legit only, please. Add me if interested: PSN: StrangeMcNamaraSefharv0 20 Jul
17 Jul Ps3 Legit Players? 2018 I just bought Ros and was curious if anyone still plays on ps3 (legit only). does anyone still play? I'm level 66 at the moment.Tenray4 17 Jul
17 Jul Ps4 season 14 players Hi all I'm searching for a clan or some people to play on this current season I use a barbarian at 950 I usually play with a wizard at 900 at the moment Everyone is welcome. Even new players. We play nearly everyday especially on the evening Pn name: Prinnyking96 AurocapPrinnyking960 17 Jul
17 Jul Looking for players (ps4) Hi all i have recently decided to come back to the epicness that is diablo. So grabbed it on PS4. Used to play on pc quiet a bit so have some knowlage of the game from previous runs through the game. Just looking for some people to join up with a run through and prgress with just started my first seasonal character. No preference to who i join just wants to have some fun hacking, slashing and lootin Am a english player that usually logs on nightimes so feel free to drop a comment and will get back to you all Many thanksIanCollings4 17 Jul
17 Jul PS+ question. Hey guys, i got a quick question. Usually I'm playing with a friend couch coop on diablo 3 and i was wondering. We both have diablo 3 on our ps4 consoles but we didn't get a ps+ subscription yet. The question is, If i get a ps+ sub and he does not, can i join him on a game while he is playing from home or he is still restricted and i cannot connect with him?Plagu32 17 Jul
15 Jul [PS3] New 100% Legit Player List - (For Softcore) I decided to create a new list because the creator of the old one is MIA. I will update this list as often as I can. So if you don't see your name added immediately when you post it up don't worry, it will get added eventually. This is the new legit player sign up for Diablo III - Reaper Of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 3. This is for the gift system, the nemesis system, campaign co-op, and adventure mode co-op (bounties and rift runs). Post your PSN ID here so that we all can increase our chances of sending and receiving gifts, create and fight nemesis monsters, play the campaign together, do some bounties and/or Nephalem Rifts together, help each other to level up, do some Keywarden farming together or Horadric Cache farming together. Before you post up your PSN ID please be aware that this is for 100% legitimate players only. This means you do not (and will not) use and/or create and/or distribute any cheats, hacks, mods, dupes, exploits, bootlegs, glitches, bugs, paragon glitching, lag switching and/or modified stuff/content/items of any kind in any way at all, ever. Only post up your PSN ID if you play 100% legit all the time. (In other words you only play the game the way the game developers intended for the game to be played.) This also means that you do not and will not play with people who use modded items. If you have received items that are not 100% legit in any way then please get rid of those items. If you are unsure of any item in any way then get rid of that item. If your Paragon levels have been glitched then please delete your entire save and restart your characters from scratch before you join other people on this list. Remember, this list is for 100% legit players only. This means you do not and will not use, create or distribute duped, modded, or hacked items. Also keep in mind this list is for Softcore players. When sending a friend request to another player do not send a blank friend request. With blank friend requests there is no way to tell for which game the other person wants to add you, or even where they got your PSN ID from. In any friend request you send be sure to include in the message something like: "BLIZZARD Forums; Diablo III: RoS; 100% legit players sign up". UPDATE: Important notice about items and sockets - see post 88 of page 05 of this thread here: UPDATE 2: For legit players, I recommend you avoid ever playing public matches, and that you stick to playing only with people who play 100% legit. Keep your network settings on "Invite Only" at all times, and only invite people to your game who are on the 100% legit player list. Never join public games, and never set your network settings to "Open To Public". By playing public games you run the risk of having your game invaded by hackers/modders who can end up glitching your Paragon levels, among other things. UPDATE 3: Be sure to check out this thread on how to avoid cheaters: UPDATE 4: Important notice! If you are caught playing the game with cheaters/modders then you will be removed from the list as well. Even if you don't use modded gear yourself, just staying in a game with people who use modded gear counts as you being a cheater as well. It really doesn't take long to inspect the other players' gear. If you stay in a game where someone is using modded gear for more than 60 seconds then you will be considered to be a cheater as well. UPDATE 5: In addition to this legit player list another user on the forums who goes by the name of "trunkbass" has created a sign up document for legit players. You can sign up with that document and include details like your time zone, when you mostly play, which class you prefer, etc. Be sure to sign up to that document as well. Anyone can edit the document. Just click on an empty slot and add your details. Keep in mind this is for legit players only. So no cheaters, modders, or hackers allowed. There is a section of the document for PS3 players and a section for PS4. Be sure to add your details to the correct section for which ever system you play on. The left side of the document is for PS3 players, and the right side is for PS4 players. You can find the sign up document here: My PSN ID: Raphamon -PLAYSTATION 3: 100% LEGIT PLAYER LIST- afroblackguy Agent-Potpot Apocy93 ApyRena barholn Benbrytaren88 Black_Hellcat bleh_aha boostin_nukes BowAser Bullitfreaky CrazyCatLady1975 crovaxnl crow7141 dannyfx17 DeadlyArrival debarsv DeLaBoooM Dusshunter euclideanPlane Fabie-jarrell FARPAS fist-mister FLK99 foreverstudiosx holek1983 howi66howi iLL_Cinema iUntouchable-_- JBone428 Jehuthy Joakimkallberg jonnnyBrav0 Khamooflage KOWMAP69 Leeende Legendary_Chaos_ LeVirginien Manhart MiHatsune MIKarlsen MindphaserXY montana001 OneBAMF816 onlysim15 ovskiyo Ow3nNL-1997 Parcival84 phy3_ princessfreye pro-kamasutra puffin20 qanax Rackaro ramiroNBA9 Raphamon ReapinStrawberry Redege1984 remb21 Rheider12 Riko_ChanCZ Satoof_Awni scottcwarner Shadowfigure8 shadowscarpsx SnowyChainsaw ST3FF__ Sumthins_fishy55 sungod02 SveK14 sznejk87 the_reaper200165 themisfitofwar theweebrooncoo Vavadook VeteranPaper vincentsantaana Warhog_GT WarpfiendxThanos xfhtagn xImBatman032602x xmatthyx1 Zax85 Zliten- ZulkinRapham0n159 15 Jul
15 Jul PS3 : So what are NOT included??? noob here (i guess for ps3), from the title, please enlighten me.. i was into xbox360 before and i have noticed i have a higher or upgraded gem, i can do hardcore etc etc.. after switching to PS3 that my brother gave me (he bought ps4), i have noticed a big difference, also when reading forums and watching youtube, there are things not included in ps3 like pets, wings, seasons and alot... kinda frustrated, but hey atleast i still am able to play D3 UEEditionTB81082 15 Jul
15 Jul pets do pets just follow you or fight with you?Gamerfan811 15 Jul
14 Jul ps4 gibbering gemstone drop rate I have been farming the gibbering gemstone off Chiltara for 4 days now (about 100 runs) in the cavern of frost with no luck. I've read the drop rate was bugged before the ps4 release but people still say they have got it. I took to characters from 35 to 60 just farming still no luck. Is there anything I could do differently such as difficulty change (from hard to higher) or any other tips to get it to drop?Ballacaust13 14 Jul
14 Jul Have Ultimate Edition but cant get Necromancer? I have the Diablo 3 - Reaper of souls (Ultimate Edition) for PS3 and I have downloaded all the expansion content before, and I was able to see the necromancer on the title screen, but than I chose a demon hunter, after I finished the game and went back to create a new character (which was gonna be a necromancer) it was no longer there, and I cant seem to find where it first let me download all the content!! someone please help me figure out whats going on? I'd really like to play the necromancer and cant figure out how to get him back.a4202 14 Jul
14 Jul IS ANYONE EVEN PLAYING THIS GAME ONLINE? (PS4) Hello all , I'm new in PS4 , but im oldscholl player in PS (Diablo3 , wow etc.). I'm looking for a PSN player. My PSN ID: ElPatrino26 , if u want play together pls add me. Many thanks, ElPatrino26ElPadrino2 14 Jul
11 Jul Xbox One - Season boost? Hi, Just bought a Xbox (allways play on PC), looking for someone who can give me a boost :) Username = DXK INC Thanks in advance!Protax0 11 Jul
09 Jul Impossible 100 % for general achievement I play on ps4. I currently pay attention to do my achievements. I make a lot now. I got all unique, rare, champions, cursed chest , etc ,etc. And i see in general achievement to get 100 % in this category you have to do plenty of achievements with the darkening age of tristam event but this is not available from long time ago. I would like to ask if the achievement list for 100% will be patch in future or the event maybe will return. Cause for now its impossible to 100% this categoryDeGrape3 09 Jul
08 Jul PS4 Diablo III Language change not possible Hi, I have a problem with downloading Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition - EFGIS on my ps4. The PlayStation store is forcing on me PL version. I have tried to: - remove game and any saved data and install it again from PS Store - still PL version - remove game and any saved data and install it from Library - EFGIS version, but there is no download button - remove game and any saved data and install it remotely via PS Store on computer, but there is only PL version available. My console language is set to EN and was set when I have purchased the game. On the purchase webpage there was no information that this game will be in PL language. Any way for Blizzard to cooperate with SONY to remove geo-location block for EFGIS content for Diablo III?Asttraea3 08 Jul
02 Jul xbox character on mainpage can i some how connect my Character from xbox to see it like this " " on the main page of Blizz/diablo?etnisu2 02 Jul
28 Jun Pets How do I unlock new pets/wings etc. ? Also I'm looking for people to squad up with on Xbox one, im lvl 70 ready to start adventure mode.Jailsoap4204 28 Jun
27 Jun Community Hi, I just have some questions about the CONSOLE verion of the game, here they are: 1. How "big" is the community ? (meaning - will I be able to find a lot of players to play with?) 2. Are different console versions able to play together ? (eg. XBox players playing with PS players) 3. Is the community rather friendly or nah ? 4. What are the biggest differences between console and ps version ? I am asking all of these question because I am considering buying the console version since my Lap got broke and I am decided to buy a console for gaming. Thanks for all the replies.Fury4 27 Jun
27 Jun Legendary weapons Hi I play on ps3. And I've just got to level 50. Just interested to know how n where to get higher damage weapons. ThanksTorren2 27 Jun
24 Jun No Season Is there something going on with the servers? I was able to play Diablo 3 season 14 yesterday on my PS4. But today, it won’t let me because of saying Season Not Ready or did it become locked behind PS Plus?Valasari1 24 Jun
20 Jun [Xbox One] Season 14, Legit only Gamertag: Lmad Lmike Twitch: Hey, I will be coming back to diablo this season and intend on pushing high paragon and leaderboards. Im looking for like minded people who want to push to the top. I intend to hit 70 within 3 hours and will be streaming my whole journey this season. I will be playing rathma necro with support offspec for doing rat runs so would be awesome to get some more rathma/supp Necros and supp barbs to speed farm our paragon levels. I also enjoy playing with any classes and setups so hit me up anytime on xbox if your down to push. Important I dont agree with or want to socialise with anybody who uses modded items or uses the sign out glitch to perfect their ancient rolls and gain primals. You ruin the game but ill still take great pleasure beating your !@#$ on the leaderboards I look forward to meeting and gaming with you all this season, peace :) Feel free to add your xbox gamertags in the comments for everyone to add.Michael2 20 Jun
20 Jun Crossplatform multiplayer? Can PC users play with console users in multiplayer?ExoRcistus63 20 Jun
20 Jun 2 Accounts for OFFLINE LAN play chars only!? OK so I understand that to play D3 online, you need to have 2 separate accounts with Blizzard, but WHY in the name of this world would you need a second account to play via LAN... this way it is not even online to begin with!!! It is like playing single player, but with family that is in your own home.... So what the heck is going on here with FORCING us to have a second account if we own 2 games, $130.00 for both games, and yet we still need 2!?!? Come on now. Like we don't have enough things to remember in life!? Doctor appts. phone numbers, account usernames and passwords, how much more do you expect form your users!?!? There is no username check or anything when playing offline..... (OR is there!?!?) Hmmm privacy laws come to mind upon this …. but for real, no joking and all playing aside.... Why do I HAVE to have another account to play on LAN only characters!?!? I can not join their game and visa-versa..panther7770 20 Jun
18 Jun New Season players Please READ Haedrigs gift *the free set* MUST be redeemed during season. IF you DO NOT redeem them during season, When season is over, YOU DO NOT GET THEM. You will lose your chance of getting them. Follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen after you complete chapters 2-4 to redeem the free set of your character that you are using.EddieLMT0 18 Jun
16 Jun Season start europe I have searched far and wide for this awnser but couldn't find a credible source. When will de ps4 new season start in europe because everywhere it says it should be at the same time as pc but it is not online yet. I don't get why you can't just disclose this information on your website.Boterkoekje15 16 Jun
15 Jun Can you change Skill Buttons for CR's on PS4???? Is it possible to reassign the buttons for the skills in Challenge Rifts on the PS4 as it is on PC? Not change the skills, but just what button they are assigned to. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.EightballVA4 15 Jun
14 Jun New Exploit Stopped!! ...EddieLMT0 14 Jun
14 Jun Xbox One HC Anyone willing to kill me Diablo and Malthael on HC so I dont need to play the campagin once again? :) I would be thankful. Add me or respond here please. OcularBasher9Fury2 14 Jun