Steal a piece from the wizzard above you ^

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I'll take that SoJ, tyvm.
Your mirror as one i have stashed is just a little worse rolled ;)

Your RoRG, please.

Your witchig hour please

your serpents sparker
29/06/2014 20:50Posted by SPADY4

your serpents sparker

Your bracers please,

Find a way to copy/paste to me, and i'll be your forever best friend xD
Gimme dat belt! :(
SoJ! I want it... so badly
@ Ronald, I want that serpent sparker. Found one at lvl 68 :(
Those strongarm bracers. joink!
RoRG! :-)
off hand tyvm :)
RoRG !

Sorry it says you have no characters, please link your profile.


Your tal rashas a heartbeat!!!

Twitter: @ArbeiaMVP
Very nice gear on your int characters... I'd have to take your Wizard's Stone of Jordan!

(Please don't take my belt!)

give me your Withing Hour right now;)

could really use that SoJ of yours :/
@alf ... That belt... that roll ... *takes it*
Serpent Sparker please...
@milly ...please give me that tal amulet.. GIVE IT TO ME

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