Fire or holy crusader?

Hello all, I recently got 2 flails. One with the blessed shield bonus - no wrath use, I use it with Heaven`s fury - holy build, and a two handed flail which makes sweep generate 4 wrath for every enemy hit, this one can be combined with slash and is another path to a fire build, but the damage will be lower. Which build will you recommend fire or holy and why? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Edit: Ok let me put it this way, which weapon is better: Gyrfalcon`s foote or Golden flense?
Gyrfalcon`s foote is fun to combine with the Jekangbord shield. And then use the blessed shield rune which makes your shield split up in more shields.. there will be shields everywhere :D I used that a while ago.. it was fun
I'd stay away from gyrfalcon's builds. That garbage just doesn't scale at ALL damage wise, it's funny and gimmicky in t1,2,3, maybe 4, but the damage simply can't keep up the higher you go with torments.

I played that spec on my crusader, and it eventually led to me dropping the char completely and play my barb instead, cause the damage was so pathetic when going t5-6 and i couldn't be arsed to rebuild my gear to change spec.
All of Holy Crusaders run Shotgun? Really no one using other runes? :/ :/
Check my build, Non-Akkhan holy Crus. I think, it is nice idea. No wrath needed.
Need amulet and SoJ :/ and Holy Andariel helm.

But, this build works on T6? Without Akkhan set?
Play T5 with this, no problem here. I don´t try T6.
Yes, definitely without Akkhan. Dont need it, all spells are CD, without wrath cost. HF:Ascedance cast non-stop, without CD :)

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