Legendary sword bugged out behind a chest!

Technical Support
Ok, so I was playing around in some rifts with my buddies, and it was going well and we cleared a lot of mobs. But then I open one of those standard chests in the horrible map, as you can see on my screenshot. But my problem is just that the sword first of all landed behind the chest, unable to reach, plus it was under the ground. I tried to use my dash strike from multiple ways, but nothing worked.

I reported it to a GM, and they told me to post the problem here. I really hope that it is somehow possible to refund that weapon to me, since there was completely nothing I could do about it.
What if it was my ever wanted Thunderfury or maybe even a Shard of hate. You never know.

What I hope of
A refund for the weapon of some sort

Best regards and hopes from Thomas here

happend to me to once, with a ring. This needs to be fixed.

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