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Cool crusader with kind of an unusual build! If I were you I would try to gamble for a hellskull and try out holy shotgun too. But maybe you already done that and prefer you'r current build. Nice gear overall, if I were you I would try to squeeze in some additional CDR. 8/10
10/07/2014 22:02Posted by monkbeast
@ Dhamp

3 actually! :)

Yeah, I posted that before I discovered Elective Mode...
I'm sorry but I can't rate an non-70 character ahah.

Aughild is a good choice even for leveling, I'll give you a 7/10. :)

Not a bad Sader. Main thing that bugs me is that SoJ, try to get one with fire dmg, it's half of the reason this ring is amazing. I don't know what the original +dmg was but I find that it's better to wait to get a fire one and not destroy one that can be used for another spec. Not a bad Lidless wall either, I used to use a more tanky shield though.


Yep I'm aware about my bad-rolled SoJ :D But I can't find a better one, I know that I need a %fire one instead of vitality but unfortunately that's the only SoJ I found so far. :S
For the one who's below my post, that was just a reply, ignore this comment and rate Azazel. :)
Infraos: I have nothing to add to the discussion:)

Unusual crus build, but I guess fine for hardcore!!!!


pretty decent! That gloves thou!

@ Kaith
Nice gear, full set bonus with full Aughild bonus. In your build u use fire skills and holy skills and u only have holy damage in one slot. Maybe go for one element and stack that elemental damage?

Nice to see a fellow hammerdin, it´s the coolest build out there. ;)

edit: D3progress: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/freddan-2776/Tibarian/39976161
@Freddan nice fire build, I`d recommend switching Cain`s pieces with Captain Crimsons and grind for a better RoRG, 8/10.

Almost copy paste of my Crusader equipment wise, but muc higher DPS not to mention paragon lev.

Only thing i would search to complement all is SoJ.

And it is nice to see a strong, holy non shotgun build.


Have to say you have a nice Crusader there. The only thing I can put my finger on is to get a bit more healing. But again a nice bulid. 9/10

You lack CDR...You should aim for it on your weapon, shield (aim for a Hellskull), rings, shoulders etc. Overall % should be around 50/55% so you can get to that perma AC. Once you get to that you should be able to get a pretty solid shotgun setup going (if that's what you're after ofc).

I like the FotF, wish I had that one ;-).

Overall 8/10 I think.

For the person rating my sader, http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SmeriS-2563/hero/38478158 as I have 2.
I'm on the lookout for FotF (obviously), a better RoRG, and more CDR gear to replace my current gear.
Many crusaders here :)Here i am too :)i love my FoF.

Looking at you Saapke toon... what you said is pretty much bang on!
Shoulders; rolled with HF damage would be awesome
Chest... same as shoulders.
SOJ... Perfect
Gloves... just need to find 1 with the possibilty to have CC, CHD and CDR
Pants.. all res instead of slash damage
Helm... just keep trying for that 6%
and finally.. RORG... may need to re roll CHD for CDR if your FOTF doesnt roll with CDR or... farm another ring with CHD pre-rolled :)

but almost there to a really awesome shotgun build and i wish you the best of luck finding the FOTF

You seem to have all the nice stuff so I suppose you need to improve items such as the Hellskull and so on!

Very good stuffs especially for hardcores...It seems Kadala loves you in transmog...:)


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