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Witch Doctor
Hello all,

Ive been fortunate enough to get the spite plan to drop but you need a defiled doll to craft it...

people say it drops from the following

Drops from Succubi. Confirmed from:
- Act 4, The Silver Spire Level 1, Kysindra the Wretched (rare spawn)

i believe the chance of even a succubi being there is insanely low. Can anyone confirm that they even spawn there ?


nevermind it dropped off kysindra
how many times did it take before kysindra appeared? because i have tried so many times and she hasnt appeared yet
Also wondering how many runs it took for you to spawn Kysindra. I've done 10+ and still no luck.
Dropped today for me.

Just do bounties in Adventure Mode. Leave and start new games until you get Kysindra bounty.

Simple. :)
That is a lot smarter than doing it in campaign mode. I was going to retire for the night.. but now I'm back at it. Thanks for the tip!
Just did it.. but she didn't drop it. Here we goooo some more.
Got it on 6th run.
15+ runs and no doll
I've done over 150 spire 1 runs and no doll. Found 3 other legendary mojos in the process though!
got the doll...got on my 1st run in adventure...used up all my luck i think...just need to find the plans now
Torment 1??? YUP got it on third run and already had the plan :)
Anyone team up for farming the doll on hc? Msg me ingame.
if anyone has found her, PLEASE add me :D Cinnamon #2239
I've been doing the silver spire lvl 1 for nearly 5hours now and i didn't even spawn her :/
its realy simple to farm her just go to adventure mode and check the bounty on silver spire 1 if kysandra is in the list go there if not just leave the game and start again :) well farming for 12 hours no doll ;/
Its not only kysandra that drops it!
Mine dropped from the bounty kill Demonica in Act 3.
Hope this helps
To the people who suggested doing this in adventure mode, thank you. It took 11 Kysindra kills at T4 for me to get the doll but that was only about 1.5 hours work. Before it was probably around 5 hours of running through Spire 1 and I only encountered her twice... bounties... what a life saver.
Hey there!

Is the quest still available? I've created 30 games and I never get that quest. Only get "kill aspect of lies" "kill aspect of hate" "kill Izual".

Is this related to the dificulty I create the game in?
Zagraab, yes the quest to kill kysindra or whatever her name is is still currently available, its just not quite as common as kill izual or that dude's name that starts with an S, just keep creating games until her name shows up, I can confirm that they boosted the drop rate on the legendary crafting mats, I was able to get 2 dolls in about 7 kills.
Got it from kysindra first kill T1. took me 5 mins after reading this post. thanks ! craft was rly bad though so its a shard :)

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