Is the story mode playable offline? Bugs/issues X360

I bought the game earlier today. I have never played any of the Diablo games before. The game I got today was D3 ROS ultimate evil edition.I bought it on Xbox 360. I was wondering can someone help me and answer if it is possible to play the story mode offline?

I realize that I won't have received an update. I'm not worried about multiplayer or online capabilities, I just want to play through the solo campaign mode offline. If I don't have the update will it mess up the story mode offline.

My problem is when I connect to online, the game doesn't work. I got playing it for about 2 hours earlier on but now all I get is an 'unrecognized disc error' or 'the disc is unreadable' error. I checked the disc to see if it is dirty but its brand new. When it was working I tried installing it to the HDD but when it reached near 80% it froze on me.

When I did get playing it, my experience was far from impressive. It basically and automatically just skipped the story intro for me. I selected Demon Hunter [female] and when it reached the part where she says ....."And left me frightened - and alone." the game just skipped the rest on its own accord. Not a big gripe I know but the story for me is a large part of the game. I hope this trend doesn't continue throughout the game. Eventually the game froze up as I try to enter a well or a cellar, since then I have been getting the errors I mentioned above.

The disc is faulty you might say but here's the strange thing. I have a 2nd Xbox 360 console.
This console does not be connected to the Internet/online. I popped in my game disc, it loaded immediately. I installed it 100% without any difficulty whatsoever.
I restarted my Demon Hunter campaign and it did not skip through the intro this time.
I have concluded that my problem is either a) my other X360 console or b) Internet connectivity

So Diablo fans, will I miss out on anything by not being connected online?
As I said, I'm not worried about MP play or Leaderboards or anything like that, I just want to play the solo story mode.

Thank you very much for any replies.
My sister just bought this game on 360 and doesn't have Xbox Live, and she's just killed diablo and heading into the V act with expansion content. No issues playing through the story content so far and couch multiplayer is awesome! This console has never been online, so maybe that is why it works so well?
When the DDos ataack was going on i was playing whole day long.
@ DragonMaster + Kotor
Thank you very much for your replies. Now that I know it can play the story offline I'm very excited.
It looks like a very good game but somewhat in-depth and complicated for a newbie. I also bought the Brady Games Diablo 3 signature guide. Its quite a big book, lots of stuff in there to mull over.

Being totally honest, I have been to many many different games forums and this Online/DRM/Cloud storage stuff looks to be in a state of complete and utter disarray. And as Kotor mentioned....Throw a DDos attack into the mix and you have a complete and utter disaster.
In my opinion I think the gaming industry is heading in the wrong direction.

There is people spending up to €70 $70 £60 + on products, only to arrive home and find out that they don't work. In these cases the developers blame the console manufacturers who in turn blame the developers.
One thing is for sure, the gaming industry needs strict laws set out by International consumer regulatory bodies.

In this past 4 years, the amount of untested, shoddy, unplayable games released to consumers is appalling. I'm not surprised piracy is so rife in the gaming industry.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything bad about Blizzard games, I'm just talking in general terms.

Thanks again DragonMaster and Kotor. Have a nice day :)
Oh I meant to mention....I see Xbox and Blizzard is still trying to resolve the issue with Diablo 3 over Xbox Live
"Xbox members, are you having trouble connecting to Party Chat, or running into server unavailability issues within Diablo III? We are currently working with our partner to get these issues fixed as quickly as possible. Thanks for being patient during this process. We’ll provide an update to you when we have more information."

I also read that some people who got caught up in the DDos attack whilst playing the game online has lost everything, their entire character is dead, everything is gone. Time to restart all over again. What a complete and utter mess.

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