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So have been thinking about how the pets work and their damage. I really like pets, and use them in every build i make. But one thing I find strange is how they work.

Since patch 2.0.5 blizzard changed some runes to make the pets benefit from more elemental damage. But in base all pets do physical damage. which means that if I want to use pets I almost have to stack for physical dmg and skipp buffing my other skills.

I had an idea of using Rhen'ho Flyer that makes the frogs explode twice and seek out targets, at the same time with pets. So I made a build that utilized the pets and exploding frogs with fire dmg. Then I choose the pet runes with fire dmg and tried. Sure it was fun and went good for me. But compared to a wd that stacked physical dmg instead of fire, I did so much less dmg.

So the question I ask is why the pets when using a rune with new elemental dmg (like fire) not also have their base attack do that elemental dmg..

So for example make the burning dogs do fire dmg when they bite and their aura instead of their bite do physical dmg and their aura fire.. Since this just makes it so hard to gear properly to make a build as good as just using physical and pets...

If their is anything I have understood wrong with topic or if you guys feel the same way I do don't hesitate to comment and maybe we can make blizzard change the way they work for the better :)
Recently they hotfixed the runes for Fetish army, so if you choose Tiki torchers all fetishes deal fire damage. And poison if the poison rune, and so forth. I honestly don't know about the dogs, but from the tooltip it does sound like they hit for physical, and the aura is fire.
I have tried the army with tiki torchers since patch 2.0.5 and can't see that more than 2 fetishes use fire as dmg. So unless the other do fire dmg with their daggers I guess they still do physical. But I might be wrong.

Think they have to be more clear if they changed it and they indeed do fire dmg all of the fetishes or just the 2 that breath fire.
They all do fire, 2 of them breathe, but the others hit for fire damage :)
Would be good for blizz to change the tooltip so it was clearer on how it worked :) But thanks for the info on fetish army
Bump. Would love to know this as well. Garg Bruiser rune, fetish Tiki's and searing dogs.

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