Anniversary buff makes the droprates perfect...

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-1 No.

Was fine the way it was. This is an event buff and should stay that way.
Such a thread was just a matter of time to be created.
17/05/2014 19:12Posted by PrInCoS
-1 No.

Was fine the way it was. T

It's just not though.

You have a sea of bad legs to get though. Low drop rates AND 99% bad legs just doesn't work.
You should be able to acquire a given piece within a reasonable amount of time.
Two months without ONE IK piece, and only ONE earth piece is stupid.
Agreed. Finally the game doesn't feel like a waste of time. With the lower drop rates I will probably stop playing again.
I agree on this!

The gaming experience feels more fun and immersive.

Signed! +1
Yeah,im agree too,i too want this Unniversary buff be like normal drop rate,And as you know ,for what is this buff.And befor 2 years ago time who was leader disgner and then we did spended from our pokets at D3 dev's bank over 500 mil euro( maybe i worng for exact amount and only quess and do approximately calculatione and after RoS amount is atleast double!!!). But broblem is how we make d3 devs with leader Josh Masquiera rethink and stay this buff or just do another patch with same 100% drop rate.Maybe if hight % of us players start shout and vote ..lets see what will happen..:) I too a little doubt Josh' team and General Director of Blizzard & Activisone i dont remember his name right now ( of course i can remind me with a little search in net) to be agree ,D3 be like this.And thank you Flynn for your thread! And i did read already exact thread
already in US forum.Better we union together and lets what will happen! :)

Second so important reason why drop rate be like this is: if we play so long time with this drop rate of leg items,>>>THEN MANY PLAYERS WILL GOT SO MANY UNNECESSARY ITEMS,AND THEN WITH THAT WAY D3 WILL HAVE TRADE SYSTEM!!!<<<
Definitely having a lot more fun since the buff, even if all my drops have been bad since it started, it's easier to forgive it.

I think the ratio of "useless" legendaries to the ones you actually wanna find is such that it makes it all the more painful to farm. The odds are you are NOT gonna get an upgrade and a lot of 'em are gonna be outshone by rares. Disheartening, really, and I think it just helps push people to become frustrated.

The 100% bonus has definitely been noticeable, it's made everything a whole lot less painful, and even though I haven't had a gear upgrade since it started, I'm sure as hell a lot happier knowing it won't be SO much of a chore til my next chance at a good item comes around.

Should definitely be the standard, it's more fun, and that's what games are about, right?
17/05/2014 10:52Posted by pecto
Its to DAMN high! sure i enjoy getting lots of legs but yesterday i found 2 tal 2 vyrs 2 firebird just in a few hours, i dont wanna get upgraded so fast my gear is near perfect already and i startet gearing lots of alts..

torment legendary from Kadala should be removed aswell

Just my unpopular opinion

"i agree last 2 days out of mayb 50+ rifts only got a handful legs on t4 rifts"

That was a comment made by you a month ago in a drop rate thread. Were you drunk or just delusional?
Come on guys in US forum pages are grow up ! :)
/signed +1 billion.

OP if very insolent

Blizzard gief anyone legendaries beyond their wetest dream
Blizzard increased drop rate this week

And he ask for more ! instead saying thank you blizzard
Cover with ears and walk away with disrespect and disgrace....

i also forgot to say that i will stop playing asap if such a idea come to live, masses will follow !
Diablo is alredy easy game, loot is instane easy to get....stop making circus from this game !
18/05/2014 04:24Posted by Praetorian
i also forgot to say that i will stop playing asap if such a idea come to live, masses will follow !

Bye bye. They already have your money.
18/05/2014 04:24Posted by Praetorian
Diablo is alredy easy game, loot is instane easy to get....stop making circus from this game !

loot is easy to get regardless of the drop chances, it's easy to get because the game is faceroll easy. also, if you think too many legs drop, don't pick up every second one or so
I will not be able to go back. 100% agree
Even with current droprate it's hard to gear character perfectly. It was impossible before without buff.
Atleast it gives opportunity to start new characters and gear them too.
If I keep on getting good items and boost my character to the top, I will start another one.

If I keep on playing the character for a month (not those 8 hours per day) and still can't make it powerful enough, I have other games.

The game finally feels rewarding and exciting that one of the drops might be the item I'm looking for and might then roll the stats I'm looking for. This is how I'd love it to stay rather than the boring monotonous slog grinding out the same routes only to get nothing.

I do want to play all 6 classes and with how the drop rates were before there's just no way I could gear up all of them, not with how many recipes, legs, materials, Forgotten souls and randomness in what stats make actually appear.
I hope they'll keep these drop rates. That will make the game more interesting to play.
Yeah Droprate seems cool, but however, I think it would be better if it was slightly lower, but more important would be to fix the useless legendaries. There are like 10-20% legendaries we are all looking for and farming and 80% legendaries instacrap -> forgotten soul. And I personally dont like that too much. Most of the legendaries are just random yellow items with another name/color, but nothing special. So there are some weapons with the special, everyone looks for them. But I dont want the feeling uh legendary... ah wrong weapon skin, I dont even have to bother looking for the stats, because it doesnt have anything special affix :/ That kinda makes finding a legendary less "legendary"/exciting when the chance that its acutally something good is so low. And please for the love of god, fix the 2handers. I dont know why you think 2 1 handed have 2 sockets, but a 2handed has only one? For example a monk staff is useless right now :(

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