17 Apr What is going to be with cheats , hackers The game on console (PlayStation on me) become for the bottom of the sea. 1 month now, players from every Paragon join game and give an error (dont know how) or drop items on Town , that if someone pickup gives error or corrupt the save file, and others kill for fun. Also to mention on Hardcore they join game with Monks and kill characters on Town. Lost 1 character with 1121 Paragon. Please Blizzard do something. The answer/solution play "Invite Only" is not accept. Otherwise new players or friends never found/match. Otherwise the info with the new patch, I will take it as a memo (just for info)Firestorm4 17 Apr
17 Apr PS4 lookong for 70 boost Looking for boost to 70 PS4 played 1000+ hours on PC so not missing much by boosting if anyone is free UK PSN - EpicaGeTvEpicaGeeTv1 17 Apr
17 Apr Looking for players Hello I just started to play D3 on PS4, and i wanna play with someone! Add my PSN - CulistrexCulistrex1 17 Apr
13 Apr [PS3] New 100% Legit Player List - (For Softcore) I decided to create a new list because the creator of the old one is MIA. I will update this list as often as I can. So if you don't see your name added immediately when you post it up don't worry, it will get added eventually. This is the new legit player sign up for Diablo III - Reaper Of Souls: Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 3. This is for the gift system, the nemesis system, campaign co-op, and adventure mode co-op (bounties and rift runs). Post your PSN ID here so that we all can increase our chances of sending and receiving gifts, create and fight nemesis monsters, play the campaign together, do some bounties and/or Nephalem Rifts together, help each other to level up, do some Keywarden farming together or Horadric Cache farming together. Before you post up your PSN ID please be aware that this is for 100% legitimate players only. This means you do not (and will not) use and/or create and/or distribute any cheats, hacks, mods, dupes, exploits, bootlegs, glitches, bugs, paragon glitching, lag switching and/or modified stuff/content/items of any kind in any way at all, ever. Only post up your PSN ID if you play 100% legit all the time. (In other words you only play the game the way the game developers intended for the game to be played.) This also means that you do not and will not play with people who use modded items. If you have received items that are not 100% legit in any way then please get rid of those items. If you are unsure of any item in any way then get rid of that item. If your Paragon levels have been glitched then please delete your entire save and restart your characters from scratch before you join other people on this list. Remember, this list is for 100% legit players only. This means you do not and will not use, create or distribute duped, modded, or hacked items. Also keep in mind this list is for Softcore players. When sending a friend request to another player do not send a blank friend request. With blank friend requests there is no way to tell for which game the other person wants to add you, or even where they got your PSN ID from. In any friend request you send be sure to include in the message something like: "BLIZZARD Forums; Diablo III: RoS; 100% legit players sign up". UPDATE: Important notice about items and sockets - see post 88 of page 05 of this thread here: UPDATE 2: For legit players, I recommend you avoid ever playing public matches, and that you stick to playing only with people who play 100% legit. Keep your network settings on "Invite Only" at all times, and only invite people to your game who are on the 100% legit player list. Never join public games, and never set your network settings to "Open To Public". By playing public games you run the risk of having your game invaded by hackers/modders who can end up glitching your Paragon levels, among other things. UPDATE 3: Be sure to check out this thread on how to avoid cheaters: UPDATE 4: Important notice! If you are caught playing the game with cheaters/modders then you will be removed from the list as well. Even if you don't use modded gear yourself, just staying in a game with people who use modded gear counts as you being a cheater as well. It really doesn't take long to inspect the other players' gear. If you stay in a game where someone is using modded gear for more than 60 seconds then you will be considered to be a cheater as well. UPDATE 5: In addition to this legit player list another user on the forums who goes by the name of "trunkbass" has created a sign up document for legit players. You can sign up with that document and include details like your time zone, when you mostly play, which class you prefer, etc. Be sure to sign up to that document as well. Anyone can edit the document. Just click on an empty slot and add your details. Keep in mind this is for legit players only. So no cheaters, modders, or hackers allowed. There is a section of the document for PS3 players and a section for PS4. Be sure to add your details to the correct section for which ever system you play on. The left side of the document is for PS3 players, and the right side is for PS4 players. You can find the sign up document here: My PSN ID: Raphamon -PLAYSTATION 3: 100% LEGIT PLAYER LIST- afroblackguy Agent-Potpot Apocy93 ApyRena barholn Benbrytaren88 Black_Hellcat bleh_aha boostin_nukes BowAser Bullitfreaky CrazyCatLady1975 crovaxnl crow7141 dannyfx17 DeadlyArrival debarsv DeLaBoooM Dusshunter euclideanPlane Fabie-jarrell FARPAS fist-mister FLK99 foreverstudiosx holek1983 howi66howi iLL_Cinema iUntouchable-_- JBone428 Jehuthy Joakimkallberg jonnnyBrav0 Khamooflage KOWMAP69 Leeende Legendary_Chaos_ LeVirginien Manhart MiHatsune MIKarlsen MindphaserXY montana001 OneBAMF816 onlysim15 ovskiyo Ow3nNL-1997 Parcival84 phy3_ princessfreye pro-kamasutra puffin20 qanax Rackaro ramiroNBA9 Raphamon ReapinStrawberry Redege1984 remb21 Rheider12 Riko_ChanCZ Satoof_Awni scottcwarner Shadowfigure8 shadowscarpsx SnowyChainsaw ST3FF__ Sumthins_fishy55 sungod02 SveK14 sznejk87 the_reaper200165 themisfitofwar theweebrooncoo Vavadook VeteranPaper vincentsantaana Warhog_GT WarpfiendxThanos xfhtagn xImBatman032602x xmatthyx1 Zax85 Zliten- ZulkinRapham0n161 13 Apr
01 Apr Why the damage is not same as pc? I have check it many times and damage output is not the same. See video on YouTube with same builts lower Paragon level and they clear stronger Rifts. Why? The Nepheleam Glory is nothing compare to p.c damage output. Can someone explain me why this different? ThanksFirestorm1 01 Apr
31 Mar Controller Dr.Jason Regier Now 2019 And We Need Controller support for PC .BoooArab5 31 Mar
30 Mar adventure torment level hi guysim currently level 66 demon hunter. im wondering when i should start the torment levels. should i run the campaign on each difficulty. i really dont know what to do. im on the xbox 360Handsumpuppy0 30 Mar
21 Mar Need player ps4 Hello I'm beginning game need player actif for play ,and lot of gifts. I play Crusader but need create all hero. My battle tag: keiga#2966 I'm french player. Enjoy.keiga1 21 Mar
18 Mar Follower survivability on high Torments. I know this is a non issue for people who group up, but for solo play it's very annoying how fragile Followers are once you reach higher Torment levels. I'm currently playing a Crusader on Torment VIII, and Kormac is constantly dieing whenever tougher mobs come along. And this is the Follower that's supposed to be tankier. Now, of course this issue can be solved by getting an Enchanting Favor legendary that makes the Templar immortal, but on the other hand, this means that his other two legendaries are never used once reaching a certain difficulty level (the same thing happens with the Scoundrel and Enchantress). And to add salt to the wound, today, for the second time, I got a follower primal that is not the one that gives immortality, which just sucks. And sure, you can always get junk primals, but this one doesn't even have a chance to ever be used. Followers should either be immortal or all follower legendaries should make them immortal. In either case, the current follower immortal legendaries should be reworked, like giving double damage to the follower (or maybe a lot more than that so their damage is actually relevant).Gilthas1 18 Mar
17 Mar LFM speed demon or curses conquest s16 Hi all, I'm a Witch doctor P700+, GR solo 90, but I'm stuck on the final seasonal mission... 1 thing left to do to get guardian title. I need the 3rd conquest. Speed demon or curses conquest, any of these is good. Find me on PS4, Rioona. Happy to help you out as well on anything. Grts, RioRio1 17 Mar
17 Mar Söker svenska spelare hej letar efter svenska spelare som kör diablo 3 på Xbox one. Med vänlig hälsning PetraBallafalla10 17 Mar
16 Mar Dropping a Pair of Wings on Nintendo Switch? We have been farming the Falcon Wings. One got the mysterious chest, and logged in the rest of the family on their NONSEASONAL characters hoping that each of us would get the Wings. Only one Wings dropped (not for the person who has a Nintendo account and who did all the work!) So we agreed to have the person who was added to get them, transfer them to the person who earned them. But we can’t figure out how to do that! This isn’t seasonal, but there is no way to drop Wings? They haven’t been learned yet. There is no way to mail Wings if you don’t have a Switch account?? Why is this such a pain?BlueSteel0 16 Mar
14 Mar (PS4) Are we too late to play D3 this season? Last week, a friend and I decided to take a break from Overwatch and do some Diablo III on our PS4's. We found out that this season has already been going on for quite some time. Also have we been playing for about 40 hours in "open to public" games, without ever meeting other players. Therefore we have some questions: Is Diablo III still being played on the PS4 or is it dead as some websites claim? If it is still being played, how do we play with others? How long before the next season will start? (maybe we'll just wait for the next season and start at the beginning)Vendali6 14 Mar
14 Mar new player on 360 good afternoon guys. ive just bought a second hand xbox 360 and it came with diablo 3 on disc. im wondering what would be the best class for me to use being a newcomer to diablo 3. i know its probably a case of personal preference but if i could get some feed back on heros. i dont really have a play style tbhangrygamer1 14 Mar
11 Mar PS4 boost anyone? PS4 boost needed to 70 pleaseBenscott941 11 Mar
08 Mar Active players on Xbox One Hi, Are there any active players on Xbox One? I'm specially looking for Seasonal players to do bounties/rifts. Thanks.LazyTitan0 08 Mar
07 Mar PS4 in Game Chat Issue All, I am reaching out to the Diablo 3 console community with this one because I am baffled. I just recently downloaded the new patch for Season 16, and everything is great but now my in game chat seems to be messed up. It is registering my mic and that I am speaking but I can not hear anyone else and they can not hear me. My mic and headset are plugged in through my controller and it is all working fine as I have tested it, and when I create at PS4 Chat room with friends everything is just fine. When I go into Diablo no voice goes out or comes through the in game chat method. My partner and I play together on two separate PS4 in the house and it is the same on her end. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any help would be great thank you. CalvinCalvin684 07 Mar
06 Mar Recent update on Switch 3/5 Yesterday there was an update for the switch but I have not been able to find any patch notes related to what was updated. Anyone have any idea or a link to where the recent patch notes are?Theewhitey0 06 Mar
05 Mar Nintendo Switch players wanted Looking for some people to play with on Nintendo switch when it comes out this weekend.EU Region,18+ and at least a decent grasp of the english language is a must. drop me a line or leave ur info behind, and ill definetely be in contact :-)Chaos26 05 Mar
04 Mar My Diablo for PS4 is 21Gb size (42.6Gb) Hello, I need a feedback because re setup my PS4 and the Diablo 3 ROS Eternal Collection is now 21Gb. On SONY Playstore shows if I dont login with my details 42.6Gb. Can someone explain me why this difference?Firestorm0 04 Mar
01 Mar Question about importing from the cloud Hi, I'm very sorry if this isn't the right place but I am unable to post a thread without upgrading my account and I only want to ask this one question. I have previously played Diablo 3 (original with no expansion) while I had an Xbox live account. At that time I saved my characters on the cloud. Since then I have not played and have no longer got the live account. I want to play the game, however I want to know what will happen when I get Xbox live again, can I merge the characters from online and offline together? Or will I need to choose one set of characters to keep. (Assuming I want to have them all accessable on other Xboxes in the future). I would also like to know if the characters will be playable with any patches that I get.mAGPIe0 01 Mar
28 Feb D3 PS4 edition - Cant Play with friends Hello all, Im writting here to see if i can get a little help. My friend and i have been trying to play this game on the PS4 online we both have copies of the game, playstation plus subscription and we also forwarded the necessary ports on our own routers but we still get a " there was a problem connecting" error when we try to join each others game and/or party in game All other games work diablo 3 is the only game that will not let us play together... after some research i found that this is an OLD issue..... why is it so hard to play with your friends online... isnt that the opposite of what you guys should be doin, you should be helping players play together.... not preventing them.... i feel ive just been throwing money at the issue, ended up buying the game twice and adding PS plus to 2 different accounts thinking it was an issue with my account, only to find that it still didnt work.... please let me know what i can do to get this to work.....Dehlasoul6 28 Feb
27 Feb Please add seasonal "extra storage slot" like pc has I have started to play on switch than pc because i favor the storage UI and sorting much more than the unsorted storage pc has. But the biggest feature the console version lacks is to get the additional equivalent of one additional slot per season as we are stuck with the same storage amount every season, and for us who collect legendaries to use for sets, this is essential to make more room for each new legendary we find.Duckers1 27 Feb
26 Feb Got ps3 D3 in English - got Russian. How to change it? I bought a brand new copy of the ultimate edition from a store since I wanted to finally experience the game. They wrote on the store page that it is in English and polish (subtitles). I even got a screenshot of that. I wanted English language, got all my games in English, BN, WoW and so one. I turned on the game and got russian... which isn't even a language option! How to change it into English? Or do I have to return the copy? My ps3 account is in English and so does my psn. Thank you for the answer.Rockfor20 26 Feb
24 Feb Nintendo Switch - Seasoned HC bug So long story short => Created a HC - leveled up today - and while i was doing a regular rift, my character decided to stay in one place and don't do anything - - was not feared/trapped etc, but i could not use any skill/ability or attack in general and i could not use potions either and none of them were on CD - Now it would be just for few second or so.. i would say yeah i missed something. but the character was practically standing in one place for 30-40 seconds without allowing me to do anything. - i could access the menu - go back to "play" but i had to watch character getting wrecked. any suggestions ? possiblity to restore it ? as it was hardly my fault in this scenario anyone encountered such issue?L3head0 24 Feb
18 Feb Diablo on Switch with Blizzard Account Can you connect your Diablo III Switch with your account?iMarx3 18 Feb
17 Feb The software was closed because an error occurred. Nintendo Switch digital version Had a few of these crashes already (three or four). Crashes are random so I don't know what triggers it.MrNice3 17 Feb
16 Feb GR55 Set achievements Hello, does anyone else have this problem? I'm going in into a GR 60 or 70 with full 6 set pieces and finish it in time, but my progress isn't acknowledged by the game. Did this multiple times, SOLO obviously, and nothing. I tried this on 3 of my characters on this season, and managed to get the achi only on 3 sets, on monk. I closed the game, tried on different days, still nothing. I'm playing on PS4 Please help.Scroffy3 16 Feb
15 Feb XBOX Live coming to Switch I am hoping this will bring messaging, voice chat and maybe cross-platform play for console D3. 15 Feb
13 Feb D3 for PS4 - Cant play with Friends Hello all, Im writting here also to see if i can get a little help. My friend and i have been trying to play this game together, on the PS4 online. we both have copies of the game, playstation plus subscription and we also forwarded the necessary ports on our own routers but we still get a " there was a problem connecting" error when we try to join each others game and/or party in game All other games work, Diablo 3 is the only game that will not let us play together... after some research i found that this is an OLD issue..... why is it so hard to play with your friends online... isnt that the opposite of what you guys should be doin. You should be helping players play together.... not preventing them.... i feel ive just been throwing money at the issue, ended up buying the game twice and adding PS plus to 2 different accounts thinking it was an issue with my account, only to find that it still didnt work.... please let me know what i can do to get this to work.....Dehlasoul0 13 Feb
13 Feb Diablo 4 Android / IOS App needed This late in the day, I know that it is too late for Diablo 3 but the one big downer playing this gate is the inability to view characters on an App. Other games have been doing this for years. I would love to be able to view builds on my pad and transfer items to and from my stash (while at work.... shhhh). I know we have to Wardrobe to save builds but this is really limited.ShadowDragon3 13 Feb
12 Feb Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on PS4 - language change? Hello, I bought Eternal collection of D3 for my PS4 yesterday, but I didnt realize I got russian version. Is there anything I can do with this, can the language be switched? I have a disc version, not from PS store. Thank you, TomasHaplo0 12 Feb
10 Feb delete DoneNirumano0 10 Feb
10 Feb Community Buttons Gone Logged in this morning to play the new season on my PS4, and discovered I have no buttons. Cannot access friends list, cannot access clan list, cannot access a thing. No buttons. Has anyone else experienced this? Yes I have PS PlusDaeciana1 10 Feb
08 Feb Connection to Xbox 360 online Cant connect Diablo 3 to Xbox live to play online with others. Please could you home mě? RegardsPsychoticBee2 08 Feb
08 Feb Ps4 SC solo impale DH lfm to play with Hey guys, I see I'm falling behind playing solo only paragon 900+. I want to group up to lvl faster/ work on pushing grs. Currently can clear gr 106, probably close to gr 110 (haven't tested new gear from yesterday). Leave a msg if you you would like to play together.DDm0 08 Feb
06 Feb [PS4] Huge lag always when joining I'm experiencing huge lags when joining in games. Also players who join my game are getting the lags but I'm fine then. Backround: I started playing again in end of season 15 with a friend who had just bought a game. Game ran smoothly then. We started season 16 and shortly after that (not immediately) the problems began. Whenever I join my friends or a public game I have lags which make game unplayable. If friend joins me, he gets the lags and I'm running good. My friend doens't lag when joining public game. Troubleshooting and info: - No problem with other games like COD4 - Restarted router and changed ps4 connection from wifi to cable. - Connection speed test results aprox 95mb/9mb - NAT 2 - Cleared hd space, now 250gb free. - Ran "Rebuild Data base" from safe mode. (this did speed up menu but no effect on game) - I lag when joining or others lag when joining to me. I'm very doubtful to get this fixed but let's try; any tips?Ironfist0 06 Feb
04 Feb The cursed peat XBOX ONE Anyone willing to help me complete the last seaaon journey quest? (350 mobs+ on a cursed chest). Ive done it already after i found someone to help me after hours of looking but it didnt count then thanks to a bug (ty blizzard). Now i cant find anyone to help or they just waste me time making me search for it and then not responding... :( please im desperate. My nick is OcularBasher9. Add me i need to complete it again before the season goes off. TyFury4 04 Feb
02 Feb Do cosmetics from pc account carry over? Played D3 loads on pc. Now on ps4 with a few friends. Do my pc cosmetics carry over if I link my ps4 account to Battlenet?Torque4 02 Feb
01 Feb [Sticky] Reporting hackers / modded item users. PS4 Hello. As we all play online on diablo 3 and we are sick and tired of all the players that use hacks / modded items / rank 100 Greater rift key. Me and many other have posted alot on the forum about them. and how the anger is growing towards them who use the items ect. Now for us the only option is to let blizzard know that we are tired of the and we want this to get removed. We all have discussed many topic on how blizzard needs to change to game to online only or either offline. Everybody have his or her's own reason towards the people that are using modded items ect. some say the dont mind. some say the do mind. so this post is more towards the people that want this to change. And as we all know by posting it on the forum.. its not realy working.. So this is my vision and my idea for dealing with this kind of people, i dont want them to get banned. or anything that cost alot of money cause i dont deal that way. everyone can learn from there mistake and that will only shorten the player count on diablo online. So listen up guys and girls. We need to sent screenshot of people who use hacked / modded items to blizzard. how and where i explane now!. here is a blue post of the info where we can send our screenshots to. Please have a loot at the post so u can see its real. We need to sent screenshot or emailt to that adress. Now how to make a screenshot ps4. When in game get close to the play who uses this hacked items. and press the touch pad in the middle of your controller. that goes to the item or skill tree list. and press r1 until u come to party. Now select the player who uses hacked or modded items. and press X now u see how much damage he does at the left side. if its more then 20 mil most of them have around 52mil damage. u can be sertain its cause of hacked items / modded. when your at that screen u can play the SHARE button on your controll and press upload screenshot then press back with o and dont upload it. now its stored on the playstation 4 and can befound in the capture section. after screening a bunch of people when you have time plug a USB or HD disk and select the screenshot u made and copy it to it. After doing that plug it in. add the pictures to the email you are going sent. add a short discription and good titel. like hackers exploiters ect ect. and sent it. PLease dont post the names of people on the internet. it is not nice to do. and we must be the mature one's. Ps YOU WILL GET MAIL BACK FROM BLIZZARD! that the recived the email! How to see you all some day in sanctuary and lets fight for a clean diablo and maybe Seasons!. regarts. Ilosoxx If you agree with this or sended a email or think this is a good idea please replay with a +1 or anyting else! I also Contacted sony about this problem. hope the can support us toilosoxx12 01 Feb
31 Jan Switch -Crafting and Gem Combining Why can't I combine many gems like I can on PC version. I find it stupid that I have to click combine for each gem instead of select ALL or a number to combine. after farming for some time it can take ages to combine them Same goes for crafting items, I have to click A for each item and It should allow you to select how many like in PC And we still need to be able to turn of the rumble and motion control , when I click to TT and put down the controller it stops the TT because it makes me moveAGenius1 31 Jan
29 Jan Season 16 leaderboards? On the Xbox one the season 16 leaderboards are from last season... When is this getting fixed? No sense in playing seasonal without leaderboardsKymosabe1 29 Jan
29 Jan lack of customer support for console change how u claim gifts on console. it dont work am 304 pargaon and cant even claim the gifts. and before u say it yes i've done all the things its asked loged out and in, restarted my ps4 still nothing. i've looked on this forum and others have asked the samething but u do nothing to change it or fix the problem. when i have to leave your game to come to a forum because u dont let console players send tickets is a joke. fix up pleaseTrickyHunter2 29 Jan
28 Jan Anyone powerlvling Anyone on xbox one seasons help me lvl to 70 thanks name is Ndoss27ndoss211 28 Jan
28 Jan Darkening Of Tristram Guide Below is a guide for the event. Please reply to confirm which awards made it to the console version. [Unconfirmed] Ogden's Sign and Ogden's Brew: These sigil and accent are awarded upon killing all four main bosses of the event — The Butcher, Skeleton King, Arch-Bishop Lazarus and The Dark Lord. [CONFIRMED] Item Transmogs Red Soul Shard legendary gem and head transmog: The Red Soul Shard legendary gem is a guaranteed drop off The Dark Lord. To obtain the Red Soul Shard head transmog, simply slot the gem in your helm. You do not need to use the gem to wear this transmog from then on, as it follows the rules of regular transmogrification in the game. The Butcher's Cleaver transmog: The Butcher's Cleaver is a guaranteed drop from The Butcher in the Anniversary event. Notice that it is a blue item (making it rather easy to pass by), but will grant you the transmog on pickup, similarly to a legendary item. It can be applied to other 1 handed axes, swords and maces. Wirt's Leg transmog: Wirt's Leg is a craftable new weapon, added for transmog purposes. It can be applied to other 1 handed axes, swords and maces. To obtain the plan for its creation, you need to: Reach Level 9 in the Labyrinth, and look for The Black Mushroom object (guaranteed spawn). Clicking it will yield a Rotten Mushroom. Go back to the Old Tristram starting area of the event, and go to Adria's Hut (down the road towards the Cathedral, then to the right). Inside, click on the Cauldron object to obtain Witch's Brew. Take Witch's Brew to Farnham's Corpse, down from the entrance portal. Take Drunkard's Debt to Ogden's Corpse, upwards from the entrance portal. Take Garda's Letter to Pepin's Corpse, left of the entrance portal. Take Healer's Prescription to Griswold's Corpse, right of the entrance portal, and he will drop you the plan for Wirt's Leg. Teleport back to town, teach it and craft one at the Blacksmith; you will find it under the Maces tab. Pets [NOT DROPPING] Butcher pet: As previously mentioned, it is recommended to do your first clear of the Anniversary Event solo and with a level 1 character, as this yields the 'An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision' achievement and the Butcher pet at the end. [UNCONFIRMED] The Royal Calf pet: Obtaining this pet naturally follows crafting a Wirt's Leg. Instead of the usual Forgotten Soul, salvaging a Wirt's Leg yields a Map of the Stars reading the sequence '2-1-3'. Head back to Adria's Hut in the event area, and note the cow corpses outside. Click them in the described sequence, or more specifically: middle, left, right. This triggers the Abandoned Farmstead entrance to the right; a small area whose only notable feature is the 'Wirt's Stash' chest in the middle. It contains the Royal Calf pet. [Unconfirmed] Portrait Frames Whilst portraits are not on consoles, they may be in future. Are these achievements possible? Demon: Protector of Tristram achievement, Angel: I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers achievement. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS The Dark Passage has a chance to spawn on level 2, The Chammber of Bone is a guaranteed spawn side area on level 6, and The Halls of the Blind are a guaranteed section of level 7. Each grant 1 achieve. IF I've missed anything please let me know. My PSN is "Mawrth_" I will update the guide once players confirm things.WastingLight5 28 Jan
27 Jan [Switch] Champion of the Townsfolk achi, no kills. Event: Darkening of Tristram Part of Achievement: "Protector of Tristram" Reward: Classic Demon Portrait The achivement Champion of the Townsfolk stopped registering kills. I have tried a little bit every day for this month now. I seem not able to get any more kill registering. I created a season 16 lvl 1 Witchdoctor and season 16 lvl 1 Demonhunter. And ran them through the dungeon. I ran through the dungeon with a non-season lvl 70 monk. I dismissed my pets and followers. The kills are made by my own hands now (ok, not literally hands with some classes, pew pew). I tried to go to town after each special kill. I bought the Nintendo Switch online just to see if it was a server issue. Still, no boxes aren't getting checked. I killed in multiplayer games. I ran through the end and defeated Diablo to see if he was some "gate keeper" to those check boxes. Don't know how many times I have murdered poor Rotfeast (lvl 2). I am running out of theories. These are the enemies that won't register as killed for me, I have been lucky with them all spawning: Baron Sludge Foulwing Deathshade Fleshmaul Blightthorn Steelmace The Vixier Firewound the Grim Lionskull Red Vex Oozedrool Bloodgutter Bloodskin Darkbow Zhar the Mad Breakspine Blackstorm Brokenhead Bangshield Steelskull the Hunter Sir Gorash Blacklash the Burning Blackjade Rotfeast the Hungry The rest were succesfully registered on the first kill. These must be bugged. Please check these mobs on the Nintendo Switch version.Bexy1 27 Jan
27 Jan Support for PS4 Diablo III Account Issue I entered a Treasure Vault on Friday, racked up nearly 4M gold and a Boon of the Hoarder with my Seasonal Character. I log on today, and everything is missing. Not sure where to get help, since my Blizzard account doesn't connect to my PS4 game license. Help!EddieWizard0 27 Jan
26 Jan Crusader light build co op issues Hi guys, has anyone else been having seriously game breaking lag when running this build in co op? I have been playing since ros got released on xbox 1 so I know from experience this is a very laggy build but it has never been so bad, I literally cannot move forward, pick items up, craft, salvage, get through doors, you get the pictured! I love this game to bits but I also love playing hard-core cos it's a lot more fun than normal with the chance you might actually not be coming back from a fight but this is now unplayable due to issues. My better half runs a dh in both the impale and unhallowed sets and she isn't lagging out when I am so I am at a loss. Any ideas other than a condemn build? Cheers guys. PeaceMunchATG1 26 Jan
26 Jan Primal drop I Got gr 70 first time primal but could not see it on the floor. And when I droped it could not see the pintagram how Can i fix it or is it a bugLarsP0 26 Jan