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I just wanted to thank you for inventing the situation when you are in a rift or somewhere else and switch to the next level or enter a cave or any other entrance. And then immediately when you spawn at the other side 3 elite mob groups come at you at once. This is a marvelous experience especially when you are on T6 and you can take care of rift guardians, bosses, and maybe maximum 2 elite groups. It is really great when the 3 packs have great combination of prefixes like jailers, wallers, fast and all sorts. I just wanted to thank you for this and encourage you to do even better. Just spam 5 or no, no ... 10 elite mobs every once in a while, whenever a player enters somewhere. It will be a really nice experience for him outside the entrance of the next level when 10 elite packs rape him a couple of times, the player will be shockingly surprised I promise. To get things even more better you could also spawn 50 Goblins and everyone tries to kill them , this will make the 10 elite mobs pack experience even more interesting.

so you hate the best thing about this game.. ok
24/05/2014 11:26Posted by Durrs
so you hate the best thing about this game.. ok

Nah, I love this game and everything in this game, I was just angry when the situation from the first post happened on me when I played on T6. But I guess everything in this game is a chance, even how many elite mobs packs you could encounter at once..

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