Steal a piece from the wizzard above you ^

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I stole this thread from the WD forum, might be fun :)

Steal from me first!
@Andersone - I steal your RoRG
I steal your Vyr's fantastic finery!
Glace, can I haz your gloves? It would change so much for me!

I steal your Gesture of Orpheus


Your RoRG
I steal your Thunderfury
I steal your SOJ for my lightning specc
@Andersone, give me your tal's belt! (Haven't drop a single one >,,<)
I'll have your magefist, thank you very much. Can't seem to get one myself :)
@H1tsu - Need that SOJ
@Doombelly - I have specifit item i want,i just want to give advice :) Roll 2sckt od hexing pls :D
@Jebivjetar Your tal chest looks fine, but you can have 500+ armor or elites dmg reduce instead of that petty life%.

Vyr's Grasping Gauntlets

Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom

Dat MLW. Can I haz?

Your RoRG for sure

youre vyr's gloves

I'll take your RoRG

Id take ur Cameo


defintly your vyrs gloves

i want your Tal's Chest armor.

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