My character gets stuck while in the middle of combat

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My character(which is a crusader) gets stuck while in the middle of combat and does not receive any damage, yet is unable to perform any actions other then leaving the game. Anyone who have experienced this and is Blizzard aware of this issue?
Here´s a video to this issue:
Yes, I've managed this on my Crusader as well.
amg fix it. this rlly kills the game when u have to restart a whole quest, or even lose loot... seems to always happen when i'm about to finish my last act in adventure mode, regardless of what act it actually is.
I have this exact issue. I'm playing on a Macbook Pro 12" Late 2012 edition. 4GB RAM, Intel Core i7, Radeon HD 6750M and Intel HD graphics 3000. Weird it says I am using Intel HD graphics 3000 on the system report... I'm not sure how to switch to the Radeon... any help?
EDIT: Don't worry in System Pref. go to energy saving and to battery then disable automatic switching. :)

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