Exarian 1-Hander insane lucky roll?


I picked up this 1-hand sword a long time ago


and have not yet found any 1-hander that has better damage. I've picked up My question is this: Is this a really good Exarian roll? Or should I consider myself unlucky that I've not yet picked up a better 1-hander? Should I reroll a stat on it?

I've compared Golden Scourge, Justinians Mercy, Skycutter, Fulminator and Odyn son.

Well i have got some 1h swords better then that, have 3 on my vault.

I have seen some thunderfury with 2.4k dps and 700+ Str ...i wish i had one of those :) the one i got rolled really bad 2.19k :( and 715 str....

oh i think you should re-roll the LOH to get a socket and put a emerald there..
Look at my barbarians Griswold perfection. Profile doesnt take into consideration %damage on items. It has 2,4k DPS
i have 1h flail with 2.4 k DPS :) it s possible :D
I don't really rate Exarian as a decent weapon tbh, but reroll the loh at least for a socket, aim to get a one of the flails that enhance your skills or a decent 2h weapon with a proc will help you.
lol..that sword is auto salvage.
I have a skycutter in my stash that has 2,3 something. But u dont want swords or weapon with highest dps. U want them with the best affix on like TF for lightningbuild etc etc
no main stat? salvage, 600 str< 30 chd

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