Dropping other classes' set items or not?

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It breaks my heart - I only have time to build a decent DH and when you finally pushing for the great marauder set and some BS baab set drops. I go to bathroom and cry for a bit. Blackthorn drops enough to make life hard.

Please change this!
22/05/2014 10:53Posted by Vaneras
Let's hear it people, how do you feel about set items dropping for other classes than the one you are playing?

Like it - gives me the opportunity to try my alts with some reasonable gear
First of all i have all classes except wizard who is 61, playing with WD(1000 hours with him) and have found 2 firebird pieces and 1 Vyrs (both are wizard set pieces) and 1 EQ barb set piece! Its ok to find sets for other classes BUT when with your main class (for me is WD) still havent complete your specific class set ,and with so many blackthornes drops, is making you so angry that moment which you need 1 piece to complete your class set and see a star to minimap and a green beam! When pick it up and reveal it you see is another class specific set piece.this moment i was so angry with blizzard because all these other set pieces i have found them before i completed my WD's set!

So i think it needs some hotfix to that not remove but to make it a little more balanced since you have completed yours character set then to find for others!
Of all my drops so far, it has only happened to me twice. Once there was a friend to pass it to, and I salvaged the second piece. Both cases were more like curiosities than anything annoying. Given the rarity of such drops, why not keep their odds the way they are.
23/05/2014 11:31Posted by matkosmat
Given the rarity of such drops, why not keep their odds the way they are.
if only we all had this odds :(
if a set item from a different class drop's it is of equal value as a simple disenchanted soul... in other word's i would prefer finding a legendary/recipe or set piece i can use instead.
22/05/2014 10:53Posted by Vaneras
Let's hear it people, how do you feel about set items dropping for other classes than the one you are playing?

imo it is fine at it is.
i like it, cause i play more then only one class.
and everyone who begins a new class knows how hard it is, to start again at zero with farming your items.

the fact that there is a possibility to equip your other chars a little while playing the main-class is very nice and can give a little boost, when changing the class.
23/05/2014 12:36Posted by aHz
i like it, cause i play more then only one class.
i never understood this, in what ever game when i have more then 1 character i play with both why else take it? to show off? and it is NOT that Blizzard didnt make it easy for us all with the BS....so gear cant be an issue?

The ones with only 1 character are punished hard this way, and why? we all payed the same price right? i also never read it was mandatory to have more characters 2 play with? or any disclaimer what said 2 me, if u only play 1 class u will be trolled a lot harder with loot then when u play more classes?! (i am talking about here and now, with any means of trading this whole problems/topic goes away but since that isn't coming any time soon......)
22/05/2014 15:56Posted by Pinoy
we should get all the drops for all chars and not only for the one that you are playing....

"smart loot" is to get appropriate stat for that specific items and not getting all the same items for what i am playing.

It is better to open all the loot table to all chars.. every items should have 1%-2% drop rate for every chars and the character that you are playing should get 10% for its items..

Man,I also thought what you thought! :)

Yeah..d3 devs do it in any future patch :) If you're not thinking the same thing, but im sure you too thought,right?!:)

If im cofused,please еxcuse me for that! :)

And that mean this smart loot system .possible to drop low % of set items for other classes?!

Im sorry i didnt read whole thread to understand that. :)
I almost never post but seeing this thread I have to voice my opinion which is, in my experience, one many mid-high paragon players share. Keep the possibility to drop other class specific sets AND legendaries. First of all it incites to try another class, if you already have a character of another class then it gives an opportunity to play for all your characters at the same time. Many or most start out with a particular class and continue playing it exclusively until a random occurrence makes them try smthng else. First for fun, then as they progress they start investing more and more time into another character ("toon" from here on). I believe the core idea of a "main" starts slowly to dissipate as the game progresses.
Myself I played monk exclusively for a long time. My first "tick" of why don't I try another class? came from realizing that most of my loot can be equipped with much success on a demon hunter. So DH started counting hours of his. Loot was shared between the two. While plying these two I realized they are a pair that goes together really well. It tool just one more step of logic to figure that there are three pairs of classes to share loot based on their main stat: dexterity for monks and demon hunters, strength for barbs and crusaders and intelligence for wizards and witch doctors.
Personally, the jump to another category was the hardest to make. Starting a wiz was a pain as I had to start practically from scratch. Then during the anniversary buff I started a WD which is now equipped rather well I find. Now that we have the buff permanently, others can try the same experience without worries of spending hundreds of hours looking for sets. Though I never dropped an int set item with either a monk or DH I went for starting wiz and WD because I have time on my hands. Most people don't.
I have 5 lvl 70 toons now. I cannot consider either one a main, at this moment my wizard is lagging behind and barb has barely been played, however between monk, demon hunter and witch doctor I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite. It appears to me I have currently THREE mains. If the notion of main/alt can still make sense it is in my view only when a second toon of same class is created to be played with a different build.
What I want to be heard is that if ever the 15 or whatever percentage of non-smart loot is removed, this will drive a wedge between playing with all three groups. If you only get dexterity loot you will stick to your monk and barb, same for strength and same for intelligence. Most casual players would miss out on the large part of Diablo 3 experience, which, again for me, not only pushing your favourite toon to its maximum potential, but mastering all six classes.
Funnily enough I have not found a class-specific set for one of my heroes with another of a different main stat category until very recently. But I can tell you that when Tasker and Theo dropped yesterday I was completely indifferent on whether it rolls with dex, int or str. All three: barb, DH and WD and crusader, if I am not mistaken, need these for highly effective end-game builds. I made a barb only because my monk looted a wrist from the earth set I have heard so much about.

LET US FIND ITEMS ROLLED WELL for OTHER CLASSES, be it sets or legendaries, provided other class drop rate is restricted to a reasonable frame. And items that do drop are enticing enough to make a new toon.
is it possible to get like an option to add one type of extra gear? fks if u playing a DH you can click on fks barb so its possible to drop barb set / legs also.. that would be great... or?
btw sry for bad writing :P
Aboslutely NO set drops for a char I am not playing atm.

If it is a green/set item, it should be for the char I am playing now. That is the reason I am playing that char - I want to make it better so he will overcome higher difficulties.

It is hard enough to get SPECIFIC set item for SPECIFIC slot with SPECIFIC stats and I do not want to waste that with some item I might not ever use.
22/05/2014 10:53Posted by Vaneras
Interesting question, I can imagine there are positive as well as negative opinions on the occasional set item dropping for another class the one you are currently playing.

I personally do not mind as I have characters of all classes, but not everyone does that of course.

22/05/2014 10:22Posted by OioxFûl
I would like to know how you feel about dropping a set item for another class than the one you are playing?

Let's hear it people, how do you feel about set items dropping for other classes than the one you are playing?

Also, if you do not have a character of the class that the set item is intended for, what do you do with the item? Do you salvage it? Do you use it on a follower? Do you save it for the future when you might have a character that can use it?

If I don't want it I ask in game if anyone can use. I have alt's and I DO liek to keep set pieces, BUT stash space is TOO limited. (another discussion I'm sure).
If I had the room, I'd keep all set itmes, I have all alts, not enough room.
Finding something nice for my alts is fun as well.

If you don't have alts you can always give it to a party member. Still better than anothe "salvage me" Blackthorne.
Personally i do like to play all classes, but with the current smart loot, i would play the one im trying to gear, and i seem to get item for other classes quite often.

I wonder if smart loot can be an option. having it on makes it you get legendary/sets for your current class, while option to turn it off would allow any set/legendary for all classes
Personally, I think it is great. I've been trying to get the Natalya's set for my Demon Hunter, but I'd like to play some Crusader as well. If I could get a shot at Natalya while playing my Crusader, I wouldn't have to feel like I completely stopped my chance at progressing my main.

Besides, cross-class items can give you motivation to try out other classes and specs. You pick up something nice and you go "This could be interesting to try".
Well i dropped a calamity on my witch doctor,it was a very funny moment and it actually motivated me to maybe try DH in the future,i personally have nothing against this since it's a pretty rare thing it's not annoying when it happens.
"Smart" System is a complete disaster. Since I want Cindercoat & Magefist for my Crusader I can no longer play my DH or other mainstat-class because I would be horribly dissapointed if the DEX or INT versions drop. -.- This is what will make me quit the game eventually - REMOVE IT!!

In vanilla I rolled a Wizard solely because of all the awesome gear I found for one. In RoS Monk, Wiz, WD are all classes I will never touch because I have absolutely no reason to try them. If I would find some cool loot for them I might, but not like this. Again, I really hate this system it needs to GO!
I would like a get a set item for another classes, despite the fact that I havent collected any set item for my DH. The reason is that, at some stage of the game, you will probably find some necessary set legendaries for your main character, thus it would be more interesting and motivating to build up another classes via such items,
ive had a very nice zuni boot dropped with great stats however i don't play it, very annoying as its a wasted drop for my crusader ;(

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