Rate the DH above you 2.0! - Part 3

Demon Hunter
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What part of "rate the DH above" don't you understand, gannondalf?
You can rate that, I just wasn't finished gearing the build, so i explained it, to see how people rated it.

EDIT: Oh, I get it, i forgot to rate the one above me aswell, ill go fix

EDIT 2; fixed.
i love those pants! nice boots, and nice build. maybe chc in your helm?
@Rahoor 9/10 you could get a better SOJ...other than that - awesome gear.

Take into account that my weapon's actual DPS isn't displayed on my profile, prob a bug. My weapon's actual DPS is 2613.
Some really good gear, specially shoulders (am jealous of the roll) and you've hit the jackpot on helm, chest and so on. 9.5/10

Well I see here "full zoo" build :)
Could use some improvments:
helm - mara
boots - nats
nats ring - SOJ
and some more + phys dmg ( amy, SOJ)

I dont get the piont in sentrys without full mara .

Overal 7/10

GL :)
hmm interesting build

i would say u need krider for this build ^^

and a diamand in your head

do u play with this build or is it only for testing cause only elemental arrow on your sentries idk if this is so good

Yes I play with this on T6 - it akes avg 10-12 min for rift run ( but im picking all the loot - I need those mats ). When I'll get home from work I'll test CA (lightning rune) instead of Mark of death - think some stuns and proc from Vaxo will be better than Mark.

Krider - well when finaly it will drop it must be 2750+ to compete with my 2650 xbow

Im jelous about Your Krider - just rerol that area dmg for 10% dmg and its near 2800 dps :) GZ :)
Your DH looks pretty mighty to me. Not sure I can spot much to improve on tbh

I think I've got some good gear drops (at least before my re-rolling decisions) and am comfortable at T4 solo & T3 party. Really welcome suggestions on what to change / add to move up a step.

[On Eur server]
hey LambChop

try to get reapers wraps with fire AND crit chance, spend one evening with some friends on Malthaels runs, get 3-4 crafting materials, and i think you should be ok :)
same thing about amulet, but there you ll need some luck also to get elem dam + crit dam + crit chance + dex. I always had problem with that one, solved it somehow at paragon 440(!), now i m looking for marauders trifecta :D

you could also try gambling belts from Kadala for a withcing or harrington

your toughness is nice, need some more damage overall, i think is not too hard, good luck!
Thanks gtm exactly what I was after.

I am tracking down the wrap materials now.

The Witching Hour belt is proving to be VERY elusive ;-)

Your DH is very nice btw
OK gear for lower lvls but a good start to farm better gear with keep hunting!

I give you a 5.5/10.

Not much fire bonus on your fire build.Missing elite dmg.Playing with 6mara bonus without a rucksack quiver.You got the items needed but with worst of rolls.Need improvements.

My weapon's dmg isnt displayed correctly.In game it has 2638.2.
EP: You are missing sentry dmg on quiver, chest and shoylders, but apart from that it's all good.

@Rahoor Maybe a better weapon & TT, apart from that flawless. 9/10
07/06/2014 19:08Posted by Duohlon
@Rahoor Maybe a better weapon & TT, apart from that flawless. 9/10

You could use some more toughness, and some more sentry and cluster arrow % damage. Other than that 8/10
@Steele Nice physical build, I think you stacked too much vitality by enchant on your gear though, you might wanna switch some of the vitality for dmg statuses, also I would have rolled phys. dmg on that Calamity of yours :)


Interesting Lightning build there, perhaps you can reroll that entangling shot on belt to IAS?
Otherwise pretty good, 9/10
@AnimaMachine: can't see your profile..
@Dhampius: interesting lightning, but the sentry is still on fire.. Marrauder done, works with TnT. 8.5/10 ( for my lack of knowledge )

Guys, need advice please, still quite new on DH, please check my Bayonetta. Typical CA-LfB. Next is Cindercoat ( Kadala, I beg you ), then.. what else?

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