Shimmering quill

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I haven't been alble to find any confirmed information on where shimmering quill drops

If any1 knows it would help alot

Start the rumford quest in act 1 where you kill the wretched mothers, in one of the two doors that spawn each run there is a possibility for there to be a Quillfiend called Sarkoth or something, he drops it.
I farmed Rumfordruns for about two hours tonight, got three quills
Thanks for the info. On what difficulty did you do it, think i've killed him 50 times or more, on master no drops.
Torment 1-2, maybe it only works on torment settings?
Check the list for legendaries that only drops in torment or higher :)
Near cow level there's a little cave, got 2 out of 6 kills so far.
I got my quill playing Hard mode. Now what do I do with it ?

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