Templar provides imba resource regen for Crusaders

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Hi all

The skill Inspire http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/follower/templar/skill/inspire has some enourmous ratio for Crusaders.

WD: Mana: 7 per second. Which is 14% of base regen 50 mana / sec
DH: Hatred: 1 per second. Which is 25% of base regen 4 hatred / sec
Wiz: Arcane Power: 1.4 per second. Which is 14% of base regen 10 AP/ sec
Barb: Fury: 10% generated. Says itself.
Monk: Spirit: 10% generated. Says itself.

Wrath: 1.8 per second. Which is 72%(!!!) of base regen 2.5 Wrath / sec.

With the current Crusader state, it is almost a Must have to go with templar for this resource ratio in my eyes.

I don't even know where to begin with this thread lmfao..
Lol. Erm. It really makes no difference. It's hardly noticeable. Besides, ideally you'd spend most of your time playing with buddies/publics. So no need to worry? :P

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