Lvl 70 crafted helm = 45 "veiled crystal"

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u wot

gotta salvage 45 rares to craft 1 item

There are lvl 70 helms that require 90 veiled crystals , so yes , you have some farming to do.
That is why we have Kadala...
You are acting like it is some kind of Mission Impossible. 45 rares is a trivial amount, not to mention that Crystals also directly drop from monsters.
Don't worry Shaken you will soon have too many veiled and death breaths. So enjoy while progress is still easy.

You can use 45 veiled crystals to get 1 veiled crystal in return.

Sounds like PROFIT to me!
try bracers 120 blue items ^^

its an error, everything else needs only 12
the Aughild bracers are too damn OP so i dont mind 120 blues for them xD farmed like hell Crystals and the blue sraps, just need to make some backup off them and its ok:D
I wish I have too many Forgotten Souls one day...
ive got thousands ill trade you some.. oh wait...
The problem with this is that when you would make use of crafted helms they are extremely expesive, and at the point you have endless crystals they just lose all purpose.
Well they are not entirely obsolete after you have crafted what you want. You still want to reroll items, which costs some veiled crystals. Same goes for gems, you still want some to reroll rings and amu's.

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