DH ROS end game crowd control lightning build (T6)

Demon Hunter
Hello everyone,

I`d like to share with you my lightning build I have been using, it is pretty effective and something different than all the fire builds amongst the DH community recently.

Skill Calculator: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bPdRkS!ifeY!ZabYac
Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dhampius-2699/hero/16299508

The names of any Legendary items that help this build flourish:
Marauder set with Tasker and Theo gloves, items with CC and Lightning damage. The bigger the amount of CC the better stun results and timings will be achieved.

What this build does best: && What makes this build awesome or unique:
This build can be used by dhs in any torment level, but it is most efficient in higher T-levels (5, 6) in solo or group play, especially if combined
with other classes crowd control builds. It`s main goal is to deliver high amount of damage and superior
crowd control using stun attacks.

Here is a demo video from a few T6 rifts:

Please do not hesitate to post your questions or advices for improvements you see fit, if any. Thanks
If you dont have a Kridershot dont go for lighting build...You will lack a lot more on speed..But lighting build is fun to play sometimes..Mine is 92% lighting dmg with a 2663 dps Krider and still lacks 2-3mins on killing speed compared to my fire.
I used Krider-Marauder-Lightning for a while now but made some changes recently. The Krider and sentries generally are unfairly treated when Elemental Arrow comes into play - but it has to feature in a Krider build. As soon as u leave EA out the faster sentries let the damage spike.
One thing that has to feature in a Lightning-Sentry Build is Impale imho. The damage on Packs that Ricochet applies makes up for the lower damage of Lightning CA compared to Fire. Lightning has the best Impale Rune imho - 3 x 620% weapon damage with better mechanics than a simple Pierce (i.e. Buriza)

But then, If u don't use EA u can go for a 2h crossbow right away, get faster sentries which also hit much harder
Lightning is supposed to deliver utility and after using a Krider no one wants to run around putting down sentries only. So u could feature the stunning Lightning Bola which works amazing with a Buriza, also fueling up Diszi and Hatred nicely. In that Build ur Sentries and ur Bolas Stun. Every skill u use has AoE and 2 of them are heavy hitters.

I just hope that Sentry Att Speed will benefit from weapon att speed accordingly with every Hatred Spender u use in an upcoming patch. Krider is just too good to miss out. That slow crossbow is not my cup of tea actually.

So my Lightning-Marauder tip for now: Bola+Impale+CA+Buriza+T&T

Btw, if u skip the Bola and take Multishot instead (thats 3 spenders), the sentries prioritize MS over Impale with 2 over 1 shot per rotation, what is kinda sad, it should be the other way around. So with Bola and lots of utility and regeneration u get 2 Impale, 1 CA and 1 autoshot per rotation.
Hey, i really liked your build. Some suggestions tho-
Haunt of vaxo amulet- BIS for lightning build, gives a massive dps boost and is pretty much active aslong as it's not on CD(decent dmg, cast mfd).
If you have enough toughness, switch the bracers to reapers. You'll be able to play without a generator this way, which is a huge help.
Lastly, since EA and the multishot+impale combo are currently bugged (making aspeed a default 1.0) i highly suggest you switch EA to any other spender(multi or impale). The clusters stun enough as it is.
Hello all thanks for the replies,

@EternalPain - I have tried this build with a bow, at least for now I do not plan to change my xbow, even if I had a Kridershot. First because it has bigger damage than the bow, and second because of the CD from the archery skill. My main dmg and crowd ctrl dealers are the sentries, my toon`s mere purpose is to support them in this task, using the entangling shot and the bonus from the hellrack, also I find attack speed the least desirable status for this build.

@Paramahasa I will try your suggestion just to test if I find it ok, the lightning impale seems interesting, I might consider switching it for my entangling shot.

@Nyg8 I am really trying my best to find similar legendary amulet as the one I am using right now but it seems the game thinks otherwise, it is constantly giving me amulets with life regen and LoH, my personal opinion is that this is not a smart loot system it is dumb loot system, but however, I doubt than anyone cares.
Your bracers suggestion is considerable only for lower T-levels, I will gain more dps dmg from the Reapers, but will sacrifice survivability, as you have noticed I currently am able to withstand up to 3-4 hits from a Nephalim Guardian on T6 which is my main goal. As you know for T-5, 6 rifts, one should not only consider dmg dealing, but survivability also.
Regarding the EA switch, on T6 enemies, especially the RG and the elites have huge crowd control resistance, thats why I need the CA and the EA together. I have tried with only CA as a stun skill and the results were not ok.

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