How can i see my friend's battletag ??

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I just dont know how ? 0.o
I clicked to see their profile but I only see their name , not FULL battletag
(For example : it only shows soulreaver instead of soulreaver#2775 )
Here you go:

You'll see their number when you hover over their name with mouse (look what the target of the link is and you'll se the number)
Old topic but I just googled this issue and it founds first on the google. That's the reason I'll reply on it to solve this.

That wep page shows the battletags of your friends but it's slow way to find out tags of your friends.

Ingame (Diablo 3) it won't show battle tags, BUT instead open the launcher-client, in there you can view tags of your friends easily.

Also, ingame (Diablo 3) to view battletag of players who are not your friend, simply click the player and click "Add friend". it popups a window showing the battletag (No need to finish adding players as friend to view it, just cancel if you wish to do so)
Hey MiQMuhis,

As you mentioned, this is indeed an old topic. I don't think that soulreaver is still checking in on this, it has been over 3.5 years after all. Please don't bump such old threads. Locking this thread now, to prevent further bumps.

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