D3 UEE - PS4 - Join a multiplayer game - Error

Even am unable to view the option to join Multiplayer session for Co-op though others can join my session

Also, I am unable to Link my PSN Account with Battle.net Account even though it says successfully Connected am not able to view Diablo Game in My Account, also unable to Post on any Forum as it says "Starter Edition" even though I have bought full game from PSN Store.
This is reeely stupid, how blizzard cannot fix this problem? If i now that earlier i didnt buy a game....stupid
i know this is an old post, but im having a similar issue. I can connect to random games, and to most of my friends games. but i can not play with my friend who happens to be my neighbor. it simply kicks one of out saying that the host has dropped out. and we have both tried port forwarding and everything.
i cant join my frends
same problem now, are u kidding? fix for three years?
Sorry but the problem is still there???? because I still can't play with my brother please. could u help me please

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