Anniversary buff makes the droprates perfect...

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Hmm... To me, the drop rates are a bit too high. Lower the +% to 75 and I'm good to go.

The only problem for me though is that I'm getting WAY too many recipes. Almost one per rift. It won't take soon and I have all the recipes available and, for some reason, I deem them more epic than typical legendaries, even if the craftable item itself isn't that good.

And yea, I don't get any whine about casuals or anything, since it's a game most people are playing to enjoy it and if the majority likes it this way, why should I argue about it. It's about the money for the company and it's about the enjoyment of the masses for the players. I'm playing it until it becomes dull and boring, so far, it isn't even close to that (they could add a steady 10 new legendaries per patch though, would be fun...),
Agreed. I hadn't found a single piece of barb set gear until today, and I got one piece from 2 sets now. I still have gotten a bunch of Blackthornes and other useless junk, but they are fine for rerolls. I just wish they would tale away the flawless gem req for jewelry rerolls. Though at least finding more gold now so it isn't AS bad

Keep these droprates!



Agree with the OP too, this makes the game so much more enjoyable! I don't even care that 90% of the drops I'm getting are bad! I can collect a lot of different types of gear and experiment with my main and even other characters a lot easier too.
100% is to much but 50% buff to increase the dropes would be the sweet spot imo.
I want to play the game a little more the comming months.
the game is now lets count how much brown and green beams we can create in one rift and repeat, or lets try get a double drop from one mob or triple beam

cus lets face it all the loot that drops is 99% crap. just farming beams of light

gl in the quest to quadra beam!
I can agree with this, although the day before this anniversary buff I was getting 4 legs/rift T1, now I'm getting more like .7/rift. RNG for you. Nonetheless, the vast majority have been crap but they are basically the soul; pun intended, item I'm always in search of for enchanting my current gear.
normally i dont log in to comment but IM in for this !! all sign !!!

and like he said its the YEAH LOOT !! kinda thing ! more beams please :D


I almost start to have fun again with this game.
I just say "Almost" because all the legs i have found during this buff was just trash!:(
Yes, oh god yes
16/05/2014 08:59Posted by Flynn
"Filthy Casuals"
Yea it is fun when they drop every now and then, instead on 4h inbetween.
After Community buff have ended, patch things and increase with 50% only.
Agreed, it's lots more fun to play now, and it encourages new character creation. Tone it down a slight bit (from +100% to +75% perhaps) and the amount of top tier items will still be rare enough to prevent leg drops from feeling 'trivial', whilst making it feel like you can play an hour or so and there being a point to it.
Personally I am more interested in the quality and variety of legends than how many times they drop, but that said, if the overall quality is low then more drops are required. Nobody likes to see a rare item masquerading as an orange.

Adding orange affixes to these items would please so many players, and add more build variety in an instant. They do not need to all be flashy visual enhancements but simple things would do (for example Hammer Jammers adding a large Dodge chance or effect on Dodge).

When the items are truly Legendary, the people will be too busy deciding between their last 2 drops to be worrying about the next one.

BTW I had a yellow item drop yesterday called The Legend, ironic eh.
I think maybe tuning it down a bit, to maybe 66% more than normal would be best.

I say this because I am averaging about 1.5 legendaries per rift. This is great for a week, but I think over a month or more this rate would start to feel overloaded with legendaries, especially with smart loot.
signed signed signed :)
Signed but remove Kadala...
The drop rates are right about perfect now. Even when something drops it's probably crap, and if its good it has to roll well. THAT's what D2 was like.
Going hours with NOTHING is bad design. I can handle getting junk. Next to nothing? not so much.
I completed my IK set yesterday during a marathon play session. Something I was unablE to do IN 2 MONTHS.
Lets be clear: I often play 10+ hours a day. 2 months of 10+ hours a day... almost no set pieces IS STUPID.
So...ya I like the buff. Too bad it's temporary.... I hope they use this opportunity to gather data and increase the drops permanently.

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