Feeling weak !!!!


First off im new to saders, i have about 50-60 hours on this char.

In my current gear, what tornment should i be able to do. I feel weak in T3, in game 884-1186 in resiststs, 477k life and 13 mil toughness.


is it my BS build ? i have almost all sade sheilds and a very nice maximus

plz help me out guys
Why you use wrathfull passive?
Completly useless for your build...
477k hp is low for a melee class imo, but you are not hc...
Replace wrathfull with vigilant imo, it will increase your toughness...
You get healed from holy cause, since you are holy...
Txc your right, forgot to change it when i got my weapon :-/

Should i try another build or is BS still viable ?
Go for champ build, no need to worry about pesky resistances then.
I only have 420~ hp and it more than plenty. Going over 500 is just overdoing it. Some go less than 400.
Got about 270k hp and do T3 with out any issues. T4 also work somewhat, a lil squashy on T4 tho.
Well, what build should i use then ?
I use the same build apart from wrathful(which is useless for your build) passive swap it for Fervor. I would also drop some all ress I am only using like 550-800 on t6 without unity. The more damage you have the less defensive you have to build.

Then its just a matter of getting drops
i did the passive swap :-) missed changing it when i got the fail drop :-)
Then armory hasnt updated my bad :)
24/05/2014 11:07Posted by Seventhfool
Should i try another build or is BS still viable ?

for me BS is very viable and effective build...

tbh with 1h builds gyro or darklight is way easier to get perma akkarat, cuz of free 15% cdr from fervor and you have no wrath issues. You can spam as much as you want...

Holy shotgun is very strong build but its hard to get perma akkarat without fervor. You need cdr% almost in every piece you can get and you will still run out of wrath...

So 1h builds are win - win...

You have a great gyro...
I have perma Champ with 2h. Wasn't too hard, but yes fervor makes it easier, but kinda gimps the dmg of champ to that lvl what you would have normally on 2h without champ or less. So my advice is that go for 2h perma champ if you want some dmg progress.
24/05/2014 08:47Posted by Txc

477k hp is low for a melee class imo,

People that stack 500, 600k hp make me facepalm. You should be worrying more about armor, resistances and block...not HP.

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