Piranhado and Strong Arm Bracers - works or not?

Witch Doctor
Hi Guys,

So right now half of Witch Doctors believe that Piranhado will trigger the knockback effect of Strong Arm's and the other half say it no longer does.

Can anyone provide proof or a source or info on this?
not working

Incorrect, bad testing.
It does work.

Check this, post 3 and 4

It must pull enemies, if you cast it on top of them, they only get stunned, and effect does not trigger.
Lazy, arrogant and sometimes can't even fit in the same room with my ego so just gonna copypasta my own post

20/05/2014 13:57Posted by Enduros
I say it doesn't proc.

So lets say under certain conditions it procs
1) The mob is not fat so it gets pulled
2) You away cast it so it drags the mob.

That's all great, but here's the thing:
1) The area from where it pulls is not that large
2) Doesn't proc on fat mobs
3) Doesn't proc on bosses
4) Doesn't proc if the mob not pulled (if there is a group you cast it in middle right? Only some get pulled)
5) The trash that gets pulled doesn't need the extra dmg to die

So realistically in a real game, not some carefully selected testing conditions, it only works 20% of the time, usually on trash mobs that are weak anyway. It's the same thing as it not working. Come on people, get real pls.
interensting, ty for this info
Bosses or fatties are immune to knockback, so it wouldn't work with any skill in the game anyways.

Imo it is very strong ans useful proc, simply because it does work on vast majority of elitepacks (both champions and yellow). You just cast it next to them, bam - you get extra 30% damage, for entire group.
From my experience, doing many group runs, I can definitely feel the difference in damage.
enduros said it all...

almost never apply with piranhado as it only concerns the mobs pulled in and not the mobs already in it.

However wave of mutlation does proc it for all mobs touched (not elite of course) wich makes it better for pet build according to me (jade build will enjoy the packing effect that wave of mutilation lack)
pet build>>>use wave of mutilation = it will proc on all mobs (not elite) and can be spammed (8s duration, 8s CD), the fact it will not proc on elite is not so big downside, because it will allow your "runaway" pets to finish of white mobs fast and focus all on leftover elites

if will provide 45% donus dmg for 5s and 15% for 8s, area is huge

Jade>> use piranhando obviously, tho area of effect is much smaller
So what's the BiS alternative for Jade then?

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