ROS WD Life on Hit Build/Viability?

Witch Doctor
Hi everyone.

Been testing and preparing for the ROS expansion where Life Steal is no more!!!

I'm usually in there and at them with bears. My DPS is large enough and have no issues playing T5 solo. (T6 takes too long).

However been trying out builds and equipping Life on Hit. In doing so, you have to sacrifice so much dps! I increased it to about 1.5k per hit but also had to sacrifise attack speed.

The only build that is viable is distant attack builds (BORING).. Even then, you don't do much dps and against elites, and if they have the skill that pulls you in, your dead (if your skills are on cool down). Fetish build is what everyone is talking about to block enemies, so effectively all WD can do is now support teams from the back.

What are everyone elses thoughts? WIZ can kill with no issues, Barbs and Monks are tanks, WD can only do medium damage on ROS.. no more big DPS. (with bears)
i play without lifesteal or life on hit and my toughness is pretty !@#$ty i just rely on health globes, self health regen and spirit walk ( if you dont count pets ) its not that much of a problem if its not multipalyer and in multiplayer games you probably have a monk or barbarian to hold stuff for you

and yes i play fetishes back in the day when bears was the king of builds i found wd so boring i didint even level mine now there are few things you can go for atleast

i cannot speak about life on hit till 70 because pretty sure they did all their scaling to that level and if i had to make a life on hit build it would probably involve dogs
Well, thats the thing. It no longer viable to really be up and close. Yes bears is a little boring, however that has the most DPS (as it per bear).

I've seen the youtube clips of the minions and yes its OP, but what other viable builds are there?

I see it as all WD to have pets and minions now..

My current build doesn't require them, however now that LS is no longer, I see no other via option but to have minions/pets block enemies. Yes, in multi player others can do that, but where the fun in standing back?

I would hope they can make it viable somehow to have a WD (through gear or skill) to be sustainable upclose and in monsters faces.
at level 70 you get extra passive and a new passive that gives physical resist for each nearby enemy so you can go balls deep all you want then

i really dont understand why people wanna be in melee when they can be just as effective in range especially when their class is not exactly designed to tank

i also know of a helm that makes horrify root enemies in place you can also seek that and use horrify with armor bonus or something

if i were to make another build without fetishes it would ofcourse depend on other legendaries it would probably involve spirit barrage haunt locust swarm and pile on or something ( heard of a belt that makes locust slow enemies down and another item that increases damage of both dots by reducing their duration )

fetishes are the thing now because its a bit more viable than other builds with not enough items and it is fun that doesnt mean other builds are impossibly slow and unreliable to play with
Thanks for your input.

I've seen the videos of the "helm" (I think) that fears and roots.
But again, there appears to very liimtted legendary items to really allow us WD to really diversify our builds..

First it was just bears, then cloud of bats, now it appears minions is the next best thing.

I just don't want to spend another 3 months farming and itemising for minions only to have the next patch nerf it and then startup another build.. (although they now allow rerolls : I think on only secondary skills?)

I'll try and still be in there. I find though, with the legendary items i haev to sacrifice my zuni set and I lose DPS,.. however when the expansion comes out with smart rolls, I'm hoping they will be alot better so I replace my old gear ( that I spent billions on)

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