LFM Ubers - New hellfire ring farm

Looking for Players
1.2 mil dmg crusader and 8 mill toughness with 60% added fire dmg.
Did 16 portals yesterday without much luck and I am now looking for more people with keys/machines, who has good enough gear to run atleast T3. (70)

2m+ dam wiz, can do t4/5 easy enough, online atm with nothing much to do, feel free to add me.
At university right now, ill be on from 19 til 2 at night. Got keys or machines?
I'm on at 8pm GMT tonight I have 3 keys to use.

Would like to run T4 Ubers

Add Kinectic#2663
I'm also looking for people to do keys/uber farm most of the day.

Add me,

I would prefer people had atleast 3 of each key. I'd have the same ofc. Adding people later tonight.
wiz with 1.5m+72% dmg (no glass cannon), have 2 machines, need non-leechers teammates for T4 ubers
sent you invite ig
im in aswell. Fully geared for T1-4 key farm barb here.
111% fire dmg monk + 900k unbuffed and 1.3 mil dmg. looking for Uber farm , keys bosses everything.

k done running, ring sucks now so fck it.

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