We really do need more stash space...

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Since yesterday I am using mules to store things.. And it really suck... A lot!

I am neither a horder nor the average whiner but I really fail to see the reason to why we cant have enough space to save the items needed for all our different classes and elemental builds.

I could understand why we couldn't have unlimited stash space when the AH was in use. But now when everything is account bound that can't be the reason.

So.. If someone could give me a reasonable reason to why we cant have more/enough space I would be very happy.
++111 and easy to fix
Yup, my entire stash is full of items for one class with different elemental builds. How are we supposed to use all 6 classes?


yeah need more space.
+1, especially since we no longer have an easy way to check on *which* mule an item is located (one of the very few meritorious uses of the auction hosue interface, in my opinion).

I had a friend search for items for his freshly-dinged 70 character in a game we made, and I LOL'ed at the time it took him. Was costing my precious gaming time, too, but the balance was positive. : )
Blizzard can earn alot of money by putting it as a "buy ekstra stash" xD
yup i needed it in vanilla, since i like to hoard any leg i stumble upon to make a "collection" of those
had the same issue in d2 with mules stashed with every set item :D
Actually this is true. We should be able to get at least one more stash tab now when we have BOA on all our gear. Please don't wait for this for another expansion because it makes no sense for us to be required to create mules and !@#$ to horde our gear.
IDK I use only one slot in stash (for gems and crafting mats) and it's more than enough for me )) All what's not used is insta-salvaged :)
16/04/2014 15:41Posted by Zhak
IDK I use only one slot in stash (for gems and crafting mats) and it's more than enough for me )) All what's not used is insta-salvaged :)

I am glad that you are contempt with only playing one build. I wish that I could settle for that too.
stash & inventory rows
+1 the expansion costed allmost as much as the original game were we got 3 tabs. so an other extra 2 sounds about right :) ?
16/04/2014 13:55Posted by saintjohn
++111 and easy to fix

The issue is the cost of storing more data and the network resources required the respective data storage. It is easy to fix if money were not an issue. Unfortunately it is. So, in the words of the great sage Brown,"Ain't nobody got time for that!".
+infinity, each toon really needs its own section in the bank
+1 for more tab.
2 thumbs up. Yes please!!!

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