Soloing T4-6 Adventure Mode/Rifts Possible?

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So I've been wanting to do higher torment content, but most people do them in groups. I've asked friends and clan members if they wanna team up but everyone is pretty burnt out and not interested.

So instead I figured I'd see if I can solo them however I don't know if it's actually possible or if it's made to be group content.

If it is possible, can it be done on any class? Around what toughness/damage will you need?
It is possible since I can solo T4 on hardcore and my Barb really ain't that great. It becomes more dangerous for me in a group, but the killing rate increases due to buffs.

My buffed sheet DPS is about 1mil with +78% elemental damage. I switch to SoJ and Sunkeeper for elite combat which grant about +55% elite damage. My toughness lies around 14 mil.
I did a solo T6 hardcore rift yesterday, so yes, it can definitely be done soloing.
Ah cool. What class was this on? I'm currently maining a crusader but I only have 473.9k Damage so if I go higher than T2 it gets very slow. Not having much luck with drops.
t4 solo easy
t5 medium
t6 not easy but doable
ehm, youtube is filled with t6 videos of people doing speedruns of rifts.... With the right gear it's jsut another cakewalk.
Not even 500k damage, seems like you generally don't know the kind of items you should be using, as you have that damage easy with yellow items. Head to your class forum for tips.
17/05/2014 14:31Posted by Praetorian
t4 solo easy
t5 medium
t6 not easy but doable

this exactly.
Up tto t3 is pretty easy for everyone. T4 gets harder but witht good gear, still easy. T5 is a gear wall. Need class set bonuses.
it's all about gear. Without this community buff....good luck acquiring it. Even witht itt, you need tot play ALOT tto reach that level
I'm currently farming T4 rifts with ease on my Crusader with a (Holy) Blessed Shield build.

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