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I'm facing an error logging in the game as it displays "There is a temporary outage of the service. Please try again later" (Code 73).

Please advise.

EDIT: For official updates on this issue, please click the blue 'Blizz' icon in the top right.
Same here, can't log in, code 73.
According to this thread:

Blizzard might be having issues with its authentication process. I hope it gets resolved. Odd thing is I play on the US server and the error page prompts me to the European twitter account. Must be a timezone thing?
Is it a joke ??? :-)
I'm also getting this message
Still can't get in, haven't been able to play at all today. Can a blue give us some insight? Is this another symptom of the DDoS attacks?
I have some friends who are logged into the US server right now, but I can't get into it! All I see is code 73; what's going on? I've tried flushing dns, and it didn't work.
Same error here ...
After being fed up with the DDOS for 2 days in a row i switched to NA and now on the third day i get this error 73 wonder popping up only on the NA servers, i can log on EU just fine but not on NA without getting error 73.
For me, neither the EU nor the American servers allow me to log in. Both give code 73.
Same problem. I'm getting error 73 every time I've tried logging in. There is no weekly downtime per-se for D3 is there?
I just upgraded to ROS and after I restarted app I can't login anymore -_- playing on US.
Im getting the same problem. oh well guess ill play league of legends -.-
error 73. bah
I think the servers are restarting due to maintenance?
01/04/2014 14:07Posted by Cyrops
I think the servers are restarting due to maintenance?

Should have only lasted an hour... Which means the servers should have went up about 10 minutes ago. Plus my buddy is logged in right now...
There are people logged on right now, not everyone is affected by it.

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