Should I sacrifice damage for CDR, other improvements?

Hello all, I aim to improve my build I am currently running t6 with no problems with my Cru. I am open for all suggestions for improvement, also the main thing that bothers me is if I should roll 2 of my pieces for a CDR to reach around 54% cdr or stay as it is now at 39%?

Thanks in advance for all the answers.

My cru here:
39% is kindda low imo. I run 51% cdr and still can clear T6 rifts in about 8 min. Having close to perma AC (1-3 sec delay) is what u should aim for. AC is ur main source of dmg and resources management as well as in this case survivability. So to answer ur question losing dmg to cdr is acceptable within the range of (52-54%) cdr cuz u can make it up with perma or close to perma AC.
Shotgun with Shield bash / Shattered shield is a poor mans shotgun build for those who have not yet found a great FotF. I use it in conjunction with Heaven's Fury - Ascendancy. With a Eberli Charo shield I can do a lot of damage with perma-ascendancy.
Imo 39% cdr is good for 2H.

52% Cdr and the CD is like 1s.

46% Cdr and the CD is around 4s.

Everyone can draw conclusions from that and think is it worthwhile to sacrifice dps for Cdr to reach perma.

I mean how often does one need perma champion? Is it better to have more dps with the champion and have 4-10s CD or perma champion? Questions, questions.
It depends on your personal preferences and your thypical playstyle.

I personally play shotgun and I hate waiting for the cd in between AC since without it, I can barely put out any attacks because of the expensive wrath cost. I also play a lot in a high paced 4-man group on t6 and facetank elites, and the short period of time AC is down can be very lethal. I've loved shotgun ever since I got my cdr up high enough and the way I like to play, the shorter the cd of AC the better :)
55% gives you 0 sec down time with champ. I run with 56% so it gets ready before the buff even runs out and still hit around 50m per beam with own buffs only. So it is safe to go to 55% cdr. And this is with 2h ofc.

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