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Hello fellow Daiblo’ers!

I’d like to get a discussion and possibly more suggestions on the state of so called “stat stick” legendries. In other words, the ones with no special effect, making them essentially rare items with slightly higher stats. Sure, I get it when Blizzard says that not all Leggies should be amazing. At the very least though, I feel all class specific leggies should have some special effect. ALL Crusader class specific items have special effects. This should hold true for all classes.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and start throwing out ideas here. They are focused on both utility, and theme/flavour text of the item, and also in some cases on the skills that don’t currently have Legendary supported effects. Feel free to pitch in:

Important: I’m adding “X” instead of numbers in most cases, because the numbers are up to a balance team, I’m just focused on the concept. I will still specify numbers in instances where I deem it necessary to give the impression of the effect I want.

Here we go (Post Below):
Fist Weapons:
With an astonishing 6 out of 10 fist weapons having no special effect (of which only 2 have actual orange text), this bunch is absolutely BEGGING for some love. I also wouldn’t mind if the dropped the damage a bit but made the base speed 1.50 for all claws just to make them a tad more unique and work well with the iconic speed concept of monks in general.
1. Fleshrake ♦ Every activation of a Spirit Generator has an X% chance to also hit a random enemy in melee range with a random Spirit Generator of the same element.
2. Rabid Strike ♦ Every enemy within a 30 yard radius increased your attack speed by X%, up to a maximum of X%.
3. Scarbringer ♦ Enemies hit bleed for X% over X seconds. Bleeding enemies have their attack speed reduced by X%
4. Logan’s Claw ♦ When your life drops below X%, gain X% armour, and X life per hit.
5. Crystal Fist ♦ Frozen enemies launch small crystal fragments when attacked, dealing X% damage as cold in a 10 yard radius.
6. Demon Claw ♦ Your Spirit Spenders have their cost reduced by X%. You are damaged for X% life every time you use a Spender.

With pretty much everyone other than Crusaders or Maximus users avoiding 2-handers like the plague, there really needs to be a little more love for this weapon type in general. I solemnly believe a shaolin-esque combat staff should not be the same speed as a huge lumbering claymore or battle axe.
1. Balance ♦ You gain X life per second for every X% of spirit missing. You gain X spirit per second for every X% life missing.
2. The Paddle ♦ Slap! – Your Spirit Generators will always do your current Area damage, while your Spirit Spenders can never.
3. Lai Yui’s Persuader ♦ Serenity increases your damage by X% for its duration, and slows all enemies within a X yard radius by X%
4. Rozpedin’s Force ♦ All Cyclone Strike Runes gain the effect of the Implosion Rune

Spirit Stones:
These helms are fine in themselves, and some of them are even quite powerfull. Although, appealing helms like Andariel’s Visage increases the need for potent effects on Spirit Stones.
1. See No Evil ♦ If there are 3 or more enemies within X yards, your next attack will also automatically cast blinding flash. This effect can only occur once every X seconds.
2. Erlang Shen ♦ While at full Spirit, your next Spirit Spender will ignite all nearby enemies for X% weapon damage over X seconds, as “open to debate” element.
3. Bezoar Stone ♦ Every time your mystic ally attacks, gain X spirit
4. Madstone ♦ Taking damage has an X% chance to send you into a maddening rage for X seconds. While in this state, all spirit spenders become unavailable, but all Spirit Generators gain X% attack speed and X% increased damage. This effect can only occure once every X seconds.

Hand Crossbows:
Again, only 2 of these have unique effects (Cache only and Set 1h Crossbows aside) so they are in need of an equal amount of love, just like the fist weapons mentioned above.
1. Izzuccob ♦ Multishot has an X% chance to knock enemies back. Enemies colliding with other enemies take X% weapon damage as element of equipped multishot rune.
2. Balefire Caster ♦ Fire damage has X% chance to set enemies ablaze for X% weapon damage over X second.
3. Dawn ♦ Undead enemies explode upon death, dealing X% weapon damage in a 10 yard radius
4. Blitzbolter ♦ Gain X% damage for every X% of discipline missing.

Legendary uniqueness score: 3 out of 10. Yes, that’s how many of these have anything special about them. As with most of the items mentioned on this page, love is needed here. Also, despite being highly unlike likely and probably impractical, I wish these could be visually seen on characters. Would add to customization. Just a thought.
1. Fletcher’s Pride ♦ After performing a backflip from Evasive fire, your next use of Evasive fire will have its damage increased by X%, and will stun all targets hit for X seconds.
2. Sin Seekers ♦ Impale fears enemies, ands slows their movement speed by X% for X seconds.
3. Holy Point Shot ♦ Attacking an enemy has a chance to convict an enemy, causing all enemies within X yard radius of it to attack convicted enemy for X second.
4. Silver Star Piercers ♦ All rockets have an X% chance to launch towards a secondary target after hitting an enemy.
5. Flint Ripper Arrowheads ♦ Every second of channelling Rapid fire, it’s damage is increased by X%, up to a maximum of X%. This effect resets when Rapid fire stops being channelled.
6. Dead Man’s Legacy ♦ When there is X or more enemies within an X yard radius, gain X attack speed and X hatred per second for X seconds.
7. Archfiend Arrows ♦ Damaging Elites has a chance to restore X Hatred.

1-Handed Mighty Weapons:
This is a very sad category, as none of these (Bul-Kathos set aside) have any effects. Unless you count Night’s Reaping’s +% life as a special effect. Which no living being should…
1. Ambo’s Pride ♦ Taking damage has an X% chance to automatically cast Revenge
2. Blade of the Warlord ♦ Hitting an enemy with Whirlwind has a chance to increases your movement speed and damage by X% for X seconds. Stacks up X times. This effect will expire as soon as Whirlwind stops being channelled.
3. Night’s Reaping ♦ Cleave gains the effect of the Reaping Swing Rune

2-Handed Mighty Weapons:
These weapons (like all 2-handers) are also not in a great place in general, and need a similar treatment as Diabos mentioned above. Although Higher attack speed might not be the way to go as with Diabos, perhaps just upping the damage or adding inherit area damage (not as an affix) might do the trick. Of course, as with all 2-handers, the true imbalance is thanks to the socket system needing adjustment.
1. Bastion’s Revered ♦ Avalanche will also have its remaining cooldown reduced by 1 second for every enemy it hits.
2. The Gavel of Judgment ♦ Hammer of the Ancients has a chance to pull all enemies in an X yard radius towards targeted enemy.
3. War of the Dead ♦ Battle Rage gains the effect of the Bloodshed Rune

Mighty Belts:
With only 2 out of the 8 available Legendary Mighty Belts having unique abilities, these are in equal need of some delicious orange text. Very little reason currently to wear most of these.
1. Girdle of Giants ♦ Ground Stomp has a chance to trigger Avalance
2. The Undisputed Champion ♦ Overpower deals X% weapon damage in an X yard (Much larger AoE than base spell) radius.
3. Kotuur’s Brace ♦ Overpower Stuns enemies for X seconds.
4. Dread Iron ♦ Reduces the cost of sprint by X% (40-50%)
5. Ageless Might ♦ Ancient spear creates a crevice in its wake, slowing enemy movement speed by X%, and dealing X% damage over X seconds.
6. Lamentation ♦ Increase duration of Wrath of the Berserker by X seconds.
Most of these have some unique effect (Although not necessarily orange text). Still, with some incredibly powerful wands like Wand of Who, I think some of these need additions to be at least semi appealing by comparison.
1. Starfire ♦ Wave of Force will refund X points of Arcane power for each enemy hit.
2. Blackhand Key ♦ While channelling Arcane torrent, enemies who come within range of you have a chance to be knocked away and take X% damage as arcane
3. Fragment of Destiny ♦ Each activation of Spectral blades has a chance to summon a mystical blade rotating you for X seconds. The blades will attack enemies in range for X% weapon damage as element of selected Spectral Blades Rune. Up to X blades at a time.
4. Slorak’s Madness ♦ Disintegrate gains the effect of the Chaos Nexus Rune
5. Atrophy ♦ Familiar now launches an additional projectile at random nearby enemies.

I think these are in a very good place, as the only one with no effect is Triumvirate, even though that’s a good item in its own right. Still, I’d like to see the following effect on it:
1. Triumvirate ♦ Half of your highest Elemental damage is applied to all elements.

Wizard Hats:
Again, as with Orbs, there’s only one wizard hat with no unique ability. I wish more classes had this kind of variety. I guess that’s what this thread is all about…
1. The Swami ♦ Energy Armor has a chance to redirect enemy projectiles towards the attacker.

Ceremonial Knives:
Also in a very good spot, with only 2 having no Unique effect (one of which has a reduced cooldown to Mass Confusion). I’ll add them both to the list.
1. Last Breath ♦ Mass Confusion gains the effect of the Mass Hallucination Rune
2. Living Umbral Oath ♦ Spirit Barrage has a chance to weaken an enemy’s link with the physical realm, causing it to take X% increased damage

Quite a good variety here, although there are a few in need of special effects. Thing of the Deep is already amazing with its 20 yard pickup radius, but it could get better.
1. Gazing Demise ♦ When taking damage, a ghostly eye has a chance to appear above you, attacking enemies for X% weapon damage, and healing you for X% of your life with every hit for X seconds.
2. Thing Of the Deep ♦ When any of your pets take melee damage, they have a chance cast a random Rune of Plague of Toads at their position
3. Spite ♦ Your Gargantuan returns X% of the damage it takes to all enemies within an X yard radius

Voodoo Masks:
Boy oh boy, these Intel Characters actually have it quite good by comparison to Strength and Dexterity. Only 1 Voodoo Mask with no effect…
1. Split Tusk ♦ A random ally (player or pet) will become infused with the spirit of the great beast, granting it’s attacks an X% chance to stun enemies. The spirit will jump to a different ally every X seconds.

Hope you guys like it. I know they're not perfect, and I vaguely remember a Dev saying they dont plan on adding effects to existing items. But I really hope they revisit that opinion.. :)
BillyBoy's got some really nice suggestions. For me, it all boils down to elemental damage.

- Class Specific 2 handers should have +%30-60 elemental damage.
- Class specific helms with elemental damage (like Andariel's Visage and Eye of the Storm)
- Bring back 6-12 arcane on crit to some Orbs
- Triumvirate should boost Lightning, Arcane and Fire to a % of your max elemental damage %
- 1h and 2h Weapons that have +physical%, with a unique proc
I really like your ideas for wizzard's gear
I've set aside legs for no other reason than "that looks fun, I'll try it later and see what it looks like/does".

They should all be that way.

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