Anniversary buff makes the droprates perfect...

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For the first time since RoS launched i feel i could accompish something within a reasonable amount of time. A day or two of farming almost guarantee i can improve a random slot of my equipment. Also i somehow feel motivated to maybe start a new toon due to the fact that it will not take 500-1000 hours of play to have him equiped so he can do some higher tier runs (maybe ofc since RNG) but instead again within a reasonable amount of time. Ofc he wil not be perfect by any means but i know he will have the needed equip for the specific build i like to play (by far not BIS).

All in all i feel that this buff makes the droprates like they should be. Lower them by 20-25 % & make that Buff permanent and were fine - especially in t5-6. It's perfectly reasonable that you find multiple legs if your able to do t6 runs or even t5 runs. Especially in HC. That you should be rewarded for. Not by making any progress harder. The endgame should be something you're able to reach.

Ofc i can only speak for myself and the people i play with - but i can assure you: for the very first time i find pleasure in the usually so dulling farmgrind doing rifts and such.

For me what made D2 perfect for one instance was the fact that you could make your char really really strong. In terms of damage as well as survival. Almost Imba. There was a point you could reach within a very reasonable amount of time where you had everything you need for your char. Not with perfect stats maybe but you had the item itself. And that didnt do any harm - istead it motivated you to try out other builds and other chars. Once you had everything together you started again. With each one of your toons you reached the point where you felt almost imba. The pleasure in grinding in D2 was the fact that you knew the Item you seek is just arround the corner. Maybe a day or two longer. Now this feeling has finally made it into this game. Please... for the love of all Diablo Gods and Demons - dont take this away!

If you reached everything and had everything you started the next new Ladder Season where noone had anything. And you enjoyed the smal and !@#$ty items again. Tals Mask drop? Whoa thats epic! Then logged to your full EQ non-ladder Java and went for some good 'ol Eth Titans blasting... That was Endgame and it was satisfying as f***...!

BTW: Diablo 2 Engame was basicly having multiple chars fully Equiped with all necessary runewords and items. Not some silly Content like utrist or whatever. That you did for fun! It was simply having everything you want. Making that impossible and replacing it with content like rifts or whatever is NOT the same. Diablo 3 is no MMO. Its an ARPG. A grind game. And that's perfectly fine...!

And just as a sidenote: Maybe add some usefulness to some of the existing legendarys. Most of them have basicly the same stats, no special legendary stat/skill nor anything else. We all have found numerous rings/amus swords/2handers and basicly everything else with almost the same stats one piece after another - just a different name. Why have Legendarys in the first place if they have nothing special to them and basicly have the same Stats? +xxxx Damage, StatsX, StatsY, LoH, Socket, Random Leg Name...

Don't take this as a Rant but as an idea for your consideration. After all that is what you have promised... to listen to the comunity which i am a part of (again i know i do not speak for everybody).

BTW: please no "Filthy Casuals" Bull%^-*. If you feel the urge to say it don't.


Sry for the wall of text.
Totally agree, It's almost making the game how it should be rewarding for your time spent playing.
Agree, i got that feeling like in old times D2 when u first came to 'hell' mephisto with your mf sorc, but even better cuz not so rutine.
In a no-trade game, the anniversary buff rate should be more or less the drop rate. I tend to agree one of the most fun factors in D2 was to experiment with different chars / builds - which is not quite possible in D3 with existing drop rates.

I hope will will have similar or even better rates in seasons. Maybe thereafter I can finally equip my DH and start playing with her. :D
We can only hope. Its either this droprate or slightly smaller buff but fixing the glorified legendaries and crapadaries aswell.
I must be the unluckiest person ever but my droprate hadn't changed to 100% more it actually stayed the same.
But still its ok.
I agree fully with the OP. I feel the droprates now are pretty much perfect. It feels really rewarding to play now. I would still even be happy if they lowered it a bit but made it permanent.

My first thought when the buff became live was how crappy it will feel when the anniversary comes to an end and the buff will dissappear. Guess I'm a bit of a pessimist ^^

Make the buff permanent! (It's worth a shot ^^) :)))
I agree completely.

I was playing with a friend last night and between us we got at least 1 legendary per 2 rifts.

It made the game so much more fun and I always felt like a legendary will soon drop for 1 of us.

We racked up about 12 legendarys each in about 4 hours, considering the low chance of getting the items you want with good rolls I think that feels about right.

We are playing on T2.

Now having the most fun in d3 that I have ever had since hitting 60... and then the push to 70 and then the knowledge I would grind for months to get one item..
As long as they add replayability through content such as seasons and tiered rifts I see no point in keeping the legendary drop rates as low as they are now.
/Signed also, I completely agree that this is very close to where the drop-rates for legendary's should be as of the standard game.
Absolutely #signed, Drop rate feels healthy. This should be standard ledge drop rates for sure. Feels fun again.
Signed as well.

Have stated in various threads already that for me this is the first time since D3 launched that I actually have fun playing it.

It doesn't matter now that still 98% of all leg drops are crap, at least there is now the anticipation that a drop that falls in the other 2% isn't that far off.
Most deffinetly /Signed
I agree with OP.
This is what keeps me interested playing diablo 3. Yes we get now more legendaries, but also most them are not upgrades but at least a chance to get better rolls on them.

I wasnt really happe with the drop rate before event as you could run many runs without any legendarys at all.

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