Buff crusader damage

So I have 788k damage and 6.5 million toughness unbuffed stats and compared to my friends who play other classes they are doing much more damage.

The higher torment levels we play the bigger the difference becomes between the crusader and other classes, specially the wizard.
I find it quite the opposite... everything else has minuscule damage in comparison to my crusader. At the moment I've got a build built around doing 40m bombardment crits and providing my fire chains from maximus (2handed weapon) with the best possible buffs, allowing it to deal ~20m dps.


I've experimented with various other builds and the build I mainly used to level to 70 still works well


As you can see, the fundamental part of both builds is to do with using the ability Judgement with the rune Resolved. It provides an additional 80% crit chance for 6 seconds on whoever it hits, so you have 100% crit chance if you already have 20% from gear/base stats. This not applies for yourself but for your party... so it's ridiculously overpowered if you combine it with other abilities well.

I had a thunderfury drop before, and sometimes use a 1handed build... it works well because of high wrath generation and sustain. I have most the speed kill achievements for the new bosses... including Maltheal on torment
I completly agree with OP. The crusader is far too weak in my opinion.
I don't have special lightning gear yet, nor i have Maximus or other special effects from equipment, but i am at about 900k dmg and 7 million toughness in game and i can't do anything.
My Blessed Hammer crits for about 2 to 3 million and even the Bombardment skill only hits for 40 to 50 million with a 60 or 40 second cool down.
Now compare that to my monk or my wizard friend. My monk hits for 11 to 16 million with each Lashing Tail kick. Seven Sided Strike can crit for over 200 million with a 30 second cool down.
And now the wizard: my friend constantly crits for 20-30 million with arcane torrent, which he can spam constantly without restriction, additionaly he has Archon for burst and Black Hole for CC and even more burst.
After playing my crusader for a while in my party and hearing from the damage my wizard colleagues do, i thought myself more of a support role to ensure critical hits for the wizards and let them have 100% more crit damage for 10 seconds.
For the crusader itself: i think they need to seriously buff the wrath regeneration to atleast 10 wrath per hit without the passive, additionaly the wrath spenders need to hit far harder than they now do. Hitting for about 250% for 30 wrath with Fist of the Heavens just isn't enough, it should be at least at 500 to 600% with they glyphs scaling accordingly.

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