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Diablo 3: Strange Stomach of Tyrael
Another acronym suggestion :)

Diablo III: Fetishes usurp Crusaders Kingdom
Diablo XXXVII: The lord of Error
Diablo 3: Forced Nonsensial Cliffhanger Ending
07/06/2014 13:05Posted by horror
"Nephalems revenge"

The Nephalem: I got sick of you angels, demons, horadrim idiots .. I have my epic loot now, I will take the Soul Stone and all the bulls**t I've farmed for my 1000 paragorn levels .. and I will make a joke of you all ... you will dance for me as I please ..
1,5% chance to drop an item ?! - Got it ! got it twice.. I've collected all possible items and now I will decide who lives or DIE ...
Now I will bring Jamella back, and use my Shadow Master (D2 trainers you all remember them..) and do whatever dafuq I want :D

I will summon you all in one place .. kill you all and summon you again only to kill you again ..

Best one, hands down.
Hiding of the Starmetal kukri
Some of these are really good - and funny!!

Diablo 3: The Patriarch of Pain
Diablo 3: Rise of the pandas
Diablo 3: Nephalem is attacking High Heavens, because RNG gods dropped wrong loot again.


Diablo 3: Nephalem Rage Quit
Cains return. give him vings and go talk to Thyri for a lesson. :)
Diablo : return of Jedi
Diablo III : All in A(n)al
Diablo III: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Feat U2)

With "The Joshua Tree" (1987) as the sound track and a hidden 10lvl Bono rift where all enemies are... guessed it :P
09/06/2014 10:50Posted by Vaneras
06/06/2014 19:53Posted by Doomsinger
Just because Blizzard likes the HoTS acronym. :P

We do think that HotS is a pretty nice acronym indeed :-)

Here are a few more:

Diablo III: Hatred's ode to Sankekur
Diablo III: Hephasto's offer to Sanctuary
Diablo III: Haunt of the Slain

Sorry, my ears were burning (hells).... what am I offering to whom now :D
Diablo III: Rathma's Descendants
Diablo III: Order of the Necromancers
Diablo III: Trang-Oul 's Scales
Diablo III: Elation of a Nephalem
Diablo III: True Evil Never Really Dies
Diablo III: Stroke of Fate
Diablo III: Sanctuary Redeemed

The nephalem looked very evil in the end. However how can they make it the main antagonist? I don't think it's possible since you play the game in his/her persona. And what? We will have 10-12 different bosses in the end against all classes? Sounds ridiculous.

Maybe Lilith and Inarius will be back. They are mentioned in the Lore through the game so most likely they will play their part in the game. Perhaps you will be able to make alliance with Lilith or Inarius and this will lead to 2 endings. However Inarius is too despotic and Lilith is too evil so it doesn't sound plausible.

Maybe Trang'Oul will play a great part in the next expansion. He was born when the Sanctuary was created as a keeper of balance. Perhaps the next class will be the Necromancer and together with Trang'Oul and Rathma will restore the balance by freeing up trapped demons. Because you cannot have balance if all evils are trapped while the archangels have fun.

Maybe Imperius will go crazy and he will be the final boss although highly unlikely - he helped the nephalem in RoS a few times.

Bottom line - we cannot propose next expansion title if we do not know the plot of the expansion.
next expansion - Diablo IV
Diablo III: Eirena Does Eastgate Keep
I will only accept 1 name
The Revenge of Deckard Cain
Diablo |||: The Grand War
Diablo |||: The Final Conflict
Diablo |||: End of Days
Diablo |||: Eternity's End

Well a fun idea will be to have the Eternal Conflict escalate and Sanctuary to get dragged in it,for a final war of the 3 worlds,but while Angels and Demons fight for their repective sides.This time humanity must choose the middle path,a path of freedom from both Angels and Demons,so we get to fight both sides at same time,could be fun,finally get to chance to fight Imperius.And due to the event of the game at the end of it Sactuary could be finally completely separated from the High Heavens and Burning Hells for all eternity,thus neither of those factions could meddle in human affairs.
Had this idea for awhile,but ive seemed to have forgotten some parts of it..oh well.

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