change language on diablo ultimate evil (ps4)

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I bought a use game in a store and on the disc it says, "Game in English" I can't start it without updating and this 6.6gb turns it into Russian! :(.. If I go on psstore I can buy the game for 500 something Danish kroner, which is a biiit overpriced I would say, for a game that is not even available in original Language!! Very happy I didn't pay a lot for it!
This is crazy. A have always preferred english over portuguese even though I am brazilian. First time I see this happening and totally changed the way I see Blizzard. The absurd thing is to default to spanish in a brazilian psn account with my system ser as english. If I set to english that means I WANT english. Blizzard, please respond.
Same Problem...
Same problem...
over and over again
is blizzard seeing this???
I want my money back
Same problem Russian language im from Poland ....

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