Steal a piece from the WD above you ^

Witch Doctor
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I want your Jeram because it has Vit ;)

Also, your Aughild shoulders because you get to reroll the dmg type.
i give to u mine, just need ur kukri ;)
I want ice climbers! Give me! )

shoulders are nicely rolled :d
kukri only for testing purposes, i am walking a different path these days
your frog.. need that +1% more CC :)
wondering how you manage to steal that TaT which should belong to ME :p

my own personal race for tasker stills keep on going, 15k shards clearly not enough
I would steal your finger.. and your dog :P

took your charectors (only joking you have none)
jade shoulders or amu

probably your mask of jeram, I want that helm so bad!

Would take the Thundefury and give it a spin. Have yet to find one (@70).

Those Zuni boots would complete my set nicely.

your Ring of Royal Grandeur would be nice, still no luck getting one.

That Jade chest - the last piece of the puzzle

Dat Zuni Chest.
Panda I'm sorry but I'm gonna need your Tasker and Theo gloves, Pronto!

I'd enjoy that lovely Jade Shoulder :> though I'd propably roll skill dmg or life% instead of life regain.
@ Sokerikukko definetly witching hour
@ BartPil

Your jade harvest gloves.

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