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im nummer 86 ? what the hell is this ?
Same queue here, 10 mins waiting by now :(
Yeah im getting the same thing.
have the same problem:(( with battle.net app
DDOS inc
i agree i haven't payed to be placed in queue .. 18 min estimation here wtf?
Not good enough, to have always-online DRM and then be unable to get online! :/
Got to the front and got met by Error 73. Now at ~80 again.
I'm 62nd and have to wait 10 minutes... great
just online got kicked now in 15 min queue wtf
Same for me, get to front of queue, error. Straight to back again. WTF is going on ?? I cant find anything else on forums about it ?
why do i need to wait 74 min to play the game? what if this is all the time i have per day to play the game? thus mean i will play 1 day per week? i think my money warth abit more then that
same here, before 9 mins wait, now 26 minutes, battle.net app drives me crazy popping every about 3 seconds so I am unable to write anything, even numbers from authenticator, I manage to write 4 that pop! Wrrrrr!
Blizzard, didnt we pay more than enough for this game? I would like to play, but I am not able! AGAIN!
this stuff is getting retarded...
!@#$ing queuing....

we bought games for playing, not for waiting ... for nothing most of time ( because your queuing system is completly bugged )

add an offline mode !!!!

fed up with european blizzard servers...
I will play on us servers. they don't split on their customers' faces there...EDIT and I can't..the option disappeared.... very disappointed..again.
It's busy day for Battle.net?
It was busy day for me. Now i have some time and i'd like to do some bounties and rifts, please.
Waited for 25 minutes just to get kicked out..
This sucks hahah!
request timed out when i was firrst in queue

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