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Any tips on what I should do with my wizard? I recently went fire, after being frost for a while. My sheet dps is pretty low, but I do have pretty decent damage with my %elemental. My toughness is very low though. I feel I can do T3 pretty decent, but when I reach T4 I get 2-3 hit by enemies.

A few tips on the build:

You only have fire as a possible damage output. Elemental exposure is going to give you only 5% extra damage, because of that.

You could change it with dominance. With a constant kills, the shields are very powerful.
Magic Weapon ==> Deflection Rune is also very strong, as long as you can keep the attacks up.

The hit on the damage, from the above changes (or just one of them), wouldn't be that big.

On your gear:

Most of your items have only damage stats, which is a valid way to go, but there are a few things which you could improve and still see a pretty big boost:

Upgrade the gems. The most expensive ones, give almost double the amount of intel. That translates into a lot of toughness especially with prismatic armor rune.

Cain's Travelers ==> rebuild them without +% movement speed and get it from paragon. I recommend armor.

Vambracers ==> You could try to build a crafted bracer.

Paragon points on defensive all in +armor.

With the above, you should be good even on T4.

In case you got Aughild's set, you might want to farm the horadric cache ring and build the set out of 2 pieces.

The set provides both resistance to elits and damage. It would be a strong addition to what you have an it's easy to farm.

Hope it helps!
Thank you for some very useful tips:) Changed some runes, made my life much easier

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